Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 15, 2011

Living in the Divine Flow of Your Life

That is such a romantic title isn’t it?  Even as I look at it now, it feels as elusive and complex as the day someone asked me if I feel energy.  So I want to break this down as much as my own understanding will allow.  Application of concepts are the only thing that matter, especially as we move into 2012.

Let me first explain how I see and understand the energy flows of the body.  If I create more questions (or any questions) than clairty, please please post them, I will answer what I can.

The ebb and flow of your vital energy:

Think of this energy very much like the blood of your life.  The spiritual energy comes down into you via the crown, nurishes and vitalizes your brain and all it’s electrical components, move down your body picking up and removing stress, worry, toxins… anything that could be deemed unhealthy for any aspect of your living body/life.  You can equate this to the white blood cells of your body.

The vital energy of the earth moves up thru the souls of your feet and root chakra.  Nurturing, hydrating, enhancing all the moving parts of your body for ease of moving forward.  Think of this like the red blood cells of our body.

Into your solar plexus (just under your rib cage) connects all the codes and direction for all of your life.  Your soul energy.

The super concentrated soul energy comes into the solar plexus and joins with the spinal fluid as it moves up and joins and re-encodes the cranial fluids, tapping into the energy of the neurons and out to the whole body.

All of these energies speak to you thru the heart center.  The heart is the true central “brain” for all the understandings and motivations of the soul.  It is felt first, then understood.

But we humans tend to use our brain.  We want to understand first the feel with it later.  Even when it feels bad later, we justify feeling bad as something we need to feel.

So, lets go back to square one.  The spiritual energy comes in thru your crown.  What if you have a brain that keeps hanging onto sad feelings, worry feelings, unworthy feelings.  All those “negative” feelings that are really foreign to the heart… they come from the mind/ego.

The mind has been conditioned thru your entire life to see something as good or bad, right or wrong… and imagine you get this prompting within your heart that says… your next job, or main focus in your current place in life is going to be bartending.

Our mind jumps in and says (knowing we are on a spiritual path) there is nothing spiritual about bartending, your heart is wrong.  You are kidding yourself.  You remember all the past feelings about bartending that someone gave to you and your are now feeling them as your own and you now discount it completely.  Thinking there must be some real spiritual work you can now be doing to help others.

(I do want to add here, this scenario came out of a reading/conversation yesterday.)

Imagine this is the very best place for you to really start to bring out the alchemist within.  Liquid is so easy to change and enhance it’s form.  Infusing any given drinks with love, worthiness, empowerment… that is life changing.  Both for the consumer as well as the alchemist itself.

Her heart already had all this aligned for her to do, but we, out of pure habit of what we “think” we know (based on what someone else told us is true) diffuse the very flow of our divinity out into life.

Our life needs us to be doing many various things and thru our solar plexus and heart promptings will lead us to the very best place we can serve.

If we allow it.

Here is where we get stuck and start to break down.

The spiritual energy is coming into your brain… and you are already reprogramming it based on your own bias and desires to stay in the life you are already living.  In reality you are killing off your own white blood cells by refusal to change your mind about (whatever.)

Now the earth energy always works in harmony and relationship with the spiritual energy… it moves up into your legs, thighs, belly to energize the current of change you need.  You stay put… justifying all the reasons you have for wanting what you want…  the added energy, now with no where to go, starts to amplify back to you, usually in pain or discomfort.   The more the energy builds there, the more amplified the message… disease, broken bones, clogged vessels.  The list can go on and on.

Because of our own metal programming, societies and most especially families expectations of us… many people do not ever move into their true divine flow of life.  I can truly attest to how freakin hard that is to do.  I can also attest to how quickly we break down because of it as well.

How much time do you really spend feeling with your heart and gut feelings?  How often are you reading the signs of your life that are everywhere in any given day?

Just think of something this simple… December is a huge energetic month.  One that is truly demanding we slow down, allow the changes to embed, to not try and create an agenda right now because it is all going to change next month anyway.

Are you taking the much needed day(s) off from work, from family duties?  Are you resting instead of doing?  Are you putting in the resignation or justifying why you need this job… and eventual illness that will come with it?


Man what a pesky word that is!  It is sooooo much easier to trust that I have a job that to quit without the first application sent out for another one.  So what would you really be trusting?

Life is always flowing towards the fullness of love and joy.  Always.  We don’t always know where that is, how it looks like, or what is going to cross our paths to make sure we get there… but if we never move our of our own confinements and often inaccurate perceptions… we will never know, and then feel like life has passed us by.

I have so many people wish they can do what I can do, see and understand like I do.   You can!  Everyone CAN.  I am not some spiritual prodigy at all.  I did what most people won’t do… I invested every single moment of every single day for the last 11 years into this path, this understanding, this vision.

Yes, to do that investing I had to rearrange my life and the life of my children over and over and over again.  I drug them, especially my youngest child who was 10 at the time, thru the fields of changes, heartache, upliftment every step  of the way…. while she bitched and moaned all the way… and found joy, opportunities that are really a part of her life (she’s 21 now) that she would just now be acquiring.

If you can find a way to turn off the mind (can I strongly strongly strongly recommend meditation? and feel with your heart and soul where your divine flow wants to take you, show you, discover with you… and then … GO!!  Take the kids… take the spouse… take the animals.  What doesn’t want to go (over the age of 18…smile) let go of.

Life is romantic.  It is exciting.  It is filled with so much opportunities when you just let go and TRUST.

But please don’t complain, life is not holding you back at all… only you are.  The one thing I can assure you of, the more you complain, the more you will have to complain about.  The more you move forward in trust, the more you will have for you to trust within!

If 2012 is going to have a theme… it will be… TRUST in your Divine Flow.

Flowing together…

Lisa Gawlas

I am extending the Buy One – Get One FREE Readings thru the 25th.  Together we will flow into Divine understanding and movement for 2012!!








  1. Right on Sista!!!


  2. I love this post! I am so right there with you… what is bubbling up from within me is in complete alignment with everything you’re saying. That nudge to slow down, take time off, be more lighthearted (because everything is working out perfectly) and watching/listening for the next thing to light up. And once it does… I’m gone!!!
    What an exciting time!


  3. Everytime I read one of your posts, I am inspired to do more inner work, ask myself more questions and to dig a little deeper. I love reading what you write, I resonate deeply with them, totally get excited and run right over here when I see you have posted a new one! Soooo glad to have found you!

    This holiday season, I am so not a part of the seasonal expections. No baking, very little shopping, no cards, no decorating as of yet (but perhaps this weekend when the mood strikes). Nothing planned, the list is minimal- for everything. It’s weird- no, not weird, just different. I am not unhappy or bah humbug-ing, just be-ing these days. Whatever shows up is fine. And I will do whatever I do in my own time. I took two days off from work last week and in anyone else’s eyes, “accomplished” very little, but in my own, it was wonderfully relaxing. I come home from work and do the same thing, spend it just be-ing, not doing much or just doing what I want. This is totally different from what used to happen!

    Thanks Lisa, for all you do and for being You. We are enriched when you share your gifts.



  4. I am in deep Gratitude for all that I am learning from you. This Website is a Treasure!

    I am asking Spirit to richly bless you in Multiples with everything that you need for your new venture in New Mexico. I know everything you need is supplied, but I ask that you be given not only abundance, but also kindnesses from “strangers”, and offers of assistance in so many different categories that the experiences will leave you “Breath-full”!

    With Love and Gratitude,



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