Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 24, 2011

Climbing Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob's Ladder (Blake)

These last few days have not been easy for me.  It truly has been a huge mix of feelings, of energy moving in an our of my body that created waves of sadness for what I am leaving behind, followed by waves of excitement of where I am going.  I have been in a place very deep inside of myself.  It is where I process and integrate from.  In this place. I literally cannot answer emails, phone calls.

In this space, as I go thru my own inner change, it is as if every thing inside of my is on heightened alert.  I feel, to both extreme’s 100’s more than usual.  Thru it all, I am watching the aspect called my vision change yet again.  It seems to have been trained on what I call “The field of Light.”  Who is connected and who is not.  But before I get ahead of myself, let me start from the beginning of this inner process.

A couple days ago, as the reality of this big journey really started to hit me, I lost it within.  Driving from Virginia to New Mexico is a long ass journey.  It will take me 3-4 days to complete.  But not only that, I will once again be 3-4 days away from my grandson.  I didn’t want to go that far away simple to do what I have always done… I could so do that closer to Virginia.  I demanded to understand… why?  New Mexico wasn’t so magical that I was longing to go back…

I awoke on Tuesday with the strangest thing… I sat down at my computer, opened a blog and stared at my computer screen…. waiting for the inspiration to flow thru me.  That is the only way I write, both blogs and emails.  Nothing.

And then i had seen a bright glowing figure up near my ceiling.. and then another, and then another.  Imagine these glowing white figures were like the licks of a fire… each about 3-4 inches tall, each with an individual awareness I could literally sense.  I watched as more and more of these figures showed up and then all of a sudden they each appeared to pull up a chair as if to sit down just under my ceiling in my left field of vision.  The first thing I thought was your on the wrong side.  You should be on my right!  Left is associated with my physical life, right would be my spiritual field… they insisted they know what they are doing.  Alrighty then!

I didn’t understand why on earth they were individuating themselves.  Now I have seen collectives of light before… as I said before, the majority of people on earth have a collective of intelligence within their soul energy… but never, just never, do they individuate at all… at least not until that moment.  It was actually distracting for me, like being in a large auditorium and you can feel every thought, every strand of energy in there all at once.   So I went and took a bath!

In the bath I started to notice that each of these licks of Light had different vibrancies,  some glowed intensely white, other dulled down.  I asked them who they are.  They gave me the reply “we are the counsel of Light.”  My natural reply was… well what does that mean?  Counsel of what light, and what do you mean by counsel?  Here is what I came to understand in our exchange:

They represent a very high frequency of Light.  A Light that is still pretty much not used here on earth.  They are that which makes up the grid-work of potential, of availability to this earth.  They went on to explain that each of them has a human walking around on earth.  The variancies in frequencies shows some of the humans are actually using their Light energy, most are not.

Then they decided to share with me my next task on earth… to find each human and get them using their Light energy.  Well, Holy shit batman, how am I supposed to do that?  Ya can’t beat the Light into someone (smile).  You can take a horse to water but ya can’t make ’em drink it!!  Ohhh let me tell you, the human in me was melting down!

And then they showed me something.  They showed me the building I  was moving back into in New Mexico.  It really is a wonderful building, two separate areas of storefront downstairs, a bathroom and kitchen in the back, Ann’s pottery set up in the back (she is the lovely lady with whom I have had a friendship/roommate relationship with for the year I was in New Mexico), upstairs our living and sleeping space with another bathroom.

They showed me the space downstairs that was rented by a jeweler who has since moved out.  I had seen a hige hi def TV against the wall, running various dvd’s during business hours. DVD’s like: The Secret, The Celestine Prophecy, channelings of Kryon and so forth.  The constant streaming of this energy in both imagery and sound will completely change the energy in that space… to a very high and inviting vibration.  These waves travel out in the atmosphere like honing pigeons and will bring back those who seek…

And then they showed me making up bath crystals… using only dead sea salts and essential oils as a rememdy and placing a crystal in each package.  It WILL create a Light infusion in the human who uses it!  Kewl beans???

They also showed me a way to do group video’s via the soul gym (I am really starting to understand… really understand what the soul gym is) by getting a really good internet video camera and training it on the big screen TV and streaming it all live.  Boy spirit does know how to get around some stuff!! (smile)

I had seen such an amazing blend of massage, readings and education unfolding in that space.  I am excited again!!

Of course it has to be New Mexico, not because of the land, but because of Ann. I don’t know another person who wants this merger more… but yet, the mind keeps her diverted (ahhhh the challange of being human!!)

I also know too… this is just a stepping stone.  An energy pattern of it’s own device… and consistently feel it being about 3-4 months in span.

Now back to the human in the tub getting all this new information and a new task list to have ready for myself when I arrive in New Mexico… gotta purchase dead sea salts, video’s, I will rent the TV from rent a center (thank god for that place)… and I am complaining to spirit (I am so good at that) thay hey… I have a 2000 mile journey coming up with a whole 3-4 days notice and I have got to get my car road ready… blah blah blah… and now you want me to spend extra money on stuff.  They simply beamed their Light to my heart and said “we got your back.”

I got out of the bath, excited and challenged…. I got my marching orders and my shovel… I really should be excited, but I only have so much money to get back to New Mexico on…

I once again sat down at the computer and stared at it.  Within about 2 minutes of staring I get an email on my phone (internet on my computer in this hotel is challenging at best)…. and out of the clear blue sky I get a donation sent to me. When I opened up the email that said “Fuel For Life” I cried.  It was a $100 donation from a person named Jacob.  I don’t know him.  I don’t remember ever reading for a Jacob…

All U could do is feel… and cry.  And it was crying those mysterious tears, neither happy nor sad…. just filled with validation and the movement of spirit thru your whole core energy. … tears of Love.

I actually waited for a few hours… waiting for an email from this angel… nothing.  I suppose the human in me was really waiting to hear what he may have wanted.  I even sent him a thank you note, telling him the story (briefly) of how synchronictic his gift was… Perhaps he is the soul who’s Light was talking to me all the while in my bath.  I know each and everyone has a human incarnation on earth right now…

As I collapsed deeper into myself I really wanted to write about it all, but couldn’t.  Again, now I am more deeply processing within me, going deeper into the silence.  I heard that Light on my ceiling say… tomorrows blog will be called “Climbing Jacob’s Ladder.”   I thought to myself… your giving me a blog title BEFORE I sit down to write it… man things are changing, but what is Jacob’s Ladder?  I so love google!! and wikipedia, here is some excerts:

Jacob’s Ladder (Hebrew: Sulam Yaakov סולם יעקב) is a ladder to heaven, described in the Book of Genesis,

And he dreamed that there was a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven; and behold, the angels of God were ascending and descending on it! …the land on which you lie I will give to you and to your descendants; and your descendants shall be like the dust of the earth, and you shall spread abroad to the west and to the east and to the north and to the south; and by you and your descendants shall all the families of the earth bless themselves. Behold, I am with you and will keep you wherever you go, and will bring you back to this land; for I will not leave you until I have done that of which I have spoken to you.” Then Jacob awoke from his sleep and said, “Surely the Lord is in this place; and I did not know it.

For those of you who have issues with the bible stuff… get over it.  Change Lord and God to Light… and that last line… “in this place” is your heart!!!!

This story is exactly what we all aspire.  To meet the angel within us on that ladder… to allow full and absolute mergance with the Light within us… and play in the fields of earth… together.

Yesterday, as I sat and felt the energy of spirit move in and out of my heart and solar plexus all day long… I was pinned to the bed in feeling… at the end of the day I took out my handy dandy pendulum to talk to Archangel Michael.  I have not done this since I arrive in Virginia really.  And trust me, it is simply my human way of inviting him into my space with me, like inviting a friend in for coffee.  I always let him give me a message before I start with any questions.  His message left me with no questions at all….  His message was:

“I have your back each day.”  I know, more than ever now… and I cried some more.

Today, in the USA is Thanksgiving.  I am actually spending the day and night with my son, my grandson and daughter-in-love and will head out tomorrow morning for life’s new adventure.

My life is aligned with so many incredible people.  Angels walking the earth in their human suits.  My life is blessed, enriched because of you.  I am in deep gratitude not only for your friendhsip (whether presented out loud or from behind a computer screen) but for the deep desire within you to merge fully with the Angel you already are!!

I look forward to seeing you in the Soul Gym in December!

To my son… thank you for loving me thru the changes of our life!  Thank you to Jacob for truly being a spiritual fuel for my life in in this space of transition!

With deep inner gratitude and love to All,

Lisa Gawlas

Part 2 to come in a few days…


  1. I am totally excited for you Lisa! What an adventure you are living. Count me as one who is open to learning what you have to offer.
    In thanks and with blessings to you on the next part of your life path.


  2. Thanks Lisa for share these wonderful experiences with us..!


  3. Lisa,
    I wanted to reply earlier to this blog. Yet I guess I was waiting for something. And it all came together finally. First off, thank you for finding my star or light. I draw near as often as possible. My guides then directed that when I draw it near to also draw the ones around me near. So not only do I merge with my star or light but I merge with others making it ALL ONE.
    This is very powerful and again THANK YOU!
    Great gratitude and love,
    Sarah :0)


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