Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 15, 2011

Oneness – Soul Energy – Channeling

I remember back in the beginning of this journey, everything I experienced was so new, so incredibly exciting.  Meeting my guides, meeting my friends from the Pleiades, meeting Sananda and the whole lot of energies that came to help me… Become.

I was not looking at becoming anything really.  No one, in those days, within my field of meditation, ever talked about enlightenment and what we are really doing here on earth.  Truely, they were all aligned to take me out of the chaos and fear that was my life, and raise my whole body into a more divine light of existance.

The first thing I ever learned to do was channel.  That is a funny word too… channel.  Back in the day, early 2001, the only form of channeling I was aware of was trance-channeling.  That a highly evolved entity would move over Lisa and talk thru her mouth and she not be present.

I thought I failed at this channeling thing.. or that any highly evolved entity didn’t want to have to use my smoke filled lungs to speak thru.  I was sure it was the later.

I was able to take clear messages from Franklyn, my precious friend from the Pleiades.  I was even able to hold the energy of Sananda and share messages from him.  But I was always conscious.  I never left me… and I was sure I must be doing this channeling thing wrong. .. and truly had myself convinced it was because I smoked cigarettes.   That is, until I met a famous author who wrote many books channeled by the Pleiadians… and she smoked.  To say I was shocked was an understatement.

Finally, Franklyn told me I was a conscious channel.  The light on the earth supported the exchange of energy now so that I could consciously take the messages from my friends in other realms.

Shortly after this channeling adventure started, I declared to my spiritual team, I wanted to learn how to live a life like Jesus did when he was alive.  He was so loving, so helpful and helped people when no one else seemed to be able to do so.  That is who I want to be in this world.

Careful what you ask for!!

Sananda and Franklyn came rushing in.  For two solid years, I learned energy frequencies as they applied to the body, understanding how the biology and energy work together.. and break down together.

I eventually learned about soul energy.  This learning, understanding, was much more than my budding consciousness could handle.

We so want to humanize the soul energy.  Make it singular, separate.  It is neither.  Every guide that showed up in my bathtub was an individuation of my whole soul energy… which is really a group.  A collective consciousness of energy.

Jill, that crazy wild chick who came thru the Ouija Board… she taught me how to be a good friend.  She was my best girlfriend, in meditation as well as outside of it.  She never judged me, was patient with me… I could have never ever seen her as myself.  In those days, I sure was not “that” to anyone, especially not to myself.

Ramus… man he tripped me up big time.  He never spoke a single word to me, at least for the first 8 years.  He was always present with Jill.  Always shared amazing love and joy to me.  But not a word.  Jill had told me Ramus was there to show me… be the example for me that actions speak louder than words.

It took me 8 years to really apply that energy to my life.

Franklyn, my close friend and love of my life from the Pleiades, taught me about unconditional love, non-judgement and trust.  Talk about challanging!!

Sananda, taught me how the human works in relationship to energy.  How the soul works in relationship to the human realm.

Ahnorah, my friend from the Pleiades who worked as a BioChemical engineer.  Creating various hormones via the energy field.

And so many more… they all individuated themselves to me for as long as I needed them to.  My soul… group energies, consciousnesses of my soul.

I started to learn about the complexity of a soul energy.  But that every single entity that came to share upon my bathtub of enlightenment were all me.  All aspects of my soul energy.  When I owned that as me, they ceased the seperation… individuation, and spoke in one collective voice.

We humans see ourselves as so small, so unworthy of saying… yes!! I am the wisdom and energy of Jesus, of Franklyn.  I Am that too.  Some get really uncomfortable when I share the wisdom that is me, and call it by my own name… Lisa.  Better, for the sake of another’s comfort zone,  to stay separate and declare it as something outside of me.

I would be living a lie.  I have already walked that path, no need to loop around one more time!

Oneness is not a pretty concept.  One unified energy  is who we are Really!  Today, I have been asked… to the shear boggle of my own mind… to separate that which I worked so diligently to integrate as me… so someone else may be comfortable with the sharing.

To even declare no highly evolved entity has personal human experiences.  Really?   What exactly are we doing here… on earth?  If not allowing the fullness of Heaven, of spirit… to play within the human biology as us.

My Readings are done thru the soul of the All.  I can see you because I am in fact you as well.

There is not one single thing you or I do during the course of the day, our soul energy is not experiencing and learning from as well.  To allow the soul, the spirit of All life to share via the human experience is what we all strive to do.

Be One with the All.  YOU are the All, even when it appears separate!

I Am

Lisa Gawlas





  1. Hi, Lisa. As a conscious channel, you set the bar by which other channels should be measured. Thank you for doing what you do, and doing it with such joy and compassion. Looking forward to following you HERE now!

    Love Cheri


    • ((((HUGZ)))) Cheri and thank you so much, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your never wavering Love and Kindness… and am grateful I will continue to feel it out loud here.


  2. Hello Lisa!
    You are the first person I’ve heard of being a conscious channel, though it is something I’ve been reaching for for some time now. I soooo want to experience that and am finding my way there quickly as of late.
    When you channel… is it an exchange of thought within your mind? Or do you speak aloud? Or write? How is it you experience channeling… if you don’t mind me asking.
    Love, love, love,
    PS… my one and only dream last night (I usually have many) had one simple message over and over again… ‘the only illusion is separation’.


    • Hi there Redsparklegirl (((HUGZ))),

      There are a lot of conscious channels out there… Abraham Hicks for one. And truly a very natural way of Being for us… a blending of both spiritual energy/wisdom with our human consciousness.

      When I am typing… it is typed, when I am doing a phone reading, it is spoken,… and I bet, you do it the same way.

      For me personally, I can feel it run thru me and spirit is sure to always use a word I am not familiar with min sharing… even now. Kind of like their… pay attention to this” signal within the flow of energy.

      This is actually a really good thing we can start do via the chat room on the soul gym… which I just posted times of get togethers on. You should join us… and expand this conversation there at:

      Thank you so much… for Being You!


      • It is my understanding that Abraham-Hicks is not a conscious channel as Esther does not remember what was said during the channeling session and must listen back to recordings to hear the message.

        I am aware of my own channeling quite often, but have had some strange experiences lately that I am trying to contextualize.

        How does the chat at oursoulgym work? I just logged in and it appeared there was no activity happening. Are there meeting times set?



      • I had no idea that Esther did not remember anything… they are so animated!! How about Steve Rother with the Group… he is very much conscious!!

        I am only going to be in the gym at certain times each day. I put a calendar on the front page at

        Hope to see you in the gym (((HUGZ)))


  3. I just happened to read your last blog to which you refer to above on the lightworkers website vs: this one (which is where I usually check them out). It’s a shame someone responded the way they did. It really shocked me to tell you the truth. I have been reading from that website since 2007, and have seen similar debates, but not on that level. Kudos to you for dealing with it in a loving, and positive way, and pointing out the valuable lesson within. When dealing with that kind of situation, I always try to see the person who is challenging me as my highest soul partner, as who else would take on the role of the “Bad” guy to help me evolve. None the less, it is our absolute right and priviledge to respond and take issue with it. Ahhhh, what a classroom we have here on Gaia!! I know we were begging to come here, but some days, whew!! As to your authenticity and intentions, I know you, and I know you are coming from a place of total love and light. Blessings and Namaste, to my dear Soul Sister!


  4. I was really disappointed to find your offerings not on Lightworkers. It has taken me a couple of days to find your site and respond. Reading your latest post leads me to 2 things:
    One is that I have always been very wary of attempting trance channeling. I want to know who is coming through and what is being said. I don’t want to be responsible for bringing crap through without even knowing what it is. It seems very primitive to me. This is the first time I have heard someone describe conscious channeling. It is very interesting. It is similar to what I do when I am looking for an insight for someone or a clearer understanding of something – I kind of reach up (energetically) to the upper left and find what I need. I guess that’s how I access my higher self in some situations.
    (oh wow, interrupted with a cool insight!)
    Now, I know that other people do conscious channeling. Take Steve Rother for example. Maybe he is a mix of both kinds. But to me this issue falls into the category that taking drugs for spiritual development does for me. That is, If other people want to do it that way, fine. But that is not what I am called to. I am being drawn to be able to access and integrate the places that drugs help with, by becoming clear and balanced and healed enough to be able to access it without needing to use that kind of thing. In other words, having access to realms of spirit and insight as part of who I am. Sort of like riding a bike without depending on training wheels.
    SO, because your post so elegantly described what you do and makes perfect sense to me, although I could not have explained it that way, I think that you should post it in the blog section of LW, and let people know how you think. (second point) Maybe it is time to clarify for many what may be happening in many of us, and isn’t recognized it as what it is. Which is our development moving us into a place of more direct access to the greater unseen universe. Or seeing more of what was unseen.
    Anyway, I have always been enriched by your posts. I enjoy the non-verbal way that you perceive things and how you translate them.
    Love to you – Lynn (llyra)


    • Hi Lynn (((HUGZ)))

      I do believe all of humanity has come to that Y in the road… giving us all a choice… and where there is a choice there is always a catalyst to bring that choice to the fore!

      Trust me, I already miss the incredible love exchange from the LightWorkers forum… the people who have shared with me there.

      We always have a choice in standing in our own personal truth, or giving in to anothers… in which case, we simply loop around once again to be given yet the same choice later. I truly love the progressive road… had more loop around’s than I care to remember!! lol

      That “cool insight” you just had was your spirit saying… see… you are channeling too. It is simply no longer separate from you… but a part of you. As the group indeed is a part of Steve Rother and his soul energy.

      We ALL channel… now to do it consistently and consciously without having to call it something other than ourselves!!

      We can just play here where there are no rules of separation. FREEdom rings!!!

      Thank you Lynn so much!!


  5. Hi Lisa, Thank goodness for the person who brought this to light – the one who is not comfortable that you are authentic and speaking your truth. For they have given us all an opportunity to look at our separateness (again) and believe in our unified oneness with all there is. My gratitude is overflowing and I Am That I Am. Loving you and all you do.
    Patricia from Canada.


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