Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 14, 2011

The Higher Fields of Light and 2012 Magnetic Activations

Here we are just 3 days into the Light Activation of the earth, of the human of the high grid of energy and it is amazing to witness the rapid changes happening in the fields.

For me, it is a whole change in feeling.  No longer puzzle pieces coming together to help us understand who we have always been… but now something so energized, extraordinary… threads of Light re-uniting.

Every reading I am doing I feel, in my own inner intensity, like an explosion on the sun.  Actually… I bore witness to that yesterday in one of  my readings.  She was so aligned to the magnetic releasing within the filaments of the sun… I was left breathlessly excited!

It is funny how, in an ordinary moment, in an ordinary day, we can continue to feel so incredibly ordinary.  Until that moment in time, we bump into the extraordinary… each other. .. aware and alive.  A dance of Light so conscious of itself… so excited to be in these high vibrating fields of matter.  Which I am finding, is igniting the fields of our (perceived) future.   Each reading I do, fills in more Light in our days ahead.  Each Loving embrace of the Self, sets ablaze a field of energy so intense, so exciting… I am left exhausted (In a great way) at the end of each amazing day.

I am watching something new unfold.  Something that is becoming repetitive now in the readings after the 11:11.  A pulling forward it you will.  Let me (humbly) attempt to share:

The very first reading I had done the day after the 11:11 was with a man I wrote about some time ago.  His legs were on this side of 11:11 while his upper torso was on the other side, heart huge and relevant.  Thru his reading on the 12th, I had seen an alignment of hearts, red, huge and beckoning… each heart had arms and hands stretched out to where we was… calling him to the vibrational field I refer to as 2012.  I understood from his last reading he was very much aligned with the archangel realm and he indeed was an incarnated aspect of that realm.

As I continued with other readings, I was getting a feeling something even bigger laid at the doorway to 2012.  Yesterday (the 13th) gave me a bigger clue… a feeling so intense… so magnetic…

I read for a lady whose soul energy was on the vibrational line of 2012 and connected to her solar plexus area yesterday… pulling her towards the 2012 place with an energy I am not sure how to describe.  Magnetic.  Magnificent.

So many of us are feeling this oddness in our stomachs… our solar plexus area… gas, energy, expansion, it is because we are raising our own vibration so rapidly in preparation for the inching ever closer fields of 2012.

Even tho I refer to 2012 as a sort of timeline, it is equally, and really a vibrational field of potential.  For those who are standing in today’s energy of the 5th dimensional frequency of Love and Service… we equally having an aspect of ourselves already standing on the field of 6th dimensional energy.  Each moment we allow ourselves to move further, we not only expand into the higher frequencies thru the 12th dimension… but it is our responsibility to use these higher vibrations within created matter.

We must own and use our higher fields of Light, together, for the higher good of all.  It embeds the fields deeper into created reality, into the ever-moving collective consciousness of humanity.

Several other themes are playing out within these readings.  A magnetic activation.  I am not even sure how to put this into words.  As spirit said to one lady who does astronomy in her own unique and purposeful way… this magnetic activation will happen in the center of 2012.  All along I had assumed (never do that!!) it was June… but I had seem something more thru her… an alignment of particular planets around the sun.  I recognize the sun, but nothing else.  Her spirit, our loving team… insisted she knew when this time was.  She will let us know (smile.)

From what I am currently understanding… and god knows this is subject to change (giggle) that this magnetic activation is designed purposely to bring the counterparts together.  That is to say, those whose biology holds the higher fields of energy, of dimensional frequencies… together.  Where ever this “center” is located pulled the beginning of 2012 towards this center and equally the end of 2012 towards this center.  Again, this is less a timeline as it is an intense frequency zone!!

Coming back to our present moment… it is a feeling of allowing that pull of ourself towards ourself as a collective body of magnificent energy.

There is so much more happening than I have the words to share.  The one thing I know for sure, we need to step out of the isolation that brought us to here.  We are no longer ordinary when connected to the extraordinary.  It is truly becoming a feeling of being at home with each other.  An inner needing to be with each other.

So I have started a very simple step towards that.  I created a single page of interaction on the Soul Gym.  A gathering place so to speak.  Feel free to fly there and be with each other any time, and often.  It is open for anyone to use at any time.  I will be there as my schedule allows.  Today (11/14/11) at 4pm EST as well as Wed. 11/16/11 at 7:30am EST.

The place is a chatroom I created at  Together we will learn how to use these new wings of freedom we worked so hard to attain!

All I can say right now, it’s a beginning.

Lisa Gawlas







  1. Hello Lisa,

    I don’t know if you remember me but we spoke about 5 yrs ago. I was reading about the profound shift you had in April-May 2009. The same thing happened to me that was so profound that I was a bundle of energy feeling like I was exploding with light. Anyways I tried to find your email address and couldn’t find it. I hope to connect with you again someday 🙂


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