Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 9, 2011

Understanding the Love Frequency with a Visual!

Here I sit on November 9th remembering a little note I left for myself (and everyone).. today is reboot day.  It seems the universe wants that point made in my entire Being in no unmistakable ways.

(added note after finishing this and waiting… everything was restored at exactly 8:11am, including my phone.  Today’s reading visual… a super large electric line completely severed with the most amazing blue/white spark/cloud of energy in between.)

I awoke once again… the third day in a row, to a power failure over night.  My digital clock blinking, my laptop powered off.  I smiled once again as I pushed the on button to my laptop and proceeded to my coffee pot.

I got my morning routine done and sat at my computer knowing I have nothing to say (blog wise).  At least, so I thought (smile.)

The internet is super sluggish this morning and took at least a good 5 minutes just to lead my google mail.  While waiting for my laptop and internet to find it’s friendship in the fields.. I went to my phone.  My phone is a smart phone, a Droid Galaxy S, so even when my laptop and internet signal are standing with its back to each other, I always had my phone.  That is… until this morning.

I have no signal what so ever on my phone.  It stopped it’s connection at 8:42 last evening.  That is the last email I had in my inbox… of course it is a marshmallow message thru Kryon and he is actually talking about Eric Pearl and the Reconnection.    How appropriate.

I pulled the battery out of my phone to give it a purposeful reboot, I must sync up with T-Mobile, I have a day of readings to do!  Not working at all.  I have now rebooted 4-5 times in the last 2 hours.. my phone remains in the stillness.

I opened an email from my wonderful friend who I wrote about seeing his colors in my blog about the new light body.  His biology is on another content, yet thru his sharing in his email, I know he had been rebooted fully thru his night.

I started to string some words together to share with him, and my laptop just up and rebooted.

And I waited wondering… what on earth!!??

No phone to tinker with, a laptop going thru it’s boot up cycle I went out on the balcony to breathe in the morning sunrise.  The clouds obscure the color, but the light of day is filled with violet hues even thru the dense high fog.

I came back in and sat once again at my desk waiting for my computer and the internet to find it’s friendship and a familiar story started playing in my consciousness.  It is a story that really has a visual to it.  I recorded a moment in time with my son, my grandson, his mother and me… watching the video makes my own heart sing.  Little did I get just how extraordinary what was truly captured was.

The Love Frequency:  A place of unconditional love and non-judgement.  A frequency so high, so untained by the human agenda (ego) that those who remain untainted move with it, dance within it’s stream.  Children… animals… Adults who dared to let it all go.

I am going to embed the video I am talking about and watch my grandson.  Beyond his adorable cuteness (smile) he is truly giving us all a message.

It opens with him (his name is Christopher) being fussy and his daddy (my son) trying to sooth him.  Without even realizing what I was doing (because it is only in this last day or two I really really get what I am witnessing) I asked him if he wanted to sing.  To his little 19 month old ears, he knows when he and grandma sing, we are One.  We are in that place together.

I am the one singing and video taping.  I have sang the song Wild Thing to him since he was born.  For me, it is the words of the song that open up to the truth of he and my relationship.  For him…. it is Home.  He dances on the frequency of Love.  The two triggers are both the word sing and the words wild thing… and a place held deep inside his grandma.

Even when his daddy sings the words wild thing in a very errie voice… he starts to dance and waits.  I never got what he was waiting for until today.  The frequency.  The pure movement of energy via the heart.  Notice he aligns each time to my heart chakra.  The moment I leave that place (when me and his dad start talking about the song lyrics) he naturally and effotlessly leaves that place too and beomes oriented back in biology and wants my phone (his favorite toy).

Once the internet made friends with my laptop again, I began a sharing to my Beloved Brother in spirit.  The moment I wrote this paragraph:

It is so interesting because as my sluggish internet was making its way to that site, I was contemplating my place in life… quite physically.  I left a desert land surrounded by people who genuinely loved me, honored me even if they didn’t fully understand me.  I traveled here to a land rich with my memories… my son, his girl, my grandson and so many friends who danced in the fields of consciousness with me…. to return to be so utterly alone…. physically.

I heard my spirit say to me, this is your blog for the day.  I simply said, I don’t think so!  And all the power in my room went off.  Dammit!  It was exactly 6:10am and everything was restored at 6:11.

6 soul partnership.  How on earth can I have a partnership if the human thinks even for a single second… my way is the right way.  49 years of living shows me otherwise.  But man we can be so freakin detrimental to where indeed we are even in this moment.

10 new beginnings with unlimited potential (tomorrows date line) and of course all the lights come back on at 6:11  HELLO , I am feeling, listening… and I don’t have to get it, I am simply sharing.

Yesterday was extraordinary for me.  I started my day by seeing Heaven made manifest on earth, thru You.  Thru the collective landscape of Light made manifest by every high frequency beating heart.  I suppose this was my “Above moment” (smile)…. thank you dear universe for that deeply entrenched moment.

And I took a bath… and there was my below.  My son.  My only reason for being here in Virginia.  He is and has always been my antagonist.  Every muscle in your body has an antagonist… for movement to happen, an antagonist must be present.  He and I have moved into this strange silence together.  He refuses to talk to me without the presence of his girlfriend.  I cannot see or be with my grandson without me having some sort of (distorted) relationship with her either.

As my below started to feel with this distant relationship of my son I started to hear a song… I didn’t know the song well so it was hard for me to “get it”  Spirit changed the words a wee bit… what came thru was Stevie Nicks signing Landslide.  What tripped me up is I could only really hear one lyric clearly… “I am changing…. tooo.”    As I struggled in my bath to not only hear the song, but understand it’s relevance spirit simply said get out of the tub and google it.

It took a moment of listening to various songs to find it… but I found it.  I found it with lyrics… and listened to it over and over again, each time my own inner landslide crashing my heart.  Altho what is happening between he and I is not surprising… otherwise I would not be living in a hotel room… but the mama in me held on… hoping he would change his mind.  He can’t.  He has his own mountain to climb… and collapse within.  We have all gotten to here by these collective moments.

Yet, my day, in the crashing of my own biological heart showed me, no allowed me to feel something so much deeper… so much more Real than any biology could ever hope to show.  The love of You.  Between the emails, the forum replies, the phone connections… the genuine colors of your Love, danced and played upon my own Being.  I cried even harder… because it was Real.  Thank you so much for sharing your unconditional, non-judgmental love with me.  I dance in the Fields with you in a way that is more complete today than ever before in my own consciousness!

So here I am today, November 9th with still no phone signal and barely an internet signal.  And continue the reboot of tremendous energy moving me from here… to there!

Enjoy the video…


Lisa Gawlas


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