Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 28, 2011

The Ascension: The Earth (Part 3 with a part 4 to come))

I cannot beleive I am going to open this sharing with this (I can’t help but laugh at the analogy):

This coming time on earth is very much like the first wave of mother earths children have reached the legal drinking age.  They will have availablity to intoxicating energy like they never have dreamed before.  Some are already at the pre-party events, sipping the atmosphere of new light!  Also, there is going to be a part 4… The Merger

Earth… what a multitude of dimensions she is!  For every Light frequency available to earth, there are that many earths available to navigate thru.  Stop and just feel with that a moment.

You are not living on just one earth at a time.  You are sliding in and out, back and forth thru all the dimensions available to your own Light frequency.

With that expanded thought, think of the times you have felt so utterly ungrounded.  Not connected to your earth, your body, your faculties.  What is the first thing you want to do (those who think they need to do this) you ground!

But you ground because your mind feels unhinged (as it should), and uncomfortable (woops) and you ground to the only thing you are familiar with (pesky mind) the dimension you have just outgrown.  Instead of allowing your Light Body to settle into the next vibrant frequency you worked so (internally) hard to get to… you root yourself deeper into a frequency that no longer serves you.  Humans don’t like to feel uncomfortable at all (and the whole universe smiles at your determination.)

The brain in your head was designed so purposely to keep you in linear space.  Orientation is important in biological matter.  It is time to completely free your mind of the illusion… of anything and all things you “think” you know.

I am (earth) a multi-dimension Being, as you are as well.  We are indeed time travelers, shape shifters, inter-dimensional Beings.  We are born that way.  You do not ever grow out of it.  Your mind starts to beleive the illusion.  That is all that happens along the way.  You, at any given time, can free yourself from the illusion with inner desire and action.

If would like to paint you a picture.  One that may sit upon the palate of your mind to unfold, it’s its right time, in it’s own way.

Lets just say there are 100 different frequencies all tied into my (earths)  belly.  Each frequency has it’s own earth connected to it.  (Let me tell you something, there are equally that many versions of you as well.)  Some earths are still quite barbaric in nature.  Separation is thick and deep in the minds game of illusion.  Some earths have progressed a little where the Light beings (you) are starting to realize what you to do another, you do to yourself.  There are versions where pure light plays freely in full openness of their divinity within the biology and every conceivable thing inbetween.

Now imagine all of these earths are connected.  Doorways open to the next version or frequency, that door does indeed swing both ways.  You can move up, over, inbetween.  Look here, look there… you are literally moving in and out of so many versions of earth in any given day.

You are the greatest Light Seekers in all the universes!

Each time you snuggle up and reside on a version of earth that is more kind and loving than the last, you have single handedly (so to speak) changed the game.  The moment you share your experiences, you are changing the game for All.  Even if they want to push against you at first… illusion works that way.  But once pure light is place in a dark room, if never ceases to exist.  Ever.

Your heartbeat is that profound… ever lasting!

For a very long time, the moment from one vibrational frequency to the next sometimes took many lifetimes, new experiences and new nervous systems (suits of biology) to move forward in.  But not in this version of Now.

It takes a simple moment, a simple changing of the mind.

I (earth) was once expanded in vast and far off places.  Now, all versions of earth are coming into full alignment with each other.  You have done this.  Your love and placed everything in divine alignment.  Ohhh you can look at the sun and the stars and think there is something greater than you moving it all.  That is illusion, isn’t it?  It has always been You!

You are the time keepers, the frequency keepers, you keep love alive by internal resonance or fear alive by internal resonance.  You are always choosing which version of earth you will call home.  They all exist.  The moment you realize and keep hold of a brighter, fuller, earth, you equally pull that into direct alignment.  You have done that!

When all of the frequencies that I (earth) exist within are moved into a full alignment, my own DNA is fully engaged for use.  A wormhole, if you will, will be open to all who ‘s own vibration allows the entrance (for no one can ever go where they do no resonate) to it’s potential.  There will be many other wormholes aligned with purpose over the coming years.  The one I refer to right now is 11:11:11.

You can look at it as the grandest pillar of light ever seen in all the universes.  My heart beat, my children’s heartbeat, and the heartbeat of the All will be in full and synchronized alignment.  This IS a big deal.  For a new earth will be readily available to use and play within.  To live in the greatest fullness never imagined within.

But there is work to do.

The Light never sleeps, and when in fullness, never wants to either.

You will be building a rainbow bridge, available to all current and future generations to live and love so openly and freely in your grandest expresion of Light.

To the Rainbow Brigade… Your work has just begun.

(Details coming soon)

With jubilation and freedom,

Lisa Gawlas and her mama (smile),







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