Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 27, 2011

The Ascension: Energy Grids (Part 2 of 3)

I know this is imagery of our nueroons in our brain, but it is the closest picture I could find on the internet to show how I see the gridwork and the orbs of light.  Of course, one really does reflect the other.

Energy Fields as it Connects to Human Biology:

Now imagine that there is one of those tentacles or energy strands inserteced every single pore of our biology.  Each pore has it’s own frequency as it stretches outward into the network and vastness of energy potential.  Each frequency is feeding (or starving) the cells associated with that area of the body.

The frequencies set pace with the area associated with the chakra centers, which are really power nodes within the core of the body.  They amplify the core energy at the area of the body they govern.

Now to make this simple (because I find quantum energy and frequencies way too complicated) Lets just say there are 12 frequency ranges (there are so many many more…. but again, we are keeping this simple).  Let’s say frequency 1 is the lowest, slowest, the frequency where fear lives.  So it really has no light at all.  If an area of the body is exposed to the frequency for prolonged periods of time illness and disease emerge.  Your biology has triggers within it’s DNA to allow the body to communicate to you to let you know something is not Light within.  We call those triggers, illness or disease, which includes mental issues to.

Let’s also say each frequency has 9 levels before hitting the next frequency.  Example 1.1, 1.2 and so on.

Lets also say that the 12th frequency is the highest, fastest frequency possible.  The lower the frequency the less amount of Light energy coming into the body.  The 12th would be pure radiant Light.  The frequency that is absolute pure love, peace and tranquility.  Here there is a glow that emerges from the body, for those with eyes to see.

Every thought, especially those repetitive thought charged with feeling is firing the energy grid to bring back to the body the energy your thoughts are aligned with.  Anything within the 1st series of frequencies is has so little light or energy in it that that particular part of your body is actually becoming light started.  The moment… the very moment you change the emotionally charged thought to something positive, the vibration raises, light comes in and that area breaths again.

All of history, earths and every where in the multi-verse is held within the light fields of the energy grid.  (This is what I read when I read you, nothing about you is human, except the illusion of biology, you are Light.)

The higher the frequency of Light you are connected to, the stronger your spiritual attributes.  The fuller the frequencies of light are spread out in your cells, the fuller the spiritual attributes are.

The higher you are vibrating, the faster you go from emotional thought to created reality.

When you connect to others of like or higher vibration, you are lighting up the entire grid of energy.  The grid radiates out not only to all on earth, but all of creation thru all the multi-verses.  We are connected to the All.

When your emotional thoughts are of hate, fear, blame, disgust, and the list can go on and on… you are cutting yourself off from the all.  For the All is Love, pure radiant Light energy.

As we get into the higher frequencies, our biology starts to change.  It is now going from a carbon based biology to a crystalline base.  We are changing while still wide awake and alive in matter.  Not always a comfortable ride for sure.  Growing … becoming the next grand expression of Soul fully alive in Body has growing pains associated with it.

I am going to end this one here and tie it all together with the final part of this sharing… The Earth.

We are magical!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with pure radiant Light!

Lisa Gawlas









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