Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 25, 2011

What are we doing anyway?? Part 1 (personal)

Man oh man, these are intense, life changing times we are in.  From September 23rd thru October 22nd each and everyone one on earth stood at the edge of life’s oceans which now came to a Y.  Everyone has come to a choice point, and for some, many choice points in their lives.  If by October 22 you didn’t come to clear choices in your life, then your core choices simply placed you in the ocean you aliged with…

Clinging to the old world, old energy…  judgement, separation,  etc.  This is really an easy, familiar ocean to swim in.  From the surface it looks calm, familiar, easy to swim.  But what humanity doesn’t realize, even this ocean side is conspiring to merge with the new waters… the new loving fields of earths highest vibrations.  There are a lot of people swimming here, so the waters look so inviting due to the sheer volume of bodies within it.  The waters here, incredibly murky.  You cannot see below the surface.  You cannot see the riptides and because arrogance is so dominant here, most people could care less about riptides.  The rip tides in this ocean are going to be intense thru 2012!

And then there is the New Ocean, new only because we have very little memory of swimming here.  It is aligned with pure love and unity.    From the deepest part of the ocean you can see every pebble of sand at the oceans bottom and you love them just for being.  Not to many people here… it is unfamiliar if not foreign territory.  You cannot bring any peace of your old baggage here.

October 22nd was an universal reboot of all energies.

Whether you were conscious about it or not, your choices were sealed in this version of life in relationship to the actions of your life.  Actions (or even inaction) speaks louder than words.

So very much like a computer that has been running amuck for eons, all the energy was withdrawn for a day (maybe two lol)  so that the entire universe can now stand on new, fresh ground of Life.

By this point in time, many people were already swimming in one ocean or the other.  Many had those last minute moments to simply let go of the last vestiges of their old energy… of the luggage we hold near and dear to our game of life.

One day last week, thru my facebook page, came a question from my fingertips (spirit talks, I type lol):

If you knew you could have it all, would you be willing to let it all go …first?

Sometimes, it is the greatest Light in your life, that offers you the greatest test in your life too.  I know, spirit doesn’t like the word test (since there is no pass or fail, just ongoing lessons) lets change that to …. challange.

On October 22nd, about 4 hours after I heard spirit say that the entire universe was rebooting… and yeah I was plopped straight into the void the next moment… came my challange.  My greatest test to date… and the reverberation of that pesky pesky question… would you let it all go first?

My son and his girlfriend play in the deep murky end of the ocean, tangled up in seaweed that just keeps them stuck in what they think they knew.  Goodness knows I can honor that so much… lived close to 40 years there.  But then came the ultimatum… if I don’t play by their rules, their conditions, their wants, I cannot see my (just under two year old) grandson.

Really?  God this game sucks!!  This is not the first time it sucked… it’s just the biggest suckiest part to date! (grin)

It is easy to give  up what doesn’t serve your highest good… but in this game of illusion… would you be willing to let go of what Lightens you heart like nothing else in this created reality?

Shit… yes… dammit.

Hey, no one ever said we had to be graceful in our choices.  We are wearing the human suit and I have no problem stomping my feet to shake off the hurt.

I did look forward to the 23rd… the power node.  Maybe when I wake up, my heart won’t be bleeding any more… yeah right!  I begged the ujiverse to help me know the right and best thing to do for all.  The very first thing I had seen in my day was this posting on facebook:

Well, just shit!  (smile)

So now, not only was I bleeding… flipping more rescheduling!  There was not the first trace of universal energy that I could see.  I had no clue if it was just from my own mourning, or still a part of the reboot…

But something new started to push its awareness thru my heart.  I think it was an elephant.  A feeling so big… so full and alive and  moving from the core of my heart and trying to birth itself outward.   Weird… but good… but I also knew, the tears I refused to cry (cuz I was still not a willing participant in this letting go of it all thing..) which  kept that elephant stuck in my heart.

And then I woke up on the 24th… still have this elephant trying to release itself out of my heart, my refusal to let my tears flow keeping it stuck in the birth canal (smile)… and I went to a place I have grown from, fallen in love with… lightworkers,org and seen a posting from a man who was going thru his bodies own releasing… and, in the safery of that forums loving arms… I shared what has been happening to me.  Which, I will simply copy into here as well:

I would like to share my own experience… on the 21st I was taking a realitively short walk to the post office… which happens to be on 33rd St. and artic (how interesting that alone is)… which is 5 blocks up (I am on 28th) and 3 blocks over to get to. I wasn’t even into the first block of walking and ohhh my god did the front of my calves hurt… not the back at all, just the front. Now in my “massages” the calves represent the foundation in which you built and live your life upon. I hurt from the knee all the way down… and the more I walked the top of both feet chimed in with pain… (feet, support and balance within your life). It felt like there was a force trying to hold me back… and the more I pushed forward the more weighted down my feet felt, to the point I was having a hard time walking a straight line.

By the time I got to the block the post office was on, I couldn’t even lift my foot high enough to get up on the 1 inch curb and I stubbed my toe and went down like a load of bricks. Busted both of my knees wide open. (Knees are all about flexibility.)

Strangely enough… when I got up, the force against my calves and on top of my feet, released itself. It was gone as if it didn’t exist. For as badly as I damaged my knees… they didn’t really hurt too much. Of course… I had to ponder it all.

What in the foundation of my life is working against me.. trying to stop my walk forward. Is there somewhere in my life I am not being flexible enough..?

By morning my right knee (emotional side) swelled up like a balloon with just a minor brush furn on the knee itself. The left side (physical life) was tore up.. skin hanging and actually bleeding.

I took an early morning bath meditation… scouring my own motivations, desires, egoic agenda… ever nook and cranny I could look within myself to see if there was an ounce me that was not in integrity and love. I couldn’t find a thing… so I just made a statement that I release all energy from my field that does not serve the higher good of all.

Other than getting the understanding of the 11:11:11 and the kitchen of my dream will be illuminated and ready for use… I had no further insight into my now stiff knees and events of the day before.

Just before my morning reading I heard that the entire universe was on a reboot… this being the 22nd and given all the readings of the week…. I got that. Dammit… into the odd void I went. Odd because I am never disconnected from mySelf ever… just the entire grid of connection that I read from! Yippie… more rescheduling!

And then… later in the afternoon… sheez, the only thing in all this universe that can drop me to my knees (except maybe low curbs lol)… my son told me if I do not play in their chaos, on their terms and conditions, I cannot see my grandson at all.

Just a few days before I heard (and posted on my facebook) this question from spirit (never in a million years thinking it was a question directly towards me lol):

If you knew that in order to have it all… you must first give it all up… would you?

With a hole still weeping in my heart… my only reply is…


…and in that moment…. I knew.  I knew the fullness of it all and I cried a river in that enlightening, wonderful moment.

I even felt the elephant move from the core of my heart and embed in every ounce of my energy body.  Free.

Altho I did spend the rest of my reading appointments rescheduling…. dammit…(smile)… there was a greater reason than me for it (smile).

I started to be able to see what is really happening on our grid.  Ohhhh my freaking goodness!  The day unfolded with understandings…. the mangnitude of which is going to be in its very own blog… part 2 will be posted shortly.

To be continued….

(((((HUGZ))))) of pure excitement for what is unfolding as we breathe!!

Lisa Gawlas





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