Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 22, 2011

Shambhala… the Colors and Feelings of Creation ItSelf

I remember back in the beginning of this journey when I realized I could ask any question and get an answer… I asked over and over again to God directly (remember, I was catholic, so god was still an outside entity) “how did the universe get created.”  4 years later, in a spontaneous meditation, I was shown.  I was in Rupert Idaho and the year 2004.

The timing of this “answer” four years later is as interesting as to the where.  Not so much Idaho, but I was in my Jacuzzi bathtub that was part of the bathroom in the house I was renting.  This is import because when I started to spend so much time in the bath (literally up to 10 hours a day) I would tell my team I really ought to have a Jacuzzi tub to enhance my journies.  I was quite serious about the jacuzzi and never in a million years expected to have one as my bath!

So there I am, in my jacuzzi tub (which I never turned on for meditation, man oh man distracting!!! lol) and out of the clear blue… errr… black…

I felt a presence in the abyss of black that surrounded me.  I was as much a part of the black as I was a part of this presence. .. yet somehow, still separate.   It was very much like being in the deepest part of the sky… not a star, nor a trace of light anywhere… just sheer expansiveness.

I will never have the words to describe what I felt in this vastness… there is no human experience I have to even come close to relating it… but to give it some sort of flavor, lets just call it a deep inner desire.  This desire welled and got deeper and fuller and bulged with massive energy… and then… exploded!

But even the explosion is… phew… intoxicating!

In this explosion were streams of vibrant light energy.  Each color, so vivid and alive held a particular feeling.  I have long forgotten the feeling of each color… so keep that in mind when I say this…

It was like the blue was the deepest inner peace one could only hope to achieve, red was pure radiant love, green, pure joy and so on…

Pure.  In this meditation I was as much a part of the individual color as I was the consciousness experiencing it.  And the colors streamed out to fill the black of the vastness… like a pinwheel of pure radiant feeling.  Individual and yet, held together by the blackness.

When I recovered (smile) from the shock of what I just witnessed, I had to ask God… what did you just show me?  His reply was, “the birth of the universe.”   So my next natural question was… why?  Well, I asked to know.  No no, I wanted to know how earth was created (watch what you ask for… the universe is quite literal)… and so I got to experience God individuating so he could experience himself individually as it all flowed back to the black hole in the center.

It has been a very very long time since I even thought about this meditation… until this week.  It is all I can think about!

Before I get to why… let me do some more sharing (smile).

I think it was Monday, I woke up at 3:30am wide awake.  I was not happy at all about being wide awake at this time.  I lived in my body long enough to know, my brains are going to start crashing about 1pm and I have a 2pm reading to do!

But yet, every fiber of my being was hell bent on going for a sunrise walk on the beach… so I schlep out of bed, start my coffee and complain to the universe about my to – do list for the day (like they even care about such mundane things.)  At 5am I walked to the oceans edge and walked south along the beach.  I walked and walked and nothing extraordinary happened.  So I turned around and started walking back.  I swear I caught a glimpse of a person emerging on the horizon walking toward me… completely in shadow imagery.   The closer he got, the larger his shadow image got.  I knew who this way… but what on earth??

I sat down on the beach to decide if I am just still tired and in an illusion or am I really seeing Marc walk towards the beach from the horizon?  I know that energy anywhere.  As I sat on the each, the imagery replayed several times.  I decided to turn off this show and get up and walk back to my room… and as I was walking along the beach there was something glowing on the ground.  Glowing soft white.  At first I walked past it, with a surprise that anything was glowing.   And then everything in me stopped me in my tracks, turned me around and I got out my cell phone, clicked on it’s light (so I can actually see what was glowing on the ground) and to my surprise it was a piece of Styrofoam container.   At first I didn’t get it… and just acknowledged the weirdness and kept walking.  Until it hit me!!

I sat on the beach again… baffled.  and my constant mantra in this phase of my life was now screaming: WHAT THE HECK????

Marc was my mentor and very good friend across the pond that helped to awaken me to the sheer wonder of what we are capable of as spiritual Beings.  I fell madly and dysfunctionally in love with this man (of course at the time, it was the only type of love I was capable of in familiarity.)

Between us we didn’t have 50 cents to rub together and I would go into my meditations demanding that the universe, who is so capable of anything dry up the two oceans between us so we can meet in person.  My team always said “when the time is right, you will meet.” yeah right!  In the spring of 2002… my deepest and greatest desire made its way to my reality.  It was 5 days of bliss and agony I wouldn’t trade for the world!

But we have been long divorced (except for in my very pesky meditations)… he is happily married in a new life that is focused on doing so much for our environment… creating biodegradable plastics focused on the fat food industry.

I watched the sunrise over the ocean… and said, I really don’t want to know.  I am not asking any more!!

Like spirit doesn’t hear my core questioning self.  lol

I went on about my day, crashing on schedule at 1ish, rescheduling my 2pm (thank you for bearing with me thru my own life events.) …and feel asleep early.

The Dream of All Dreams

There are dreams, and then there are experiences that just happen to take place while the body is regenerating.  This was an experience as my body slept…

At first it was dark, like nighttime, and I was scaling the side of a mountain that went straight up (not the first angel to it at all).  Every conceivable obstacle was jutting out from the mountain… sharp rocks, bushy tree’s it was crowded with obstacles.  And yet, somehow, I kept climbing upwards.  There was never a feeling of climbing towards something, or even expecting or knowing what was at the top… but yet, going down or stopping was absurd.   The last thing I remember was I was maybe about 10 feet from the top.

Then, within this same experience… I woke up in a bed in a house that was simply glowing.  Illuminated of itself.  The colors were the most vibrant I had ever seen.  The house was very open and tri leveled.  I was in a space that was very much like a very wide landing that was on the 2nd floor.  3 steps up went to a kitchen (which was actually the only place that was not illuminated in this house.

As I woke up and tried to orient myself to where I was, I looked around and the entire contents of the first floor was visible from my 2nd floor view.   Everything crystal clear, a feeling in all this of… alive.  I was scanning the first floor to try and get a clue of where I was… and then I had seen him.  Geez!

Fast asleep on an air mattress that was butted right up against a fireplace (that actually had a fire going on in it) was Marc.  His whole face glowed.  There were elements of glowing lighted colors around his face that gave this…. vibrancy to him.  To the feeling of him.  I was awe struck by the beauty.  And then the mind kicked in within this experience… how could he sleep thru the heat of that fire place?  His back has got to be on fire!

Then I realized he was on a queen sized air matress and the side his wife should have been sleeping on had the covers pulled back (as if someone got out of bed)… because the only one in bed sleeping was him.

Then I thought… Holllly Shit… how did I get in his house?  He is gonna freak out to find me here… and I don’t even know how I not only got here, but slept here too.  I started to make a Bee line thru the dark kitchen.  I must have been noisey in trying to make my quick escape (so I didn’t get yelled at for a home invasion lol) and the next thing I knew… he was in the kitchen with me.  I about crapped my pants.  Funny, in this kitchen, nothing glowed… not even him.  (of course, I now understand that this part of the “house” has not been used yet… it remains in the darkness of potential… altho I must say, it felt very well equipped!)

I started apologizing to beat the band for being in his house, un-invited, in his private world here.  I really had no idea how on earth I got there.  What I felt from him… without a word being spoken by him… geez…. beyond OK.  Full an absolute acceptance that I was there.  No judgement in any way… not the first negative feeling.  Then we walked outside so I could go on my way.  I will never ever forget the feeling… the aliveness of the feeling.

As we stood at the gate of his house and had a long familiar hug together… his wife appeared with a hag of groceries… and even from her…. the feeling, the non-judgement, non-accusing moment… geez….

As I explained to her I was climbing this mountain and the next thing I knew… I guess I got lost and needed to go to sleep… and your house was the only one I could find.  Of course… as I looked around I realized I was on the top of the mountain and indeed, this was the only house there… and man oh man it glowed with the feeling of “come in, you are welcome here.”

When I woke up from this amazing dream experience… I knew without a shadow of a doubt it was the (symbolic) Himalaya’s and the glow was that of Shambhala.

3 steps up to the kitchen.  The kitchen is where everything comes together for creation.  True, living Soul Food!

3… action and communication.

As the weeks readings unfolded, I realized something quite profoundly (today)… it is the universe who is now in that 3 vibration.

Action… everyones energy field I had seen the last 3 days (I think it was three) was all in movement.  Even yesterday where 2 out of 3 readings were really a mass of quantum particles… explosion in it’s finest… everywhere and no where all at the same time.

Communication… thru the very feelings of your soul.

We have reached the top of the mountain.  We Are the colors of Shambhala.  We are coming together… alive… aware…in LOVE!

I will see you in the Kitchen of Creation!

Together, we are the rich colors of the One!


Lisa Gawlas

P.S. I just got out of my bath after posting this blog…

Holy cow batman… I am so grateful for baths!!


the three steps (left) of full illumination and use.

Our kitchen will be available for full use on (or about) 11:11:11

Even the tri-level house had purpose.  First the ground floor (earth) became illuminated, then we hit the higher octaves of the Light (2nd floor) and once the 11:11:11 takes place, earth, our full light bodies and the grid of energy I call shambhala will be in full alignment and turned on!  Wow-Weezers!!!

To my fellow chefs… I leave you with a song:

Yummy yummy yummy I got love in my tummy…
…Love is such a good thing, good enough to eat thing…
(Ohio Express)

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