Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 20, 2011

You Are the Vibrational Field of Creation…

If you strip away all of your biology that makes you look like a human, you would be an energy field… a mass of energy.  This mass of energy is feed by two parts, the ego, which is a fear based analytical entity (purposely designed to be such) and the soul, which is pure love and allowance of all (our natural state of Being.)

This energy field that is you is constantly pulling from the abyss of all the energy available to you (and indeed, it is limitless) and creating the illusion of life in biology as you breath.  Giving true meaning to the phrase what you put out your pull back.  You are forever breathing out and in.  Creating in every nanosecond of your life for your own personal experience.

Your breath is pulled from your lungs, which just happens to be your heart center.  Your emotional center.

If you can imagine your whole center body is like this big straw with nodes at various places within the straw:

Root Chakra… which amplifies how you FEEL about physical life

Sacral Chakra… which amplifies how you FEEL about yourself within physical life

Solar Plexus… How you FEEL about your Divinity, the Power of God within you

Heart Center… the lower three mixes in and this center is a super node, bringing all your FEELINGS to life and governs the upper chakras.

Throat Center… How you express what you FEEL about life.  Not in words, but in the breath itself.

The Third Eye Chakra… How you FEEL about your perception of life

Crown Chakra… depending on all the other energy centers, this either amplifies the fear agenda of the ego, or the love center of the soul.  This is your pure feeling center as governed by the entirety of your core.

So here you are, a quantum entanglement of a lot of things!!

In the beginning of life we come in with a fistful of experiences we wanted/needed to have for our soul growth.  From a soul level we masterfully planned out the life we were going to be birthed into… including the personalities of our parents (or care takers), the environment in which we will grow up within and the 3D belief systems that would be embedded within our lower two chakra’s.

So in the beginning of this life we created the perfect storm of our life, as was needed.

So here we are, drenched in a biology that seems to scream the game is real, and then at some point, the next two upper frequencies seem to come online more actively.  (Keep in mind here, I am just using some small examples simply to get the point accross clearly.)

We think we are a part of a biological family, yet divorce happens, the only real parents we knew are now living separately, sometimes one parent completely abandons the child(ren) or they fight all the time over time with the child(ren) and some even use the children as their own personal weapon(s).  All of this sending shock waves of (purposely placed) confusion to the child.

Now that the child so wonderfully starts to feel unlovable and responsible, most religions echo the fact that you were born dirty… unlovable.  And if you aren’t perfect in every way, your heavenly father is going to divorce you forever too… casting you into a tormenting hell.  Ohhh the quantum entanglement is getting deep here…

Even womens sexuality is drenched in ugliness.  This is the most potent creative energy in all the universe and yet, in many countries women aren’t even allowed to show their faces forget their sexuality.  In this country (USA) molestation and rape is commonplace…  so even our sexuality, our sexual power has become controted, ugly, hidden.

With all these wonderful quantum entanglements of life… that we as a soul being, purposely exposed ourselves too, create a heaviness on the upper chakras and eventually illness becomes manifest.  Even illness is purposely triggered within the body.  It is there to say, there is something so emotionally wrong… that is to say, not true, within your body.  Go within and fix it.  But we go to the Doctors instead.

Until we don’t.

Until it all gets so big, so heavy that there is nothing you trust within your world any longer.  And we start to ask the big questions… why?  Why is this happening to me?  What can I do to change it?

And we start to seek outside of the density and lies of created 3D reality.  This is when we actually hit the 4D vibrational fields of life.  And your upper chakras really start vibrating all you need to move further into the questioning begins.

And trust me, spirit is not affraid to use bricks and trickery!!  This is after all a game of illusion… a hall of mirrors all designed to bring yourself to YourSelf!

The more you are letting go of the false illusion and embracing your own deep inner truths… the lighter you feel.  The fear is being transmuted into Light.  Light trumps dark in every aspect.  The two cannot reside in the same space.

The more we question, the more that is made available to us in the frequency of truth, the freer we become and the more rapidly the upper chakras vibrate.  When your solar plexus and heart center hit the same high frequency together within your body… illness ceases to exist.  It leaves as if you were never ill to begin with.

And then… we hit the ultimate frequency of responsibly… the upper chakras of passion thru self expression.  In order for these centers to fully vibrate, you actually have to intentionally use them.  That is to say, live as the spiritual being you now know yourself to be.

Removing yourself from any discordant energy in your life.  There is no shame (since that is an ego word/vibration anywayz) from loving people from a distance.  Because otherwise, when you feel holden to someone, you are entangled in their heaviness and choking out the higher vibrations that (if you were removed from the density) would have been available to you.  Grou p energy can be the greatest force in all of creation… or destructive to all aligned with it.

So now lets just say… you got out of your own way of all entanglements that presented themselves to you in your life.  You cannot own the guilt people want to place on you, you find it forgien to even feel heavy.  You speak openly about how you do feel, in spite of others trying to make you feel bad or wrong about it.

Daring to live your truth, however it unfolds within you (since you are creating it all as you go anyway) creates a faster and faster vibrational frequency within the full upper chakra system.

You now have access to the 5D realm of expression.  That is to say the Christ Consciousness frequency, or Unified Field of energy.  This is where pure bliss lives.  Empowered living.  Sharing without the need for the first person to believe you.  Allowing, knowing we all have our own personal path to walk.  Loving without judgement and expectation because it is who you are!

Enough people have started to live and breath in this precious 5D energy field, that in my own personal massage practice I started to see the emergence of a whole new chakra I refer to as the sacral-plexus.  Until recently,  I was clueless as to its full purpose and use. Or even why it started to emerge at all.

Before I get to the Sacral-Plexus let me first talk about the field of energy we are all connected to.

The Field of Creaton – Energy Made Manifest

Whatever your core energy vibrates with within a frequency becomes the life you create around you.  What you exhale in true core feelings, you breath back to you from the fields as created reality.

Example of my own life:  In my young life I felt absolutely unlovable and unworthy of love.  My life amplified that sentiment by removing me from my family and giving me foster family after foster family to live within.  Each one, perceived by me, worse than the next.  The more angry I got, the more volatile the next family was.  Of course, it is easy to blame others, which I was a pro at.  So all those who would accuse me of being a crum, made their way to my game of created reality.  I believed every negative thing about me, and the universe loved me so much to allow me to create that as my experience.

By the time I became desperate to feel loved, I could no longer handle it in my inner field.  I was placed in the most wonderful, loving, nurturing foster family and that is when my violence started to emerge.  I smacked the crap out of the greatest foster mother I could have ever hoped for… this after taking every prescription drug in the house to I could get out of this love that I didn’t deserve.

So even as a child, I was creating my reality with every feeling within me.

To make the game more solid, I made sure I incarnated into the belief system of Roman Catholic, who always said I was not worthy to receive gods love.  I beleived this from the core of my being… and life created itself reflection back to me.  Life Sucked!!

There were fleeting moments in my world where I said “screw you” I deserve more… and because I felt it so powerfully within, that wonderful side of more was given instantly.  Of course, instantly I knew I didn’t deserve this (whatever this was at the moment), so it went back to whence it came eventually.

And then there were times I my identity was wrapped around things… such as jobs.  Of course, I went thru many jobs, many self created businesses… all really giving me a deeper look into myself, but that deeper look didn’t happen until I was 38.  Every single thing built on the other.  One thing stripped away, only to be replaced by something bigger and louder…. even if that bigger and louder seemed at first glance to be gift wrapped with a big bow.

My own personal life started to fall apart faster than I could rebuild it at times.  Little did I understand each time it fell apart, a higher frequency was being activated not only in me, but in the manifested field in which my breath creates from.  The higher the frequency, the quicker the turn around. … equally, depending on ego… the harder the fall.

I was a full fledged Leo… I was an ego on two legs!

The men I attracted to me, my god such an amazing and wonderful reflection of who I was . We would revel in each others wonder and dysfunction… until… I chased them away. I had the hardest time allowing myself to be loved any more than I was comfy with.

I was breathing in and breathing out the magnetics that echoes my deepest inner feeling. Keep in mind… the grid is unbiased. No good, no bad… just there to serve you in anyway you wish it to.

Your wishes are made manifest by your deepest core feeling. Most people have no idea why they feel what they feel. We have been taught to blame it on others, both people and things/events (whenever we feel bad). We don’t realize, from childhood on up thru physical death, we created every single person, place and thing in our life.

Now, to make this more complex (smile). We were all born with two combined sets of DNA. So we have inherent stuff from two other people that vibrates at a strong potential level within our encodings, hitting the grid to make it manifet for you. The blame game gets strongest here… where the illusion that its someone elses fault.

We burried ourselves up to the neck in illusion. What an amazing and well orchestration game this is.

As those middle chakras really start to vibrate faster and we start seeking a higher more relevant truth in our lives, this is where we start shaking off the lies. We let our organized religion go (or not), we let some if not all of our biological family go (or not),

The more you free, the more that the grid brings to you in awareness that you need to free. You can take yourself as far as you are willing to go. You can stop anywhere, you can find letting go to hard and never start. Nothing in all this multi-verse will ever love you less.

This too, is a place within ourselves we move into. Allowance filled with unconfitional love and non-judgement without any expectation. Only Love.

Once you start stripping away your BS (beleif systems), people are going to notice. They will start to ask did you loose weight, color your hair… what is different? Some get really scared of your new fuller glowing energy and condemn you to the crazies. But who cares really…. it is all there to test you conviction upon this journey of illusion.

Then the grid amps up, because you have brought yourself to the greatest choice point of all. Turning the life of illusion into the Real.

Real. Just because you know how to sing a song, doesn’t mean you are in harmony with the song or the words. This is what I refer to as fake people. I have a harder time listening to anyone who is filled with denial within themselves as they spew sunshine and roses out their mouth… Everything has a harmony and frequency… and when your words are not aligned to your vibration, its like hearing the most crackily record, it hurts to hear it. At least in my world

Living Life Out Load!

The only part of this game designed to make the illusion seem real is the mind. The Ego. It is the true keeper of the veil. It is very much aligned with the lower two chakras in density.

As we get out of our minds, out of our illusion… more and more of what is real is made available to us. We hear spirit, we feel spirit, we see things within us that direct us beyond the illusion. The ore we follow those promptings…. the further away it takes us from the illusion.

The faster we start vibrating as a whole being. The faster we are creating our reality. Think for a moment “you hurt me” I assure you will wake up with pain in your body aligned to where ever that feeling was stored.

Even our ascension symptoms are a releasing of stored junk in our trunk., and an expansion of the new biology. Try and hold onto the junk, let me tell you the pain will not go away. Because you no longer vibrate to anything filled in illusion. As things come in to be released, stay in your heart center and just let go.

As you strip all of your old identifiers, there is a new wonderful chakra emerging from within. Truly it was always there…. waiting for your vibrancy to hit the octave that allows it to become an active player in your life.

Your Sacral-Plexus

I started to see this new (to me) chakra in 2008. It wasn’t on many people, but enough that had me asking… what is that? What does it do? It wasn’t until really, this last month or so, do I fully understand it.

There is so much I want to share, in as much detail as I am capable of, that I am going to give it it’s own page. It is the steering wheel that navigates you into the energies of Shambhala.

To be continued….

With more excitement than I can stand!! (good thing I write sitting down…smile)


Lisa Gawlas

P.S> Before I close this sharing, spirit wants to share this: We all affect each others life. Every encounter you have in any given moment is there to help you choose again. From the deeply discordant to the sheer bliss filled… all purposely placed to you in any given moment it arises. Which do you choose to align with, you can’t have it both ways. The Real does not live within any aspect of the illusion!

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