Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 18, 2011

Biology’s Game Within the Magnetic Fields of Creation

The way this human body works is so intensely amazing.  Not only from a biology perspective but most especially from an energetic perspective.  We think we are made of skin and bones, but even that is a perception.  A perception created by the network within the brain.  It allows us to make sense of our world, but so often, we loose ourselves thru beleiving the perception and not moving beyond it.  But Life is designed purposely to keep you shifting, questioning, reaching higher for your understandings of who you are and why you are.

Me, I personally chose melt downs, blaming others as well as many suicide attempts… anything to get me out of the hell I perceived as my life.  But that was only my first 38 years on earth.

Magnetic Beings AKA Karma.  Either word equals “What you put out you draw back to you amplified.”

All of Life, every experience you shall ever have is designed to help you re-member your magnificence, your truest and greatest energy field.   Not only to re-member but to take up full partnership with that magnificence and live life fully in that partnership.  I personally refer to this magnificence as Soul, your Divinity.

If we can look at every cell of our body as magnetic energy that has three levels of potential within them (there really is so much more, but lets keep this simple) and we come into life with the first level active.  Again, keeping this story simple and giving the mind something to relate to, lets say these magnetic are held in the root and sacral chakra (physical connection to life and the sense of self within the world around you.)

Every single person incarnated into life has this magnetic field fully active in their life.  This field is designed quite purposely to attract to you people, experiences etc. that is going to clothe you in your full human suit.  Dysfunction and all.  Remember this is a game of hide and seek.  The first step of the game is to become well hidden in the density of 3D.  That is to say you start to believe you are your biology.  You believe you the family you were born into.  You believe you are the job you hold, the friends you have, the financial status of your life.  For oh so many, you are your disease and/or dysfunction, or your families genetic history of disease and/or dysfunction.

This magnetic creation of this part of the game has been intense.  It worked so incredibly well that even today, so many people are holding onto what no longer serves them… what really never served them to begin with.  This part of the magnetic field is amplified by the ego. .. which is a fear based entity.

The next set of magnetics comes from the solar plexus and the heart center.  This set is designed to bring to you every experience to help you to start shaking loose your deep and for most people, entrenched identity with your biology and 3D world that you created.

This next set of magnetics is designed to start working (at first glance it can seem like it is really working against the lower set of magnetics) when it is time (as designed by you in your pure highest form, before incarnation) to start playing the “seeking” game of hide and seek.

This set is (fully) activated at various times depending on your own personal game.  For me personally, that timeline was age 38.

But it does vibrate off and on thru out your life.  When you become to entangled in an identity, something is triggered to crumble that identity.  Jobs, relationships, anger issues… so on.  Then we have a choice, reinvent ourselves deeper into 3D (yeah that was my choice all the time) which seperates your furhter from who you really are… and makes the magnetic field have to really amp up the energy brought forth by you more intensely.

Here is the thing… we all get to a major choice point.  Either start seeking in the higher vibrations… or start the game all over again.  Now to create more complexity… some people are here souly to play the game in 3D density.  They are there to simply remind you who you are not any longer.   Their part in this game is to be solid and dense and that was their incoming agreement.  That was… until all of earth was able to ascend.  That is to say, completely change the story.  This is actually where we are at… the entire earth is at a whole new choice point collectively, amplified individually.  Yippie???!!

So then… the highest set of magnetics that start to vibrate into created matter is what I will just call the upper chakras (high heart thru the crown).

These become active once you start to strip yourself of the 3D identifications and start to embrace your Divinity (however that is presented to you).  Now in this game, you don’t get to be a Closet Divine Being… the purpose is to live your life out loud… for all the world to feel.  Because when you live your life out loud (as opposed to quitely and in secret) you are sending out all of your sparks of divinity thru the grid work of creation… loosing all the dense 3d biology and… without even trying… awakening the masses simply by living your inner truth and love.

As you become more and more comfortable living outside of the 3d Box.  Owning who you are…. something so magnificent grows within you I am going to write a full blog dedicated to understanding this…  It is the emergence and activation of what I call the sacral-plexus.

In order for this very dormant (and yes everyone has one) power center to come on line, you must be actively using and participating in the fullness of your own magnetic life of creation.

This power center… man oh man… it is aligned fully with what I refer to as Zero Point… or the black hole that is now fully available to all of us on earth.  It is the steering wheel of your Life.  Not your 3D materially aligned life (let that go…. please) but the grandest expression of Love there is.  It is the full alignment of your Soul energy in biology and the soul has full (for lack of a better word) control of your life.

That is to say… you wake up every single day with no agenda.  None.  You wake up having spent the night in the black hole, emerging in a new day to dance, play and create as needed.  That is to say, your life unfolds before you… instead of you forcing into a form of creation.  Truly living in the moment.

Now… (smile) because the game of life is in super swing intensity… a lot is happening in the entire field of vibrational frequency.  Those who are still clinging to any part of 3D matter… this coming year is going to be so loud that the lessons will be unmistakable… let go… every discordance that you align with will be amplified back to you so you can choose again.  Choosing unity, kindness, putting the well-being of others at the forefront of your life… important.

The very moment you let it all go… you are catapulted into the higher frequencies of living.  Those higher frequencies have you absolutely cared for, protected, nourished beyond even our wildest 3D dreams.

For those of us living in the higher frequencies already… love from the sidelines… hug from the sidelines… remember all that you went thru to get to here, others need that journey too.  Others are going to step up to help their commrads in those fields.  We have a different journey now.

One we dreamt about for eons.  And it is only in the moment, fully aligned with love (without feat) shall the next exciting detail be shown.

Your core energy needs to be aligned with full allowance. .. especially unto yourself!

Todays sharing was in realtionship t biology and life.  Tomorrow will strip the biology and talk about your/our magnetic fields in detail.

Together, vibrating at the speed of Love…


Lisa Gawlas







  1. Hi Lisa, thanks for all your insights, humble and with a smile. And your my (first) synchronistic clue of the day :-). See, I just posted an article myself, with many common elements. Made me smile.

    Shine a light,



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