Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 16, 2011

Choice Points, Power Nodes, Transformation (Part 2 Global)

There is so much happening on planet earth and truly it is all happening at the same time creating so many instant choice points individually and collectively that I find it hard to write efficiently about and keep up with whats going on in my own life.  I get to witness this deeper understanding both from the outside in (thru the readings I do) and from the inside out (thru whats happening in my own life.)

There is so much I want to share in this post, as clear explanations as I understand things to be, so this post may very well end up having a Part 3. (smile)

Before I get into any of it, I want to send out a reminder that the entire multi-verse of creation already celebrates the fact that you are here!  That you dared to put on your human suit and play in the game.  Nothing more is ever required of you to be celebrated thru out all creation.  This is a game based entirely on free will and personal choice.  That is to say, you need not go any further than you are now, and you have alrady been a wonderful game changer!!

I am going to re-insert my very humble diagram of the timelines/vibrational frequencies.  I think it would help in the rest of this sharing:

When I first created this layout a month or so ago, I was seeing it all as if we were walking into the energy exactly like I attempted to show it.  But, we humans, we really are super incredible.  We already changed the game and it accelerated.  So move the imagery that says Dec. 1st thru Dec. 31st to NOW.

I did a reading yesterday that actually gave light to what was once dark in Dec (smile… sound like a riddle?? lol).  I could see the “zip-line” and the angle of it and beneath it were all these hands reaching upwards.  And I heard spirit say these are the “takers” in the world.  People who want to take what you have, what you have worked so hard to create within yourself.  There are the judgers, accusers, people who have their hand out with expectation and could care less if or how they give back to the all.  Self absorbed is a good word (well two words.)

These are the people who make up the 3D and 4D frequency lines.  In this vast game called life, they have their own game to play.  There own way of working to a higher vibrational space within themselves (like each of us did to get to here.)

Then there are those pushing thru into the 5th Dimensional energy field.  In my interpretation of the 5d frequency, it is equal to “The Christ Consciousness” AKA “The Unified Field of Oneness.”  This is the frequency the akash is made readily available to anyone who seeks its information.  It is also a frequency where fear cannot move into and hold residence in.  Judgement, expectation, anything less than unconditional love will not move into this space.

Here is the good… and quite exciting news!  For those actively changing their vibrational frequencies to the higher octaves (that is to say, letting go of who they thin they are so they can become what they really have always been…smile, more riddles), you will find yourself in this space of 5D more and more.  This is where pure bliss, love of the All, honor for every conceived path exists.  The first many time you push your biology into this level of Being… it is disorienting.  We have moved so heavily to get to there, with issues and anger in tow… that feeling super Light, Buoyant and Free, takes some getting used to.  Which is why we move in and out until we can hold our biology there as a permanent resident.

All of the things I have been sharing these last few months, go out to those who are on that 5th Dimensional frequency (even if it is only 75% of the time… smile).

The Super-Nova of created reality that was created in the upper frequencies on October 9th gave birth to the black hole in our created reality on Oct 11th.  The space in my diagram shown as Zero Point.  It is truly from this point we want to live and breath.  That place, given our walk to here, is even more disorienting than living life fully in the 5th dimensional frequencies… that is to say, living life in pure unconditional love and non-judgement.  It evokes absolute trust in… well…. everything.  From this place, creation takes place from the inside out and not vise versa. I will expand more on this later (I hope, smile).

The frequencies I have shown as 6D thru 12D are what I refer to as the energies of Shambhala.  If I can make a strong recommendation here… watch the movie The Celestine Prophecy, it is one of the most wonderful visuals I have ever seen in where we are all at right now in this space and time and how we are unfolding.

I do want to make a satement, or perhaps a reminder.  In order to live and fully use the frequencies outside of you, YOU must vibrate totally to that frequency inside of you.  Try and pug a 220 electric device into a 110 outlet… it ain’t happening is it.  Same thing here in life.  Every time you change your internal vibration, you are changing your energy field and it opens up to the higher frequencies that you vibrate with.  Otherwise, you must stay sealed off from them until you can handle them.

Shambhala.  I have dreamt about living in that space, I think all my life.  Even when I had no clue there was a shambhala.

Let me share wikipedia’s definition and I will expand on it: Sambhala (this is the form found in the earliest Sanskrit manuscripts of Kalacakra texts; the Tibetans usually transliterated this as “Shambhala”; Tib. bde ‘byung) is a Sanskrit term of uncertain derivation. Commonly it is understood to be a “place of peace/tranquility/happiness”. …Shambhala is believed to be a society where all the inhabitants are enlightened.

That place is within you.  The City is deep within you.  It is NOT an external place at all.  It is The City of Light and you must make your own path deep inside to reside there.

And then, when enough of us are together, we can bring the energies from the deepest part of our inside, in co0operation with the field of created matter outside to live within this space on earth, together.

This “Heaven on Earth” is held within the 6D thru 1D frequencies and is available to us now.  We have been in such a long term (from our human persepctive) holding pattern waiting for our field of created matter to hold such wonder.  We are there!

All of these nodes, both the chaotic ones (designed to remove your energy body from anything and anyone that does not hold your equal vibration) to the power nodes (designed to solidify your new glowing energy body into the field of created matter) are choice points.  Do you want to hold onto struggle, or do you want to live in bliss and abundance?

Letting go and simply moving thru your souls desires (without your head getting in the way) is more important than anything I can ever share.

We are no longer in a holding pattern… but have been loosed into a letting go pattern.  Before this year is over, those who live within the Shamahla energies will be given their shovels to break ground and build the new world.

I look back at my own journey…. which, is your journey too.  For 10 years I have been helping all those who sought me out to move out of 4D into 5D thru my own various understandings, classes and energy work.  I have now been given the arduous task of making sure all those who wish to participate fully in the Shambhala frequencies find their way there.  That is why my readings have changed… we have changed as a collective.

This will indeed be continued and I will talk as fully as I can about the magnetic grid, magnetic counter-parts and sewing toether the energies within our created reality of Shambhala.

My Lord! Phew

To be continued….

Lisa Gawlas








  1. I love everything you Share Lisa!!


  2. A fantastic blog you have here. Thanks for all the great info I have found on here.


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    ps … hope the OceaN frONt v-ie-w is wOR-KinG fOR yOu ? -)


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