Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 14, 2011

Living Life thru Synchronicity as the Magnetic Grid Amps Up in Our Lives. Part 1 (Personal)

Thru the events of my own life over the last 48 hours, I was given privvy to seeing how so much is actually happening now, in real time. And now, to try and make sense of it in words and sharings, because the magnitude of it all… HUGE! So huge I am going to make this sharing a two parter.

I am not even sure where to begin this sharing, there are so many parts and depths to it. I think I will just share my own experiences and build from there (Part 2 will be “global”.)

First lets understand the word: Synchronicity: the coincidental occurrence of events and especially psychic events (as similar thoughts in widely separated personsor a mental image of an unexpected event before it happens)that seem related but are not explained by conventionalmechanisms of causality —used especially in the psychology of C.G. Jung

At the end of September my youngest daughter came in from Florida to celebrate her 21st birthday. She though the coolest thing to have would be her mama drinking with her. I am no stranger to alcohol, I have just chosen not to indulge over the last several years. Of course I told her I would. ASsmy gift to her, I wanted to start the night with laughter, so I took all of us (her, my son, my daughter-in-love and myself) to the comedy club in Virginia Beach where we can begin the nights festivities by drinking and laughing! Afterwards she wanted to party beach side (who could blame her?? smile) Thats is really when synchronicity started pouring into my field of awareness.

As my son drove the car from the comedy club to the beach the most amazing, vibrant energy seemed to wrap itself around me like a glove. I looked around to see what was possibly happening. I realized we were in the same area of the Cherry Hotel, a place that me and my daughter lived at in 2002 when the Salvation Army Homeless Shelter kicked us out. The very place that allowed all my dreams to come true (back then, my only dream was to meet my mentor who lived in Australia. It wasn’t even a dream, it was an ongoing demand from me to the universe… smile). Once I acknowledge the above, the feeling left. And then it happened again a few blocks later. It was the place that my mentor and I (when he was in VA Beach) went to have breakfast one day. All I could say is “what the heck??””

I would have loved to wear that feeling all night long…. it was amazing. But again, once I “remembered” it went away. I knew a message was coming thru… But what? My former mentor divorced me a very long time ago and we don’t talk… so what could the universe possibly be trying to show me? This “feeling” that wrapped around me like a glove started September 29th and continued to just present itself almost every single day there after, at what seemed like no particular times or reasons.

Whatever really happened in our universe on October 9th, within me, it felt like it stripped away even more of the “veil” that kept me personally shielded from discordant energy. Energy in its purest form presents itself thru feelings. (That is why I am always talking about feeling in meditation, not seeing or hearing. Being clear equally on what one feels, and why is a crucial part of this time we are in as well.)

Let me tell you, not only are we feeling more… people are being amped up on every level of creation, so they are emitting even more feeling/vibrational energy. The one thing I had learned in no uncertain terms from my journey in New Mexico, the energy in which you set up “home” within… matters… a lot!

The one thing years of massage showed me was beyond your earthly woulds, the muck that keeps your vibration low and insecure… was/is how incredibly magnificent you really are. The power, the beauty, the gifts you yourself brought into this realm of created matter… and equally, the knowing that only you can choose to change your vibration once and for all. Most people keep their discord because it equally requires you to remove yourself from all the energies that allow you to continue to be discordant. That is to say, people who judge, bitch, complain, accuse, etc. Not many people are willing to walk away from the life they knew into the aliveneness that is truly who they are. Ahhhh… the game of life!

I knew I wanted to move out 2 weeks after returning to Virginia. But man, it’s a longggg drive back to New Mexico! And I already closed down that chapter of my life’s (never ending) story. So I stayed. And Septermeber proved one of those big chaotic nodes that trys and shakes loose the entertwined energy… again… I choose to stay.

October was not having it!  Remember (smile) the power node of September 23rd was all about endings. Closing the doorways that no longer serve you and your growth. (Now taking your hand off the door knob as it is slamming shut is a whole other story… smile).

The silent tension was building in my home. I stayed in my room upstairs more and more. On October 12th something really really strange happened. I was talking to an ongoing appointment I had with a dear man in Cananda and I was talking to him about being in the void, what was happening and …stuff. In my inner hearing I heard my team say to me, tomorrow it will be all done. I personally assumed it meant I will finally be out of this 3 day void and back online to do my readings and growing. Don’t assume a darn thing on this crazy path! (smile)

And then I wrote the blog about “Let go, but don’t be in a hurry…” Little did I realize I was telling my own story that was about to unfold… and giving myself my own advise in advance.

I then sat outside on the porch with my daughter-in-love… phew. The zip-line between us was fraying at the speed of light. I tried to simply be with the tree’s that fill our neighborhood and it was as if someone took the very fabric of my reality and clawed the heck out of it. There were what looked like tears everywhere in my outter field of vision. I thought… what the heck? ( What the heck is my new mantra lol). I couldn’t blink any of it away. I could see pure energy in the tears, all and nothing co-esiting in the same breath. I did the only thing I knew to do…. ran a bath and escaped into bath meditation.

First I want to fully understand this “feeling” that shows up all the time now and what is really happening in the house I live within. Phew… ask and be prepared to receive… instantly!

Hang on tight… this is where everything I have been writing about for the last month or so comes alive (only, lol, I didn’t know that until the morning after.)

The very first thing in my meditation was amazing. Was the soul presence of my (former mentor) way up on my coaling and thru his energy streaming down this spiral of intertwined light pink and light blue (yeah pastel) energy that ran into my solar plexus and came out of my left hand (physical life but equal, in my world the left hand is our giving hand) as an intertwinement of silver and gold energy. It was magnificent to feel and to understand.

I remembered so fully living in the Cherry Motel, Marc making his way from Australia to my humble place near the beach… the wonder and excitement of it all. There was such an inter-mixing of time-lines within this experience. My greatest dream, desire, demand came true near the beach… my own personal re-birthday is coming up on 11/11 and decided with all that “feeling” my soul must be calling me back to the ocean. I made it a point to look for ocean front rooms for the weekend of Nov. 11th.

I have known since Oct of last year he is my magnetic counterpart (dammit) and regardless of the fact we do not talk with each other at all… there is a sharing of codes that is ongoing to this day. But I still didn’t get the relevance to that “feeling”…

The next thing to unfold in my meditation was my book (The one I have been working on now for over two years. Well it was finished a year ago, its that pesky editing and artwork that is making it “never done”.). Man oh man the universe used it’s voice of authority (rarely does it ever do that with me) about getting it finished. Spirit said there is one doorway of opportunity that comes with the completion of this book and if it is missed, it is missed for this lifetime (geez… I knew that, I just didn’t know it was this close.)

I kept seeing the most beautiful cover on this book, a cover that Nichole Lewis, an amazing artist created from deep within her (god knows I couldn’t have come up with such an amazing relveant peice of art for the book) and the title… repeated to me in meditation over and over again (Ya think I would have seen this as a clue… but I was too busy being shocked at how urgent spirit wants my book done…lol. The title “When it All Falls Apart …Again!” I promised to light a fire under my editor and artist when I got out.

And then the last part of this meditation was about the “combined” energy in the house. I had seen it like a firework. One of those ground blooms that spin and sparks fly everywhere. For as beautiful as it was to witness, I knew it was everything coming apart and releasing itself into the ethers. There are 4 people that live under the same roof. Me, my son, my daughter-in-love and my grandson. All creating very different levels of karmic energy (ya know, what you put out must come back). When I seen and really understood what this spitting field of energy meant… I simply stated to the universe: Please release me from any discordant energy and remove me from any negative karma that is not mine to endure.

That was the end of the meditation.

Two hours later, the explosion happened. I had a (nother) fall out with my daughter-in-love and just simply stated, I gotta go and go now. I took a change of clothes, my laptop and my coffee pot and booked a hotel room for the night. I could feel “the end” all over me.

A few hours later when my son came home from work, I went back to get coffee and creamer for the coffee pot and just approaching the door, I knew I didn’t live there any longer. I got my stuff, hugged him and went to the Days Inn.

My brain was in over drive and I slept very little that night. I really just wanted to be sure I was creating a positive action instead of simply reacting. I looked for roommate situations on craigslist… I really didn’t want to be anyone’s roommate…. but now I needed a place to live tomorrow.

I eventually found a restless sleep for about 3 hours when I woke up and knew my life has irrevocably changed… again! By now, my life has fallen apart (or so it seems) so many times that it’s no more than a hic-cup in my reality and something even more magnificent comes out of it. Back to craigslist I went (I really love craig a lot, what an amazing… free service he brought to our world.) looking for a place to live.

Looking at the ads and feeling the attitudes of the people writing them… I wanted no part of that. Instantly I went to another section on craigslist, temporary housing… and seen an ad that was for a hotel on the ocean front in Virginia Beach for only $200 a week. Really? My whole body lit up like a roman candle. This is really just $200 more than I spend now on rent and stuff. I can do that!

I called the hotel, and it wasn’t a flee bag hotel but a really nice one on the ocean, with an indoor pool and Jacuzzi. My whole body was alive in a buzz I cannot even describe. Personally, I just thought I was tired. The buzz was wonderful, disorienting, full and empty and lasted all day long!

I went back to the house, packed up what I thought I needed and headed to the beach (about an hours drive).

And the synchronicity was in overload as I settled into my new home on the beach called The Sea Gull Inn. Even tho I was in wonderment overload in this sudden transition in my life, I still wanted to make sure it was the correct thing to do for all involved.

When I got to the hotel, they gave me the opportunity to look at two rooms, one a regular room, the other an efficiency with stove and stuff. The room numbers were: 203 and 405. I always look at the numerical vibrations placed in my hand; 203…2 is duality, 3 is action and communication… totaling a 5… change. Then 405… 4 is a cycle of completion on earth, 5 is change, together is 9 which is place of full completion.

I opted for the less expensive room. It has a microwave and fridge a desk, and plenty of space for me. They gave me my room key 303. Once again, I smiled inwardly. 3: action and communication got me to here, the 0 is unlimited potential between yet another 3: actions and communication will get me to where I have shrived to fully be…a 6, partner ship with the soul (or domestic harmony within.) Please note: I get my very basic numerology interpretation from Kryon (as channeled by Lee Carroll). He keeps it sweet and simple and is always so esoteric, which is where I pretty much live. I smiled to myself as I unpacked my car into my new residence by the sea.

Then I went to the grocery store. Before I went into the store I looked up into the sky and there in the most wonderful cloud formation (I so wish I would have thought to take a picture) was a full angel, with wings and everything blowing a trumpet. I stopped and simply gave thanx…

As I walked into the store the first place I came to was the candy display (of course I needed a new chocolate supply) and all of a sudden the music player on my phone started playing the song “Wild Thing” by the Troggs. That is my grandsons and my song together. I have sang it to him since he was born and now we dance together as it plays on my phone. I love him sooo much.

And I sat outside on my wonderful balcony absorbing the energy of the ocean when all of a sudden a massive double rainbow appeared over the ocean. My new home was set up directly in the center of it’s arch. What is funny, even as I type that out, I remember the most (financially) successful business I had was called “The End of the Rainbow Lottery Club” which was started in Florida, right where my daughter is living, and the artwork was an arched rainbow.

I went to the lower deck to take pictures of this rainbow and there was a massive black cloud on the right side of the ocean and when I got my pictures taken, I realized that directly behind me the sun was shining so brightly and the sky… blue. When I gave thanx to the rainbow for filling my heart and soul, a beautiful single bolt of lighting came straight out of the black clouds and ending in the center of the rainbow.

I remembered living at the Cherry Hotel, 3 blocks away (there is that number 3 again) from where I am now. All my dreams came true in that place. Heaven and Earth met me there. I will close this part of the sharing with a song I am hearing right now… from the Wizard of Oz

… and the dreams that you dare to dream… really do come true.

(Gulp…I also had a dating service business called “Dreams Come True Dating Service”)

To be continued…

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Synchronicity at is continual best… my first two readings of today, filled in more understanding of what is going to be Part 2 (how this affects everyone in their own way… Global) I am always humbled at just how connected we are to each other and that grid work we call life!



  1. TrUStINg the INtuitiON … very wise ))
    … looking forward to part tWo, also ))

    GlaD to have foUnd yOu … woUld LOVE to sEe my self thROUGH yOUR eyes … not sURe w-here the blOCks are ?? -))

    hERe is to U’r HappinesS !! -))

    a GrebBEaR

    PeaCe LOVE li-g-ht tRUtH
    (- ;
    ; -)


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