Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 12, 2011

Let Go – But Don’t Push – Go Deep Into Trust and Oneness

I just want to open up this sharing with a feeling that is so deep inside of me, so fully engrossed within me that I need to just breath it out.  I am just so madly and deeply in love with every thread of energy that is our Multi- Verse.  From the (still) deeply wounded, to the ever increasing fields of Bliss and every facet in-between.   Without every aspect of You, there is no me.  (just feel with that for a moment… smile.)

There is no doubt in my energy field that something went super-nova on Sunday (10/9/11).  I suppose, even in my own linear aligned mind, I truly anticipated a similar event (or perhaps better stated “The” event)  to take place on 11/11.  When anything goes super-nova a black hole is created.  This “black hole” is now in our space of created reality.  If we can look at this “black hole” as “the still point” or “zero time”, the part of creation when every breath originates and flows back to.  Yeah, it is pretty intense.  It it will pull into itself and then breath back out, all that is aligned with it for the highest good of all creation.  It will consume that which is not vibrationally ready to go there.

Imagine your spirit is like a leaf on a tree.  It grows, it is, it lets go and is carried by the (solar) winds to it’s version of the black hole.  A place it will land, rest, decay and become again.

A leaf does not look around and say, I need this vitamen, that meditation, this activation… whatever… to be ready.  It simply does what is natural to itself and the tree in which it is a part of.

We humans could learn so much from the tree… the leaf of the tree.  Over the course of the last 11 years I have heard about more intense activation’s that one could shake a stick at.  My spiritual team would never ever allow me to play in reindeer games (the few times I forced my own agenda… ya know, free will and all) I became more confused and injured than empowered…. ahhh lessons.

Doing massage the way I do massage had taught me more about the energy body than anything else on earth.  Even more than my two years of intense meditation energy study/learning with Sananda and Franklyn.   I would have clients ask me about kundalini activation a lot.  One moment in connection to the crown energy all I could say is… are you crazy (smile)?  Indeed, I know how to run the current thru a body to create a kundalini awakening/surge… (which is done at the root chakra using a very specific frequency of earth energy.)  But the majority of “minds/ego’s” that want it, want it not to be empowered spiritually but because of the intoxication that it is.  I liken it to letting a 1 year old chug  a 5th of whiskey.  The affects of awakening anything before the human host is vinrationally fully prepared for the activation… does a lot of harm, both physically as well as vibrationally.

And now, we have heard about activation’s of the Medulla Oblongata and most especially the Pineal gland… phew.

Anything that is forced, takes you further away from your desire.  Anything that your own biology is not ready to integrate… harmful.

We have become trapped between not trusting fully in ourselves to ready ourselves from within (to where you are going anyway) and wanting to get there faster than we are prepared to arrive… that we don’t talk about the consequences or really want to look at them.

And this wonderfully synchronicitic universe that is keeping a joy-full eye on all of us;  man oh man, today, the communication c0uldn’t be more clear to me.  Let me share (smile):

Sunday, Oct 9th I knew something so huge, so profound was not only downloading into my consciousness and biological system, it was a planetary event.  I have had a many good, incredible, intoxicating experiences over the last 11 years of being consciously on this path.  But nothing EVER like what unfolded within and around me Sunday.

The more I wrote, the more expanded I became, the more I seen what my words cannot describe.  The more I wrote, the more I could feel the stream of energy that runs thru me expanding beyond my body and going further outwards from me (not in a detached way… more like a balloon filled way).  It was getting harder and harder to actually use my brains to write.  There was becoming less of an orientation of where my fingers were and how to work them.  The details were unfolding so fast that it went beyond words and the only thing I could do safely was end my blog.  Safely for me.  One more word written I would have popped my ever expanding consciousness of a balloon.

I don’t think the word disoriented would be correct, but I cannot think of another word to use in its place.  I felt like I was walking around as consciousness as opposed to a body.  There are two things that help me reorient myself to my biology, I eat food and/or I hug my grandson.  I did both and neither had any “usual”  affect.   I retreated to my bed and continued to expand for 4 more hours.

When I found a re-orientation point with my consciousness and body I went to the lightworkers forum to see what others had shared.  A wonderful soul there left me a huge message… excuse me (smile), left us a huge message… don’t take in more than your body can handle!!  He talked about the Mayan calendar (which I do not follow but align myself to its value) and the 11:11 and codes god knew what else.  I couldn’t read it, it jumped at me in geometric shapes, ancient memories… wayyyyyy to much for me.  I went to bed and stayed there!

The next morning I knew from the feel of my self, my biology could not handle one more code, one more even slight potential of activation.  It was still deeply integrating every thing that transpired the day before.

I so love and honor and trust my body that I said okey dokey pokey.  It has all gotten me to here without any forced agenda but a natural unfolding like the leaf on the tree.

Even the scheduled readings (my goodness I am so sorry to be so unreliable in our appointments) I could feel the etheric shield that says… don’t try.  One tiny  activation will do more harm than good within your body.  It is so easy to want to push thru these magnificent moments in time to hurry up and get to where we are going.  But there is so much value in doing it all in your time, in your way at the capacity your biology can efficiently take you there.  The purpose is… to take the biology with you!

A couple of weeks ago I read a cnn article about a man who feel to his death from a zip-line.  I had to stop and pause at that article because spirit started to talk about that point of energy that goes from the end of Nov to the energies of 2012 as a “zip line”…. every word that comes out has purpose and relevance.  I also know when my whole spirit stops in its tracks and takes notice.    It really wasn’t until yesterday… thru the actions and events of my 20 month old grandson did I really really really get the exclamation point!

It was late in the afternoon and I was hiding (I mean integrating…smile) in my bedroom and my son came running up the stairs to tell me the baby just went head first down the steps (thank god there is only 3 steps to the bottom) on his power-wheels (that I got for him).  I knew he was sharing a massive message, but the human grandma in me only cared about him in the moment and rest of the evening.  Today… god I love that kid… it is such a clear and precise message!

His mini power wheels was parked on our front porch (any vehicle represents our movement from point A to point B to point C etc).  Our porch from doorway to steps is only about 4-5 feet long.  His mom had her back turned for a split second (free will and divine timing)… in that moment he hopped on his power wheels drove straight to the steps and went head over heals down the steps as his right arm reached out to brace his fall and his head landed close behind.  He broke his clavicle and goose egged his head.

In the initial start up of this little 2 MPH car, there is an energy surge and it just takes off (can we say any FORCED activation that is not with the loving, guiding and protecting hand of your soul energy).  His goal was to get to the open space of the yard… but without his mother he never reached his goal, he reached the ER instead.

Today, I am still within that protected space of… whatever.  But this full understanding came via an ongoing appointment with a now very dear (male) friend in Canada… )

I will end with this point… we are all getting to where we know we want to go anywayz.  That is why we are here and aware in this incredible moment in time.  Don’t ever let your ego’s desires speed infront of your loving souls hand…

Stay centered deep within and trust… everything in its most perfect time.

With ohhh so much love and honor to each of you and to my grandson for being one of my/our greatest teachers!  What I find funny, unless you knew he was hurt, you wouldn’t even know he got hurt.  He is not complaining, crying, moaning in anyway… nor has he slowed down, he just simply uses his right hand and arm with caution.

It was his right clavicle… that which connects your spiritual reach for life to your passion center/high heart.  Be excited, just not in a hurry!

With grace and wonder!

Lisa Gawlas



  1. GreaT PosT !! -))

    i REALly enJoY tHe HoneSTy )
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    PeaCe LOVE li-G-ht tRUtH
    (- ;
    ; -)


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