Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 10, 2011

As it All Falls Down… Our Breath of Light WILL Rebuild it!

As I start this blog, filled with wonder and awe, my eyes are drawn to the time clock on my computer.  I can only smile deep inside myself as the time that shows itself is 11:11 (am).

I am posting this particular sharing on both of my blogsites, on my website, on a super Light filled forum called and where ever else it ends up in this precious multi-verse of creation!

The magnitude of where we stand in this moment… flipping HUGE!  I should have gotten a huge clue yesterday as I had more OMG moments, ah-ha moments in the breath of one morning than I have had over the course of the last year.  That ALL_WAYS means something… but, I am busy scaling the timelines, the vibrational shifts with everyone too.  And trust me… we are in a biggie!

It was the last reading/connection of the day that has given me the fullness of this moment in time we are ALL in.  Granted our connection lasted less than 3 minutes, and she got rescheduled… but the glimpse of that elongated moment brought everything to full (well sorta) clarity this morning (10/10/11)/

The only thing I got from her was fist this super discordant energy.  It was black, fracturing everywhere and was set up behind her.  It caught me by surprise really.  I couldn’t see “her” but I could feel her energy and it was not a part of this black chaotic energy that I could see clearly behind her.  I could feel her separate from that.  And that was all I could get.  I supose my lingering question of the day was… what the heck?

Now to build on this “happening” I must talk about 2 readings that I had scheduled from last week.  It was so strange for me, but today, I think I get it.  There were two readings (separate days and days between each other) that I attempted to read for.  Nothing. Not even a small glimpse of anything.  One was an ongoing reading, one was new.  Yet, the readings before and after each one perfectly clear and fluid.  Mind boggling on my end really.  Somehow, in that divine plan we are all apart of… they both got rescheduled on the same day, back to back with each other (which was yesterday… 10/9)… I was able to see what I could not see before…

A fear that had them (each one in their own way) frozen in time.  Clinging so unconsciously to something that no longer serves them, yet binds them in place.    (and just a side note, both actively releasing this week… even as I write this, I can feel their releasing, awareness of what is deeply hidden from conscious view is half the battle of releasing, the other part is just letting go!)

I have got to talk about the first one in particular of yesterday, because it’s super zied relevance just presented itself in striking detail.

The connection opened with seeing her on the side of a mountain, more than half way up a very rocky mountainside that seemed to go straight up.  Somehow I knew it was the Himalayan Mountains and at the very very top of this mountain was like a sunrise that was actually come from deep in the earth.  The sun was radiating this white/yellow energy from herself.  I knew it was the energies of Shambhala.  This is where this woman was heading (and trust me, is still heading there in this particular timeline)… she had to first let go of something.  (more of this amazing anachronistic story later in this blog… smile)

Yesterday was the 9th.  9 is completion, endings, October on it’s own is a 10… new beginnings with unlimited potential.  So how perfect this all unfolds on this particular day… and illuminates itself today (in my own awareness)… a 1 day.

Can I just say… the 9 has hit the fan!

Man, even as I sit here and share, the full depth of what is happening is unfolding before my eyes and I can only breathe with the sheer awe and humbleness that I feel. … that I am really understanding deeply.

Synchronicity is the All expressing itself thru the moment.   With that, I am going to take a slight detour back to bring it all present again.

Let me just say for the last week or so I have had an inner prompting about breathing light into the field of created matter on Nov. 11th.  It is my re-birthday and I wanted to give back to a world that has given me so much.  But that pesky ole mind of mine still resisted my inner prompting.  Until yesterday when I was emailed a dream from a beautiful friend named Nichole (not nicole… but more like: nick ole E… smile, yes sound matters!)

I am going to share her dream and intertwine my understandings within it as a shared voice of how important this unified breath on 11:11 is… and how it has already started its affects yesterday!  So here goes:

I had a very intense dream the other night, you know the kind.  One part I wanted to share with you, I’ve summarized it a bit because it was so detailed.

I was with my daughter and her friend, and we were in a place that was like a Greek temple on a hill (all those ancient codes coming to the fore), but felt like a house (It is spirit that chose the breath to go forward to the white house, not me.  Those ancient codes being released to the All).

There were long steps down all sides (ascension always includes descension… duality, ya know), but one was a hill (capital hill, hey I do live in the USA), kind of a formal looking garden  with a snowy feel, might have been snowing (yup, it sure can be cold on “the Hill”… frozen emotions).  

My daughter and her friend found a white cat (pure feminine vibration, nuruting, loving, caring and intuitive) on the hill that had a sign around it’s neck that said..”Don’t steal me!!” (what a profound statement)  At this point in the dream I realized that her friend was the presidents daughter (and I confirmed thru the dreamer, we are talking about Obama and his family), and the president was a friend (indeed).   I called the kids back from the lawn where they found the cat, and started to carry the cat down the other (LONG) stairs to let it go back to wherever it was from (it is a long way down to the depths of 3D and getting longer), when I saw  the president, first lady, and a whole entourage at the bottom of the stairs.  As they walked up the steps I was walking down with the cat,  the president started laughing (he does have humor, I seen it on TV, and you can’t have his intense position without out, my humble opinion there) and said he put the sign on the cat so no one would steal it. (talk about integrity, both for the dreamer and the Obama’s)

I met the group half way, (isn’t that what he has always wanted, to meet others half way) and we turned around and sat down to watch a band that had set up on the top of the stairs (from the energy of the highest timeline that is 2012).

And you were the lead singer (Ummm, I don’t sing I breathe lol)! You were good (I brush my energy field daily…smile), you sang a sort of rock punk type song, but it was melodic not just noise (My song are my blogs, my breath of love).  Then you started to tell jokes as part of your set, and you did a funny thing with your lipstick, like  a magic trick (the lips are magical aren’t they… my lipstick is my keyboard).  I told the president and first lady you were my friend, and  I wanted to introduce you (I love you too).  Most of the jokes were good (phew), then there was one that nobody thought was funny (woops), so you started re-working on the jokes on notecards (I do this with a lot of “light” concepts too and few people find it funny…smile, and that is when I just have to say, get over yourself…smile), and you never got  back to singing (that part of the work was done… hmmmm wonder whats next).  Anyway the dream went on and on and on…. 

I don’t have dreams this distinct very often.  Kind of cool to see you in it! Do you sing? (every time I write a blog, or share energy/understanding outwards!)

I decided in that moment… yes we need to breathe into created reality with a purposeful breath (that is to say, breathing consciously, please don’t confuse that with putting any intentions into the breath… not the same thing at all.)

So then… after getting the biggest laugh out of just me singing in public, I got the point like a brick over the head (only filled with love not pain.)  But even that, I took to my bathtub… my meditation place!

Now… lol, I am going to back up just a hair further…

A couple of weeks ago I went into my bathtub just to try and oreint myself into where ever we are at this moment.  In my field, it seems like everything changed.  I am not doing massage, I am doing readings but on a whole new scale in a very strange and unfamiliar environment and truly, I didn’t know if what I was now foundering about in, was serving a higher purpose.  That is what I took into my bath.

I was surrounded by my “team” in a wonderful familiar setting I had not seen in close to a decade.  There were vibrant balloons of all colors, streamers, joy oozing from everywhere.  The last time I was “there” in such a place of celebration, I put a stop to it all (it was actually the first time on this path I realized I had control of every thing and anything in meditation).  I stopped it because I was sure my ego was creating a “puffed up” feeling inside of me.  This time… I knew better and was just confused as to why?  I felt more lost than found and NOW you are going to celebrate that!!??  Crazy crazy universe!!

And then, directly in front of my field of vision I had seen Him/Her… androgynous for sure.  I cried my way out of meditation.  The feeling so overwhelming, so deep, so pure I couldn’t maintain myself there.

It was the spirit, the keeper (if you will) of this new grid of energy I refer to as “Shambhala”.   He stood before me all violet and blue and looking very much like the folks in the movie Avatar and he (and “he” is my personal reference for this Being) and he kneeled down on one knee in front of me.  How does one not get overwhelmed with feeling?  Even now, as I remember it, I cry… it is just so humbling and full.

Anyway (phew)… he should up yesterday and all he could share with me was breathing on the 11:11 and gave me every detail I put into my post.  Giving me two songs to take out of meditation.

The first one I heard playing was “Lose Yourself” by Emenem very particularly:

if you had one shot, or one opportunity

To seize everything you ever wanted in one moment

Would you capture it or just let it slip?

I had to laugh just from hearing rap in my meditation (hey, I have always loved Emenem, but just kinda weird to hear him in meditation)

Follow by Michale Jackson’s “we are the word, we are the children

And even when writing the post, which was so purposely worded in vagueness (he must be my cousin lol) I (obviously) shared it outwards.  What if that one moment was 11 minutes long…

I fell into a coma like sleep and woke up super late in my world.  8:30 is equal to noon in my reality.  My first appointment was supposed to be at 9am and I didn’t even get a full cup of coffee in yet.  Bless her loving heart, we rescheduled to later in the day (rescheduled to the several-ith time…smile)

I decided to use my free 90 minutes of time (before my next appoint) to blog… there is soooooo many thing I need to get out of me, so many understandings, but yet, the words wouldn’t flow.  If I don’t flow, I don’t write.  I write only in partnership with my soul… ever.  As I stared blankly at my computer screen for the next hour and a half (while chugging as much coffee as I can get into me) it was time for my 10:30am appointment.  Brains still lacking I figured I was going to be rescheduling again… which I did, but for a whole other reason.

Before I get to that… me say how intricately detailed every moment is.  It boggles my mind what the universe has to do for a story to unfold EXACTLY as needed, one puzzle piece fitting into the next at the exact time it is needed.  I feel like today, for the first time ever… my eyes are wide open.  Altho I reschedule appointments a lot, and trust me, I complain (to the universe) about it a lot… the people who pay really really good money for a reading… don’t complain at all.   Maybe they all knew and know what I fight a lot with… everything n the most perfect time.  As was todays series of exclamation marks.

My 10:30 appointment opened with a surprise (completely on my end) that I could see her… sort of.  She was like spiderman.. ummm spiderlady climbing the new grid-work. , higher and higher.  With it all came a full audible set of understanding happened (that I am going to so paraphrase.)

Going back to the last reading of yesterday and the discordant fracturing black energy was actually happening then (kinds sorta)… the fear grid has been blasted away once and for all. … and accelerated overnight.

The vibrant winds of earth have been loosed and are blowing upwards.  We are being blown higher in frequency. …. and falling away from discordant frequencies as they have their own timeline and agenda to travel.

The 2nd reading… rescheduled… but timely non-the less.  She was the most amazing fragments of rainbow energy.  Like someone took every puzzle opeice that was her and I could feel it being sucked up into the higher frequencies by a tornado thingie energy… perfect.

And then… god knows…. the exclamation point of the point of this entire blog… this entire month…. My rescheduled 9am reading at 1pm…

I couldn’t find her on my floor… at all.  Keep in mind, my floor represents 2011… or now.  When my vision looked up there she was… all vibrant in the energy of the Himalayan Mountains… a mass of white and yellow energy on the timeline of 2012.

There is no time any longer for those who hold the higher frequencies within their cells.  Where fear does not and cannot reside.

From what I understand from this days events… it is going to take several more days for the “vibrations” to settle into created reality and for me to be able to full read.

Deep inner pure intent is amazing.  What I bore witness to in the unfolding of connections is a step by step showing of what is currently happening to us…. just by the intention of breathing on 11:11.

That is why the posting was so vague (tricky tricky spirit)… what the breath was meant to do was purposely left out…

Bear with me as I have been writing this blog now for close to 4 hours… and the vastness of what I am sharing outwards… I need to go sit with.

And as I close, to you who is reading, I Am on bended knee facing you in the deepest and purest of gratitude.

In awe…

Lisa Gawlas



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