Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 2, 2011

October is the Month to Energize Your Field of Dreams Souly From Your Heart!

September literally ended with a massive statement of clarity in my life.  That clarity was called: The End

From the end of the day on the 30th thru the waking hours of Oct 1st I bore witness to absolute endings within my own life.  In 2008 a very good friend and myself opened a business called The Wonder of You.  It went out of business in 2009.  The beautiful lit sign we had created for this place was still erect in it’s space up until this past week.  On September 30th I went near the old place of business only to find the sign had changed (to reflect the current occupants name.)  I felt this twinge of sadness in my heart.  The final marker that that story even existed on earth… gone.

The evening of the 30th I said goodbye to my baby girl (well ok she just turned 21, not so much a baby… but she is my baby) as she boarded a plane back to Florida.  The twinge in my heart, much bigger.

In the morning of Oct. 1st a meetup group I had started, tended, then gave away came to its final close and it too, is now gone from existence.  I could have cried.  Yes I had the option (via many meetup notifications) to keep the group open… but that is not where I live (within myself) any longer.

The last of the ending straws came when I chose to stop doing massage out of my house.  On the morning of Oct. 1st my son asked me what am I going to do with this room… I told him put it back to the computer room.

As I attempted to do readings on a day I was so looking forward to (Oct. 1st) I have found myself knee-deep back into the disconnected place I refer to as “the void”.   I decided it was time to break ground on “Our Soul Gym”, which I did.

What is rather strange, I spent the rest of the day leaking tears outta my eyes.  Surprisingly not from all the aspects that was simply erased from the earth that left any sort of thread that said “you were here”… but from the sheer fullness of the potential that now exists within my (our) stream of energy.

All my old energy, in a single final swoop… gone.  My heart bulged with potential and my eyes weeped at the sheer potential of it all.

The reaping of our life’s garden is at hand.

September 23rd, the Fall Harvest (on my side of the world) came in with the most wonderful sickle to remove any perceived short coming in my life.

Today (Oct. 2nd) I awake with a fuller understanding of what is actually happening in this massive series of nodes that is 2011.

October’s energies opens to a pure field of potential.  All the old strands of energy that served to create caution (within my life) completely gone.  I now have a completely new field to work.  One that spent all day yesterday pushing thru my heart with desire.  It was from this pushing (and leaking…smile) that I really understand my souls desire today.

The birthing of our new life… from the inside out.

Several days ago, I had a dream.  I didn’t understand it at all until I went thru this massive ending called September.  I dreamed I was suspended in a place that was clear light blue water.   I (Lisa) was standing under a shelter from all this water with a friend whom I couldn’t see (but now understand as my soul) who kept telling me if I need anything, I am going to have to go out and get it.  And if I do go out, I cannot come back to the shelter area.  Water was everywhere.  I wondered to myself, how long can I hold my breath?  I no sooner had that thought when I realized I had to go to the bathroom.  I looked at my soul and said, I have to do this.

I swam out and I wanted to go up, but instead the current of the water took me down down down.  This slow flowing motion seemed to take forever and I realized, I can actually breathe this water.  It was warm and comforting and I just went with the current of it.

The all of a sudden, I was tumbled out into a brightly lit world that reflected a lot of metallic gold, bronze and silver energy on just about everything.  Then I woke up.

I think I really woke up to it today.  As yesterday (Oct. 1st) I tumbled into a whole new world of created reality.  Looks the same as the day before, but doesn’t even come close to feeling the same.

My heart is already creating the landscape of my life.  I have no agenda at all.  I do what the day needs of me, and the rest of the time I do what my soul desires of me.  So to say i was surprised when I kept seeing (from inside my heart energy) this house emerging.  I real, tangible house that has 4 bedrooms, 2 baths and is in the country start to reveal itself.  I could see furniture and living space.. and the deep inner knowing / communication that said, give this to your son and keep a bedroom for yourself.  I will be traveling a lot and have a place to return to at any given time that it is needed.  I also got the very clear communication (from within) that I will have this place by June of next year.


I also seen my book “When it All Falls Apart …Again” on bookshelves and helping so many people thru their own dishevelment.

I also felt a strong inner prompting about the Soul Gym, which I planned to launch for free (no monthly membership dues ever) having a one time (low-end) fee to join.  This will help in creating everything else that needs to get done for it all to launch within it’s next greatest expression.

I say all this (God knows I can be long-winded.. smile) to use your heart energy to energize and work within your field of dreams… and NOT your mind.  Your mind does NOT know where you need to go… however, it DOES know how to get you there.

What is your heart emitting within your life?

If September 23rd’s node served to severe any discordant energy from your life (If you are trying to hang on to any of it… please let it go!!)… the 23rd of Oct is going to power up all your new energy into creation!!

Hang on tight baby, the ride has just begun!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with joy and wonder!

Lisa Gawlas

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