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Understanding the Separation of Timeliness of 2011-2012

Weather in a reading or in a blog, when I talk about how I see the energies unfolding, this diagram I put together is exactly it.  Whenever spirit talks about anyting related to 2012, it shows itself up in the air on an energy line cleared marked 2012.  2011 is on the floor or at my feet.

I suppose what I didn’t understand until I took a moment to look at this diagram was how does it unfold, both now and in 2012.  Thanx to the massive sun activity yesterday (which really laid me out flat) I feel I have a really good understanding of it (well mostly, it’s still a very quantum event that I am only able to explain in fields of linearity within my words.)

Please understand, the words and descriptions I shall use are vague, or perhaps limiting is a better word at best.  But if we can simply look at the first three dimensions and the way I understand them, I think you can stand in the fullness of the sharing without words.

3D is what holds the fear vibration.  It holds all the very things we needed to experience to bring us to this moment in time.  When anyone is deep into 3D there is a strong feeling of separation, right or wrong, material concern, it is also the field in which illness forms and holds its existence, both mental as well as physical.  (Please don’t confuse illness with ascension symptoms, not the same and I will get to a deeper understand of that within this sharing.)  On this beautiful playing feild of 3D, our biology is.

That 5D vibration I will simply call the Christ Consciousness, or the Unified Field of Existence.   In this vibration Love Is.  Nothing of fear can live here, including illness, judgement… well, you get the idea.

Now that precious 4D vibration… we can look at that as our bridge.  That which allows us to start to question the 3D life we have grown up within.  4D is such a fluid and diverse vibration that is allows us to take judgement, fear, separation with us into it, and amplifies it all back to us.

It is in this 4D vibration we start to say, are we really separate, can I really heal myself, is there more to life than what I thought was true.  This is what holds the many variations of the collective consciousness.  So you can imagine how incredibly diverse it is.  This is also the field in which our spirit team becomes audible to us, interactive (in conscious awareness, yes they are always by our side in 3D, but the pure density of that place, well lets say they need to scream for us to even come close to hear them… my team got the bull horn called a Ouija Board.)

It is from here we shed our earthly identifications that keep us limited.  As we shed more and more of our earthly story, we move higher into the vibration of the 4D, until we start bumping into the realms of 5D.  4D is also the precious place where our Kundalini energy becomes activated.

We know we started to pop in and out of 5D because it is where bliss and joy and pure love radiates.  This vibration is so intense, so fused with love, we need to adjust our own biology within it.  Which is why we move in and out.  We also must let completely go of our 3D vibrations…. anything negative or separative.

Our goal to this juncture in time and space, within this particular reality, was to move our biology to hold it’s vibration to encompass at least 75% of it’s time in the 5th dimension.  (and please. even that is a very linear thought, but without a number, the understanding is way too loose.)

Here is something to celebrate!  Enough of us who hit the 5D octave of Life that it has accelerated the 4th and 3rd Dimensional fields of earth.  People are awakening, questioning, changing and talking about all this more than ever before.

These “Energy Portals” or “Power Nodes”  that I started seeing (that one on 9/23 caught me by surprise) are doing this:

The energies that is the universe  have taken our (individually) core vibration (which is why the previous week was what set it all in motion… the only thing that matters is now and each now that you have available to you) and created an amplification of where you are vibrationally back to you.  That means, October is either going to get so easy that we slide into the next node (10/23) with ease and “who care’s” around it… or become so challenging and disorienting that we take a look at ourselves again to see what we really want to align with.

Now I so understand why I didn’t see the 9/23 coming (I would have shared about it lol).  But… I do see and feel the intenseness of Oct 23rd, which means, it will amplify even more within our lives as we head into the big node of 11/11.  Nope, 11/11 is NOT a node.  I have no words to explain how huge this timeline is, nor to describe its affect.    Suffice it to say (for right now), life will never be the same again.

Of course, the way I have been consistently seeing this 11/11/11 activation is all about the earth, as she full engages with the new light body of the human race (all other life is already connected even right now) and the new grid work that has already released the 6th thru 12th vibrational fields into earth (and will intensify each moment of each day as we embark on 2012).

I just want to put a little personal thing in here… I will have completed my 11th year of stepping onto this path of spirit on 11/11.  So on 11/11/11 I turn 11.

Anyway… so what I see at the end of November is just interesting.  We move into the pitch black (from my view point) field of Dec.  We are either packing our own light (please be here) or bumping around in the dark of night I see as Dec.  (Strange, even as I type that line out, I feel a worldly event that would be equal to the dark night of the soul… which indeed does serve it’s purpose.  Blah, I have walked that path many times over getting to here, I have no desire to go thru it en masse thank you very much.)

Thank you dear God for Zip Lines… phew!  As my diagram shows, we are in a vibratory field above it (the dark night stuff) and on our way to 2012.

The “re-purposed” area… well lets just say I don’t really look beyond the knowing of it.  So I do not see exactly what it means.  But just think of all that got you to here.  What we didn’t learn from and let go of, stepped into our face, our bodies and life… until we transmuted it into Love and the “who cares, bring it on” attitude.

Ohhhh… this where the timelines can get confusing.  It is like the energy of the last decade, that allowed us to get to here slowly and privately is going into overtime in the course of a year.  Phew.

That (hidden) node is going to give those all caught up in 3D a major chance to jump their vibration upwards.  To finally just let go and head towards Unified Love and caring for each other.

So now, lets look at all the concentrated fields of energy / dimensions that are placed on the timeline of 2012.  And again, please know I am truly linearizing a very very quantum field simply to share this story.

It is the vibration I refer to as the energies of Shambhala (as defined in Sanskrit which means “Love, Peace and Harmony.”  Shambhala is an internal state of Being….. not a place somewhere outside of yourself.  In order to move into and fully start to use the energies of Shambhala, you must have an internal resonance with it.

How do you / we know where we are at.  I have this closing thought to leave you (us) with:

There are two very powerful cycles of the moon (well they are all powerful, but lets just talk about the two) New Moon energy.  A great time to plant seeds of desire.  How often do you do this planting by simply stating “Moon, fill me with the potential you need from me for the greater good.”  Or are you still asking for personal stuff…

I love you all so much, in every conceivable way.

Lisa Gawlas








  1. Dear Lisa, love your updates and this one has me boiling over with joy (I can hardly contain myself anymore, literally 🙂 So grateful for your wonderful work and message. Yay!
    Love is all, Jay


  2. […] Understanding the Separation of Timelines of 2011-2012 […]


  3. Hi Lisa..!
    Salutes from Venezuela…

    Read all of this was like reading me myself … Although my academic background is in Architecture. And to thank you for writing this as a message to those like me who did not understand much the behavior to be taken to meet at the 11:11 portal.

    Thanks for opening the eyes of those who have not yet opened.

    My name is Darién Montes Ríos




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