Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 20, 2011

We are living in the most extraordinary bodies via a network of energy!

Something over the weeks since September 7th 2011 shifted in my inner vision.  That something is how I see every living thing, especially people, on earth.  We are a vast and beautiful network of energetic threads linking up to all things as our network of energy spreads out into the multi-verses.  For me, that takes the limitation and separation of the how we have percieved ourselves to ages and makes it a moot, if not an outright depiction of who and how we are.

Every thing we think, do and say travels outward on this network of energy and effects all those who resonate to your /my particular frequency.  Imagine that!  The argument you are having or had with a spouse or child is traveling the entirety of this network and amping up the nodes of anger others may resonate with.  If you have already dissolved your anger issues… it has no affect on your personal vibratory space.

Imagine you just had a major breakthrough in your releasing something that once held you in a negative space.  Let’s just give it a name… insecurity.  You have started the releasing of anything within you that resonate(d) to insecurity… that breakthrough is rushing thru out network of energ fields and affecting… freeing those others who are also working on releasing this from their vibrational connections.

Every negative thing that is released, allows your higher pathways to turn on in its connection.  Everyone of us us humans are fully and utterly complete as we are.  It truly is a matter of where we are powering up our grid-work.    Only YOU can run the energy thru the higher grids of unconditional love by fully releasing the stranglehold of any sort of fear.  In that, you equally affect the all.

I suppose, even in just sharing this, makes me more fully understand spirit’s constant reminder in my personal world about The Soul Gym.  So many people make it a point to go to the gym and work out their bodies, eat (what appears to be) healthier foods, everything for the physical body.  Yet, sickness and dis-ease still runs loose on this planet.

 Imagine you put your time, energy and resources (time itself) towards working out your spiritual network of energy.  It is here where illness starts to begin with.  I can eat the freshest of non-GMO organic of foods, but if the other people handling them have issues, in their handling they embedded (quite unconsciously) their stuff into your foods source.  And then you eat their issues and wonder why not much has changed for you.

Now imagine instead of trying to burst fat cells (which are sooooo needed to hold this high energy within the body, call it what it is, insulation) you are working on releasing the anger nodes, the insecurity nodes, the entire network of dysfunction that is still actively connected for your own personal use and focus on shedding those nodes and waking up, building and strengthening your higher streams of energy.  A work out to benefit your soul and all of the earth.

 I would like to talk to you about my current project: The Soul Gym.  It is (will be) a virtual gym that anyone who desires can attend and use.  A network of highly skilled teachers and spiritual Beings teaching, sharing, using the full power and awareness of the higher network of energy and helping everyone who desires the place and ability to use their wisdom, skills, techniques.  A place that will be free for all.  Imagine that, a virtual gym dedicated to strengthening your core energy, your thoughts words and deeds, and the very network of energy that is you.  For free, forever.

 I need help in its creation.  Website coding’s… way over my head.  I need a team, willing to work on the gym without pay (as it will come after launching… spirit has assured me of this… think of…

 Even doing mass emails to targeted people (anyone who is interested in building their spiritual strength) I am clueless how to do efficiently.  My personal strength comes in hearing the details of spirit… teaching what spirit wants me to teach and share.  I promise to give 500% of my skills in whatever way I can, but I need help. We need each other to help the greater good… because we can.

 We are headed into a very powerful tomorrow.  Together, growing, learning, Being… we are One


Lisa Gawlas

(Please email me if you are interested in helping in anyway, thank you)

Changing the world, one workout at a time!!


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