Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 18, 2011

The Full Activation of the Magnetic Grid as we move into2012

The Shift of Time and Energy is well underway.  Holy Cow Batman, I am left breathless just in keeping up with the understandings of what that all means to us.  This understanding is coming in so clear this morning and really, all I wanted to do was update my DNA page on my website.  I got a whole lot more than I barganed for (and have not updated the page at all lol.)

There is not a person on earth who is not affected by this grid-enhancement energy that I am seeing.  If you are breathing, you are part of this story!

We are magnetic Beings in a human suit.  We are always vibrating and calling to us that which we vibrate with.  It is the way it has always been, but fortunately it was at the slowest of paces. That is NOT to say the energy hears mantras that are repeated, prayers that go out in desperate pleas… instead, it hears fully your core energy vibration.  Your thoughts and words do indeed affect the amplification of this grid… but not in the way most people think.  Your thoughts and words hold vibrations, no matter what the words you actually speak are, its the vibratory space they emerge from that matters.  You could simply hummm the words and it will have as much an affect… vibrationally.  Now to be clear, your voice, even humming out loud, amplifies your grid of creation.  So what you “say” doesn’t matter at all.  It is how you are feeling about what you say and how you say it.

In my visual this morning I could see my own vibration of energy flowing so fast in so many individuated strands of energy into what I will call my future energy potential.  In the same breath, I also seen the energy flowing back from the perceived future much more intense, thick, vibrant and zooming back faster than it went out.  In this visual, I knew I was calling to me all that my heart desires especially as this timeline becomes even more enhanced and fully activated within Dec. of 2012 dateline.  The intensity accelerates with each passing day.

Wow, I share this with caution to all (not from a fear stand-point, but from a “be clear” stand point. )  With the intensity of my own core energy, that which I call forth (from my own hearts desire) will be challenged not to come forth,  if not completely broken apart in the resistance.

There is equally an infusion happening (to those who still cling to fear, control, manipulation… blah blah blah, I really don’t enjoy putting my toe in dirty waters…smile.)  The higher realms of light are pouring down into their magnetic grid work of energy that is flowing outwards.  This is purposely done to assist in turning their energy to the higher good. the well being of All.  Resist and the back-flow of energy will be…. rough, to say the least.

Allow yourself to have the change of heart, of consciousness, my lord you go zooming to the front of the line (from your current energy stands) to assist the All.

In deep and tremendous humbleness,

Lisa Gawlas


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