Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 12, 2011

The Physical Pain of July, The Intensity of Energy in August makes way for Super September!

Now I am starting to understand why I have (or should I say, am keeping) two separate blog sites not only up, but active.  Just to be clear (for you) what this one is about, and why I am writing here just after writing in my Massage Insights blog, is this one is focused on “The Shift.”  And man ohhh man are we in the thick of it now!

In writing my massage blog (or should I say… massage block lol) today, I had a feeling if I did a meditation, I would get further understanding of what is really happening on our precious earth.  I was right, even tho the meditation insights were fleeting, it was enough for me to really understand what is happening in this intensely crazy month of August!

For those of you who don’t know, my meditation place is in my tub, which happens to also be in the bathroom.  I flushed the toilet about 5 minutes before I got in the bath, so I was very surprised to hear the toilet running once I was already in the bath.  We don’t have a problem with a running toilet, so I decided to follow the energy flow of the toilet down into the earth.  I am so grateful I did because I instantly seen the energy running thru mother earth.  God it was the most beautiful and intense thing I have seen in a long time (outside of the human energy system).

I could see the most beautiful intense light blue energy rapidly flowing in newly formed, I suppose like underground tunnels or rivers within the earth.  It was flowing so rapidly that I could see the energetic white bubbles throughout the rushing blue energy.  It also looks like these new underground tunnels, or passageways (not quite sure what to call them) was already made and I am now receiving the information that they were laid in July.

July, so many of us had some massive physical body aches, especially once we laid down to go to sleep.  I was so relieved when I read a channel (I am so sorry I don’t remember which one) that talked about her bed being like a torture chamber… mine was too!  And now, I really understand what happened to us… even to earth in July.  All our “new” pathways were being built.  New energy receptors, new inner flows, connection points, etc.  The physical strucutre went thru an overhaul so that August all the new energy will flow into those open pathways that were built or rebuilt.

So now, all this massive new energy (look at what the sun did in the first week and a half of August: M9 solar flare and M9 solar flare followed by an X7 solar flare a few days later.  This is where the new energy that is filling up our new pathways within (and the earths) is coming from.  We are far from done with this… we still have the rest of August to go thru!

When I had seen the amazing rapidly flowing new energy within earth this morning, it was not completed.  It was still rushing into its newly formed tunnels towards it’s source (not quite sure what or where that is).  Ihave a feeling, we will know in September for sure!

I figured since I had a spiritual glimpse (the first of any sort of glimpse I had since leaving New Mexico) I wanted to see what was happening to me.  (I wrote about this in my massage blog.)  I could see the bulging of my entire right side (spiritual/emotional side) and I said no wonder I have ringing in the ears and am as psychic as a wet noodle… there is wayyyyy to much energy coming into me for me to even find balance in this amplification.

Granted my total connected time in meditation may have been less than 1 minute… but it filled me with understanding.  I so love how our universe wants us to understand and be excited about it all.  And that is where I am at… so incredibly excited.

Like each of us has a Soul Agenda here on earth, so does out mother.  In understanding the light blue energy of the massage and phone readings, I know that the energy I had seen today is of our Mothers pure soul energy finding its way to where it has always belonged, rushing into the field of created matter (on earth).

The Shift is well underway!!


Lisa Gawlas







  1. Great review, I love your article.


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