Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 1, 2011

Unconscious Ascension, Snake Oil and The Love of God!

The higher I go in my own vibrational field of energy and potential, the more I can see within my clients.  I know that for the last several months I have been climbing a higher vibrational energy within myself especially associated with my crown, third eye and throat chakras.  This upgrade was the most painful to date.  It felt like someone had taken the very bone structure in my face and changed it from the inside out… breaking every bone, especially in the jaw line, and repositioning it in my face.

With it, has come a deeper calmness within myself.  A deeper love of humanity and earth.  A deeper knowing that no matter what it may look like on the surface, where we are all heading is breathtakingly beautiful.

With each eclipse series this summer, I am also seeing more and more of the ascension process within clients.  For those who don’t know… I am a “unique” massage therapist.  I say unique because my entire focus is on your energy structure, connecting with the physical body is a beautiful side effect of my own work.

I have seen a few processes that simply brought me to my knees in humbleness.  The first being a man on my table, his first appointment with me, and I could see these elemental’s within his body, mostly set up at his heart chakra, turning on new light switches.  I knew his job was to keep them on, and my job was to help him understand what that means to him.

As I seen these light switches flipped on by the helpers within his body, I could also see new light codes firing up within his external heart chakra, realigning his position on the grid of light on earth.

He had no clue about what the earth is going thru, what we, the human race, is going thru, nor did he ever hear about ascension as a present moment happening.  And yet, he was in a full life change within his field of energy.  His new codes were being activated while he was completely unconscious to the process.  He came to me because his life was changing and he didn’t know what to do or why.

A few days after him, another new male client arrived on my table.  He came to me because his psychic abilities are firing up so fast and so clear it scared him… mostly because it confused him.  He was having prophetic dreams, knowings even when he was awake… all validated by “it” happening within a short period of time.

As I connected to his crown energy (this is always the first place I start in my session), I could see his new light body trying to get up from his physical body.  His light body kept showing me lifting up off the table to the heart chakra… the rest of his light body had not found the freedom (allowance) the higher energy fields of him did, so they are still embedded in his physical structure… until he allows the full use of his new divine skills to be a full part of his life.

He had no idea about ascension either.  He really didn’t come from a “new age” background… yet, there he was… fully in his own ascension process.

And then, there have been those wonderful folks who know what earth is going thru, talk about all the things they know… and yet, on my table, they are so tangled up in their past they have prevented themselves from not only moving forward… but turning on their new light codes within.  … their body and life suffers because of this entanglement of their self identifiers…. of what they think they know and refuse to let go of.

I have always said (simply because it has been my own experience) it is easier and faster to move forward on this path I refer to as ascension when you don’t know what it is or even what it means to you.  The ego is not interfering with the energy process.

Yesterday, a statement came out of my mouth as I talked to a client who has seen me several times that really surprised me.  I say surprised in relationship to the conviction in which the words/energy slipped off my tongue and into the air.

She was showing me her new gadgets that are supposed to help her energetically.  I realized that this new age market has become filled with “snake oil” vendors who really believe (that pesky ego) that someone needs their wares in order to heal, open, progress.  And yet… every item was sold to her as opposed to given to her.  As she placed the item in my hand for me to feel… the words I am going to paraphrase filled the room, and my own awareness:

An awakened soul will never make their abilities about money (that is not to say we don’t charge for what we can do or assist in, but we also turn no one away simply because they can’t afford our services.)  They will share with you simply because they can… because that is what they are here to do… to help.

I heard the words and was shown clearly my own path… I give away anything I have if I know it will help the energy field of the person I am working with… that has included, cd’s, dvd’s, essential oils, lots of crystals and many a massage session.

Her reply was wonderful and what has been ingrained in our collective consciousness:  You have to make money too.  Well, of course.  I do charge for my sessions to those who have the ability to pay.  When I give away anything it is because the energy flows instantly from me and engulfs the space and fills it with love and hope.  The pure joy of being in service, in that very moment is worth more than any dollar denomination can ever have.  The look in the eyes (which is really you looking back at yourself) is the true gift.

We should all strive to be in this together, to help and assist in whatever way we are capable of.  To love fully without conditions and expectations.  For it is really your own reflection you are assisting.

May the love of God jump so fully out of your heart center it brings you to your knees and evokes tears from your eyes as you gaze at the world around you… profoundly in love!

In One-ness and Joy-Filled Love,

Lisa Gawlas



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