Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 15, 2011

The Sea of Love and June’s Reflective Energies

Here we are, mid-June 2011.  It is the meaty part of the Eclipse cycle… the Lunar eclipse.  I started to really feel the energy of this divine moment in time last evening when I talked to my son.  The love I felt flowing from him… was new.  At least new to me.  It was so full, so complete and unconditional it took my breath away as every ounce of my heart was singing a tune.  I was in complete awe of what I was feeling.

My son is 28 years old, I talk to him several times a week… so the moment on the phone was nothing new, yet, everything about that moment felt so new, so expanded, so full.

An hour later, I talked to my youngest daughter… there was that same feeling.  Tho slightly different in feeling… still intense, felt more deeply than ever before and with a completeness I don’t think I have ever noticed before.

And then me and my roommate were invited out to dinner.  As we were leaving the house, she reminded me to take the Redbox rental with us incase we pass a place to return it.  She might as well have handed me a million love soaked dollars, because the love and gratitude I felt from that reminder was so deep, so full of gratitude that it took me by surprise.

I had to think….what is really happening right now?

Even as I write this out (more to help with my understanding) I am reminded of Spirit saying June will be the parting of the Red Sea.  Two very different shores of experience.  It is walking the path in-between the walls of water (fear or love) that will be your amplifying energy field.  It (this energy field) will reflect… no, amplify back all that you have become in the last decade (probably longer, but who’s counting).

If this is indeed the meaty part of the sandwich (3 eclipses back to back), I will consume all I can so that I can spend the rest of my life, sharing back to all who desire its energy.

Even this past Saturday, which was the first class I had tought in 7 months… was breath-taking, well at least for me.  I could literally feel this shower of intense light flowing down over me as I talked about meditation, love, non-judgement and beliefs.  I could feel my soul come alive in ways I had forgotten about.  I listened to the information that was coming out of my mouth with deep surprise.  Not that the information was new to me… but the feeling in which it was now being shared… intoxicating.  I decided that when I get back to Virginia next month, I am not just opening a therapy room, but a classroom as well.

I was given a name and video to look at by a new client this week.  The mans name is Bruce Lipton, the video (you can find it on youtube) is Biology of Perception… followed by an equally wonderful video by Rob Williams called Psychology of Change.  I was so excited to hear these wonderful scientific insights because it is the very foundation I have been teaching (simply based on my own experiences and understandings of those experiences) for close to 10 years.  At the end of both videos… there was this… I am not even sure how to describe it, but the only word I can think of is… empowerment that came from it all.  I have never doubted what I knew to be true within myself, but there is equally something that happens within when you hear scientists talk about it all.  And I sat there… filled.

I have heard a lot of channels talking about how intense June is… the roller coaster of emotions… but yet, for me, it has been the most expansive, utterly completely filling energy I have experienced to date.  The pure love that has been surrounding me, revealing itself to me, via clients, friends, my children I am experiencing in a heighten field of vibration.  I hope it doesn’t even out… because we can all get used to living this way… no FEELING this way.

If this is what is filling my/our embryonic sac of July… man oh man, we are in for a love-fest!!  Both within our bodies as well as the manifested world around us.

10 years of climbing.  10 years of tearing the skin off body parts, of purging a heart full of hurt and darkness.  10 years later and the glory of this conscious journey has just begun.  I have reached the top of the mountain and I will not be going down the other side… instead… I am going to spread my wings and fly!!

Soar high my birds of a feather, I will meet you on the Sun!


Lisa Gawlas

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