Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 25, 2011

All things are possible within you if you allow all the possibilities.

All of my life (at least until 38 years old) I have spent in survival mode.  I survived highschool, graduated in 1980 and muttled around for close to 2 years.  I had no dreams as a child, except to survive childhood or go the hell Home.  The first time I tried to commit suicide I was 13, the last time, I was 38.  Drinking became a really good friend as well as experimenting with all kinds of drugs as a teenager.

I finally joined the US Navy at age 19 because I wanted out of Pennsylvania and wanted to go to Hawaii.  I got out of the Navy at age 20 because it was not a lifestyle I wanted, that and the Hawaiian Gods gave me my ticket out…. I named that ticket Christopher.

The only education I have ever had was the first 12 years of school, period.  I never could have comprehended I had a brain that was so unused in the majority of my life.  I should have failed many grades, but being a ward of the state, and teachers who don’t want to deal with a troubled child, I was passed onto each next grade.  Given D’s when I should have received a complete failing grade.  But who cares…. right?

I put my first business together at age 24, a theme that would repeat itself for the rest of my life I suppose.  I spent time working in a business, seeing its success, looking behind the curtains of how it all worked, quit, then opened up my own business in the same field.  I learned from my mistakes each time.  I had successful ventures and not successful ones.

Talk about life being the greatest educator.

But nothing in all my world ever prepared me for the day I stepped foot onto this path I lovingly called Spiritual Awakening, in the early days, I was just simply meditating to get to a chick who came thru a Ouija Board, I had no idea a spiritual path even existed.  I was Catholic.  Talk about having to use a brain I didn’t even know existed within me.

Currently I am on the doorstep of 49 years old (in August 2011), I simply share that for reference in my timeline.

The one question that was ever consistent in my life was “why?” and that was especially the case in meditation.  Why doesn’t anyone tell us about the amazing world that exists within us, why doesn’t anyone tell us what we are really made of and how we work.  A lot of the reason is peoples bias.  I have spent the last 10 years of my life in absolute and full dedication to not only getting the answers to my 5000 questions, but learning how to apply it all into life, starting first and foremost… within my own life.

I learned about healthy ways of living.  What is funny, now as I look back, spirit never once said…. eat this, drink that, stop smoking, etc.  Instead, to return to full health (which I have done) the focus was on the energy vibration that was me.  The hate, the anger, the insecurities… Thru time and tremendous effort on my part, I changed the food (my thoughts) that feed my life.  I still eat chips, chocolate, steaks and smoke cigarettes… and I do it all with such reverence within the moment, that it all becomes as reverent as me.

In that reverent exchange, I have changed my physical foods vibration to meet my own.  If I was to look at chocolate or even the multitudes of processed foods that are available to us, and even for an instant felt bad, guilty, anything less than love for that… it cannot help but hold that vibration, even when we consume it.  So what do you think it does to your own vibration as it merges into your energy system?

I have spent 10 years in the greatest University in all the world… within meditation.  It cost me not a single penny, only time.  I have invested every nano-second of my time in continuing education thru the loving and amazing masters of the multi-verses.  My major….?  Energy.  The way I looked at it, if everything is made up of energy (and it is) then I will learn about every aspect of life… which I am… but… without any previous bias to slant my understandings.

Bias.  Preconceived understandings about the way something is.

In 10 years I have learned, without any bias at all, about energy, the physical body, the world around us, the vibrations of energy, how to work with it, how to let those who say they want to raise their vibration, but really don’t… to let that be ok.

I learned there is no speeding down this amazing path of opening pathways within our brains… our minds, to hold information that we have learned and often times mastered within previous (as well as forth coming) lifetimes.  It seeps in, one day, one profound moment at a time, if and only if we are willing to let go of everything else.  It is never enough to just “know” it, in order for this knowledge to become wisdom, you must apply it within your own life.  Just teaching it or telling it to another is not enough… actually, that is often times the sleight of hand of the (old) ego.

The one thing about spirit (and that is my word for all those loving and amazing Beings who share with us in profound states of meditation, of Being in Oneness with the All) they will all-ways answer your/our questions.  Rarely tho, in the time we ask it.  Often times when I would ask, why am I going thru this, or experiencing that… they would say, when the time is right, you will know.  Sometimes, what would appear “out of the clear blue” years later, the answer was sounded.  The first few times I was just dumbfounded… Ya almost forget you even asked a question to begin with.  Spirit doesn’t give gloss over answers, they share with you the truth.  Often times, when we ask the question, our consciousness is in no way prepared to understand and integrate the truth.  When we are in that prepared state, the answer always arrives.

In early spring 2001 I had the most profound experience, actually sets of experiences that all build upon each other… the awakening and of my kundalini energy.  Remember, I came into this “spiritual journey” without any bias, that is to say, I knew nothing at all.  And as my path would have it, I got a mentor that lived on the other side of the world, that told me very little about anything.  He was as elusive about what I should do and how as my spiritual guides within meditation.  Pissed me off let me tell ya.  Now tho… the gratitude is more than my heart can bear sometimes.

So when this intense and unavoidable feeling of kundalini energy would surge thru my body (always and only within my bath meditations) the only thing I could do, once I got over the guilt of feeling highly aroused in meditation…. was ask my guides what do I do with this.  My mentor sure didn’t tell me, he told me to go look up the word kundalini… and none of the information I found told me what to do with it and didn’t really help me understand what it was except a life force waking up at my groin.

It took me about 2-3 months to fully integrate this amazing energy, allow the integration with just my minds energy (as opposed to with my hand) and then… the most amazing, and until this week… the most confusing thing happened, my mentors soul energy showed up within my kundalini meditations and there was an integration of each others kundalini… and ooooohhhhh my god, great became beyond awesome.  Altho I allowed the fullness of the experience to unfold… I had no freakin clue what just unfolded.  I knew the energy of it… and seen the visuals, experienced the interplay within my own body… but the biggest question I ever had…. why?  Was never really answered, at least until, really, yesterday.  Which was Easter in my world.  Talk about getting some serious Ascension Energy downloaded.

The information has put the fullness of my understanding together.  Of course, to prepare that part of my understanding, in the last month or so, I have been downloading Quantum Understandings.  Not just understandings, but I can “see” how the energy works, what it does, how we can use it to the fullest.  And so, like my who path has been to date, I am also learning application in my life.  But this time it is so different.  There is nothing I have to “do” to use it, to apply it.

The true Alchemist within is an energy.  A high vibrating energy that pulls all that is needed from the field of energy and turns it into matter.

This energy is loaded with feeling, constant, unwavering feeling:  Love and Gratitude.  I have found, one does not exist without the other, at least in my cellular Being.  It is present 24/7.

I have also found, the ego, absolutely capable of profound love as well.

In October of this past year (2010) I started getting downloaded with two parts of a book that I am currently writing called “The Lost Codes of Shambhala”.  The first part of the book was understanding how to get to the vibratory place that would allow for the field of unmanifested potential (called energy) to become the source of creation for the true Alchemist (our soul) within to truly work with.  What I thought was the last half, I now understand is the last part of a 3rd of the book… about Shambhala itself as well as sacred sex.

In this present moment… I am getting the fullness of understanding of what this energy is, how to prepare for it, how to bring it forward, and how to share it with others as well as use it for those far-fetched ideas of sci-fi such as teleportation, time travel, and truly turning energy into matter.

The way I look at it, it took me 3 full years to understand the workings of our DNA and how it applies (within what I am learning) to the fullness of the ascended Human Soul.

If it takes me years to understand this… I Am a patient student of the universe and will not stray from my studies… and share outwards whatever I can put into words.  The sharing helps me understand it more.

So, I say all of this for several reasons.  Don’t ever ever ever think you are not smart enough, good enough, capable enough of anything.  All things are possible within you if you allow all the possibilities.

There is no doubt for a while, my next sharings will be about quantum energy, metaphysical energy… and how I personally understand it.  I am not looking to be right in relationship to science, or even those who consider themselves scholars of the metaphysics.  They will simply be how I understand the workings of energy within my world, and pray it will help you as well.

My next post is going to be Quantum Entanglement of DNA.  This next sharing will be why I am so incredibly focused on Shambhala, and why some one in this world just won’t get out of my consciousness.  Ahhhhh gotta live life!!  Anyway…Subscribe to this blog and you will be notified the moment it is published.

With deep humbleness and excitement!

Lisa Gawlas


  1. Simply wonderful

    Thank you



  2. Very nice Lisa! As always, you share with humility and love, and such amazing stuff. May you continue to be blessed as you continue your supercalfragilelisticexpeladoecous journey!


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