Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 1, 2011

The Old Ego vs The New/Original Ego & Manifesting Your Reality

The way we have known “ego” has really gotten a bad rap.  Just like the 4 year old child whose parents have never set any boundaries or implemented any rules, the behavior itself is what is out of control.  The child is good.  Our ego’s are good and utterly needed to work in harmony with us. 

In the ego’s original design, it created that sense of fear, or “fight or flight” feeling within us ONLY to protect us.  Us being the incarnate spiritual Being.  It is also designed perfectly to know matter.  To know how to work with the energies we call matter.  In it’s original state, when the heart (which is your soul) has a prompting, it is the ego that know how to make it manifest.

You can also look at it like this, the heart is the magnetic field of attraction, the mind/ego is the fuel that charges up and runs your magnetic field. In order to run in high efficiency, you much use the correct fuel. The new or original ego is high test, the old ego is diesel. Now remember you are the alchemist of your life. Only you can change the fuel that drives your life.

The people in Lumeria knew this, lived like this.  It was perfect in every way. 

Then, on a spiritual level, we decided to up the games (life in matter)difficulty level.  This gave birth to Atlanteans.  What an amazing game that was.  Duality was so intense that the incarnating human started to forget what was real.  We started to look to the field of matter as real, all the while still able to harness the combined energy of the heart and the ego mind.  With the end times of Atlantis, we gave birth to where we are now.

Eons lost with an ego that forgot about its true partnership.  In this current age, our spirit lovingly and willingly let go of its partnership with the ego as the ego became more dominant in the field of matter.  We (humans) emersed ourselves deep into the dark ages, hiding the light of our soul by the growing ego that loved power, control and dominance.

The ego, by itself, cannot see the light of anything, nor, in its currant state, does it want to.  It lives in fear to the 10th degree.  Fear of loss, of lack, fear of so many things, including, fear of each other.  In that fear, we create a world that reflects our personal and collective energy.

Wars and crime rage on.

If we truly realized just how powerful we are both individually as well as collectively, we would never need to pick up a gun again, nor strike our neighbor for our own ignorance.

Our personal jobs right now, and have been over the last century (longer, but let’s keep it simple), is to restore our egos to its original state of grace.  That is not going to happen by wishing it to become that, or visualizing it to become that. 

YOU must change the energetic field in which your ego lives.  That is to say, change your mind about your place within the world around you, and within you. Remember, you are your own alchemist

Like the spoiled child, you cannot tell him or her: “Ok tomorrow when you wake up, you are going to work in harmony with everyone and everything around you. ”  The words and concept are foreign to the child.  It never had to live like that before, so the parents must consistently teach the child what that looks like and how to behave.  We too, must do that with our egos.

First and foremost, clear the heart center.  So many peoples heart center is darkened by issues of negative emotions. All that diesel fuel clogging up the super highways within.  You must first be clear in your heart for the energy of change to truly reach the ego.

Get out of victim mode.  No one has done anything to you.  Every single thing in your reality, right from birth, you invited into your life from the soul realm for your experience on earth.  We have looked to “blame” someone for a very long time for our hard times on earth.  We are responsible for it all.  We have lived thru whatever hard times to help us grow spiritually.  If we don’t grow, we get to live thru a hard lesson again, until one day, we finally say ohhhhh, now I get it!

Especially work thru your judgments.  It is your own perception of judgment that keeps the unified field of oneness separate from your ego.  The unified field cannot live in a state of separateness, where any negative vibrations live.

Manifesting Reality in the Old Energy

The heart center is an amazing field of magnetic frequency that is constantly pulling to you all that you need for your spiritual growth.  Remember, living this life is not about making money, accumulating titles of degree, or how many toys and gadgets we can accumulate before we leave this earth.  However, any and all of those things can certainly enhance our ability to be in service. Life is truly about being in service to the greater good.  It is really about loosing our egoic identity (the need to be this, that or the other thing… and then blaming others or conditions when we have not achieved our ego status of desire.)

In order to wake up to who, in fact, you have always been, a great spiritual being in service to the greater good of all life, your heart field will bring into your creation, powered by whatever is on your egoic mind, into your reality, for the soul purpose of growth into your fullness of Being.

So every relationship you ever had, every job you ever taken, every person who cut you off on the highway, or harmed you in some way, was purposely placed into your life so you can change the way you feel about (whatever.)  When all we do is get mad, or blameful, you seem to get stuck in the reality of your creation.  Ohhh the players may change, but the core energy of it all does not.  How many of us seem to attract the same kind of person into our lives for intimacy, or work environments… and so on.  Thats simply the universe giving us an opportunity to see “me” in the situation.  Mostly we say, ohhh that person was an asshole, or my work environment sux.  But rarely do we say, what in me is like that?  How do I change me so I can change my outer reality.

So how do we become the alchemist of our own lives?

Look at your ego mind as a series of well troddened pathways of experienced emotions. Let’s say, for example, someone called you lazy today. You get furious and start to justify all the reasons you are not lazy. Where inside of you is that really coming from? Our present moment, rarely. The neurons in your brain are hard wired to the feelings you had (most likely as a child) when someone close to you called you the same thing and you are pulling all those feelings and justifications up to your present moment and reliving them. So you keep yourself trapped in the past and add more diesel fuel to your magnetic grid.
The alchemist within needs you to stop in any given negative feeling immediately and go deep within to find out the true source of your negative feeling and change it.

It is not enough to acknowledge that mom called me lazy all the time and that is really what your feeling. You MUST change the feelings from the event itself. This truly changes your vibration and starts to add high test fuel to your life.

Do this consistently, diligently and you will transform both your inner and outer life.

You will have cleared your ego back to its original state of partnership with the soul/heart.

You will find all of your needs are taken care of, often before you even realized you had a need. You will also find the focus of your life changes and the ego mind remembers why we are here in the field of created matter to begin with and it gets excited with its new role. Not that it doesn’t teeter back into old behavior, but by now, you are utterly aware of what is really happening and in charge of it all.

In the true partnership of heart and mind, manifesting is effortless. The heart feels a desire, the mind is already pouring the fuel onto your grid to make it manifest.

Be clear within you that it is truly your hearts desire and not your ego desire.

Before I close there is something I do want to be clear about. Sometimes our desires include someone else. They have their own lessons that perhaps we are to amplify with our relationship.

Let’s just use an example of, you owe someone money and you really want to pay them back, and you seem to be able to manifest everything else around except that. It may be that the person you owe money to needs to learn charity. Your inability to pay them back continues to give them the opportunity to be charitable. Often times, they just get mad and turn deeper into distrust. But that is the game of life…

We are all here to serve each other, in whatever way is needed for the higher good.

In humble service to all,


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