Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 29, 2011

What is Kundalini? and 9 other questions about Kundalini answered!

The following is a Q & A I had written for a radio show.  None of the Questions were asked, so I thought, why waste a really good layout for understanding kundalini.  I have decided to share it here on my blog.  If you have any other questions, feel free to post them here and I promise to answer whatever I can!!

Q1) What exactly is Kundalini Energy?

A) Kundalini is, what I refer to as your soul energy, or your vital life force energy that sits in a super-concentrated energetic coiled ball at the base of your spine, also know as the root chakra, which is between the hips.  We tend to call this natural energy “sexual arousal,” which is present from birth.

 Q2) If Kundalini is present from birth, then what exactly is a “Kundalini Awakening?”

A) It really isn’t an awakening at all as much as it is an increased vibrational space within the host (human).  Just take your normal feeling of sexual arousal and amplify it by 100!  The ball of energy is starting to uncoil within you and god knows, your body feels it intensely!  It is your cellular structure (body) saying, the path to full self enlightenment is at hand (no pun intended).

 Q3)  Sounds a lot like going thru puberty, is there any correlation?

A)  That is EXACTLY what happens at puberty.  With complete harmony from the entire body, the girl or boys soul energy starts to uncoil, releasing feelings and sensations of intense sexual desire.  We have become so accustomed to giving away our most intimate feelings that even our children think this time is about sexual intercourse with someone else.  Not even close.  Its all about learning the skill of masturbation and fully connecting with yourself on the most intense and pleasurable pathway to full Self Enlightenment!

 Q4) I am sure there are many teenagers as well as adults already fully engaging in masturbation, does that mean they are becoming enlightened?

A) Not even!  Most people, whether teenagers or adults, create a space of fantasy island within themselves.  Let me just inject this thought, if you pull in a fantasy man or woman to masturbate to, that energy is traveling outwards to them and affects them, and you!  But this is another story or another time…  When you do this with genuine Kundalini energy that is awakening, you are actually giving away your own power.  Ever wonder why there are so many young adults who emerge into adulthood feeling unempowered, often have an illness or depression of some sort, it is because at the most crucial time of coming into your own, you gave it all away, as every one of us has been taught to do!

 Q5)  Well then, is there a specific way to masturbate?

A) Absolutely!  It is a time to fully connect with yourself.  Kundalini is a sanskrit word which means “coiled serpent” so for me, when my Kundalini started vibrating into outer space, I envisioned this energy as a coiled snake.  Just call me a snake charmer, which really is how it all works.  You can look at your inner vision as the connection to your high vibrating energy and your hand or finger as the music in which you shall charm your inner serpent.  It is an innerplay and connection that just when you think your body and soul couldn’t vibrate any higher, there is another wave that leaves you just exhilarated and exclaiming “Oh my freakin God, who knew this was possible!”  Ummm God did and embedded this amazing gift within us.

Q6)  So you still didn’t tell us exactly what we are to do with this energy thru masturbation, give us details!

A) Let me first say, you should have some skills at quitting or focusing your mind, what I refer to as meditation.  It is way to easy, and so intensely felt, to make this about fantasy sex instead of Kundalini Integration.  So here you are, inner vision trained on your Kundalini energy between your hips, hand or finger controlling the energy vibration in which the uncoiling will take place.  This in and of itself takes practice.  Be prepared for a lot of spontaneous orgasms, and a journey that will not be completed in a week.  It took me several months of dedicated practice.  …. but anyway.  This is a true partnership with your soul energy, and as you connect to it and learn to control its frequency then the journey starts of pulling it up and into the next chakra, which is your sacral chakra, right below the belly button.  and then your next job is to train your orgasm to flow out of your sacral chakra and do this exercise repeatedly until it is effortless to bring your Kundalini energy up to your sacral chakra then send the energy of orgasm out the sacral chakra.  You want to do this with every chakra, only moving to the next one when it is effortless to bring the energy up and orgasm out whatever chakra you are working on. 

 Q7) Why would we need to do all this, sounds time consuming.

A)  It is time consuming, but fun!  Beats the hell out of all that inner healing that must be done (for adults) before this integration will present itself to you.  What is really happening is very much like sewing the high vibration of your soul purposely and consciously into every cell of your body.  Raising the vibration of your Being to the point of no longer becoming sick, depressed or insecure about anything.  This is how we are made to live and be on earth.  But we took the most wonderful aspect of ourselves, masturbation… and just a thought to share, ever wonder why our arms are just long enough to reach full soul awareness thru our genitals!  Over time and with great manipulation, we made masturbation dirty, hell we made sex itself dirty, yet, the only way to absolute mastery within the realm of matter, is via sacred sex.  But that too, is another story for another time.

Q8) So when we masturbate and get this Kundalini energy up thru out crowns, or thru the top of our heads, is that all?  Are we enlightened?

A) Not hardly, but man oh man talk about an amazing start.  This is simply the first part of an ongoing process.  But this part is all about sexual healing, because once this energy is fully integrated, nothing less than its equal vibration can enter the body.  I started this path with raging ulcers, Post Traumatic Stress Syndom, Seasons Affective Disorder, Insomnia, and chronic depression with attempted suicide 5 times.  I have since (10 years now) haven’t has so much as a cold, depression is simply foreign to me, and I joy is my state of being 24/7.  All of my illnesses subsided within a month of full Kundalini integration. 

 Q9) So once your have mastery over your Kundalini energy and can easily raise it from groin to crown chakra, orgasm purposely out of your head that’s enlightenment.

A) No.  For me and my process, just when I thought there couldn’t be any more to do, the next thing spirit (which is where I got all my instruction from) told me I had to now raise this energy from root chakra up and out the crown ckakra without my hands.  Holy shit!  I didn’t even know that was possible.  By this time I have spent every meditation, several times a day, every day without miss, for months working my Kundalini energy… I was surprised I was able to do it in one try. 

Q10)  So then that was the end?

A) Nope!  Just remember, every part of this process is exactly that, a process, a permanent interviewing of your true fully balanced soul energy into every cell of your being.  I was sure there was nothing more to do.  But the moment I got into meditation, there was the fourth of July again resounding thru out my body.  By now I am feeling like quite the spiritual slut.  I asked spirit… NOW WHAT??  Well surprise the hell outta me, my mentor, whom I never met in person (because he lived in Australia and I live in North Carolina) showed up in all his etheric glory.  To say I was shocked when his glowing white Kundalini serpent jumped out of his body and into mine, while I watched my rainbow colored serpent leave my own body and jump into his.  There are no words, no comparisons to what the feeling was inside and outside the body during this exchange. 

Enjoy the journey!


Lisa Gawlas


  1. Have you got the powers of kundalini arousal it refers to siddhis,they are numerous but 8 siddhis are major
    1)anima-taking small forms
    2)mahima-taking larger forms
    3)karima-becoming weighter as mountain
    4)lahima-becoming lighter as air
    5)prathi-seeing the space from earth
    6)prakamiya-control over earth,water,air,fire,sky
    7)ishathuva-making a dead one alive
    8)vashithuva-power to attract and control other life forms.
    Generally these powers arises as our kundalini rises from base of our spine to the higer chakra,the person attains all siddhis as it reaches the chakra at the head

    Have you got any one of this siddhis ,if not you are just feeling the wellness the every meditator feels,you have meditate some more years


  2. Lisa, is there anyway we can be in contact as I’m in South Africa and need to get my head around this


  3. Please I’d really like to ask you some questions if possible could you please send me your email.


  4. I have some experience but i don’t know to which it is related. From 2 weeks, i’m feeling some Sakthi ( power) is moving me and doing things using it’s power. I’m totally block. I’m just moving the way it shows the thing it do. That’s it. And after i start feeling some power is making me moving and doing things, I started writing without any idea on my mind. In my writings it’s saying that i’m the Power which is sent to you by the Lord Krishna and I’m the Kundalini Sakthi. But before two days i went to one Person who will see Anjanam who is a formal Hanuman Upasakudu (Devotee). he was saying like I have some Soul in me. It was come to my body in the month of December. But i never felt anything bad or type of soul in me. And the Kundalini still saying i’m the Power (Sakthi). I’m really confused and don’t know what is this?


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