Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 12, 2011

We are ALL variations of vibrating energy!

All of earth is a field of varying degrees of energy, you and I, our bodies, our computers, our homes… all are nothing but varying degrees of energy that the magnificent part of us humans, called the brain, translates into feelings and visions of matter, of material substance. For the incredible game being played out on earth… all energy matters.

The higher or faster the energy vibration (which is pure love) the faster material manifestation is, the more pristine the human body is (that is to say it exists in pure health and radiant joy). The slower the vibration (which is fear of any sort), the more difficult the games is because our bodies become ill, our minds become ill and we manifest really rough things into our life.

Because this is a game of duality, we took everything and created its opposite. Love/hate, joy/sorrow, light/dark etc. We even took the wholeness of energy and made it dual… male/female, matter/spirit, tangible and intangible.

The point of the game is to bring this world back into unified energy… wholeness if you will.  Back to the unified energy of whence we came, BUT, while still playing in the field of matter.

So there is an aliveness to the field of energy. For the feminine to fall madly and deeply inlove with the feminine energy, for the masculine to fall madly and deeply inlove with the masculine. And that allows for the masculine and feminine (vibrational energies) to join together in wholeness within each other in one body (well within everyOnes body). This is truly sacred marriage or holy union. In this game of free-will, this is an integration you must do yourself, to completion.

As in this game in matter, it MUST be a visible and outward energy. That is to say, the freer (and more accepted by the collective consciousness) the lesbian and gay men are within their sacred love (and all love is sacred) with each other, the deeper and fuller the masculine/feminine integration is within the all. Again, remember, this is a game souly of earth and for earth.

The one thing I am sure of, we have a high enough vibration of both the masculine and feminine to allow for the readiness of Shambhala (true peace, love and a unified joy) to come back into the earth realm. We are moving, at lightening speeds, out of the fear vibration and we are stepping into the end game, which brings us to the beginning of the next exciting game: Being fully alive in body as fully aware spiritual beings. But with anything on earth, as we integrate the energies of Shambhala, it will start out in a small area, with a hand full of people and eventually spread outwards more and more. Just as the high vibrating energy has finally liberated the bondage of the fear energy we were entrapped within for eons.

Everything on earth has a dualistic vibration to it (that is to say, contains both light and dark energy). If we seek only to look at the light and ignore the dark, we have stalled our own growth in this incredible game of light, for we are birthed of both. What our job is here in this game, is to turn the dark into light, not by ignoring its existence but by acknowledging it and transmuting it into Light. Once any aspect of dark is fully transmuted into light, it shall not ever appear again for our individual (and eventually, as is happening now, collective) transmutation. With each integration a stronger, more embedded field of light takes up permanent residence on the earth plane.

I personally see it very much like a sewing needle stitching high vibrating light into the grid of material existence. In the physical act of sex, sacred sex within a sacred prepared ground (where the sewing of high vibrating light has been completed) it allows the integration of even higher vibrating light to be released into such an area. It is in this area I am just at the learning/understanding stages. It is this very place, the spring of my life is taking me.  The tangable working model of bringing in this precious life changing energy.

Take what is yours, or any information shared, and leave the rest. This is what has simply been revealed to me and what I shall make my life’s mission to bring forward in whatever way I am capable of. I hope leaving out many of the words that tend to separate us has helped in my incredibly humble explanation of the way I have been shown the workings of Light on earth… and the point of the game we are all playing. Which is simply to return to the pristine, high vibrating light energy that we all naturally are… we will all get there in time and thru our personal understandings and applications that are enhanced by others understandings and applications. We as humans use titles as a way to describe who we are and where we align ourselves on the playing field… We are ALL light, cloaked in a field of duality finding our way back to who we have always been. So it doesn’t matter if you call yourself catholic, spiritual, atheist, Jewish, heterosexual, homosexual… whatever. There is no right or wrong way specific of doing anything for any “title”. We are all light, calling ourselves home in whatever way that means to us! We will all eventually get there quicker than we ever even imagined!! In so many diversified ways that enhances the grid of light, and each of our own individual and collective understandings….

So bear with me as I take a pause for the cause and go within in search of the tangable way to bring out the rest of the story….

With Love and humbleness…



  1. Nice, that was really interesting. I’m confused though, what kind of energy are you talking about? Energy is simply the future potential to do work, for example petrol, electricity etc. What exactly are you saying that vibrating?


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