Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 20, 2011

“Light” is on a mission!!

Today (2/20/11) there is a pressure that I cannot only feel, but I can see as well.  I see it as a tremendous Light energy, a massive conglomerate of Light energy.  It is bellowing downward as if crushing the 3D field of earth, at least what is left to it.  (I find the use of the word “bellowing” quite interesting.)

I feel it as if something is weighing against my energy field, and that which I can see in front of me, and I want to run from the pressure, but yet, cannot.  It truly is not a bad feeling as it is quite uncomfortable.  It exposes all my senseless fears and hesitations and puts true light on it.  In its exposure is my hearts true desire, my souls agenda. 

We can no longer hide from our own truths, our own soul promptings and settle back comfortably in the abyss of our fear entrenched minds meanderings.

Much is getting ready to explode in the light of freedom.  It is the 3D realm of separation, greed, self-obsessiveness that is getting ready to disintegrate under the pressure of pure high vibrating Light energy.

Even with that statement, I hear a familiar song in my head “nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.”  For this Light is impermeable. 

Light has been given free rein on our earth.  It’s desire is the unified field of love.  For it (pure light) to be able to seal itself in our reality, it must eminently expose its opposite and extinguish it.

“The heat is….on!” 

Whatever is trying to release itself from your life, just let it go.  You (your life) will become buoyant instead of feeling intense pressure of holding on, for it will be released anyway.

Hold onto your Center.  Know that when the dust all settles, it will be incredible.  It is the dust storm itself that appears unsettling, it is perfect and needed.


I just want to say, I knew I had to write a post today because the understanding of what I was feeling while sitting outside would come thru.  What I was not prepared for was the energy of what came thru.  Intense, direct, loving, purposeful…. and nameless.  I kept trying to get a name of who was coming thru, because I had to look up way to many words to even come close to taking credit for the above channeling, but there is no “name,” just Light and feeling, intense feeling.


Whatever is transpiring on planet earth is intense.  And even as I was writing the words I could see images in relation to the words, and it was an image of shaking a tree to get all the dead leaves and stuff out.  Each one of us, individually and collectively are in the midst of this process.  

The darkness (fear) is no longer able to pass thru or embed itself within the light (love). (hence the word impermeable.. I had to look up the meaning and then understand what it means within the context of light.)

“The Great separation” is now underway.

With love and honor to all.

Lisa Gawlas 


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