Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 31, 2011

The 1st Quarter Energies – Chosing Unity or Separateness

In the beginning of January I received this “insight” from spirit: January of 2011 is the Divine Reflection back to you of your accumulated energy field of the last year and last decade. February shines its light in the duality of your choosing (of the actions of the last year). March is so big and so powerful and will amplify the energies of January and February of your life…

Of course, it is only today, on the last day of January do I understand the fullness of the message.  Not a minute too late either!! (smile)  I will, as always, share from my own experiences and understandings thru those experiences in order to help you understand the how important these times are to every one of us!

First lets take the first sentence: January of 2011 is the Divine Reflection back to you of your accumulated energy field of the last year and last decade.

I “woke up” just over a decade ago (11/11/00 to be exact).  As I really started to understand the power and healing abilities within myself towards myself, all I wanted to do is share this incredible “in-ward” place no one (in my then world) ever talked about or even whispered about. 

I have spent the last decade sharing all that had come to me thru meditation and action within my own life…

In this past decade, I have launched my website, developed my own continuing “spiritual/psychic” skills, shared as much of my journey as I can put into writing.  I shared the potentials we are.  Without really realizing it, I have spent this last decade doing exactly what my heart energy desired (which of course is my soul).  Altho, there has been that one constant that has yet to manifest (because until recently, I didn’t even scratch the surface of what spirit really wanted: A healing center for the Human Soul.

This last year (2010) has been the most intense in the 10 years of this conscious sharing journey I am deeply and gratefully married to.  In 2010 I received the grandchild my year yearned for for years.  I also left behind the grandchild that was such a gift to my heart as my own inner heart promptings led me from Virginia to New Mexico.  I gave my business away before I left, and unknowingly embarked on the leg of this continuing journey into consciousness I didn’t even know existed.

Becoming an “observer” into the dualistic nature of matter (earth).  Until recently, I didn’t realize that remaining in Virginia would not have allowed me to fully experience this absolutely needed part of our consciousness raising… vibration raising experience.  I was way to connected and energetically entangled in everyone’s life in Virginia.  This would not allow to be an “observer,” I would have remained a participant.

When you are in the midst of both healing within yourself, and actively have entanglements with others, you don’t see what really happens energetically in the full breadth and scope as you do when you are a detached observer.

In the disconnection and stillness of all that I had known, I became so incredibly aware.  More than I realized I (we) are capable of.  I started to see how people expend so much energy in talking and never have the energy to implement their words into action.  They are too busy talking.

I have been able to see how people really want to grow their business / services but put 150% of their energy into surviving, leaving what they really want to grow and benefit from, dragging on the ground of potential.

I was able to view first hand how negativity (of any kind) eats the energy field of potential away… and draws from all sources surrounding it.

Thru the conscious act/discipline of remaining “detached” in all events, a flood of new information/understanding poured into my consciousness.  I knew, in receiving the information about the energy field I refer to as “Shambhala” I had passed a threshold somewhere.  I was/am grateful but still perplexed (as I have been, to lesser degrees as the years unfold) why am “I” getting this amazing, wonderful, life changing/enhancing information?

October thru December 2010 was like lightning hitting and illuminating wisdom, memories I didn’t know I had, and abilities I have yet to incorporate into my life.  I was on a mission to find the land that could generate the full use of Shambhala energies.

Where did I go in January??  lol 

How did I get so lost?  My focus went from fueling the energies of this creation within a unified field of endeavours with others… to trying (ahhh there is a non-energy, no movement word…”trying”) to raise money to create this, or buy the land or something.  Yet, not once have I had to “worry” about money before.  I woke up, the day was already provided for in every way.  Not January….

Nope I allowed the perception of duality… of needing money to create to become the fuel I (wasted… sort of) with the whole month of January.

I begged Archangel Michael for help and direction as my “business” seemed to evaporate.  Money became a thing of the past… the more energy I put into my business the less people who even visited my website.  Even my “regular” clients became highly irregular.

Archangel Michael said to me… over and over and over 3 things:

1. Decide your priorities then decide why they are your priorities

2. Ponder the meaning of your life

3. Live more openly

Huh??  Gotta love the cryptic messages from spirit!  Until, alas, they are no longer cryptic but vividly clear!

I was also reminded over and over again the message from spirit about the first quarter of this year.  Thank goodness I post all the quotes from spirit on my facebook, I went back and had a read.  Sometimes… you really have to lose yourself to really find yourself in your fullness.

My priorities shifted from creating a unified field of energy, to making money to create the place.  (Whisper, I got the place anyway about a week ago… at least the trial grounds to work with.) 

In pondering the meaning of my life I became more lost.  I didn’t even have a clue when asked.  At least not until last evening when I held my first meetup group since Oct.  How amazing thru the unspoken word and light energies of others can you remember the meaning not only of “my life” but LIFE itself.

I woke up today knowing it is the pathway to Shambhala is why I am here, why I have worked so diligently for over a decade now… and what appears as “personal sacrifices” simply open my own cup to higher and purer energies.  (I want to thank Ann, Cate, Steve and Gary for last night.)

That, “be more open,” tripped me up too.  I kept thinking, how do I get more open than I am now.  I have shared every struggle, every epiphany, every sexual secret (that are obviously no longer secrets)… how more open can I get?  Well…

I in order to find “me” I had to close down.  I stopped the meet ups, even stopped the shared channelings (like this), stopped writing all together, and made myself less accessable.  That place, tho productive for its time, became a resting place… and now it is time to become active in the field of dreams within my Being.  Within the Greater Being that is Life.  I am “open” again… yay!

And so this morning, I fully understand the last year and the last decade and what it means to me.  I also understand the only real “fuel” I received in the month of January was land to start working towards bringing in the energies of Shambhala… so January gave me all my heart desired and I never even seen it until the very last day of January! 

Which brings me to utter clarity about next month (thank goodness!!):  February shines its light in the duality of your choosing (of the actions of the last year).

This may seem like a broad pencil stroke, but it isn’t.  What is duality (from the state or quality of being two or in two parts; dichotomy

Spirit/God/Self… unified, whole, complete

Ego/self… separate, divided, incomplete

In choosing… the energies of Feb… I am going with unified, whole and complete.  Starting on my own life’s vision.  Let me make this understandably clear..

Even my website, my business does not exist in wholeness.  In wholeness of my life’s vision.  My massage is separate from my vision and does not add anything (it will before this day is over) to the whole of my vision.  It exists for my clients and to cover my daily overhead…  that is to say, it makes money for me to survive on.  (That’s why I raised my rates to have more money… NOT more vision.  Life is really fueled on inner vision, not money. When you are aligned with your souls desire, the money is provided for without exception and without delay, from the funnel of the unmanifested ethers we all share within. ) 

My website and my services are going to become a circulating funnel of energy all enhancing the eye (the vision).  It may take me thru Feb. to get everything changed and interlinked… but I know the energies are on my side.

When we feel separate, we feel like we have to fight for things.  We fight to survive, to stay alive, to get more stuff… we are willing (and the ego justifies it) to walk on the backs of those who are or may be hurting… so we can survive.  We become separate and not fully realizing the backs we walk upon are our own.

February will make this crystal clear to you and me…

And March will either send you soaring into the unified field of consciousness, holding each others hands… or not.

Hand in hand, heart in heart… together thru this wonderfully crazy intense time of shifting/ascending/Being….moment in time-altering-reality!


Lisa Gawlas


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