Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 26, 2010

Separation – Natures Gift Unto Itself

This is a sharing that is prompted by a wonderful soul who left a comment on my “Separation of the Wheat from the Chaff” post on  She had commented on how separation keeps us out of oneness… and constantly keeps us separate.  I spent that last week expanding within me to really understand (from spirits point of view) about this whole gig, separation vs oneness.  This is what we (me and spirit) would like to share about the importance of separation and how it truly leads to empowered field of oneness.

All of nature repeats the cycle of separation to allow for new growth.  The trees allow the fruit to separate and fall to the ground, this allows for new fruit to emerge the following season.  Should the tree cling to the fruit, there would be no room for new fruit to emerge.  Equally, should the fruit never leave the limb which allowed its birth, it would never find its way to its next level of existence, which could be nourishment for whomever eats it, or the cycle of rebirth by decaying back into the ground so its seeds can one day become a mighty fruit tree.

Even in human life, separation happens all the time.  A baby is conceived in the womb (separating itself from the field of spirit and moving into the field of matter), all of its life enhancing needs are meet and then one day, the body which cared for the growing life within, convulses and pushes the baby out.  In that moment of birth, the baby is no longer in oneness with the mother, but separate from her.  As the months and years go by, separation deepens as the child learns independence and a sense of self.  If birth never happened, the mother and child would eventually die.  Separation is vital for growth and continued life.

If separation didn’t occur, there would be no cycles in life, there would be no further growth and there would be no real point to this game we call life.

So truly, for your own growth and the growth of all things around you, separation is crucial.  Nature knows this very well and does it unceasingly.

We humans tho, we have that pesky little thing called the ego. 

We have set ourselves up with so many egoic identifiers that keep us trapped in a place that often times, is really decaying us (called illness) as opposed to freeing us.   

I feel as well, that especially in this (often) confusing place called spiritual enlightenment, we get very confused as to what is needed according to ego and what is needed according to soul and the tremendous mis-information that is “out there.”  Often times they are contrastingly different. 

Should the unborn baby never separate from the mother, it will never know itself as a part of the whole as an individuation of the whole. 

The same goes for those developing themselves consciously… spiritually.  If we never separate ourselves from the darkness (fear agenda) we will never know how high we could fly.  Our (unintegrated) ego demands we stay put, fearing the flight of the soul and its loss of identity.

How do we know what we really need to separate ourselves from?  By the way we feel inside.  And even then, we have become so distant from our heart, so incredibly separate from it, that more often than not, we don’t even know why we feel the way we do and this country (USA) is really good at making sure we remain that way.  Masking over our pain with drugs (both legal and illegal) should be a huge flare that says, something is not right within.  But the low road is so easily traveled and there are many friends on that road, that it takes a lot of self-love to dare to take the high road and feel with all your glory within… even when it hurts. 

So many will stay in relationships that no longer serve them, in jobs that no longer fulfill them, in cities and states that will never let them fly, because the unknown… which is where true independence and oneness lays… is way to scary for them (that pesky ole ego.)

So to really live and breathe in the field of a unified oneness, you must one day allow yourself to separate from the energies that keep you separated from your Self. 

Ascension, TRUE ascension demands a separation.  It is truly leaving your old life behind and walking into your new, Light Empowered life without dying a physical death.  Separation is lifes way of expansion and growth!

It is there, in true Light, separated from darkness (ego led fear) that the flight of the Soul takes place and the unified field of oneness becomes You!

2011 brings us into a whole new growth cycle, the time to clear the darkness from your heart and live fully in your light center.

Dare to separate yourself from chaos and drama this new year and grow beyond your wildest imagination! 

Lisa Gawlas


  1. I wish that people reading this link it to those that may not see it, but need it, take the task and send it to them. One of the hardest parts of Christmas is acknowledging those that are not a part of the tradition and have left for various reasons… the ones left behind feel cheated, depressed, or in denial. To become healthy people must assimilate the reality and understand it’s about the growth,,, not the past.
    Love you Lisa.


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