Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 1, 2010

DNA, Jupiter, The Sun and our new programming!

“How can you hear new insight if you are listening with ears tuned to your old programming. You end up hearing what your programming has you hear and not what is really being stated!!”

What if… prior to birth, DNA was magnetically charged according to planetary alignment (right time) to activate this pulling towards each other.  Can the set of DNA really stop the magnetic charge towards each other?  Would you be willing to let go of what no longer serves your higher agenda?

A year ago, Jupiter lost one of it’s two prominent stripes in its Southern hemisphere.  In our bodies that would be our sacral chakra, or, our sense of self within the physical world around us.  In this same time period, our sun woke up to hurl solar flares, CME’s, strong solar winds and the like.  As of October, Jupiter’s stripe is returning, albeit slowly, but indeed is now coming back.

As above, so below.  Everyone on earth has been reprogrammed over the last year.  A clearing within the sacral chakra (who you think you are) and with each burst of the sun, new 5-D DNA blueprints are being written, replacing our old 3-D DNA encoding’s.  This is changing everything about us, right down to how we feel about ourselves and each other.  This changing will continue, deepen and intensify with the coming year.  Rearranging lives and internal prompting’s, willingly or unwillingly (from the ego perspective… all divinely planned from the soul level.)

Our very DNA is sending out such intense signals to our earthly counterparts, soul groups… next great adventure, that the sound cannot be ignored for very long.  It is all preparing us for movements and meetings that are inevitable. 

I sit in great humbleness each and every day… and all I can do is feel with a depth I had forgotten existed, and re-member with a continuing clarity of vision… and simply breathe thru the intensity of each day!  I have given in, for fighting is fruitless.


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