Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 28, 2010

The new Tsunami wave of energy emerges and will build into Dec.

There is such a shifting in the atmosphere, I can feel it deep into the marrow of my bones.  It feels like a super re-arrangement of lives, of energy, of the all and we are all getting ready for the biggest shift/change our lives have ever experienced.

I can see the energy of the upper atmosphere very much like the gathering of storm clouds.  All coming together to enact massive and deep change on earth, on the collective as well as the individual.

Today, 11/28/2010 we are starting to feel the effects of the emerging tsunami.  As the ocean had started its retreat this past Oct., today it is emerging as the new wave.  It shall reveal more of itself as we move further into Dec.   reaching full visibility by mid dec., and starting its forward motion with a valocity that we have not yet experinced by the end of Dec.

Our own personal lives are unhooking itself from the energetic’s and partnerships that have wonderfully gotten us to here, so we can now be aligned with what will bring in the deepest fruition of our lives.

For most of us, we can feel the very ground beneath our feet leave as if we have just been placed in suspended animation.  The old is dislodging, the new, yet to arrive. 

I know I am not staying here, in my present space,  as of yet, I do not know where I am going, and in the midst of it, all I can do is feel.  And the feeling is so expansive I have not yet learned how to catch my breath in this space. 

The scientist say that the coronal mass ejections that have been taking place on the outer reaches of the sun, towards and within the dark side of the sun is not affecting us, indeed they are inaccurate.  We are all being shown the light of what we had not seen to date.  That which we didn’t dare to hope for is being illuminated and revealed, for those with eyes to see. 

The cold morning air of yesterday has reached the heat of illuminated potential of today and creates a liquid warmth of the new. 

How do I submerge myself in this new energy fully and completely and still remember to breath?  Today, all I can say is… I don’t know.

With utter humbleness…
Lisa Gawlas

ADDED NOTE 11/30/10

For the last 2 days, my heart chakra and solar plexus have been spinning off the grid 24/7. When I lay down to go to sleep, one night my calves itch unbearably, the next my entire head area… I swear I have the creeping crud (smile).

Sometimes (actually oftentimes) I write something without realizing the depth of what I am really saying. Yesterday, as I am trying to maintain my “presence” with a massage client and calm the wild turents of my own chakras and really finding a way to breath thru this new energy, I heard my soul say to me, “I told you we are learning to breath a new.”

It was in that moment, I realized with the fullness of what my channel really meant. The energy we are now wonderfully emersed in is so new to earth, that even our spirits must learn to Be in the realm of matter in a new way.

We have to be so incredibly present in our bodies, learning to breath this new energy thru out our cellular structure and remain grounded thru it all. Sheez…

Even our own souls are riding that two wheeler for the first time (I so love this annology shared by someone on and we have become our own point guards!

Phew… the game has indeed changed… we have changed!

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