Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 24, 2010

When your life turns into the “Snow Channel”

Do you remember the days when a TV channel went off the air for the evening and what you tuned into was what we called “the snow channel,” just little dots and a buzz that made up the image on the TV channel you had hoped had something watchable on.  It looked like colorful chaos (and before there was color, black and white chaos) on the viewing screen. 

How many of us have ended their broadcasting for the day, where all your programs ran as scheduled and now there is what seems chaotic snow, or a pause before the next broadcast day begins, and we are not even sure what the line up for the next day is yet.

In TV land, we got the snow channel usually only a few hours between 2am and 6am, I really feel for most of us, this snow channel will last until we clear the energy of the Full Lunar eclipse on Dec. 21, 2010.  That is a long time to watch the snow channel that is your life!! 

With the massive energy surge that began in October, I clearly began to see and feel what no longer fits in my life, in a way that I have not seen nor felt before. 

For me, this long pause in time feels like a very specific, very intense life review.  Seeing and feeling the energies in a way that has come to life.  There are three main themes I have been reviewing, and reviewing isn’t even the correct word, it is more like re-experiencing with clearer eyes and deeper understanding of the effects.  These three things are “love, trust and the effects of fear/negativity, all wrapped up in fully understanding what it means to live in the “now moment.”

This is so much more than just seeing what you need to heal, or learn from or the things and experiences that got us to here.  It is knowing that we personally no longer “work” at full capacity in certain energetic environments.  And yet, for me personally, I know without a shred of doubt, where I do “work” most energetically proficiently, has yet to be fully created on earth.

Talk about a dilemma!!   …or not!  Let’s just call it that very uncomfortable place when you know you are done with todays programming and yet, the time has not arrived for tomorrows schedule yet.  What’s in-between looks like chaos or uncertainty. 

The most recent visual spirit has shared with me of our current times (besides being plugged into the snow channel) is the beginning of a massive tsunami.  With the influx of energy in Oct., the ocean’s edge started retreating off the shores and back into the ocean.  (For us, that means many things have lost their hold on us, many endings happening in every aspect of our lives.)  We are still living in that energetic retreat which is truly giving us the ability to look at ourselves in the environment(s) we have been placed in the last 5-10 years and to look and feel with it all, with new eyes that is ever so up close and personal, so that we can remove (whether it is people, places, or even jobs) what no longer serves our own higher agenda in life. 

I had seen the massive tsunami wave cresting in heighth in mid december as it gains a forward motion and as we approach the full lunar eclipse on Dec 21st, which is also the winter solstice, we will be catapulted into our new broadcasting day as we move into the New Year of 2011.

Do not take any of your old broadcasts with you into this new energetic wave.  For they will not work and will only create more chaos (or looking into the snow channel of your life) until you reprogram yourself to be aligned with the unified consciousness of this new day.

This tsunami is happening individually as well as on our global landscape.  Clearings will take place in families, in cities and in countries. 

 So get out your snow board, allow it to transform into a surf board when needed and lets ride the crest into the new day of our broadcasting life!

With oh so much joy and excitement for that which is called change!!

Lisa Gawlas

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