Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 21, 2010

Speak and think with purpose, life affirming purpose.

…And we have dominion over the world of matter…

Do you realize that every molecule and partical that surrounds you, is there to serve you in the most unbiased non-judgemental way.   There is not a day or night where you are not surrounded by these energetic particals waiting for your bidding to become whatever you wish and rushing back with more of it for you! 

That means you are continually creating and re-creating your world out of, quite literally, thin air.  That is to say, the very air that surrounds you 24/7!

The moment you think a thought or speak a word, the molecular structure that surrounds you, instantly starts to transform itself into the matter that you are vibrating with.  Keeping in mind, each word, each thought is a vibration.  Each vibration rushes to you as manifested reality of your own creation.

When more than one is gathered in the same space, there is incredible magic available to all.  When you have a group energy all speaking and /or thinking the same words/energy, the field of creation is amplified for all (for better or worse).  When one dominates a conversation (as in a casual gathering), the energy for the others becomes depleted as the energetic focus goes to the speaker (molecularly speaking.)  When the ego is the one speaking, it consumes the life field out of the air, leaving everyone exhausted and sleepy. 

Even in teaching sharing environments you can tell where the speaker, who usually came to talk and rarely listen has an effect on its audience.   Have you ever attended a seminar and just wanted to fall asleep, the speaker was not sharing from the heart, but from the ego.  On the other hand, when you are sitting on the edge of your seating waiting for the next word to vibrate out, they are sharing/teaching from the heart, their soul!

So, what is the conversation you are having, both silently as well as out loud?  What do you talk about when grouped with others?

Are you replaying the songs of your past?  If so, ask yourself how long you want to live and recreate the energy of your past.   Perhaps you are singing songs of hope and inspiration, energizing your present with your full potential?  In which case, you will see so many new opportunities line up for you.  Maybe, you flicker in between the two, you can see which one has the dominant energy by looking at your life in the present moment.  You can change your song at any time, learning to be consistent within your song is key to long term change.

If you do not have enough food to eat, then stop talking about how hungry you are, and food will present itself to you.  If you talk about your hunger, the air around you will manifest as more hunger.

If you talk about how lonely you are and wish you had a soul mate in your life, the air around you will create a void (by your focused direction) between you and your soul mate.

If you talk about the joyful things that transpired today, there will be more joyful things to talk about tomorrow.

If you dominate an energy field (as in a group of people) you will find a depletion in your own energy field of creation.  If you are enhancing the energy field of others, which includes listening as well as sharing with others, you will find enhancements all around your own life.  If you do not take the time to listen to others, you will find very few people listen to you.

If you do not celebrate in the life of others, your own life will (seemingly) go uncelebrated as well.

If you are having a conversation that concerns another person or group of people (whether this conversation is  in your own mind or with others) You are either building that person or groups energy field up with your love and appreciation of them, or depleting it by talking about them in a negative manner.  Either way, you are creating the same for yourself.

What does “dominion” mean?   Having control over something. Being the boss.  You have absolute authority over your energy field and you may create whatever you focus on.  Your energy field loves you that much.  It has no bias, that means it see no-thing as good or bad, everything that is you, that is this world of manifested matter, simply “is.”

Is your world a breath of fresh and loving air, are you a breath of fresh and loving air? 

Is your world a reason to complain?  Do you complain?

You are a world of creation and you affect every person that will ever enter your air space.  Life either wants to support you or run from you, depending which way you energize your own life (are you supporting life or running from it).  Remember, life has no bias, if runs off the fuel you give it and brings gallons more of the same back to you.  The air around you is the genie and you are the bottle in which it lives and serves.

In this dynamic energy field we all live within presently, the energy of life now moves faster, gathers larger than ever before.  It will continue in velocity for years to come. 

What are you talking and thinking about today, because you are creating it 10 minutes from now!!

Speak and think with purpose, life affirming purpose.  If you need to vent, vent to someone who can see the postive side of what may be happening in your life. 

Life and how you experience it, has always been and will be within you to decide.  You ARE that powerful! 

With love, honor and manifested joy to all… at light-en-ing speed!

Lisa Gawlas



  1. Very interesting and inspiring…hopeful and healing! thank you!


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