Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 9, 2010

Your Choices Fuel Your Life and the Reality You Live Within

Every single one of us are busy making choices, day in and day out.  Even tiny babies are living in a world of their own choices; “Do I cry or not cry,” Do I try to crawl or just keep laying here.”  They aren’t born with a lot of fears, actually babies are born with one simple fear, the fear of being dropped (save any past life carry overs).  The parents instill fears into their children from the start.  When a baby cries because it needs food and mom or dad get mad or don’t get up at all, the baby starts to worry that its needs won’t be met… and tries to find a new way to communicate.  This may be crying louder, getting sick or simply being silent. 

So as we grow into adulthood, we are still enmeshed in making choices every single day, all day long.  But now, what drives those choices?  Is it fear or is it love?  There is always a driving force behind every choice you make.  This driving force is what creates the reality called your life.

Love.  The word seems simple enough, understandable enough, but for so many it is the most confusing word in the world because most people love from the fear level of life… which is not love at all. 

Love is all about the self, yourself.  If you are not madly and deeply in love with yourself, your whole life will reflect that within your choices every day.

We are so programmed to do for others before ourselves that we completely disempower ourselves by making choices that serve others first.  How many people do you know that are in miserable relationships, whether it be marriages, roommate situations, employment situations or simply with themselves and yet keep making the same choices with new justifications as to why this choice is a good choice. 

Life is an amazing experience once you really know how to fuel it.  Positive, life affirming choices will change your reality to amazing new heights.  If you don’t like your job… quit!  Don’t be afraid you won’t find another one, because with that energy inside of you, you won’t.  If you don’t like the environment you live within, move… even if it means moving to your car.  Because the collective environment energy effects your world.  If your world sucks, and you are living with people who live in fear, get the hell out and stop blaming someone else for an action only you can take.  But equally, be sure your not just running away from having to deal with your life’s reality.

Have faith in yourself, in who you really are, that blessed beautiful spiritual being!  If there is something in your life (that you created) that is unpleasant, change it, don’t wallow in it! 

How many of us are choosing to use our communications ability to change the energy in our life?  If you have a boss or co-worker that is just unpleasant, let them know that.  Not in a judgemental way, but in a life affirming way.  Perhaps you have someone in your life that spews negativity to the point it flattens you out, tell them with love and hope in your words! 

When I make choices in my life, especially those big ones that lead to change, I wait until I feel its rightness within me.  This usually happens with a wave of energy that wraps around my body with such love and support that I know that choice is the best choice for me… and it always proves correct.

Now if I make a choice in a space of negativity or fear (same thing really) that choice always blows up in my face.  You can tell the difference by the way you feel.  If you are making a choice from fear or are simply afraid of the choice that will change your life (there are people who need and love drama in their life, even if they say the opposite is true) that choice will feel like 100 pound weight that you just want to get over with. 

Even the thoughts we think are a choice that fuels our reality.  If you keep thinking to yourself, I will never have enough money to change my life, I assure you that will be your experience.  If your thoughts are about how miserable your life is, then you can readily expect more misery to show up since that is really what you are inviting in.

Then there are the choices of survival, this is not a love based set of choices, but of fear.  These choices always revolve around you.  Example, I want to do this, but I have to pay my bills so I will do that.  Or I need to stay in this relationship because (fill in the blank).  Your life will always remain in survival mode.

Now imagine being so filled with love of yourself that all you want to do is share that love with others.  Your choices take on a whole different tone.  I wake up wondering… who can I touch today.  Good thing I am a massage therapist, it allows me to touch a lot of people all week-long.  My choices are not about how can I survive but how can I serve.   I know that my love of myself brings to me every single thing I need in every day.  It can be no other way. 

I also knew that in order to attract all that I want and need in life, I had to move out of the negative energy field that was my home in Virginia.  Other people’s choices affect you, especially if you are living or working with them. 

Let me tell you how much we affect each other.  I recently went to Austin, Texas to be with my oldest daughter while she buried her 31-year-old brother (from her father) due to a prescription drug overdose.  The first night I arrived I slept with her in her bed.  I woke up the next morning feeling the exhaustion one feels when they have been crying for days.  I didn’t shed a tear, but my daughter had been and in that close environment, her energy became one with mine. 

How many times have you had your energy all tangled up with someone elses and you didn’t know what you really felt any longer? 

If you want an amazing life, you have got to make amazing choices.  Choose to be around uplifting people.  Let me tell you tho, if you are not uplifting yourself, then it will be impossible to attract that into your life.  Like always attracts like.  You must make the choice to be the person you want within your life, otherwise you are going to keep attracting reminders of who you don’t want to be.

You cannot love others before you love yourself, that is impossible.  I mean truly love, not the dysfunctional needy love we are all so accustomed to.  You cannot say you love your children and yet every action you have shouts the opposite, like negative behaviour that has your children removed from you.  Your personal choice to loath yourself does not equal loving your children, it is quite the opposite really.  The more you loath yourself, the more separate the very things your heart desires will move away from you. 

Your choices fuel your reality.  Are you living in bliss?  If not, maybe it is time to make some serious changes in your choices.

With ohhh so much love, joy and gratitude to all who beautifully graced my life with amazing lessons in clarity and love…. and the opposite of it all as well.


Lisa Gawlas

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