Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 9, 2010

You Cannot Live in the New World Energy in the Old Way

The New World; the concept has been right up there with Ascension (what the hell is it really and what does it mean to me?)  The month of October to present has given me vivid clarity as to what all this talk about The New World, The 5th dimensional energies, The Shift and so on, really mean to us. 

First let me say, that new world, that “shift”… it’s here.  Don’t think you have to wait for it or do anything to be a part of it, it is here now, period. 

This new energy supports only love.  It is, after all, a pure vibration of love.  It is the Unified Field of Consciousness AKA the Christ Consciousness.  3rd dimensional energy supported both fully, fear and love, as that has been the game we were playing.  It is also the field of energy we all have “woken” up within as well.  So focusing on our dark side (yes we all have them) was crucial to get to this most amazing point in our collective timeline.

This new energy that is connects each of us deeply into the heart of each other.  Hence “the Unified Field of Consciousness.”  It is like an amplifier of energy that is amazingly loud and vivid for all to hear/feel.   However, like everything in our beautiful space of duality, it really is a double-edged sword, and you get to choose which side of the sword you want to live on.

This new world, new higher vibrating energy does not support anything that is outside of love.  Let me be clear here, pure unconditional LOVE. 

So as we are all standing on this new world energy system, and those still hanging onto the old energy vibration (that of extreme duality) everything that is opposite of love within our lives, is going to be amplified 10 fold.  But equally, everything that supports love in your life, will equally be amplified 10 fold.

This new energy equally focuses on what good and joyful.  That means, us lightworkers that have been helping people in ways that have been very useful up until now, have got to change our approach with the new energy.     This new energy requires you look at your Light, your great amazing side, and bring that to the fore.  Our approach to helping MUST change direction as the energies have intensely changed.  The more Light that is focused on, the more Light comes speeding in.  Dark (which is pain and fear) cannot and will not exist in the illumination of Light, of Love.

At the end of October I had this overwhelming feeling to shut down all my classes and just wait.  I had no idea why, but I trust that feeling within me.  Now I so fully understand why.  I am teaching old energy stuff in a new energy world, doesn’t work like that any more.  As we move closer to the energies of Dec., the new ways are trickling into us for our new approach.

Now is the time to focus on the good within you and to amplify that within your world, because anything opposite that, is gonna sting like hell, by your own choice and state of focus, or those you surround yourself with.

Makes me wonder what is going to happen to our politicians (yikes). 

We are all being asked to be in service to each other.  Get out of your own drama’s and sob stories and help someone, it is amazing how good you will feel from that change in focus.  Then go help someone else… share a smile, a hug, a word of encouragement.  Bring up someones issues only to put them in light and then back to encouragement, helpfulness with joy in your heart.

This new energy, and those closely aligned to it, will not be able to be next to anything that is less than love.  Trust me, I know.   The more closely aligned you become with the unified field, the more you will know too.  One foot in the old energy and one foot in the new energy simply is not going to work like it had prior to this past Oct.

I started to reflect on my last 10 years and really was shown how much we push the power of creation away by being in a state that is not love.  You and I, we are truly a group energy.  When we gather in one place, whether it is on the internet or in person, we amplify that which is truly in our hearts and create an energy that supports that.  When even one person is in your group that is out of alignment with the group energy, it will affect the all and the outflow of energy from the all, and all will feel it, as we are so much more closely connected to the heart energies of the all.

Negative energy is void of love, pure unconditional love of the all, and not sustainable in this new earth energy.  It will degrade your life and the life of others around at light-en-ing speed.  All while giving you the option to choose again. 

Me personally, I will surround myself with joyful, hopeful people so we can amplify that energy to the outer reaches of the universe.  We are in the very energy that miracles are created out of, why not be in full alignment with that energy? 

I have no problem saying sorry, your too negative for me, when you change towards love, come back around.  Once upon a time, a few short months ago, I felt very obligated to stay within the opposite field of vibration.    Of course, the field of vibration did support that dualistic vibration an we had much to learn from it.  Eventually, enough people have their heart field directly connected to this new field… and it remains as the energy.  We ALL must learn to serve now in this new energy, in a new and amazing way.  This is why the majority of us, are currently tuned into the “snow channels” of our lives.   

We all have choices to make; to feel like you have to be around negativity/fear or not.  Your life will amplify the results back to you.

I am so grateful to be finally be living within this new energy on earth, we have all waited lifetimes to it to be here.  Now the choice is, what are you going to do with it?  Continue to look at your dark side, and trust me, life will give you even more dark stuff to keep looking at or amplify your Light, and life will give you more opportunities to amplify your Light/Love!

Light supports Light.  Why not be the torch for all to see?  Why not be the miraculous this energy supports and thrives within? 

Why not thrive instead of survive?  This choice has always been and always will be yours to make.

With ohhh so much love, joy and miracles,

Lisa Gawlas

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