Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 17, 2009

Understanding and moving thru the new energy of Life.

The one thing everyone on planet earth can agree with, is that life is changing, and changing rapidly.  Some are in the fear zone, some are in the zombie zone, and others are in the “what the heck” zone and we cannot discount the handful of people like me that are in the way way excited zone!!  This being the plane to free choice, we can move thru these accelerated times any way we choose. .. and remember, it is always how we CHOOSE to feel.

In these last few weeks (April to May 2009) so much clarity and understanding has been “downloaded” into my understanding.  I ask you not to take my word for anything I say or share.  Go into your heart, ask your higherSelf if any of what I share, is true for you (yet).  It took me 9 very dedicated years to get to this place of understanding, of letting go of all I thought I knew about life… we are all in this same process of understanding.  We are all at different points of the pathway of understanding.

The one thing I have noticed, especially since we have opened The Wonder of You, people tend to go in 10 different directions trying to get their own understanding…. to awaken themselves to their full potential.  It’s not going to happen like that.  There is only 1 direction that will ever truly serve your higher good, and that is going within yourself.  I can write (and obviously have) and share all I can possibly put into words to help you understand what is happening on planet earth and within you… but until you go within yourself, connect to the higher realms of your self… it is simply an understanding for you (a vague one at that).  Applying knowledge is where wisdom and true growth comes into play.

I want to share a little secret with you….

When I first learned that one of my spiritual teachers is the guy most people know as Jesus (and I know as Sananda) I asked him to tell me about his life as Jesus.  He stated a matter of factly that his life as Jesus has gotten so distorted over time that it is impossible to correct and share in truth.  Little did I know that the next 8 years of my life, he was going to teach me thru my own application of life, what he did and how he lived when he was in body as Jesus.

There is so much missing information in our story books we call the bible.  Yes, Jesus was a profound healer, but first and foremost, he was a master teacher.  What good is healing someone if they have no clue how their body really works?  He knew better than anyone that all illness stems from dysfunction within… if a person does not change and heal their own dysfunction, the body will only break down again. 

So Jesus went everywhere and talked to anyone that would listen to him… and taught them what he knew about life, about spirit, about being a Spiritual Being living in a Human Body.  When the people came to him for healing, he first schooled them in how they work…. gave them homework (things to do) to restructure their own energy system (which is where all dysfunction starts).  He could see into their Akashic Records and know what core issues they needed to work on in order to be able to sustain complete healing…  and when the client was ready, imagine this… he did body work on them!

There is even a place in the bible where this is stated (a very shortened version of course) when the Leper came to Jesus seeking healing and Jesus asked her what she had learned from her illness… and she spouted out anger and blame…. and he told her she hadn’t learned anything and must keep it. 

Here is the heart breaking thing for me (and this is purely from my very humble human view)…. I have seen more people over the years rather sit in wallow in their dysfunction than take the 15 minutes a day it takes to go within.  Life, and how you move thru it, is always your choice.

So here is where I am at now….

Armed with 9 years of incredible understanding… I have been shown a very direct route in getting you from where ever you are in your path, and placing you on the accelerated path of growing, healing and full understanding.  But… YOU MUST BE AN INTERACTIVE PART OF YOUR LIFE!

The planet is vibrating at a quickened rate of speed.  What that means to you is, that she is now able to hold tremendous amounts of light in her which allows all those that choose to… to start and complete their own ascension process without 9 years of struggle!!

Let me give you an overview of where you are going and how to get there most efficiently.  (We are all going here, whether consciously or unconsciously).

The first leg of our journey….  Breaking out of the Collective Consciousness

The first challenge is getting out of your mind!  Breaking thru the collective consciousness layer of earth.  The collective consciousness is the fear layer.  The ego is the drama king/queen and thrives at the fear layer of planet earth.  Your mission… get out of it!!!  There is not a human on the face of the earth that can do this work for you.  Even the most profound healer cannot go in and reprogram your brain… that is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!!  You must go within at the very start of your journey!  Or all else is simply illusion and will take you no where. 

Now… that is not to say, there are those of us on the earth that cannot assist you in this process!! 

Before I say this, I want to thank Lee Carroll and the Kryon Energy for helping me to know what I have really been doing within a client.  Scientific I am not!  However, I know I have been working within the DNA layers to facilitate healing within clients, to help them awaken within…. but until Kryon came out with his latest channeling, I really didn’t understand the process I do naturally.  If you have not read it yet, it is here.

I have been tapping into a clients Akashic Records (DNA Layers 7 and 8 AKA the Creation Layers) since about 2003 when I learned to do what I call an “email reading”.   That aspect of your DNA tells me so much about you… your highs and lows… and I share everything I can back with you, because it is for you to understand…. not me!  (Altho I must say, I pick up so much profound information thru clients… and I am grateful in so many ways.)

I also tap into the Healing Layer of the DNA (Layer 9)… the layer that is there for your own healing purposes!!  If you ever had a Hands of Light session with me you know I first tell you where your dysfunction is, then I tell you what you need to do to change it.  Nothing I ever do in a therapy session comes from me… nor stays with me.  A day after your session, I can’t tell you what transpired in there….  I would be a nut case if I kept it all! (smile)

I also give you instructions on how to tap into your HigherSelf (DNA Layer 6) and I communicate back and forth from your HigherSelf to you.  Also, it is from this layer of interaction that Kundalini is activated once you (we) have cleared the pathways within you for that energy to start flowing.  This is also where understanding what Sex, Love and Kundalini really mean in your life and how to work with this vital life force energy (your soul energy).  This also facilitates stage 1 of the opening of the heart chakra.

Thru the above interaction, DNA Layer 2 is sharing its information as well… that is life Lesson… Not your Karma but your PURPOSE.  Now, lets be perfectly clear here… your purpose will change as you change.  So many people want to know what their spiritual purpose is before they even deal with the purpose they came in to understand… which is healing.  I will give you an example…

My initial purpose in this life (and this is an overly simplified version) was understanding and working with as many fashions of the ego as I could.  I needed to understand the variety of personality constructs and how to work harmoniously with them, so I was in sales for 20 years, and passed in and out of a lot of relationships in those times.  (Of course I only see that now from today’s perspective, but hey, at least I see it now.. and thru my sessions, you will see yours too.)

My life purpose changed on the mountain in Vermont.  It was actually changing long before that day, but the transition happened there.  If you are interested in reading that story just click here

So the first part of the journey… and a crucial part – you cannot skip it – GET OUT OF THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS LAYER of earth!!  To do this you MUST integrate your ego instead of living from it.  Integrating the ego is like fighting a long hard battle that must be won by you.  The moment you get tired and quite… the process retreats and you will have to start again later, when you are ready.  One of the best books I have ever read that give you a clear understanding of what this path of ascension really is, is a booked called “The Journey Home” by Lee Carroll and Kryon.  (You can purchase this book from our online gift shop by clicking here)

The 2nd part of the journey… Climbing the Ascension Ladder

Once you get out of the fear vibration, the collective layer of earth (integrated your Kundalini energy thru your entire physical, mental and emotional bodies), this is where real magic starts to happen!  By getting to this phase of your journey you have completely wiped away any Karmic relationships you have come in with, which means your only karma becomes what you create in any given moment.  This is not so bad because by this point, you have (for the most part) integrated the ego, so fear does not lead your life any longer.

However, I do need to talk about responsibility.  By this part you have raised your vibration significantly.  You are no longer hanging out in the collective consciousness level of Being, and those around you are going to notice this.  Some will embrace your new found sense of Self, others will simply walk away from you.  Part of this vibration is knowing what to let go of because it serves you not.

Equally important, there is a feeling that emanates outward from you as you continue to fit into your new suit of energy.  You are now vibrating from a “love frequency.” and people will notice.  Keep in mind, most people on planet earth interpret their love feelings as sex feelings or wanting to fill that missing part of themselves… so they want to hang out with you, and be with you, and fall in (“needy”) love with you.  It is YOUR responsibility to be clear with all people of your true intentions and help them understand what they feel and why.

This is where absolute discernment and responsibility play a huge part in your daily karma attributes.  If you are in anyway entertaining your ego (yes we still have fragments of the ego left to work out, or perhaps better said, work in) with the added attention…  well, lets just say now is a great time to really take inventory in where you want to go in your life and what you want to Be.  Be sure you are not feeding your ego with the attention!!

This part of the journey is all about really discovering who you are Spiritually.  What are those wonderful trinkets that you brought into life with you.  What I call your “spiritual gifts” that are yours and yours alone to share with the greater good.  It is now time to learn how to use them, apply them, and make those gifts stronger.

Now I must interject here… the path of Ascension (which is this part) is not a straight upward journey.  If you ever let your ego out in the front of your life, taking in the glory that is now coming to you via those around you… trust me, you have just stepped backwards on your path and you must re-evaluate where you are going and why.  It is very very common for us to take 3 steps forward and 5 steps back.

It is also here in this leg of the journey the heart chakra opens even more.  You are expanding in ways you cannot even imagine.  Your intuitive abilities become keener…. more rapidly applied to your life since ego is no longer at the forefront creating doubt and fear. 

In this vibration, it is so easy to create followers.  Be very very careful of this unintended (but very real) attribute.  People will seek you out for direction in their lives and rightfully so.  Empower them with wisdom, with direction, but remember, you CANNOT lead them, nor do their work for them.  If you ever think you can, you truly are in ego and need to re-evaluate where you are going and why.

The Third Leg of the Journey – Piercing into the Christ Consciousness

As you are assimilating all you can possibly assimilate via the ascension ladder, AND ASSISTING ALL THOSE YOU CAN ASSIST (back to responsibility here, you are here to help, not serve your (human) self with all that you are learning and becoming) you start to expand so much into who you REALLY are that your heart chakra is no longer a funnel shaped cone of energy but now an all encompassing sphere of knowing.  It rounds itself out to surround you (please bear with me as I try and paint a picture here with my very humble and meager words). 

Last year (2008) when I was in one of my bath meditations, I was shown my heart chakra, and it started to go outwards to the edges of the universe (the today I understand it as connecting to all of the earths magnetic grid).  The front of my heart chakra went upwards, the back went downwards and they met in the middle and became an incredibly large sphere of energy.  All of my other chakra’s interconnected to this heart chakra image. 

I am going to share a little story here with you…

When I first “woke up” to this path, I was gifted some amazing teachers.  The one who taught me about unconditional love, non-judgement and trust was an amazing energy from the Plieades named Franklyn.  He held my hand, my heart, and tempered my ego bit by bit.  He helped me to see people and situations in a whole different way, from a broader “spiritual” perspective.  I would channel his information and he talked in depth about living from the love vibration, communicating from the love frequency.  It was all so over my head, but yet, somehow, it wasn’t either.  I think, really, it is only from today’s perspective do I really get what he was talking about…  

Every step you take, is taking you deeper and deeper into the vibration of love (your “natural” state of Being and Living), in learning how to really communicate from this frequency.  Not only with the people around you, but thru the collective consciousness layer as well.  Every thought you think travels thru the collective first and foremost.  Imagine that!  Every loving thought, every understanding you come to know and share, must first go thru the collective layer of fear.  Those thoughts are changing the collective layer!  More and more people are searching…. realizing something is now incredibly different.  This is how the planet as a whole ascends.

Not only are you sending it thru the collective, you are also sending it into the core of the earth as well.  Every foot upon this earth now feels your changes, your new vibration.  Every plant and tree is soaking up your love vibration and welcoming you home.  As you wrap your heart chakra around the planet, around the sky, you can feel their joy – true unwavering joy.  Let me be clear here, once you are connected in this way, Joy and Peace is a constant feeling within you.  It is impossible to be in fear and drama, because now you feel the bigger picture happening.  In the human family, the emotions are mixed!!  You can feel the fear getting stronger looking for a way out of this new found collective love vibration… 

Now that you are deeply plugged into all life (via the heart chakra) you also know that to dispel the fear is to look at it in the eyes and embrace it.  Love it.  Cherish it for all it has done, and then release it.  It will run away.  It is what fear does… run!  It will either take its host (human) with it, or the human will simply let it go (free will and all that). 

You will also find that the human aspect of yourself very rarely does the talking thru life, it is your very soul that communicates on all levels, because by this time, it is your soul that is alive within the human framework of your life.  The ego aspect has accepted its rightful place within your life, and now listens to the Divine information that flows freely outwards (and inwards).  It is due to this soul connection, this soul integration, that you are equally connected to every other loving soul (and even those not so loving humans) in a deep and profound way.  In this place, there is no secrets.  You know what the human is really feeling before the first words flow off their tongue.  You know their motives behind their actions.  You know more than you ever realized a human could know…. and it is not always comfortable in this space because now you really have to use your discernment skills.  You have to know when to bring to a persons attention (here is responsibility in the umpteenth degree) the fact that they are fooling themselves and when to just let them cover up what is really happening within themselves.  If you have not learned these two absolutely essential lessons during the ascension phase, you will not be able to pierce the veil into the Christ Consciousness! 

Now here is an interesting note… none of us can move faster than the collective consciousness will allow!! 

Once upon a yesterday, one of us, or several of us could climb as high and as far upon the spiritual ladder as we were willing to take ourselves regardless of what the rest of humanity chose to do.  Not so this time around.  We (as a collective spiritual body) decided, this time on earth, all will ascend together.  We are all going to climb our spiritual ladder together!!  How exciting is that!!??

Well for some… not very exciting at all.  Some people are so caught up in the old beliefs systems, the old way of doing things they are fighting themselves tooth and nail.  Bodies are breaking down.  Mental health is flying out the window.  Frustration is reaching peaks and lashing outward.  We will find these people leaving their bodies.  Be OK with that.  They will go back to spirit and choose a newer, higher vibrating body that will allow them to ascend with the rest of us.  Celebrate the departure of friends, loved once, soul family across the world who are going back home.

Here is something to think about…. and one that you cannot get away from even if you do not choose to believe what I have written…

You are responsible for ever thought you think, every action you enact.

Everything you think, do and say goes soaring into the collective consciousness.  EVERYTHING!!  There is so much “light” building in the collective that negativity does not get to stay around and spread its disease.  Instead, it is now being shot right back down to the sender of negative anything. 
Think about that for a moment.  If you are thinking a negative thought towards someone, it is now speeding right back to you, housing itself up in your body somewhere…. beckoning to you to choose a more vibrant way of Being, of thinking!!

There are many of us holding the light in the collective.  Being diligent with the opportunity for all to climb this amazing spiritual ladder and remain in body!!  But when all is said and done, it is your choice in how you live.  We can hold the door open for you, but it is up to you to walk thru it!!

Here is another exciting fact:
If you allow yourself to move out of the collective consciousness… (meditation is crucial here)…. it will be impossible for you to ever be ill or depressed again – EVER!

The only reason a body ever breaks down is because they are so out of balance with who they truly are.  They are so caught up in the fear vibration that the body breaks down, the mind breaks down….   even a sprained muscle is a fear manifesting itself in your awareness to be dealt with.

Here is another exciting fact for all you parents out there….
When you heal yourself, when you really start your journey of climbing your own spiritual ladder… YOU ARE EQUALLY HEALING YOUR CHILDREN!!  Imagine that.  Your inner work pays off in such huge dividends you cannot even imagine.  When you move up onto the next rung of your ladder, your children (whether consciously or completely unconsciously) are moving up with you!  They are becoming more centered, more sure… more aware!!  I am watching this process first hand… and let me tell you it is both humbling and amazing, lets put exciting in there too!!

Give me a few days, I am going to be writing three new pages (all in relationship to this).  One will be called the The Collective, one will be called Ascension Ladder, one will be called Christ Consciousness (there will eventually be more… but much later).  I will do my best to explain what ever level is and how to move up and out of it.  (Check back here, please bear with me, I am building these pages, and trying to tell a story that will make sense to anyone who reads it – not so easy as I am finding out lol.)

This is where my soul focus is at this point in time, in giving anyone who is interested a very clear cut understanding of what all this ascension talk really means to them and all of us, and how to move thru it all efficiently and effectively.  It is not as hard as it may seem.  It really is time to discover fully THE WONDER THAT IS YOU!!!

I love you so much, and will be here to help you in any way I can!!
Lisa Gawlas

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