Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 14, 2009

The Physical Body

Our physical bodies, when viewed under a high powered microscope, are not solid at all.  The body is a series of vibrations.  Molecules, atoms, protons, etc. vibrating at a certain rate of speed.  It is our physical mind that gives us the picture and the feeling of it all being a solid mass of something. The rate of speed or intensity of this vibration varies, it is not the same all the way thru the body. 

The closer your physical body is to the earth (feet, legs, groin) the slower and heavier the vibration rate.  As you start to move up the body, the rate of vibration picks up speed, or gets quicker.  The quicker the vibration of any part of your physical body, the closer the connection is to your soul energy.

The soul energy has an intensely high vibration rate.  It moves so quickly that we have yet to invent the microscope that can see it clearly (but this microscope will soon be invented).  This is one of the major reasons why so many people have such a hard time with doing meditation.  You are trying to enter the highest vibration (rate of speed) within yourself… most people get frustrated and quit before they ever realize the wonder of meditation.  We need to be starting from the other end… the slower, more familiar energy within ourselves!!

When we are in total health, there is a harmony taking place from head to tippy toe.  Our energy fields are vibrating perfectly and in co-operation with each level within us.  When we start to get out of harmony within ourselves, that energy becomes disrupted.  The rate of speed slows down even more.  The longer we ignore the vibrational change (and our medical fields don’t even look at this aspect, so it has to go ignored until you find someone who understands this part of life) that is when illness and disease sets in. 

In the midst of the blood, bones, muscles and physical make-up that we can see in the body are what I will refer to as energy streams.  These energy streams are in addition to that vibration I just talked about.  I refer to this energy stream as your inner ocean, which has an ebb and flow all of its own.

This information is going to conflict with what some of you may have learned or studied, please be open to it.  It makes the body simple and easy to understand. 

The lowest chakra or energy center (the root or base chakra) starts at the coccyx (tail bone).  There are three channels in which if flows up thru us to intersect at the tailbone… sort of like gas lines (trying here to give you a visual) that are in the center of your body.  I see the base chakra like a 3 prong stream, 2 of the prongs are running thru each of your legs and then one right out the center of you from the groin.  There are 3 distinct channels in which this energy flows… the groin area being larger around than the ones in the legs, all with its own purpose.

The energy runs up from the ground thru your legs, entering at the soles of your feet and your grown then meets the sacral chakra at the tail bone.  I am not going over chakra’s here, just trying to help you understand how these channels work together and how important this energy flow is to your well being (body, mind and soul).

The earth energy merges with your spine at the tail bone.  In the center of your spine runs a stream of energy, this is the flow of your inner ocean, or the current.  The center stream in your spine is where most of your chakra’s or energy centers intersect and share information.  This stream from the earth flows upwards gathering all the incoming and outgoing information from your energy centers, pulling itself up thru your neck and crashes over your brain like the ocean crashes over the sand on the beach.

As this upward flow of energy crashes over your brain, nurturing all your electrical fields within the brain, also bringing you vision of your Self to the inner eye (brow chakra) the spiritual energy comes in thru the top of your head, mixing with this crashing wave, enhancing it.  As the spiritual energy mixed with the earth energy runs back down your spine, as the ocean retreats back from the sand to its source, so do you, it takes all of the stress and worries of the day with it and releases it back into mother earth so she can transmute your stress and worries into positive energy (when all your centers are open).

But over time, we have become human pack rats.  We no longer allow our flow to do its job, instead we store our stress and worries in the body.  I personally stored mine in my gallbladder.  When I had to have emergency surgery to remove my diseased gallbladder, I shifted my storage house to my stomach, which developed raging ulcers.
When we are in such a state of disrupted energy flow, it affects our minds.  We get depressed, loose vital energy and become tired and drained.  We no longer sleep as needed and may even become sleep deprived.  When we can no longer feel our vital life force flowing thru us, we contemplate suicide or do things that are so reckless as to cause us harm.

When we really ignore our bodies warning signals, the energy flow starts to eat at its self, looking for the nourishment we are no longer giving it (our love).  Cancer sets in where we are in our highest dysfunction within ourselves… within our energThe Wonder of Youy flows.

What facilitates death, or maybe better stated, creates the energy for our bodies to start breaking down and die?  It is our increased level in the energy of fear.  Our bodies were never designed for states of prolonged fear.  Lets get clear on what fear really is – it is every negative state of being and thinking.  Fears that you are not good enough, not pretty enough, and fears that something bad will happen, or worry you won’t get that next bill paid, or that a spouse is cheating.  The fears are so long and so incredibly ingrained in how we approach life, it is no wonder our life span is a mere 70 -80 years when this incredible body was designed to live for hundreds and hundreds of years!

Lets talk about two very important aspects of our life, of our working physical body that both connect to The Aging Process!! 

Scientifically the medulla oblongata functions primarily as a relay station for the crossing of motor tracts between the spinal cord and the brain. It also contains the respiratory, vasomotor and cardiac centers, as well as many mechanisms for controlling reflex activities such as coughing, gagging, swallowing and vomiting.

However; Scientists are becoming more aware that the human body can and does absorb energy; also, it is operated by a form of solar energy or electricity. The main input center is located at the Medulla Oblongata in the brain stem. This area of the body is called the Mouth of God by the ancient Masters of Life. The life energy was called the Word, due to its vibratory rate, which is audible. The Medulla Oblongata is so sensitive a pin prick would cause instant death, to tickle it would cause paralysis. Any other organ can be operated upon except the Medulla Oblongata.

Scientists are becoming convinced that this center is the focal point of life directly within our organism that traps light like a plant and converts it into energy through photosynthesis. This is the real Tree of Life in the Garden of Cosmic Consciousness.

The Medulla Oblongata also has a direct link to the Pineal Glad also known as The Master Gland.The Wonder of You
Scientifically the pineal gland contains a number of peptides, including GnRH, TRH, and vasotocin, along with a number of important neurotransmitters such as somatostatin, norepinephrine, serotonin, and histamine. The major pineal hormone, however, is melatonin, a derivative of the amino acid tryptophan. Melatonin was first discovered because it lightens amphibian skin, an effect opposite to that of melanocyte-stimulating hormone of the anterior pituitary. Secretion of melatonin is enhanced whenever the sympathetic nervous system is stimulated. Of greater interest, however, is the fact that secretion increases soon after an animal is placed in the dark; the opposite effect takes place immediately upon exposure to light. Its major action, well documented in animals, is to block the secretion of GnRH by the hypothalamus and of gonadotropins by the pituitary.  (I don’t want to get too scientific here, google the chemicals to fully understand their importance.
First lets go to the Medulla Oblongata.  This is part of your brain stem that connects directly to the spinal chord (what I call your main core channel).  The Medulla Oblongata is also called The Mouth of God.  It is located on the cervical aspect of the spinal chord and attaches to C-1, C-2 and C-3.  This is in the Throat Chakra center that governs Self Expression.
So here you have two direct links to LIGHT within the body. 

Now let me give you what I have come to know about these two incredible parts of our body!!  For me, this is the most exciting thing I have learned yet!!  Mostly because once we lighten everything up in these two centers, we drastically slow the aging process and severally put off the death result.

Metaphysically speaking, lets start with the Medulla Oblongata located in the throat chakra!  The one thing I have found in the many years of doing energy work, the majority of people have a very blocked throat chakra.  The denseness of dark (not illuminated) energy presses upon the medulla oblongata which creates (in partnership with the heart chakra) heart disease, lung disease and so on. 

Now remember, the slightest vibration effects the medulla oblongata’s working order.  Light energy is a truly light vibration, where as the lack of light (which is where fear comes in, fear is dense, dark, unknowing, untrusting) is heavy.  So if you spend your time in fear, and your Self expression is restricted due to fear you are sending a signal to the pineal gland that reduces the production of melatonin (the regulation of light within the body). 

Imagine what happens when you keep things you want to say…. in.  They build up (I have seen this energetic issue in way to many people) or the opposite, when we spew out venom with our words, imagine the harsh vibration that is taking place within our Medulla Oblongata (and lets not forget that very important hormone releasing gland the thyroid). 

It is the severe dysfunction of our Self (please, higher self here, not the human minded self) expression that causes us to age and eventually die!!  Imagine that!!  Imagine if we healed it, put it into a balance of light…. we would slow down the aging processes by centuries, yes I said that correctly CENTURIES!!  That means we could put off the act of dying for close to a millennium!!  Hard to currently imagine I know, but true non the less!!

Every single illness, disease, or dysfunction can be restored back to absolute health.  I don’t care if cancer ate half of your liver away… it will re-grow itself if you change what is needed in you.   If you lost bone mass, it will regenerate itself if you take charge of your life, spiritually, physically, and mentally!  However, if you believe what I say is impossible, then for you, it will be.  Your beliefs create the reality that you now exist within.  You do not have to believe me, not ever, and keep what you have created, and more will be coming to you.  Gods law cannot be broken ever! 

I also want to touch on something so important here, as we are talking about the physical body.  I (and others like me) can reset your entire flow of energy… make it whole again, but if you do nothing to change what caused the flow to change, it will revert back again to disruption.  You must be a willing partner in your well being.  If you are not willing to work on yourself, to understand yourself and make changes, then your physical body can only reflect your true state of being and that would be dysfunction.  No aspect of your life… NONE is someone else’s fault.  Someone or something may have been a catalyst to bring something so dynamic to your awareness but often times, we simply just get mad, and anger will eat you up quicker than any other emotion. 

We can only be responsible for ourselves, change ourselves, grow our life’s ourselves.  We change for the better… life around us follows the same direction.  This too is gods laws. 

I will close for now on that note. 

With soooo much love and honor to you,
Lisa Gawlas


I want to leave you with this to really feel with:

Master Jesus of Nazareth said, “It is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” (Matthew 4:4).

There is no doubt in my heart, he was talking about YOUR  Self Expression and the effect on the Medulla Oblongata!!! 


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