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An Ocean of Energy Engulfs You!

golden life energy

With all the hoopla around this full lunar eclipse, I was quite eager to see what laid on the other side of it.  Well, yesterdays view didn’t disappoint at all!!  There is just soooo much amazing energy surrounding all of us, of course, expressing itself in unique ways.  My first lady on the field, her reading was filled with an energy that kind of looked like an ocean coming in from our future and meeting her in her present.  Tho it wasn’t water at all, but pure energy with little flecks of sparkly stuff inside and a golden hued outline on every wave and every still point.  It was as breathtaking to see as it was to feel.  The crazy thing was, this ocean of energy was at least 6 feet deep (again going to scale of my vision) but, there was no “shoreline.”  Instead it presented itself from bottom to top at a 90 degree angle.  At the 90 degree angle part, the energy was as smooth as glass and my lady jumped in head first.  But didn’t move from that position thru our entire reading, which really makes a lot of sense, this energy ocean is brand new and just now available, now she has got to put the energy in to get on top of the waves and ride it, USE IT to unleash her hearts greatest desires.

This is the most important message thru yesterday… YOU MUST GET INTO ACTION / USE of this vibrant energy now available to you.  No more sitting and visualizing, just do something to start the creative processes to you.

What I find really interesting, as I will contrast in a moment, this lady has a strong desire to move out of the state she is in to New Mexico and even getting those wonderful validations in her life that that is a good direction for her, but she has not started even researching anything about where to live, housing and all that goes with a move.  She also has a wonderful business idea too, and yet, it remains an idea without getting out of her head into a planned view in the created world.

This energy is abundant and ready to co-create with you, but the time for waiting, for just visualizing, for being in stillness is over.  We need to put action into our desires and this sea of energy will wrap around it and bring it to you in ways that will blow your mind.  Ease and grace is going to be our core feelings as we move forward.

My other lady that I want to contrast with the one above, her new energy came out of a portal in the upper atmosphere and was showing her with amazing multicolored energy directly over her body.  I could even see her in this brilliant energy shower rubbing the energy into her skin and body.  Her desire is to expand her spiritual abilities beyond what she is already doing and the energy is pouring down around her to get that job done, but she is the one who has to stretch and try new things and it will enhance it all.

The second biggest message, especially thru my showering lady… PLAY – HAVE FUN, do not take yourself so seriously.  Enjoy the adventures that are waiting for you with a child like quality…. but DO SOMETHING!!

The time for still is over, its time to get up and play.

And I did my little expanding part yesterday.  I got my new blog created, it is a work in progress, lotsa tweaking to be done, but it is functional and I even put out my first sharing, the introduction today.  It is called: InterGalactic Connections and if you click the name, it will take you there.  Please join us in the exchange and growth that will take place there too.

On that note, I am going to go tweaking out other playground.  Until tomorrow….

((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))) filled with so much joy and adventure to all!!

Lisa Gawlas



Well here we are, day one with a whole new enhanced energy system thanx to the release of that amazing eclipse yesterday.  Could you feel the pure joy raining down all around?  The day prior to this eclipse, I got the pure privileged of seeing the energies embed in your bodies, your minds, your hearts expanding what is already there within you, setting the stage to raise the frequency bar within each and every person.  Thru three of the connections, the same exact message came thru: the energy will be fully embedded and ready for use by late afternoon yesterday.  There were not kidding!

Just because I seen the intense work being done prior to yesterday, you would think I would have been prepared to be in the same energy enhancement, meaning, being down psychicly yesterday, but hell no, not until my first three attempts at connection.  My hearing and feeling within the connections was off line and my vision was barely seeing shadows.  But yet, there was one thing so incredibly present thru all the connections… joy coming from each person.  It made me realize something as well, when a person is in a state of true joy, embedded within that emotion is the energy of gratitude, I could feel it, I could hear it in the words we exchanged and it got me so excited.  I may have been down, but I do understand what is happening.  That joy is the fuel of creation.

Being in the land of duality, we do have choice that often time, we are not even very conscious that we are making.  What comes in as joy we can turn into sadness or misery.  We may be seeing many people amplifying their sadness within, reminding themselves how miserable their life is.  Of course, because that is the dualistic fuel of this precious plane, of course they will create a lot more to be sad and miserable about.  Word of advice, if you cannot help them see their own joy, just get out of their way and allow them the creation they are focused on having.  You have better ways to spend your fuel…. creating more joy not only for yourself, but those you come in contact with that are focused on their happiness.

In between my 3rd and 4th appointment yesterday, kinda bummed that I have another day of incapacitated abilities, but also knowing and appreciating why, I went over by my reading chair and for once, I wanted to see what was happening with me.  In that moment, I got the clearest, craziest vision.  My hair suddenly turned into what looked like really fat dread locks made of multi colored threads (not hair at all.)  These dread locks were wrapped around my head like a bun and layered upwards cone-shaped.  At the end of the cone were each individual strands of locks that were pulled straight up into the sky.  I had to giggle at how ridiculous this looked.  But I also realized that those individual locks were my antenna’s… I have grown a lot over the years!!  I watched my team plug and unplug the ends of my locks into different outlets.  This was cool!!

So I thought about my next lady on my schedule, hoping I could see for her too, sure enough, the moment I thought about her, I could see what was happening with her… her heart center was being enlarged and deep inside her core center of her heart I could see this large black ball of energy and I knew she was being amped up in that place primary.  A magnetic enhancement to the umpth degree.  When it was time to do the reading with her, the imagery presented again, sadly tho I was still fractured in my abilities.  My feeling and hearing was still down, until I asked one question… why am I seeing the work being down in her heart as black.  I loved this reply:  What is being done is in such a quantum state of energy and if they showed me exactly what was being done, I have no frame of reference for it and would miss interpret it.  They would rather you see a little bit and not the full thing than having anything be misconstrued.  Knowing the magnetic chambers of your heart is amping up… indeed, is enough to get excited about!!

My next lady showed up so funny and it really shows that without my hearing and feeling centers engaged in the reading, it is just a nice picture without a whole lot of meaning.  She showed up jumping a golden jump rope.  Her face stiffly facing forward, her rope jumping was steady, never going faster, never going slower.  She was wearing shorts and a t-shirt while jumping rope.  I had no flipping clue what the hell that could mean to her.  So we just talked…

As we were talking, her vision steady in my back yard, suddenly her clothes started to change from actual material to a fuzzy dirty white energy that still looked like shorts and a t-shirt.  I told her about the change as it was happening, still having no clue and no hearing to tell her what the hell it means!!  We continued talking and plotting our adventure together next month in Sedona.  Joy was just oozing out of both of us… even with this half ass reading (said with love there.)

Suddenly this energy stream started to come in from above her and slowly adding color to her energy clothes and then my hearing started to kick in… I get this now!  Talk about a complete wardrobe change.  New energy clothes to enhance the new adventure before her.  She was showing up in shorts and a t-shirt to amplify the energy of play, of being causal in all she does.  We tend to take ourselves so seriously that we forget to have incredible fun as we expand our sense of Self and all the abilities and wisdom that comes with that.  This is the time to play, have fun, grow yourself like a child would.

And then finally, that crazy, consistent jump roping with the golden rope became clear.  Creating a brand new, magnetically enhanced (hence the gold rope) energy field around the body.  The jump roping was to symbolize the entirety of this energy bubble (that we all have) encompassing her under her feet as well as over her head and all around her.  I was so excited to finally understand her evolving image that I coulda just peed my pants!!

Now, let me just state again, even with all this new fancy energy threaded thru you and around you, it is still up to you to use it.  Go beyond what you have ever done before.

One new thing I am going to do, is start yet one more new blog.  There is so much understanding coming around our amazing friends from the stars that I could fill the pages here with only that.  The thought of this new ET centered blog crossed my mind the other day, but when I had my second ET session yesterday with an amazing soul named Esther, it became locked and loaded in my heart to do.  Her experiences are amazing.  I realized, we need a place to get all these connections out there in a place that may just ignite others desires to meet with their star family head on.

There are a vast amount of family out there, planets and systems we do not even know about… but are coming to Light now as you reach out and connect.  I will create this new blog over today or tomorrow and give you the link in my next sharing.

This whole adventure is opening my mind in such amazing ways.  Not to mention solidifying the notion that we really need to start to come together to amplify our abilities together.  In the back of my mind, I am working out the details of how to best do that… when it is clear, I will let you know and we will start to organize it.

I did ask Esther if she would document her experiences with her friends from the stars so I could share with all of you, and bless her heart, she started that adventure too.  Last night she emailed me the details up and thru our first session together, so I am going to tease you with her sharing here and the rest of her amazing, profound adventure will be on our new blog.

In the meantime, Esther inspired me as well, to put the Meditation exercise to meet with your family in the stars on my website for everyone to enjoy.  You will find it towards the bottom of the page here:

This is so exciting!!  YOU are so freakin exciting!!  I love you so much and honor you with all my heart and soul.  Thank you for giving me the pure privilege of being a part of your journey!!!

Lisa Gawlas

First let me give Esther a HUGE (((HUG))) of thanx and super loving gratitude for taking the time to share with all of us.  Here is the details of Esther’s life enhancing, dare I even say, life changing (beginning) journey with her star family:

To All Who May Be Interested,

This is a synopsis of my experiences while taking Lisa’s “Meet your friendly ET” class. To start off with, I will say that I have believed for a while that there is no way that our planet is the only one with life on it. I am not an ET buff by any stretch of the imagination. I have not researched other people’s experiences and have not spent any time learning what is out there on the Internet about any specific people/culture/planet. The only personal experience I have had for the past two years is when I am outside at night; I look up at the stars and ask if anyone wants to say hi. I will be immediately drawn to one or more stars that then begin to move as no star or airplane can. Just little squiggles or zig zags or a little back and forth. Nothing crazy. Just a little, “Well Hello There” moment. When Lisa decided to start her “I’ll help you connect class”, she was nervous about stepping out of her comfort zone. So I decided to step with her. It is definitely out of my comfort zone too. Including this sharing with you. But there is no stopping now!

The first class I had with Lisa, her “antenna” was down and so we rescheduled. But she gave me a meditation to work with until our next meeting. On the meditation note, I am not a quiet your mind meditator. Never worked for me. What works for me are focused visuals and just following what happens. Also just so you know, meditating is not something I do everyday. As a matter of fact, for the last nine months I have not done any meditation except for an occasional “checking out how my energy is doing” moment here and there.

The meditation Lisa had me do was quite simple. I checked into the energy of the Earth. Which to me feels like the love of a mother for her child. It fills my heart with a gentle full pressure. (I hold this feeling close to me because I am going to compare it to any other planet I end up at.) I get on an elevator and push the FRIENDS button. The first planet I was taken to was a red planet with one white cloudy section. Just like Mars I think. As soon as that thought is out I see a representation of the Earth side by side with this planet and Earth is much smaller. Soooooo Not Mars! I try to get down to the planet but its not happening. I’m just floating in orbit. So I try to tap into its energy, just like I did with the Earth. I get a deep resonating hum of a sound; it is deep and masculine feeling. I get a quick flash of an underground city in the upper right hand side of the planet (from my point of view). I get to the ground but it is very hard to focus on anything let alone the individual who is there to greet me. I feel that it is a male but can’t make out much of appearance or even name when I attempt communication. Everything is quite unclear. His name sounds short and there are perhaps two consonant sounds being said at the same time. So its very overlapping sounding to my English speaking ears. I try to go to the city but it’s a no go.

I ended the trip there and kept getting into the elevator for the next couple of nights. I went to few more planets. One was a small jade colored gaseous planet. Another I have no frame of reference for. It looked like an ice world but wasn’t. It was more like white scales or plates that kind of overlapped. Very interesting but I don’t know how to explain it. I didn’t see or meet anyone on these worlds. There were one or two more places but they are escaping me at the moment. I have learned to write things down! The final time I went was the day before I was to meet Lisa again. This time when I went to get on the elevator it was a pink see-thru chair with a seat belt. Hmmm Kinky! I strapped myself in and away I went. I was taken to a planet that I couldn’t see clearly at all. Just that there was a pearly green sheen to it or it’s atmosphere. I reached out for it’s energy and it felt very staccato vibratory. I could feel it in my body like a hyper Morse code message. It got me down to the planet but I couldn’t see anything really at all. There was a female there though! I couldn’t focus on her to see her clearly. I don’t know if it was my idea or hers, but I focused just on her hand and that became clearer. I could see that she had v-shaped finger nails. They were not claws but just pointy v-shaped nails. That’s where I left that meditation trip.

The next day as I was detailing my homework experiences to Lisa, a large silver spaceship hovered over her driveway. This yellow spiral funnel like energy came down out of the bottom of it and then three individuals appeared for her to see. She learned that the spiral energy was how they lowered their vibration so that she could see them. There were two male and one female. The males were indistinct, more of an energy shape than a human image. The female looked like a very blond beautiful human female. But she told Lisa that she was not. She was presenting as such to make it easier for Lisa to see. Lisa had me focus my energy out to her driveway and try to communicate directly with them. The female’s name that came to me was “Gloria”. Which yes I’m sure is not really her name. Lisa said it fit her energy. I asked what planet she was from. Lisa, who could see her, said that she was presenting a planetary system in her hands. I could see it vaguely. Mainly that there was something very large in the center of it. Gloria then stepped to the side and a swirly energy appeared. Before Lisa could tell me what to do I jumped into it. It took me straight to black space with distant stars. Lisa told me to explore a bit but I didn’t see anywhere to go until I turned around. Right behind me was a giant red orange star like thing. I think it was/is a sun but the surface seemed solid, maybe a little crystal like. Weird and Awesome. Clearly it is that large object that I saw in the center of her planetary system. So I go looking through the system that surrounds it and I am pulled to that same planet from the night before. I still can’t make it out at all. So instead of trying to force visualization, I go to the night side and plop down there. It seems rather barren. But like I said, I can’t see much. I know Gloria is behind me. Lisa tells me to picture her home, that Gloria wants to meet me there when we have our ET dates. I see a flash of a jade colored building but can’t get myself to travel there. Lisa is great at assuring me that it is going to take a while to get my vibration to the point where I can see everything clearly. In the meantime, each trip I take it will get easier and easier. Baby steps.

Back to Lisa’s driveway I go. The males are getting impatient. They are clear that they are not human. This is repeated more than once to Lisa. She also understands that they are from the red planet that I went to on my first trip. They call their planet or system “The Zone”. She says that they feel very Spock-like, very serious and not showing much emotion. They want me to bring them humor. All righty then. Not expecting that. I thought this was serious work. What a relief that I should not be serious! I walk up to them and take their hands so we are in a circle. Gloria is standing off to the side. She is helping facilitate this meeting according to Lisa. She is sort of smoothing energetic edges. I can’t hear anything from the two males but I am getting a large amount of light flashes behind my actual physical eyelids (back at my home). I told Lisa at the time that it was somewhat rhythmic and Morse code like. But it didn’t translate into anything for me. As Lisa and I keep talking, this flashing goes on for some time. I start getting tiny facial and arm muscle ticks. Very weird and not scary at all, it is more like an electrical overload. Lisa then gives me the homework to start focusing on Gloria and the guys from the Zone and not go off visiting other worlds at this time.

And the adventures continue…Esther









Tonight we finally enter the energy of the full lunar eclipse.  You can almost look at it as going behind the curtain of earth for a full on wardrobe change, leaving old warn out emotions and energy constructs behind and amplifying so much of the new.  What it feels like to me is an opening into some of the brightest energies this planet has ever experienced.  Of course, this wouldn’t be the case if it wasn’t for you and all the work you have done in lighting up your own life, your own field of consciousness, the moon itself reflects what IS.  You Are what IS NOW.  This new stage of life has been dressed and prepped for your whole Being to live and play wildly in life… if you dare!

But of course, we are in an eclipse sandwich.  We have the partial solar eclipse coming up on the 29th.  From what I am understanding thru some of the information coming thru the readings, this second eclipse will serve kind of like a spotlight on your life and what you have (or have not) put forward.  Illuminating idea’s, abilities, connections that you may just not have seen until now.  Your job is to step into it all.  Play, explore and expand like never before!

We are also getting a view of the month of May.  Holy flipping cow batman, this month is presenting like I have never seen before.  For the past 5-6 years, when I would look at a particular month, it would present itself as an energetic color and sometimes with texture, giving us a heads up on what is in store for us thru that expression.  With the exception of this past February, the energies have always been constant in the view.  February was different because for many months before we entered and even as we entered February it showed itself as a blend of maroon and blue energies then about a week into February it changed to a very textured orange.  Showing us that we have indeed brought in the energy of the new earth potential as the ascended masters we are (the blend of red and violet to create the maroon I was seeing) and we even started to speak our truth, from the heart… creating our living soul expression as a constant (the blue.)  That gave way to a deeper, richer sense of Self, hence the orange, the more we embodied our new sense of Self, not living as two separate Beings (soul and human) but ONE Being, that created the texture, the use of the whole Self.

The couple of readings these past two days that stretched their energy into May, amazed me.  At first May was presenting as a very bright yellow, as I watched the folks I was reading for move into May the color itself started to shatter, breaking open into what I can only say looks and feels like a crystalline lake.  The ground itself is fluid, reflective, highly energized and filled with opportunities like never before.

Now, lets talk about those incredible friends so many have from the stars.  Holy cow can they be demanding of attention, sheez.  I was doing my first reading yesterday, and my ladies field was invaded!!  But, even after we got her consciousness connected to their presence, they still were hijacking my antenna to keep the focus on why they are present and to put a fire under her butt to get connected already!!

After her, I had two full hours of dedicated ET connection session, geepers creepers, they arrive before I even sit down.  God forbid we should have some casual conversation first, my lady down under, bless her heart for waking up at 3am to have this session (dedication to the max) and she and I were simply talking when they made sure I can see their 3 little ships circling around my front door.  We gave them our attention!!  Holy buzzed out Beings man!!  Where ever they are from, they produce an energy field that is out of this world!!  (smile, wink)

Even my lady before her, I wanted to do a traditional reading for her with her session (she was looking forward to that too)… nope.  They literally hijacked my antenna and put it right back on themselves.


I am learning so much about our friends from the skies.  Like I have said, I have never really thought much about them until the readings have become invaded by them.

They really are not all that unlike us.  I am learning that some have stronger skills/abilities than others, and so they travel together with others to use their skill set with their own.  And when it comes to connecting with the human consciousness some have not developed that ability efficiently, so they bring others that do have that strong ability.

Because Pleiadians are so fluent in our communication and consciousness skills, often they bring a Pleiadian to the party to translate if needed.

So, if you are feeling your star family around but having a hard time connecting, call out for a Pleiadian interpreter, one will be provided instantly.

Keep in mind too, as you reach for your star family connection, we are the only ones who use words to communication.  Words that just pale in their ability to express fully.  Our star family uses telepathy by presenting what I call “communication packages” to you, very much like seeing, feeling and understanding a 30 minute TV show in seconds.  This is what true telepathy is, not mind reading (hearing someones words from their mind to yours.)  We do not practice this skill with each other really.  We know we can just open our mouths, utter some words and be heard… often tho, not understood.  This telepathy thing leaves nothing to be misunderstood at all.  Maybe this is why they are coming out of the woodwork these days… to help get to where we naturally can go.

On that note, my day begins.  I love you all so much, thank you for stretching me to places I never would have gone myself.  I honor and cherish each and everyone of you more than you may ever realize.  Thank you for playing this amazing game with me, with each other!  You are invaluable!!

((((((HUGZ))))) of eclipse energy expanding…..

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Need a little help fully connecting to your star family?  I have a new package available designed just for that experience! Connecting to Your Guides and ET Family.  We will hold our sessions on webex so that I can record and give you each session to continue practicing with in an MP4 format.  Go here to check it out:  But please know… you do not need me to connect, you can do it yourself, practice, practice, practice!! <3



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The Push-Pull of the Eclipse…


Are you enjoying the energies of April?  The magnetic push/pull of the entire energy system is kinda crazy, kinda exciting and seems to be targeted at the brainwaves instead of the physical body.  After the first three months of this year, I don’t think the body can endure much more!!  I am also seeing that it is bringing out those wonderful spiritual abilities in people as well.  There is no time like now to really stretch your spiritual abilities, every molecule of life is ripe for it.

In the readings the last few days, I realized that the second phase of the triple sun release from the 3rd was underway.  I was able to see it so clearly with my clients across the pond two days ago and I couldn’t wait to write about it all, but man if I have been challenged waking up before 7am.  With my day of readings starting at 8am, there is no time to do a blog when I wake up so late.  I finally woke up at 5:30 am yesterday, but had a pick under my contact, doncha know when I pulled my contact out, I scratched my eye and it hurt like hell.  I couldn’t bare to look at anything lit up, like my computer screen.  So even tho I woke up in plenty of time to get all the news out, I still couldn’t because my eye hurt too much.

Then this energy enfolded me about mid day yesterday.  The only way I could describe it is “new.”  Like suddenly, everything is new, no history behind us and just this pristine moment unfolding before us.  The energy was so crisp, so clear, soooo…. virgin.

Even as I woke up again at 5:30 today (I think I might be getting back into my grove!!) all I wanted to share seems like old news and no longer as relevant to share as it was even yesterday.  But I do realize the bigger impact of the time released triple sun release with this upcoming eclipse.

This eclipse is having a very strong push-pull effect on our entire magnetic field and the two strongest fields in our body is our head and our heart.  So it is really stretching both frequencies to the max, creating waves that can feel like anxiety, chaos, to absolute calm and clarity.

This second release of the triple sun blast from the 3rd serves as both an amplifier to the heart as well as a clarifies to the mind, depending, of course, where one is within themselves.  For those still struggling with old energy, it will have quite the opposite effect, serving to stir up the soil of ones life.  But those being washed in calm clarity, this is going to be your greatest growing season.  All that your heart desired, the seeds of hope and dare I even say, longing, are being fertilized especially as we align with this eclipse on Tuesday and the final sun release from the 3rd ignites the growth of amazing life force.

With all this energy, I have also seen several people in readings with a three prong pull from the energy of the eclipse.  One prong connected into the crown (hence the brain fog/chaos/headaches,) one prong into the solar plexus (ya feeling a bit nauseous lately?) and one prong into the root chakra (feeling that energy down under???)  It can feel like you don’t know whether you’re coming or going, excited or exhausted, or maybe, all of it!!

I am also witnessing peoples manifestation skills going into overdrive.  This is flipping exciting.  Let loose and live large, nothing is impossible these days!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) filled with wild and wonderful energies to all!!

Lisa Gawlas





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First Contact, Cloaked Ships and More.

first contact

Just when you think you cannot ever be more humbled, more in awe of the events happening in your life or my own, I am proven wrong time and time again, this month so far has been huge in that arena.  When we really allow ourselves to move our of our comfort zone, it really is amazing what can happen.  I was blessed to do the first “meet your ET family” session this week, something that filled with serious performance anxiety and I find it incredibly humbling how much our star family will do all they can to assist and comfort.

I decided to do these sessions from a different place in my home, at my desk and aligning my antenna with the front door instead of the back door.  Kind of like setting up a space and energy field just for our star family connections.  The connection and visuals were so instantaneous I was really shocked.  Three ships parked up in the sky just outside my front door.  Holy flipping shit batman!!  The center ship was so clear and crisp in my vision, I could see the finer details of the ship, the other two however, not so clear, actually kind of foggy.  I did what I could to get my lady aligned with this energy as I tried to contain myself from bursting with excitement!!  Then, under the ships belly something started to open and a set of stairs started to descend.  What was really interesting, the ship itself, I could feel its true matter makeup, these stairs on the other hand, very etheric and not made of the silver the ship was, instead they looked yellow.

I about had a baby when two Beings started to walk down the ship, one I knew very very well.  Alfronzu, my Pleiadian Commadear from years past.  He was walking this visually stunning female down the steps, my lady on the other side of my computers friend from the Pleiades.  When I asked Alfronzu what the hell are you doing here, his reply is as important for you for yourself as it was for me to feel and understand as well.

He made sure he was a part of the first session to ease my own anxiety and allow for the intimidate connection.

Just think about how enormous that is, to each of us.  A friend I have not connected with in well over 10 years, knew what we were doing and made sure he was there to assist in ease of transition for both me and my precious lady equally in this experience.

But I had to ask about those ships, is it a mirage I am seeing or what?  He said they are parked exactly where I am seeing them, but they are cloaked and at this moment, I am the only one who could see them in this area.

That really combines technology with intention to the max!!  Yet, the feeling was, we as a species can create this too, once we get out of our own way.  I mean think about it, it would be like holding something in your hand, with 10 people standing around you looking, and with the energy of your mind, you make that thing visible to only one person out of the 10 present.  Mind boggling and yet.. achievable… eventually!!

He also said that the other two ships present with his, the blurry ones, were not from the Pleiades, they were from elsewhere.  But, they wanted to be present for my lady so she can start to assimilate her energy frequency to theirs as well.  Her first contact right now is this beautiful lady from the Pleiades, but she does have two others as well.  My lady’s friend from the Pleiades did give us her name and sadly, I cannot remember the whole thing, but she did say we can call her Etta, so that is what I am going to call her today.

Etta did tell my lady that she is brave for incarnating on earth.  Etta keeps to the Pleiades, a much kinder (if you will) planet.  They are also very very close soul mates on the other side of the veil and I watched Etta wipe a tear of joy from her eye as my lady opened her heart for connection.

We are not the only ones excited to connect.  The emotion I got to feel and bask in is like long-lost best friends who have found each other again.  I also was shown Etta studying my lady’s new soul blue prints, as if they were all laid out in a book (I seen her flipping the pages) and is excitedly diligent about connecting with her and knowing the best pathways of that connection.

I share all this for two reasons, one to release some of my own excitement and two, especially the second reason… those of you who have family from the stars waiting to connect, they will go above and beyond to get that connection established with you, you just have to be open to receive.  You do not need to go thru me, please know that, but you do have to invest in the setting aside the time to really be present and open and being diligent with your connections!!  Feel their presence then go beyond that!  And… pay attention to what you may be feeling behind some clouds, they just may reveal themselves to you and invite you in!

Beyond our wonderful friends from the skies, there is so much more happening here on earth as well.  This upcoming full lunar eclipse is really pulling out some serious energy and this week, thru your precious light field, I really got to understand the bigger story with it.

In the earlier part of last year, so many of the readings were showing the imagery of being aligned underneath a black hole, getting ready to be sucked up.  As the readings usually do, they spotlight an event for a while, then off to other things that seem unrelated, but yet the focus stays there until the next shift in attention.

I suppose the journey thru the black hole is a long and not an easy one!!  But we are finally coming topside.  This series of lunar eclipses over the next two years, is equal to coming out of the black hole into our new expanded reality.  It kinda feels like a volcano of spewing energy, new heightened energy being released to every single thing upon this new earth and even the old one too.  Nothing is being left untouched.

I also have to smile as I just realized the second full lunar eclipse will happen this October.  Spirit has been saying April thru October is one continuous journey, now I really see the bigger picture of why.

For those of you who have dormant abilities sitting inside of your DNA, it will provide events and interactions that will push you out of your comfort zone to start using them.   For those already using their spiritual abilities, more will be provided to use and stretch and go beyond anything you have been doing to date.  The energy is now fully aligned for the extraordinary and the extraordinary MUST come thru YOU!  YOU ARE THE EXTRAORDINARY made manifest!! <3

There was another topic I wanted to share today, but it seems my team does not want to straddle what is already shared.  So tomorrow we will talk about the re-union of Divine Counterparts and the extraordinary shift in energy as they come together.

Have an amazing, eventful day… Be extraordinary!!  I love you so much!!  Thank you for allowing me to Be extraordinary thru You!!  We are one hellofa team!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of grand adventures and heart openings to everyone!!

Lisa Gawlas














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The Partnered Energy Of the Sun and the Moon Is In Play!

sun and moon

There days in the field are getting curiouser and curiouser.  I should have realized when I attempted to read on the 3rd and came up blank just about all day, another shift was underway, but I was too busy complaining to the universe… again!  But even in that, the game is getting interesting.  By the third attempt at connecting that day (the 3rd) I was going to email the remaining three and let them know I am down if they wanted to go ahead and reschedule, or wait and have a chat with me.  For as down as I was, my team got thru and waved their pointer finger at me and said no, connect with everyone, especially this one man I had on my agenda, they needed to get a message to him.  Kewl beans??  Sure enough, they opened my antenna just enough to see this large, looming ET head way across his field and that he really needed to start connecting to this important ally upon his path.  Like I said, y’alls ET friends are getting quit pesky, adamant even!!

As soon as I finished my last rescheduling for the day, my team found a really great way to get me out of bitching mode.  The wash of energy, the absolute knowing of how important we are to the unfolding story underway.  Not only our story, our understandings, but the mutual sharing of energy, of love and excitement.  I was in such awe of this feeling and let me tell you, it was not sent just for me, but especially to you too.

Then as the day progressed, it became the strangest feeling in me that I have ever had.  I think it must be what a balloon that has been blown up for a long time and then finally gets to deflate, must feel like.  But what is even stranger, as I was “deflating” this intense sadness went with it.  Like all the tears of the world was suddenly set free.  And then….. nothing.  Nothing at all.  That was weirdly nice.  Even as I type that out, I hear my team saying “A cup that is already full, has no room for more.”

Well, as the day presented itself yesterday, I had plenty of room for more and zero exhaustion thru it all.  That alone was a pleasant change of pace.  But something changed… again!!

We know the sun itself has been keeping time with our growth and evolution on earth.  During the evening of the 3rd into the 4th, it exploded out of three holes almost at once.  This triple solar explosion showed up in just about every connection of the day in a very curious way.

The initial explosion is affecting our now moments, enhancing and expanding them.  Over the next week and a half, the other two will come into play as the third explosion itself aligns with the full lunar eclipse on the 15th.

And thru every single reading yesterday, the eclipse itself has become the focal point itself, aligned in every persons center path.  Meaning, the energy of it will not be missed by a single soul on earth, enhanced daily with this triple sun energy released too.  Wowza!!

Just to be perfectly clear in all of this too, my team never talks in terms of “dimensions” but they do in frequencies.  We are not going to transverse dimensions before we engulf and own the individual frequencies harnessed in all the dimensions.  Like taking a bite of food at a time and not trying to eat the entire plate in front of you.  Each bite is important to digest, to use as your new vital energy.

We are going to have many upticks of frequencies over this year, sectioned off by planetary events (the equinox that just passed, now the eclipse that is up and coming) and so many other things happening in between.  We tend to want to know what our future will hold and yet, do not look at what is in front of us right now.  New energy.  New use for this energy.  If we do not go out and stake our claim in this new energy, then the future will hold the same thing that is happening today, just more of the same to get us into the expanded version of our Self now available.

We must also release from our minds the memory of what we have not been able to achieve to date.  You can… whatever it is you desire, is there for you to experience.  You must work this new energy like we worked our asses off to remove the old energy, only now we can call it play instead of work.

So on that note, enjoy the new energy aerating your life’s garden, enjoy the rooting of your new, expanded life in living color and then feel the winds of change pull you out of center, out of your comfort zone and let the domino’s fall into place as we move forward!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of amazing energy potential to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas




Kristen Gilje Tree of Life

There are so many things I want to talk about today, but alas, I woke up late again.  I really have got to stop these afternoon naps, but my eye lids demand otherwise!!  Anyway, I hope I can get out all the very relevant information from yesterdays connections.

There are three that are hanging in my field of vision to share, starting with one of the craziest openings I have ever seen.  This large tree was growing mostly in the field I call March, it’s trunk and root system solid, thick, old.  The front half of this tree was leaning into April, fruits galore on the branches.  There were lemons and oranges and apples and even blueberries (which really grow on bushes.)  It took me not only until the end of the reading to fully understand the significant of the abundant fruit in my ladies reading, but even more understanding came thru as I sat and processed the days seriously new imagery!  So, simply to save time, I am going to combine the understandings of her connection with the lady right after her… which was represented by a garden growing green vegetables.  I think the field is hungry!! lol

The “fruits of our labor,” the many aspects of ourselves that we have seeded, grown and used getting to here are as important as they ever have been.  We are being asked to pick the fruits of our labors, mix them together to create even greater skills, new flavors of our abilities.

There was a piece of information that came thru my precious lady’s reading, that just seemed to hang with me.  That pesky lemon.  There is a phrase we have that is going to get more and more relevant as we move forward: “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.”  Dammit.  I really really hoped arriving here in Eden, Shambhala, heaven on earth, that any aspects of challenges would be a thing of the past.  Ohhh hell no.  As my team explained in my afterglow pondering, we learn the best thru the challenges that come up.  We become the most creative when there is a perceived obstacle in our way, or a desire that seems elusive to attain.  Equally, be clear as well, the challenges we will face are not there because of bad karma, blockages within our energy field, but to souly serve as a catalyst for growth and mixing up our fruits in ways we never would have before.

Besides the use of our ripened fruit, then we have the slowness of growing some veggies.  My next lady’s energy showed up with her April experiences ribboned off, held back a bit.  I seen like a ribbon cutting ceremony, but the ribbon has not been cut yet.  Instead, there was this 2 foot wedge of energy between what I call my lady’s center path and where the ribbon holding all the experiences that will be released, was.  As I looked closer at that wedge of energy I realized it was a garden and it was growing green vegetables, cabbages, broccoli and stuff.  What her team said, was she was growing the vital vitamins to move her forward, but until they are ripe, she was at bay.   Sure enough, she had told me that her dog just broke it’s front left paw, so she has to take time off to be home with her poochie friend to help him restore his energy, while she too, is growing hers.  A full realignment of iron rich blood and energy for the moment that ribbon cutting ceremony happens.  Trust me, it will happen.

So for those who feel their life suddenly got more still than active, know that is as purposeful to you as the opposite is for others.  The growth of anything in the new earth, fully alive now, will be adding more than we can even realize to our full energy systems.

If fruits and vegetables weren’t strange enough in the day of connections, I had two lady’s readings completely, and I do mean completely hijacked by their ET connections.  My first hijacked connection came right after my veggie lady.  I just put her phone number into the computer to dial, and as soon as I got up to move to my reading chair, I had this huge…. wait…. HUGE ET head hovering in front of me in my darn kitchen.  What the hell?



Looked just like that, green, big eyes, more real than plastic looking and about 2 feet from top to bottom.  But there wasn’t just one, there were three all side by side of each other.  However, only one was clear and talking.  He did say he does not look like the image I am seeing, but it was the easiest way for me to understand that he is not human.  Yup, worked well.

Even as I tried to crank my antenna out into the field, this pesky guy retracted it and brought my energy right back to his presence and communication!!  Hey!!!!  Well, seems my lovely lady was introduced in her last connection to this guy and she had not yet reached out to connect, so he reached in!  To the point of handing her a bright red phone to call with.  It reminded me of the phone we see in the white house, that “emergency” phone.

He stated, just like the last ET of the day stated, they are important allies in this new adventure we are in and can and will help us with things that will show up in our field of life as we move forward and sideways.  The soul contract has come up to engage in each others energy, understandings and assistance forward.  Let me tell ya, they are not as subtle or even patient as our spirit guides!!

My lady also said that since our last connection, she had a huge burst of light come into her bedroom and then movement/noise in the corner of her room.  Mr green face there, just smiled.  They are not taking no for an answer.

Like I said, there is so much more I can share, but, my day begins in a few moments and so I must end here.

Ohhh and just to let you know, the most I did with my tree man, was find out he is an inter-dimensional being.  By the time my day was done, I was between processing the day and sleeping.  I will put balance back into my day… soon.  lol

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with fruits and veggies and some ET’s even!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Doing something different, a new package for April that is done over 5 sessions called: Connecting to Your Guides and ET Family.  We will hold our sessions on webex so that I can record and give you each session to continue practicing with in an MP4 format.  Go here to check it out:  




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Sensual Love Is In The Air!! Are You Ready to Play??


This is an absolutely exciting and I think, equally, unnerving time in our collective lives.  In front of us, we have an unlimited blank canvas in which we can create and recreate as often as we desire.  Other than our own minds, we have nothing standing in our way of creation, of manifesting our desires.  The unnerving part, is unless we lean into something, anything, with desire, our life remains a blank canvas.

Before this moment, we had things, experiences, people set up  at intersections within our life field to move us onward, expand our sense of Self and all that other good stuff (and often, not so good – feeling wise, stuff.)  Not any longer.  The game changed drastically.  Our job, if you will, is to learn how to paint our own desired creations into our life field.  As we become more and more proficient with the use of our Self, our emotional tools within, we will start to gather to effect the larger landscape.  Maybe we can look at this time we are in as being in the most advanced art school ever had.  Our color palate is limited only by our emotional field.  Our pure emotional field of course.  Meaning, no element of fear should get into your paint.  My own personal example of what i mean by this… (smile)… if you want a partnered relationship you cannot keep worrying that he just might end up moving in!  (I too, am a work in progress!! lol)   Or, if you have a funny looking creature showing up in your tree’s… go say hi (I have not done that yet, and he is starting to get persistent.)  Which brings me to balance!  (Again, I am a work in progress here and this is a reflection of my own Self,  lol.)  It is important to be in service to others, but not to the exhaustion of your own self and your own growth and connections.

There seemed to be two main themes playing out in yesterdays connections, the main one is the blank canvas in front of you and the other, really took me by surprise.  Raise that sexual energy of yours.  Play with it.  Expand it.  Have fun with it.  Those who are in spiritually partnered relationships, and by that I mean, you are both consciously aware, awake and communicating with your other about your own spiritual experiences…. this is one hellofa season for you!!   I got a squirrels eye view of what this means to you!

I have this wonderful couple that I read for individually, started by the wife.  Well, it was her scheduled day to connect yesterday, and even before our phone call together, her energy was showing up in my world.  I could see her diving head first into the vat of energy called April and let me tell you, now that we are in it, the energy is thick and mixed with a deep blue, a deep violet and for some (not everyone yet) a deep pink of passion.  As soon as she and I connected and started talking, two squirrels aligned themselves directly in front of my back door and started having wild, and I do mean wild, squirrel sex!!  I have never seen that before!!  I have watched the birds tango with each other, but never the squirrels.  As if on cue, the moment I told her this was a message for her, the two wild squirrels exited the field and finished their frolicking in the bushes!

Of course, that swung open the doorway of talking about sex.  Sacred sex.  In-love with your partner, sex.  (Just trying to be clear here.)  Ohhhh that place (I vaguely remember, lol) that is after foreplay and before orgasm… the hunky, chunky full on sexual energy.  That is where the game is played, where the opportunities for opening doorways exists, consciously.  This is a game that MUST be had by both partners, consciously and with Divine Will.

I watched as the potential (not the act itself, I am not wanting to watch anyone have sex, unless of course, it’s on cinimax…giggle.)  In this pregnant state of sexual energy (that middle part) I watched as her upper body formed a new connection to his lower body, half her, half him at the waist.  Her connections reaching to the heights of heaven (from her head area) his reaching to the heart of gaia (from his waist down) and forming a new body, a new energy system.  Their new body, to my viewing eyes, was so beautiful, energetic, golden and translucent but in form.

Suddenly, I remember so much of the downloads that happened from 2007-2008 about Shambhala, sacred sex (in the physical) and the doorways it can and will open with equally participating partners.

Thru their new (potential of a) body, I could see the energy pathways extending from their mid-body, where they formed together as one energy.  And for those in this gifted position, is yours to use and explore and bring into created reality.

There is so much more to this story, but, at this moment, it simply has me leaning in, seeing the potential at hand… but until someone experiences it… it remains a very exciting mystery!

But don’t think for a moment you must have a partner to use that sexual energy that is just waiting to play out loud in your life.  There are avenues that can be explored in the solo journey, or even half partnered journey (meaning, one is conscious the other, well, they are where they are.)  From what I am understanding as well, there is even much more to be experienced if you are willing to take that joy outdoors.  Share with the trees or the plants, the water ways and open fields.  Invite the energy in, use it in your…. experiences.  But equally, be a participant of consciousness within it all.  Pay attention to the energy as it changes, shifts, opens doorways, then flow thru the doorway, consciously so you know what you have just gotten yourself into.

Now to completely change this conversation, lol, I do want to talk about my last connection from yesterday, it is as important to all of us as the sexual energy stuff is.

Here we are, in the first and second day of our wildly unlimited life field.  My last lady of the day showed up on crutches.  I kept blinking thinking I must be seeing her wrong, that coupled with one hellofa light headache had me unsure of what I was seeing.  I knew her legs were not broken, but as I looked closer, her legs were actually whited out.  I could see her from the bottom of her trunk upwards, I just couldn’t see her legs at all.  I realized she has not decided what she wants to experience in this new life we worked so hard to get to.  The crutches themselves, were a part of her soul expression, saying, I am here to help you move forward, even without your sea legs on yet.  We have tools, so many tools and allies, that will help us move forward with deep inner desire.

So, by hook or by crutch, we are getting ready for the greatest game of paintball!!  Sensual Paintball!!!

On that note, I am going to give thanx to my greatest desire having happened.  I slept all the way thru the night and woke up at 5am!!  Hurray!!!  I feel alive again!  I am going to take a moment to check out that crazy Being in my tree!

I love you all soul much.  Thank you for kicking me in the ass every day thru your presence in my world.

(((((HUGZ)))) of playfulness and exciting adventures to All!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Doing something different, a new package for April that is done over 5 sessions called: Connecting to Your Guides and ET Family.  We will hold our sessions on webex so that I can record and give you each session to continue practicing with in an MP4 format.  Go here to check it out:  









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April Showers Fills With Creator Energy thru You.


Happy April everyone!!  I have never been so glad to put a whole quarter firmly in my rear-view mirror.  But March was not shy about releasing it’s own grand finale, starting with the sun pushing our an X flare that (according to created a rare “magnetic crochet.”  A magnetic crochet is a ripple in Earth’s magnetic field caused by electrical currents flowing in air 60 km to 100 km above our heads. Unlike geomagnetic disturbances that arrive with CMEs days after a flare, a magnetic crochet occurs while the flare is in progress. They tend to occur during fast impulsive flares like this one.  

There is no doubt in my heart, the solar flare and CME of the 29th opened the doorway to April’s already high energy and intoxicating field of energy.  As we moved into the new moon of the 30th, phew baby!!  The day of readings were all focused on using your emotional field, because ready or not, you are creating (or not creating) from this very alive state of Living.  With every connection, every view and detail of what April presents for you, my head started swimming.  I could feel the penetration of high intensity light enter my third eye and swirl around the center of my head.  There was no doubt, intoxication was happening.  Walking became more of a wobble, hell, sitting was a challenge because of feeling so wobbly and well, stoned really.  By the time I connected to my last reading of the day, I was barely 10 minutes into his reading and wham…. my emergency shut off valve activated closed everything up.

I made my way from my reading chair to my couch and hung on for dear life.  The spins inside my head were like nothing I have ever experienced before and I could see what was happening to boot.  The swirl of this violet and white energy spinning in my head.  All these emotions were separating and then coming together, creating new sensations of my whole body.  I am grateful my team did not leave me there wondering what was happening, they gave me a blow-by-blow of it all.

As we enter April and from there on out, there is a true triad of energy creating… the energy of the sun, the energy of the earth and the energy of the emotion(s) of the humans interacting.  With this understanding, I was watching some of the readings of the day, the energy, the visuals and most importantly, the emotion created from it all, this is truly our seed energy of all of creation, together.

As I was sitting there feeling and seeing how important we are to each other, how important the emotions we emote while together are… suddenly, my entire living room opened up with a violet-blue rain.  It was streaming down everywhere I looked.  I heard my team say that is the energy of the new moon fertilizing all that your heart desires, even what you do not (consciously) realize whats in your heart of desires.  …Yikes!!

As I was sitting there absorbing and processing all this energy, I could feel someone staring into my back window.  When I looked out, I about shit!!  There was this Being in my tree, squatting on the branches, dressed in a long white shirt and green pants, large, a bit larger than a human and differently wider than a human too.  The feeling I got from him was “observing.”  There was no communication between us and I was just too mesmerized by all that I was feeling and seeing to care.  But I did wonder where he came from and my team said, with all this energy my eyes are opening to seeing more of what is right here.

I am expanding in my abilities and energy frequency because of our connections.  That became so absolutely clear in that unveiling.  And vise versa.  And it is not just our connections together, it’s all connections that focus on the higher energy, the new Light that is permeating the whole of life.  When you take them out, talk about it, feel with it, see what is happening with anyone else, you are creating a new elixir that charges both (all) involved.

Now keeping in mind, the spring equinox bookends to the fall equinox (and vise versa for those across the pond) so this is a long stream of energy we will be walking into, enhancing, creating with.  We are also being asked (I would say demanded) to not just sashay from one day to the next on a cloud of joy, but use it, share it, create with it. Also tho, honor your body as all this energy revs up to go.  I have been sleeping so flipping much these last few days.  Heading to sleep by 9pm and not waking up until after 7am (every night tho, at midnight, i am awakened for an hour or two, dammit.)

At least this morning, someone was kind enough to wake me up earlier.  I could feel this arm gently rocking me and the words wake up so you can write your blog.  Probably that interesting Being from my tree, but no one or nothing was there when I opened my eyes.  Kind of exciting!!

I pretty much slept thru yesterday too.  The more I moved into my day, the more my whole body started falling apart and just became exhausted.  I had so much on my to-do list and got zip done.  Here’s to getting it done today!!

Enjoy the emotions of life moving into you, surrounding you, asking you to do something different today… anything at all.

I love ya’ll so much.  Thank you for rocking my world with your heart and soul.  May we, together, create the greatest story every told!!!

(((((((HUGZ)))))) of April showers creating….

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Doing something different, a new package for April that will be 5 sessions called: Connecting to Your Guides and ET Family.  We will hold our sessions on webex so that I can record and give you each session to continue practicing with in an MP4 format.  Go here to check it out:







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The E-Motional Playground of Creation!!


Finally!!  Finally!!!  Finally!!!!!  April has opened up with a really nice room with a view.  Ohhhhh and the energy!!  Wowza!!!  But before I get way ahead of the story, let me back up to the day before.

Friday must have been the strangest day of reading I have ever experienced to date.  There was noting but pure light in everyone’s “present moment.”  The imagery and energy that did show up was located between that tiny space of March and April.  The first lady had this huge and beautiful bonfire going on on her left side of the field.  When I asked what that fire was all about, her team said it is serving both to burn up the last of the debris in her life before she moves forward as well as stir the flames of passion so she can move forward.  But not another drop of imagery was had.

Let me just tell you, there are days I question my ability to see and hear what is in your field of Life, especially when it presents itself so… vaguely as it did Thursday.  Well, my precious lady squelched my own inner chatter when she told me she had just broken up with her long time boyfriend a few days prior and was getting rid of all his gifts, the reminders of him from her world.  Now she is a prime example of the saying “by hook or by crook” your team will get you pointed in your most best direction.  I have been reading for this precious soul for a while, each time we connected (just about) the message to her was, he is not the one.  But, being dressed in a human suit myself, I do understand the heart wants what it wants (which really is the head disguised as the heart, but something many of us can relate to anywayz.)  Well, right down to the 11th hour of change, of needed change, she found out a few days ago, he was seeing someone else for the last six months and the bonfire of life ignited.  But also, so did the energy of her future bliss!!  (She will feel the bliss later, she is still picking the pieces from her heart.  If y’all can just send some love her way, no doubt, she could use the uplift!)

As the day progressed, the single imagery was prevalent thru every persons connection.  Beautiful images, aurora’s coming down from the sky, one coming up from the earth, the energy was wonderful, the understanding was…. well…. hard to pick with some and none revealed April at all, dammit.  I rescheduled everybody.  Like I said, I am anal about what makes a reading complete!!

So I spent the evening having a stern talking to with the universe.  We still had 2 more days left in March, I have 11 more people to connect with thru March, I am already rescheduled out thru mid April, WE NEED AN OPENING!!  Dammit!!  Bless it!  Suddenly, I could see a spiral (very slinky looking) of violet energy tunneling from March to April, I felt maybe… just maybe… we will see into April tomorrow.

I was as excited as I was nervous when yesterday started.  After the strange stillness of the field the day prior, I was not even sure what we got ourselves into with my first man on the field for the day, a precious soul I have been connecting to now for several years.  Everything was in gray-scale and as if I was seeing thru the dusk of evening.  My beautiful man was sitting on the roof of his house with attitude!!  His arms crossed across his chest, his face transfixed forward and all I could say was…. what the hell??  I couldn’t get him to budge, and I sure as hell wasn’t sure how to interpret this whole thing either.  So I started looking around his entire field, searching for anything that will help us both understand what we are seeing.  Suddenly, wayyyyy off in the distance of the west field, where the celestial realm meets created life, a pin prick of light emerged.  The more we looked at it and talked about it, the more it grew from a pin prick to maybe like that of a flashlight and started moving across his field of life, as it got closer to his present moment, suddenly he jumped off the roof of the house and push his house into the background of his life and out of my field of view.  He stood in the center of his path, still stone faced and arms crossed and getting understanding felt like pulling teeth to me.  What the heck!!??

I started looking around again, something, anything to connect to to give us a clearer picture of what the hell is going on.  Out to the edge of where March meets April, in the right corner (emotional-spiritual side) of his life field, there was a little baby wrapped in a blanket just a laying on the ground.  New Life awaiting recognition.

But my beautiful man was standing steadfast, arms across his chest, stone faced thru it all.  So, I decided he needed to release his arms and allow the energy of all the new to flow into and out of him and so I took my own prying arms and did my best to release his arms, he fought me!!  Hey!!!!  Not nice!! lol  Then suddenly, that light from across his west field came closer to him, turned him sideways, and gave him a swift kick in the ass.  The only time I seen color on him, his ass turned opaque yellow… talk about your soul giving you a swift kick forward!!  But at least it got him to release his arms so he can now pick up the baby, the new life awaiting merger with him, hold him, cradle him and allow the entire energy system to merge into his heart, with joy, excitement, the colors of emotion that will set our new life ablaze!

We will see what comes of it all next time we connect.

My next appointment of the day was my architect and I already started seeing his energy before we connected.  Color!! Yay!  I can understand and give voice to color, I soon realized my hardest connections of (lack of) understanding is the gray-scale.  I really learned something about myself that morning.  I was so worried I broke something over night by getting demanding (but hey, the universe should be well aware of how I play by now!)

So the first thing I see is this vibrant yellow sliding board, a slide from the end of March over into and on the other side of April.  The feeling was simply sliding up and into the energy fields of April and as I looked at the side of the slide that was in April, there he was, decked out in a business suit sliding feet and arms up in the air into a vat of liquid energy, joyful splashing energy that was the first few days of April.  Talk about making a splash in your life!!

This first week of April felt so filled with energy, fun, emotions of hope and aliveness.  The next thing I know, there is a kids merry-go-round, the kind you find at amusement parks, that opened up from his splashpool.  Without missing a beat, he moved from his splashpool onto a light blue horse (soul expression) and the ride barely started to go around when suddenly, he pulled a brass ring from the left side (physical life.)  Because he was dressed in a business suit, well, at first he was…. I knew this brass ring had to do with business, gaining client(s).

As we talked about what all this means, that he must lean into life to grab the brass rings awaiting him, his dress suddenly changed.  He was now dressing in half in a business suit, half in Hawaiian garb… the point was balancing work and play in the same moments.  It is too easy to take ourselves so seriously, when we do, we change the emotional creation in front of us.  Keeping the element and joy of playfulness even as we work, allows so much more to manifest on all levels.

As he and I started talking, inside of myself, I suddenly asked a question to my own team… please let me know I am seeing and understanding him accurately.  This is the first time we are opening to April and the information is just flowing effortlessly and I do not want to just be wishing this for him.  Instantly, I could see an airplane taking off from the months of June-July.  I was shocked really and asked him if he was planning an airplane trip somewhere in June or July.  Sure enough, he is going to Italy mid-June and into July.  I cannot tell you the feeling I had, the validation his soul gave to us, to me, I so needed it to be sure that we now have movement into our greatest story every felt and experienced.  I carry that validation with me even thru this moment.  Thank you for that!!  Even beyond the validation… we are starting to see more than just a moment or a moment… we are gearing up for a huge, emotionally charged adventure!!!

There really is a million other exciting things to share, but my well rested, lazy but didn’t wake up until 7:30 this morning, I am knee-deep into my day and I want to keep something to share for tomorrow.

Have I said just how excited I am, how exciting this time is for all of us… allow yourself to be full of playful, soulful, vibrant emotional energy, like a kid in an amusement park and play like there is no tomorrow!!

I love you all so freakin much.  Thank you from the depths of my soul for allowing me the pure gift of Being a part of your world, your life, your heart energy!!

(((((((HUGZ))))))) of boundless joy to all!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Kim this fractal is for you!! <3












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