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Inspiration to Applied Action!

inspired light

I really tried to get a sharing going yesterday, but my brains felt like they were spread out as far as the sky and I could not harness enough mental matter to complete a sentence.  Naturally, I expected to have a day of rescheduling because in the past, that has been the way of it.  I know quite clearly right now, my biggest lesson is getting the hell out of expectation based on any and all previous experiences.  All 5 readings yesterday were clear, audible and understandable.  That alone is a huge shift.  It’s like my brains came together just for the readings and then went back into space as soon as I was done.  I was grateful and surprised.  The more I understood what was happening via the readings, the more I understood the spaciness, extreme tiredness of my brain waves.

We finally came out of the moon.  Of course, not in the way I expected, again, I know better than to ever expect anything in a reading, but darn that is a sticky point in my releasing of things lol.

The moon’s presence in the readings yesterday actually surprised me, a lot.  For the last several weeks, it has been positioned in the far north (future) quadrant of the field, in the deeper west side of the field.  I really expected the moon’s presence to get closer to what is center or the NOW moment in the readings, and for a minute, it got slight closer until yesterday.  Now it was further away and I was puzzled… for a minute anywayz.

It became very clear that the moon’s energy is in complete alignment with the equinox energy and we are suspended between the two systems.  With that suspension, we are caught in the down flow of the moons energy and the up flow of the earth’s equinox energy, filling us at both ends for the placement on the new, fully energized, functional and excited new earth. No wonder I was spacey!!  The deeper I went into the readings, I could feel this little fever start to hit my body.  Granted I woke up exhausted, even after a full nights sleep and just slipped deeper and deeper into exhaustion as the day went on.  I am very committed to changing my body and drug myself into my workout clothes, popped on Richard Simmons and could barely get my legs moving.  Half way thru, I turned it off and hit the couch and fell fast asleep until about 8:30 last night when I got up and went to bed and slept until 4am this morning.  I feel much more together today!!  Yay.  lol

I am going to wait until tomorrow to share how I seen everyone yesterday.  Obviously we had another massive shift emerging out of the belly of the moon and all the imagery, understandings are not quite filtered out in my understanding yet.  There seems to be 3 different positions/relationships in our release onto the new earth, but I don’t have the clarity of really getting it yet.  I expect (lol, sorry, couldn’t help but use that word) the understanding to fill itself in with todays readings.

I do, however, want to share something that really was strongly in my heart yesterday morning as I looked into the empty space of my yet written blog…


I want to include the many definitions merriam-webster has for this vastly important word (I highlighted two of the meanings for importance in these fast changing times):


noun \ˌin(t)-spə-ˈrā-shən, -(ˌ)spi-\

: something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create : a force or influence that inspires someone

: a person, place, experience, etc., that makes someone want to do or create something

: a good idea

Full Definition of INSPIRATION


a :  a divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation

b :  the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions

c :  the act of influencing or suggesting opinions

:  the act of drawing in; specifically :  the drawing of air into the lungs

a :  the quality or state of being inspired

b :  something that is inspired <a scheme that was pure inspiration>

:  an inspiring agent or influence

This is how your soul communicates with you, brings the expanded energy for you to get something done.  So many times, we either ignore it, or start what ever is coming thru us and because it may be challenging or that inspiration is not as strong as it was in its onset, we quit and justify our quitting by saying, I tried and couldn’t do it.  Or worse, never even really start because you have declared to yourself you are content without whatever was moving thru you to do.

For the last two years, the collective spirit has been encouraging everyone to work on their natural ability to hear and see beyond the 3D construct we live within.  To see the vastness of energy that is visible to every incarnate human, to hear the direction, the conversation all of that high frequency energy is having with you, whether you hear it or not.

More times than I care to count, I hear from people, I can feel and that is good enough for me.  Maybe so, but is it good enough for your soul??  Mostly it means, I don’t feel like doing that and your soul will not push you to do one of the greatest things you can do for yourself.  Your job as the human incarnate, is to keep the fires burning.

I want to share a video with you that my son recently shared with me.  To me, it is inspiration on steroids.  Something WE ALL should possess and follow thru with as dedicatedly as this man named Arthur did with himself.  Granted, this video is how he changed his body and his health when all the doctors said he can’t… but what if you replaced the physical journey to include your spiritual journey, the dedication and inspiration to the fullness of Self/Soul in body with all its attributes fully engaged in Life:

How many times have you told yourself, or someone else told you that you cannot do (whatever) and you just stopped trying.  I remember my first attempt at meditation, OMG my brain was a train wreck and after about a week of trying (without any real success) I realized why I spent 30 years in depression and on the constant edge of suicide.  Like Arthur did with his body, I did with my mind.    The inspiration within me was stronger than the life I had lived to that point.  I quit life and eventually spent 10 hours a day (broken up in 2 hour intervals thru the day) in meditation.  Healing, understanding, releasing, growing, strengthening my connection with my team, with my Self.  I spent the following 3 years in that state and from that time, just like Arthur, dedicated my life to helping others achieve the clarity that is there for all to see, experience and use, if they get out of their minds.

As time went on (14 years later) I realized that I am a living example of what you DO NOT have to do to achieve a solid and ever-expanding spiritual connection.  The ONLY thing I had to do was change my mind.  Not my food.  Not my “habits” like smoking or chocolate.  Spirit could care less about that… everything begins and ends with what you put into your mind as food and bring out as fertilizer for life to experience from you.  Everything else is just… inert stuff.

When I first started this path of inner stillness, my body was a very fit 140 pounds (I am 5’6″ tall.)  The more time I spent in the pureness of Light, the more Light I brought into my body at first, I didn’t really notice it too much.  Light cells embedding in my biology as fat.  Five pounds a year is not too much to be concerned with or really notice.  Until the years start to pile up.  It didn’t matter how active I was, I was expanding in body and mind.  Somewhere in 2008 there was a surge of energy being released to the planet and in that month alone I gained 5 more pounds.  My body was already up to 200 pounds and this 5 pounds was absolutely unacceptable to me.  I went into meditation and started my bitch session with spirit.  My team lovingly explained that our fat cells in the body are very much like the battery cells in well, batteries lol.  They store the pure energy that is needed and release (and fill back up, think, rechargeable batteries) when appropriate in our personal life.

By that time, I was not only inwardly dedicated to the growth of spirit within myself, I also lived it, worked it 24/7.  I was teaching spiritual development classes, doing spiritual readings via massage, putting out podcasts and so I pulled on my internal power cells all the time.

It surely stripped me of my own vanity.  How often do we see ourselves in relationship to our body instead of our soul.  I surrendered to whatever the “full expansion” of my spiritual connection looked like in body.  I would rather gain 10 pounds if Light weight than ever…. EVER go back to where I started.  Skinny and super dysfunctional and depressed.  My body was actually the sickest at 140 pounds.  I became the healthiest I ever was, body and mind as I was rocking a 205 pound frame.  I am good and even more than that, content and happy with every bit of Me.

Moving into the Jemez was like moving into the greatest marriage ever had.  Content, self-contained and joyful.  I dedicated 10-13 hours a day in sharing, teaching, reading, assisting in any way I can as the energies accelerated as we passed the 2012 gateway.  My expansion grew… in every way.  My team assuring me it is as needed now (the constant weight gain) as it was all along.  *sigh*  I grew into a 222 pound body shortly after moving Here and stayed there until my father passed.

Something happened tho, when my father transitioned November of last year.  I think the only way I can truly describe it as my spiritual journey hit the apex of experience.  As I came back home to the Jemez and settled into my life again, my spiritual connections solid, intact and well, whatever goes that, I realized the time I spent with my dad, the amazing journeys I got to experience with him, put more battery power on my frame.  I was now rocking a 238 pound body.  Ugh.  With each passing day, the contentedness with my body now started to erode, albeit slowly.

May 1st of this year, that intense inspiration that kept me in my bathtub for 10 hours a day, now had me focused on losing the stored fat cells in my body.  Atkins was all lover my mind and I embarked wholeheartedly on that mission.  30 days later, I lost 14 pounds.  30 days later, I attempted to each yet another salad (like the 60th salad in a month) and I could not even chew it.  I was done with that.  With my “doneness” came amazing clarity as well.

I love the Atkins diet, I stayed in phase 1 for the entire month.  Phase one keeps you in a state of “ketosis” where the body consumes fat for energy instead of glucose.  My body may have been reducing, but so was my brain capacity too.  Mentally I was sluggish.  Even the readings were not as peppy and easily understood as before.  After some googling searching I realized just how important glucose is to the brains function.  For MY brains ability to reach and stay in the higher atmosphere of the soul mind.  I ate freely and resumed my full connection with my upper atmosphere.

I do want to add too, that I did attempt several times over this year to start getting more active.  My activity was moving from my desk where I write my blogs and held the soul gym, to about 8 feet away to my kitchen chair where I do my readings.  After my day was done, I was done.  Spent, exhausted.  I gave everything I had in me to give… away.

I continue to be the living example of what not to do!!  I have developed an intimate connection to my full working internal body over this year.  I understand its needs and desires more than ever before.

In August, a brand new, intense inspiration started to flood my whole Being.  Change my day!!  Take days off, release the soul gym duty for now.  Invest in the energy of myself more fully.  I did.  Funny how guilty I felt about it too.  Here I am, sitting on my ass doing nothing when I could be feeling productive doing something like the soul gym or readings on my days off.  But… the energy was too firm to give in to.  I may not like the inspirations that come thru me, often times, I down right dislike it.  But I do it anywayz.  Like putting my body weight out here for all to know.  Yikes!!  lol

However, looking back, I did that with all my dysfunctions too (over time.)  I told you the most intimate secrets of my entire emotional construct.  Hell, I put out my most intimate experiences with sex out there too.  My team is all about transparency I suppose lol.

But let me tell you how amazingly freeing it is when you have nothing left to hide.  It is liberating like nothing else ever.  I own me, lock stock and barrel and love me thru it all too.

On September 7th, as I was sitting at my computer, this massive wind of inspiration started to move up from the belly of my core and pin my “Sweating to the oldies” dvd in my brains eye.  What the hell, it was a day off, had nothing better to do… I got my work clothes on and huffed and puffed for the first 10 minutes.  Like every other attempt I made this year with that video, had to call it quits for the sake of my breathing.  It is difficult to go from sitting down for 2 and a half years to suddenly swinging your body all over the place!!  lol

I sat and caught my breath for 45 minutes, and once again, that inspiration, the winds of change, blew threw me and I got up and actually finished the entire workout.  WOW WEEZERS batman!!  This is NEW!!  This is exciting and motivating.

Sometimes tho, ya just gotta temper the energy moving thru.  5 days in and I am wiggling like a pro, but wanted more breath capacity to do even more.  I read about interval training and it sounded easy.  I hurt my knees.  Not wise at all.  But yet, it opened a doorway for my son to send me the above video along with the insistence I start doing the DDP Yoga.  I couldn’t take my eyes off the youtube testimonials.  I was enthralled with Diamond Dallas Page and his inspiring ways of teaching how to get fit without stressing out the joints.  He reminded me a lot of myself, only his focus is with the body, mine is with the soul.  Time for me to fuse the two together.  I ordered his DVD set and the moment it arrives (tomorrow I hope) I will be switching trainers!!

I am also discovering a whole new relationship with my body.  I am learning how to access the pure energy of spirit and bring it into me for added stamina and fun.  I am also realizing (and hearing) there is so much more happening in this moment than just weight loss and reshaping the body, especially at this most magnificent time of transition we are in.

If you look at the diagram I created a few days ago (click here to see it) and in the B section, I am teaching myself how to bring in that blue area, pure source energy for immediate creation of my needs, my soul desire.  And this… is just the beginning of a whole new way of using Source energy.

With my weigh in this past Sunday, I am down to 217 and lost a collective 4 inches off my body.  Releasing more pure energy into my space.  To tell you how fast this release of pure energy takes on its next form… in my daily life, all I wanted to do was get caught up on my bills and become even again.  Doncha know, my light reached your light an thru the heart of your generosity, your faith and trust in me, I am now even.  I thank each and every one of you, those who signed up for readings, sent donations and those who hold my heart and hand thru our every moment, thank you, I love so much.

What inspiration is flowing thru you in this moment???  ACT ON IT NOW!!!!

I am going to close on this thought:  When you purposely release ANYTHING from your life, you open yourself to receive more than you could have ever dreamed of, in ways you never imagined.

(((((HUGZ))))) of release and magnetic return abundantly!!

Lisa Gawlas

I want to share this little poster my son put on his facebook this morning, it is more than fitting for this moment for every one of us:


While I was looking for the main art for this sharing, I found this too:


Obviously, spirit is on a mission of movement for everyone, each in their own perfect way!!  Rock on!! <3

new day

ADDED NOTE:  After publishing this blog, someone, an amazing someone called “Stargate Dreaming” on my facebook added something so important to the term “take no prisoners” that I did not want to put it at the bottom of this sharing as a P.S.S. instead, here, up front and first.  Here is what she said:  You say the phrase “take no prisoners” keeps coming up. Perhaps a “prisoner” also might refer to a “pet peeve” or an old habit of holding yourself as “lesser” in some way, or holding on to some negative belief about yourself and your potential & capabilities? I’m picturing the release of all prisoners of lack, shame, hurt feelings, misunderstandings all being released from, like, an old-Western town jail!

What an interesting month September is turning out to be.  Energetically very busy, physically not so much, simply due to the tremendous energetic change out happening.  I think the best way to discribe it, is like getting ready to go live in the sequel of the original story (thinking movies here.)  There is going to be familiar backdrops to the story as well as very very different ones too.  The actors (us) are all getting fitted for our new costumes, rehearsing our new lines and roles for the upcoming film.  The biggest change with this new movie is the focal point of the character themselves.  In the movie we just closed out, the focus was the human incarnate.  The theme had been getting out of our own way, strength training ourselves to Spirit, our Soul, our Higher mind.  Reprioritizing what IS important in this world of matter and realizing, applying the knowing if we do not like something, we can change it instantly and at Will.

Now, with our new movie getting ready to launch in real time as we close out September, the spotlight and theme switches from the human incarnate to the soul/spirit incarnate.  We have spent the last 21 months preparing for this massive change out of character.  Our bodies have gone thru the wringer, our minds, if we allowed, completely restrung with higher energy, wisdom, motivation, direction.  Thru this change out, our job was to fully release Will to our Soul/spirit/higher self.

It seems, we did a great job, because here we are in the enormity of September.  I kinda feel like a TMZ reporter, allowed access to behind the scenes interviews and understandings of the upcoming movie, thanx to each and every one of you that put yourself on the field so we can all get a sneak peak and better understanding of our parts in this new movie.

For me personally, I am working extra hard these days to release my own assumptions and expectations.  Man if yesterdays readings weren’t in my face with those straggling old energy things within myself.  As I mentioned yesterday in my sharing, I had seen this full moon of September open up a large doorway in its right side and all this amazing, radiant white light started flooding out.  Instantly and without question, I assumed it meant we are finally on the other side of the moon and the readings will show that.  NOT!!

I do not think we realize how important, how potent we (the human incarnate) are to this story line.  With the presentation of us moving into the belly of the moon, I knew we were being infused with the new energies for our next great adventure, but I never realized that that new energy, was also being infused with us too.  I think the best way to explain this is when we are making chicken soup stock.  We fill up the pot with water (that new energy inside the moon) then plop in the chicken (us humans) to leach the energy of the chicken into the water to create a new thing called chicken stock.  Same is happening here now.  How could our new earth come online without our physical essence within its stock energy?

So what I had seen in the big opening in the moon was the “stock” being released into the new version of earth, setting the stage for our arrival.  With that sneak peak of the opening, the moon itself changed its essence yesterday in all of the readings.  But let me back up first…

Earlier this year, thru many various readings, the eyes of spirit has been set on October.  They would show me/us the October potential that in my view eyes looked very much like a ground bloom firework:


If we take this picture, make the background filled with Light and the firework itself, completely gold in its sparks, then widen the viewing area to 10 feet tall, but leave the firework the same size… thats how I kept seeing October.  A high source of magnetic spiritual energy already changing the airwaves of earth, of the new earth that I see as October.  The closer we got to October, the more the energy started to fill the viewing screen, until we reached the apex of August, now the entire viewing screen is filled with upward moving golden sparks of Source energy.  Spirit fully aligned with the earth energy.  The human who has allowed themselves the full freedom of getting to Here, is undergoing a rapid change of energy to easily wake up on the new earth without being fried.

The moons energy and appearance changed drastically yesterday.  Instead of being fiery, it is now becoming solid in the color spectrum of gold, bronze and deep red.  What is interesting, even tho there is no “movement” to the color spectrum I see, there is a feeling of the energy moving from bottom upwards.  I found a color image online that kinda sorta looks like what I see, a lot less red tho and evenly colored across my viewing spectrum:


As I sit here sharing and wondering… I suddenly realized the significance of this upward moving energy.  We have worked really hard to bring the energy of “heaven” down here to earth, into us, and now, the earth we are moving into, is heaven as earth.  So instead of the energies flowing downwards, it is embedded in the earth as the earth and is releasing itself to us, naturally, without our effort.  Which now makes sense as to why so many of us have been feeling the vibration, the heat in our feet.  No longer will we pull this energy down thru our crown, it will automatically be flowing thru us.  This alone is going to take some reorientation.  Think about it, we have been programmed to pull the energy from outside/above us, into us.  Now, it IS us.  It flows up thru us and requires/demands instant action.

Our training wheels are off!!!     Gulp!

I suppose this should not be a surprise to us at all, we have been warned, repeatedly over these last two years, the mantle of power is changing and being handed directly to us.  We have been given many many tests over the years to see if we are genuinely ready for this drastic change in venue.

This alone surprised me yesterday.  For the last 12 years of doing readings or personal sessions with people, I have never been allowed to say the word “test” because there was no pass or fail and spirit was adamant about people realizing that.  You cannot fail investing in your spiritual energy and attributes.  Now, it is not so much “fail” as keeping yourself back until you are truly and wholeheartedly ready and WILLing to let it all go and do it instantly… whatever “it” is.  There is also no mercy on this new earth.  We have trained hard and well and are fully responsible for what we do, or do not do, with the energy moving up thru us.

Example, if you have that one moment to assist someone else, and you choose not to because you feel inadequate or not responsible, that energy will become so prevalent in your own life.  The golden pistol returns the energy faster than you are putting it out!!

If you are being called to extend or highly develop the spiritual attributes within you and choose not to, do not be too surprised if you find life becoming stagnant around you.  We all arrived here in the depths of our own stillness as we accessed, brought in, used the higher resources of our Soul.  Now, its an action game.  Pay attention to every inspiration that rises up thru you and ACT on it.

From the flames of rebirth and passion to living it out loud.  Take no prisoners!!!  No more waiting for things to fall into place, your (our) job is to make it happen.  Creators creating!

I guess I am going to close on that note.  There really is so much more I wanted to share, but spirit is saying, thats enough for today.  And so it is!!

Big big (((((HUGZ))))) of wonder, bliss and pure excitement!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. I feel it important to leave an understanding of the term “Take no prisoners” because spirit is using it quite a bit these days with an unyeilding energy as it comes thru.  So lets be clear:

take no prisoners
phrase of prisoner
  1. 1.
    be ruthlessly aggressive or uncompromising in the pursuit of one’s objectives.

Imagine that!!  That alone is a HUGE change of focus and energy.

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Have You Let It All Go and Open To Let It All In??


I love how you can wonder about some aspects of this shift we are in and the very next day, everybody on the field answers it for ya.  The magical dance of life is always in step with itSelf, even if we don’t think so.

I wondered about the folks who may not be aligned to the upper frequency of the full on moon energy and doncha know, the first (virgin) man on my field, showed us.  For the last two weeks I have been reading everyone about 20 feet above ground, jogged over into the right quadrant of the West-North field (future aspect aligning with the harvested energy) but I knew not everyone on earth has raised their vibration, let go of the things that are needed in order to move themselves higher and yet, I had not seen what that looked like and where and how the choice points laid.  That is, until this beautiful man showed up yesterday.

He was sitting in a directors chair, in the center of his field of life, light basking all around him, the ground, barren.  He was wear black pants that had this like, I don’t know, crust to them and equally, a gel like feel.  Fortunately I understood his pants, his path in life, the deep unknown (the gel like feeling) and the fear of the unknown (crusty) blended together.  His shirt tho, a glowing white T-shirt, open, his higher chakras aligned with the truth of spirit.  We talked about what the directors chair meant to him, which I could easily understand since I had just published my blog about that.  We also talked about how barren the landscape is around him, there is nothing left of this vibrational world for him to glean.  His only real option is to open his heart more, allow the vulnerability of an open heart to be more exposed (instead of safely guarded, if not hidden at times) so that the light of Love may penetrate him.  He also needed to take off his pants, they no longer served him.

So I pulled my vision back and looked around for his options, how does he get upwards to that electrical line at the moon level.  I about cried when I looked up there and seen the Blessed Mother in all her radiance, leaning of the electrical line with a thick rope in hand and she lowered down to his earth.  This rope was in a color hue of gold and bronze and deep red, (high spiritual vibration, allowed together with the new matter of the new earth) with a very large knot at the bottom.  She threw him a life line and his choice was to get up out of his seat, and in doing so, he relinquished (Will) power to his soul instead of the human aspect and will shimmy up to her embrace.

But let me tell you, her Presence was so loving, so motherly with unconditional love, non-judgement and true desire to embrace her child as a loving mother would.  In all my years of reading, I have not felt her so strongly like I did in his reading since my own journeys with her when I first started.  It seems, like any child would so desperately need, when we ar at the apex of change and scared as hell thru it, she arrives to be that loving comfort.  The assistant to say it is not only OK, it is needed and I am here to love you thru it all, unconditionally.

The young lady I read for after him, in a similar position.  I have been reading for her for the better part of this year, in those earlier connections, she was almost always in melt down mode, the questions flying off her tongue faster than she could speak them, unsure of herself, of her choices, of life itself.  Let me tell you, my greatest gift in connecting to you over time, is witnessing the change, often times, its radical change, as is the case with her.

So I was not surprised at all to see her laying on the edge of this earth (the one under the moon) in a beach chair, laying down, dark sunglasses on, a glowing white shirt that was actually absorbing the sun’s energy into her from her sacral chakra on up, and on her head was a bandana tied and tucked at the back of her head.  Her team said to keep the incoming energies in instead of having them flow out of her crown.  I suddenly realized, she had no legs that I could see, she was just a torso and head sunbathing!  Her team also stated because her new legs, her new path forward had not come on-line yet.  I also knew she would not be given the choice in this moment to move upwards to the full moon vibration, instead, there will be a temporary version of earth unfolding for her to solidify these energies and stay constant in her ability to choose and choose wisely.

Another lady I had seen showed up circling the board of the moon, half in, half out.  What I find stunning is the photo I choose to use for today’s blog, is the exact color scheme I had seen in her.  The part that was inside the moon was on fire, the part that was outside the moon was that light blue.  This amazing lady let go of so many things, changed her world for the better a few months ago, so I was surprised to see her half in and half out of the moon energy.  But as her team helped us understand, it made perfect sense.  Often times when we are in a place of our lives that is wonderful, joyous and nothing like it was before, we don’t want “that” to end, and we hang onto it.  We must get fully into the position of letting it ALL go, even the amazing joys, because nothing would be replaced that is less than what you have now.  Equally, allowing yourself the experiences that will take you into deeper understanding of your own potential is as crucial in these times too.  No fear in any way, can or will make the transition.

Another one of my favorite visuals from yesterday, another lady I have been reading for for years, there she was, swinging on a similar looking rope as my first guy of the day, to and fro beneath that electrical line that connects into the full moon.  West to East… back and forth (harvest to new beginnings) and the more I watched her swing, the closer to (this) earth she was getting.  Finally she disembarked and as I watched her, I realized she was dusting something off.  The feeling I was getting with her, is there was something she was leaving behind that she really needed to take with her in this next grand adventure.

When I snaked my antenna in front of her (she had her back to me as she was dusting) I about shit when I seen a covered love seat (covered like when we store furniture away.)   It must have been stored away for a long time cuz she was dusting the cover!!  Of course, I had to ask, what the hell is a love seat doing in your reading???  In spirits reply, I was shocked to be hearing/remembering a poem I wrote when I was like 17 for my first boyfriend (George.) :

If I could make a wish

and have it come true

no, it wouldn’t be for me

but especially for you

I would wish for you

a life well furnished

And that’s all I remember of the poem, I am amazed I remember that much lol.  But then it hit me, her love seat… LOVE.  There is no greater furnishings in our lives that Love.  I knew, her job now was to take the cover off the love seat and be open to the one who has been waiting to sit next to her on her love seat.  her job now was to take that rope, wrap it around the love seat and hoist it upwards to the full moon.  WE must be the ones to put the energy into not only change, but opening to what we have covered up.

The one thing I know for sure, this next earth that we will set up our hearts upon, is ALL about LOVE.  Intimate love, friendship love, stranger love, LOVE on every level.  No more fear, no more closing down bits and pieces of ourselves, but to be open to receive all the new furnishings we never even imagined we could have.

Yesterday, thru all the readings, was what I felt like major choice points.  To be willing to let every thing go, every aspect you held back, every adventure you we re too nervous to experience, and move into the belly of rebirth fearless, unencumbered and with your firm boundaries.  That is to say, recognizing what you don’t want and not settling for less.

My team would like to leave you all with two Runes today.  As I was sitting on my holy toilet, suddenly I heard them say, close with the Rune of Radical change which is:

HAGALAZ HAGALAZ Wish of change and freedom. But for that it is necessary to put the material reality aside. Look at your inner world. If things seem to be out of control a break up might be a good idea. Self-growth cycle.

And then gave another one by name:

INGUZ INGUZ Claims you to split up relationships or old habits – you are ready for a new start; even for a new child. The meantime could be dangerous. So, keep your good mood.

They do go hand in hand, don’t they?  (both taken from this website.)  Radical change opens to fertility, LOVE!!

Ohhh, before I close, I just want to say on my way back from the world yesterday, the moon showed itself and to the right side, a place we have not seen yet, a door flung open and this amazing white light was flooding outwards.  Maybe… today is the day we get to see the other side!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of freedom in love to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas





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The Dawn of New Day ….Who Is Directing Your Life Story Now??


Did anyone else wake up yesterday exhausted??  Holy heavens batman, I went to sleep (and sleep all night) with more energy than I woke up with.  But I suppose that is what we feel like when we are being glued back together into our brand new reality zone.  Dual CME’s rocked planet earth yesterday and if I may quote “with the most intense geometric storm of the year.”

Speaking of the sun and, they had an audio clip of the explosive X flair from the 10th.  I listened to it and realized that seriously loud buzzing we get in our ears, for me it has been especially loud and constant this last week, is the same noise.  My ears were rocking at high pitch when I listened to the clip and when I turned it off, my ears were normal, no more high pitch noise.  I suddenly realized that is what is happening during our internal buzzing, it is finding its frequency with the energy, the light codes getting ready to emerge out of the sun.  Now we tend to get excited with the bigger flares, but don’t think the smaller ones are a waste of sun energy, not at all.  They affect us too, just not on the obvious grander scales of the bigger ones.

Ok, now to pick up where I left off (and the places I completely missed) from yesterday.  First, if you haven’t seen yesterdays amazing artwork (giggle) let me give you a reference link back to the visual I created for this ongoing story:  Just click here.

Lets look at the diagram of A, this is where meditation is a valuable took of unlocking the space between the upper atmosphere (soul mind) and the lower atmosphere (physical reality mind.)  Our job getting to this amazing point in our reality was finding a way to navigate the two atmospheres at will.  For those who were dedicated enough to get beyond that little white space area, the noise of the lower mind, and connect into the vastness of the higher mind,  the fruits of your labor is beyond your wildest dreams.  Beyond harvesting so much wisdom, understanding, healing, pimping our your spiritual attributes, something else was happening all the while, what my team is referring to as the fusion.  The more you allowed yourself to play in far off lands beyond earth, the more the far off lands was enhancing, solidifying the light field in your physical body and lower mind.  The goal has always been to access that place without effort, without intentional meditation, because you are now there 24/7.

Somewhere in that story book called the bible, it does talk about “praying unceasingly.”  Of course, so many of us think of prayers (speaking for myself here) as the repetitive words taught by our clergy.  Lets just change that whole line of thinking to be in a constant state of communication with God.  Look at figure B, that is what praying unceasingly looks like.  Your soul energy is now the full director of your physical life and just like on the other side of the veil, has absolute constant contact a communication with the Source of All life, my word is God.

As that doorway between this and that side of the veil starts to thin out, you can really feel the effects in your body and most especially in your mind.  The feelings that are constant in us are never turned off.  Joy, love, gratitude, grace, humility and so on.  The energy of fear has dissolved into the light of knowing.  Trust becomes the action as hesitation and doubt start to crumble.

If we can look at the enormity of these last two years, focusing on the end of 2012, we were all asked if we (the human incarnate, AKA ego mind) were willing to give up our place of power as the director of our life and switch roles without out higher mind, who thru that point has been assistant director (at best.)  We spent all of 2013 thru this grand moment in our history releasing control, releasing the lower Will to the emerging new director of our life story, our soul mind.

If you have willingly let it all go, the change is already underway.  There is a new director in your life, your soul and the human part of you is now the assistant director.  I just want to say too, if you have not completely arrived in this state yet, with your own inner work and dedication to keeping open the doorway to the vastness of spirit, you will be Here.  This is the key to the incarnation system we have embarked into with this phase of Life’s evolution.

Our job as the assistant director of our life’s story is as important now as it ever was.  The energy system of our soul gives internal direction and as the navigator of physical life, our job is to follow the energy direction and bring it into material life.  To put this understanding in the clearest way I know how…. When I turn my sweating to the oldies on my TV, we can look at that video, that energy potential as the direction of desired course from the soul, as the assistant director and the only navigator of the physical realm, my job is to get up and do it!

With getting up and doing it, I am also learning there are much more efficient ways to get something done that can be strenuous.  Harness the energy of the blue area, Source energy, untapped potential.  If we look at it like stem cells, it is pure energy awaiting instruction and it is the assistant directors job to employ it.

Very much like my example yesterday with harnessing the energy field and creating a field with absolute focus of DOING, strengthens and enhances the outcome in progress. Equally, in my (very real) example from yesterdays sharing too, the interference of the physical world can and more than likely will, collapse the field we are creating.

For me personally and my path to Here, my teams focus to this point was strengthening my connection to the upper atmosphere.  My lower connection (earth and all that goes with it lol,) the one that is “that” energy made manifest, took a back seat.  Now I am learning how to embed the strength of the upper atmosphere into the focus of the lower realms (earth) and get beyond the collapse with outside interference.

I did a reading yesterday for an amazing young man, his ability to stay balanced, bounce from here to there to glean the importance of any thing he is doing to bring it all together into one large outcome, is uncanny and exciting.  One of his major mastery’s in this lifetime that will be at the forefront of his next adventure.  Not to long after his reading he sent me a very profound email that I want to share with you.  (Devin, I hope you don’t mind me doing this without your permission.)

All that is, was and will be us is converging within the womb or the void/crucible of the moon. She’s inflamed because she is glowing with life as any women bearing child, or any crucible being brought to temperature. 
Through many life’s and timelines we were divided into several parts, all destined to converge at this time.
Within this womb we are culminating all that is us to be reborn with the wholeness that we have garnered.
We might have started as one pure metal, but now we are being re-casted as an alloy.
Many call america a melting pot, when really its the entire earth who has trail blazed this concept of converging many different flavors or frequencies to make a new one.
No person on the earth is exempt from this process, yet many resist the loss of their form or solidity, fearing a complete loss of who they are, when it’s really quite  the contrary, its more of a un-coagulation in order to re-coagulate into all you once were and who you are to be.
And this is the glue of the geometric storm that is still underway’s job… re-coagulating those who willingly got themselves to Here.
As I was doing my exercises yesterday, I thought about him and his amazing email, suddenly, I seen him come out of the belly of the moon as a dolphin or whale (maybe a cross-breed cuz I couldn’t tell if it was one or the other.)  The feeling was his ability to swim in the new Light of Day effortlessly (much more I am sure, but hey, to see that while panting is, for me, amazing!!)
We are strengthening the fields of upper and lower minds into the double mesh of perfection.  As we continue to strengthen our above and below and collapse the figure eight into a whole energy system of application…. I cannot even imagine the power!!
I do want to mention something that I learned thru the very first reading yesterday, it is our internal questions, “what should I do, how should I do it, do I do this, do I do that…” is the very thing that keeps up from being in the belly of the moon, the fusion of soul-body.  Don’t think, the energy of movement will rise up thru you at the perfect time and your job is to act.  Not think.  Put on your Nike’s and Just Do It!!
On that note, feel the inner wave rise up, follow it, make it physical and trust where it is taking you.
With so much love and excitement and ((((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))))))) of radical trust to ALL,




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Soul Fusion and The Living Field Of Creation.


Wow, what big days we are in!!  What amazing moments of absolute clarity I had over and over again yesterday.  I pray I don’t forget to share a single thing today.  I left off on my sharing yesterday with a teaser about the upper and lower fields of energy and now i know why.  I had so much more to learn and understand before taking that genie out of the bottle!!

To make todays sharing easier to follow along with and understand clearly, I put some very humble artwork together as a reference:


Figures A and B 3 also represent that place I call our “bubble of creation.”  Everything emerges and evaporates thru the bottom circle.  Also, A3 is color orange to represent our connection with physical life.  B3 is colored yellow-orange to represent our connection with heaven and earth as one energy field.  The blue in B1 is pure Source energy, what we would think of as God, Creator, the Presence, pick a name.  The yellow represents our soul energy/connection.

Thru these last several months, on occasion via the field of reading, spirit would say that the state we are in (or have the potential to be in) is fusion.  I thought I kinda got what they were saying, the fusion of body and soul, upper mind and lower mind, but until yesterday, I really didn’t get it at all, at least, in how it is going to work after we (purposely allow) the fusion to complete itself.

I think the give the clearest example of the difference between A and B is, in A our Soul is still a separate energy than our human.  We may even go into meditation to connect with it, since it is not yet a part of our full (in body) energy and mind system.  This also represents those we call still sleeping, not even aware they have the ability to connect, or know there is a soul connected to their human.

What I would have never said yesterday in my sharing but so clearly understand now, even those of us who hear our soul speak without being in meditation, is still represented by the A diagram.  It’s still separate, maybe only by the thinnest thread of energy, but separate none the less.  The little white gap between the upper and lower circles represents that empty space, where the pure energy of spirit can only move thru when the human opens up and calls it in.  Not with voice, but with core emotion.

Then we have B.  This is the amazing time we are in, if we allowed.  If we have let it all go.  There is no way of being fully in the B state having any energy of hanging on.  When we hang on to anything, it is the energy of the lower mind that is the active force in our lives and removes the pure state of potential, the fruits of the soul if you will, out of our created field.  We truly limit our experience, what we can understand, by hanging on to anything.  Be it a thought, a person, a place, a concept, an application, etc.

B genuinely represents Oneness with the blend of human soul alive in body.  You have released all of your lower mind conceptions, expectations and “what if’s” to the full expression and desire of the soul.  This is one time, I am so grateful to be a living example of how this works.  Let me ‘splain (giggle.)

This past Sunday (9/7 to be exact) I was sitting at my computer, a scheduled day off which is actually an uncomfortable place for me.  (Thinking in terms of, I have nothing to do and all day to do it.  I would rather be reading and feeling productive.)  Suddenly and without notice, this energy started to rise up from my core and focused on my Sweating to the Oldies 2 dvd.  Why not, I had nothing better to do lol.  I got my work out clothes on, feeling very much like a stuffed sausage in them, and stood in front of my TV… ready.  I have put this DVD on many times in the past two years and not once completed the 45 minute workout.  My muscles became exhausted and my ability breath became seriously challenged.  I would stop until another day.

This past Sunday was not so very different.  I was 10 minutes in, the place my whole body pooped out, and I stopped the video to catch my breath before we hyperventilated.  I sat for a good 45 minutes when suddenly this surge of energy moved thru me, and I went right back to the video and picked up the rest of the workout without stopping.  Well holy shit!  I did it.  Granted it took me an hour and a half to do a 45 minute workout, but I DID IT!!  Suddenly, I was inspired.  Excited.  Focused on change in the physical body.

Without a moments forethought, I decided to change my eating habits to release some (a lot) of the fat cells that have been stored within my core to move me thru this massive change (the last two years.)

It would take until yesterday to fully realize, this is not just about loosing weight…

I absolutely realize there is a new director in town and my (the human’s) job is to go with the flow of energy the moment it is released in directive and desire.  Monday, I did my aerobics very much in the same way, but completing it eventually.  This energy moved up thru me, a knowing that I need Sweating to the Oldies 1.  I headed to amazon and ebay to see if I can find it in DVD form.  Nope, but in my search on ebay this one video kept glowing at me, literally. “Denise Austin: Shrink Your Fat Zones Pilates.”  Since it was only $7 with free shipping and I get the glow, I purchased it and resigned to the fact I will being doing my current routine until I strengthen my lungs.  A couple hours later, again, this very focused, directive energy came up thru me and held walmart in my mind.  fruits and veggies, and a set of hand weights.  Hey!!  Stop it, I still am trying to get my car payment done from last month!!!  lol  But that energy was too strong not to follow thru.  Off to walmart I go and holy flipping shit, in the workout isle, there is my sweating to the oldies 1 video, a 25 YEAR OLD video, there for me to purchase immediately.  So there I am, spending what I had saved for last months car payment.  What the hell!!

So each day now, i am doing my sweating to the oldies 1 without sitting down, still huffing and puffing half way thru, but staying with it for the full 45 minutes.  Yay me!!  lol  I might even put a little brag line in here and say… I am also doing the floor exercises of the 2 dvd until Denise arrives in my world.  Gotta work that core!!  lol

As I explained in my sharing yesterday, when I got out of bed on the 10th, I had no energy because I had no real sleep.  Yet, here is the crazy soul director prompting my human to do the workout.  Geeeeezzzzz Louise!!  I couldn’t and wouldn’t ignore it.

I stood in front of my TV, absolutely exhausted, put my arms upwards and said out loud “OK universe, I really need some extra energy to do this.” and made the motion of pulling all the energy in the room into me.  It worked!!

But yesterday, an amazing day within itself by 1pm, was showing me the bigger picture of this experience.  After my 5 amazing and informative readings, I got my workout clothes on, which is now kind laying limply on my body instead of holding my girls down (giggle) from deep within me, we approached the exercise differently than the previous days.  We focused in on the energy of Richard Simmons (god knows he has a ton) intermingled my energy field with his and created a bubble to keep my body in the same pace with his workout without tiring out too fast.  It was amazing.  We got into the hot and sweaty part, the part my body usually starts wanting out, and we were steady and rocking.  Until my landlady came in and gave me the mail.  Actually, if that was all she did, I think it would have been ok, but she started talking to me, and I lost my rhythm and could not get it back.  After she left I could see the field I had created with this workout collapsing.  It just continued to fall apart and my own energy reduced to about 50% of the pace I had had and we were in the cooling down part by now.  I was shocked and excited at the same time.

I had a very very similar experience with foreplay wayyyyy back in the day with a wonderful man named Frank.  In that intimate union and (for me) deeply in love with him, my lower energy field shot up into my higher energy field and the fullness of the experience was had from my ceiling lol, expanded in every way.  Until the moment he started to talk.  Everything collapsed.

I thought i put the entire experience on my website somewhere, but I cannot find it, maybe it is just in my book.  Don’t know and don’t have the time to look.

However, lets put this into day-to-day use for you.  One of my clients yesterday gave us all an amazing visual.  If you take the A3 circle as your created life field and place your self in the very center of the circle, the left side represents the past and the right side represents the future, the center would always represent the now.  She has this man in her life that does not match her frequency at all, her team at least since this past March kept telling her the best thing she could do is release him from her field.  She hasn’t yet because from the soul side of life, he is her twin flame, but in body, he has not harnessed the soul energy and nervous system of the body to actually “be that” in this created field of life.  But she is a stubborn bugger!!  lol

So in her reading they gave me this visual, which we can all look at and understand for ourselves too.  Going back to the circle energy, and if our focused energy is on something of the past and we will not let it go, it keeps its form in our now and the energy of our future appears still, empty, nothing new.  I so wish I could make a small video of this, you would so get that ah-ha feeling seeing it live and in action.

Moral of the story lol, if we keep focusing on what we have, what we had, how it was 10 minutes ago, good bad, indifferent, we keep pulling that energy to us and leaving the door of the future in stillness.

I went into a meditation yesterday, mostly to see where I am at in relationship to the fiery moon.  All 5 people I connected with yesterday were still working their way to the belly of the moon, meaning, still making choices.  Thats when I fully realized, this too is a wave energy, even tho we experienced the full moon on the earth date of the 9th, what it holds will be there forever.  When you are in alignment with the fires of the new, that is when you drop into the changing chamber lol.  This week, next month, 2 years from now.

So when I seen myself not only out of the belly of the moon, I came out of it that very sunday morning, the 7th, two days before the full moon even happened.  Again, we are reminded we are telling a linear story just to allow the lower mind to follow along, but there is nothing linear about anything except our minds.

This soul fusion is exactly what I have been experiencing since Sunday.  It is so directive, so without a shadow of doubt or moment of forethought.  Another example, my son pocket dialed me early yesterday morning.  When I called him back and asked him what he wanted, he didn’t even know he called me lol.  Then, again, out of the clear blue, or maybe, deep heart, my mouth just started asking him about a test he has to take to get his next contracting license and he didn’t have the money to take it.  This crazy mouth of mine said I will pay for it, it is your job to pass it and get yourself reprioritized in this new unforgiving energy.  In the most firm energy I have felt in talking with him, my mouth started talking to him about budgets, money, responsibility and the assistance I will provide in helping him to achieve it all.  (Really???  Me???  lol)  It was like NOTHING I have ever felt come out of my mouth before, so loving and so firm in expression, phew.

What the hell!! I have my own bills yet to be paid.  Didn’t matter, we got ‘er done.

The readings, holy shit it was like everything sped up, I could barely keep up with all the information and for a change, I understood the information/images.

So, to recap and hopefully I made this clear.  When we are in the position of the A diagram, there is a slight (for some a vast) disconnect from inspiration to action.  It filters thru the lower mind (that white space) and sometimes finds life, sometimes goes back into the vat of potential.

When you are in the B position, there is only action and application.  Very much like my experience with my son, it was only after I got off the phone did I say to my Self, hey what they heck!!  lol  But its all good, I know you must release energy to bring in new energy in every form of life.

Ohhh and I just remembered where I have the sharing of my amazing experience and collapsing field energy sharing at:  Its the first thing you read lol.

Also, lol (like I said, there is just so much to share from understandings that flooded me yesterday, sorry to be so choppy getting it out) the inner prompting of clearing some time for myself (dropping the soul gym, actually taking real days off) was all about this momentous time we are in now.  I now have the time and energy to not only understand the bigger picture unfolding, but be an active participant thru it all.  Wisdom comes from experience… and I am grateful to be neck-deep in it!!

Tomorrow we will talk about how to fully use the B diagram.  For right now, a new day of readings is about to being.


Big, Huge, Bountiful ((((HUGZ))))) filled with so much love and directives from the soul to the fullness of life!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. This is an added note from spirit before I close out.  The fullness of what I am calling Soul Fusion has only been released with this last series of full moon energies, everything, every moment, every experience was leading us up to this totality if we let everything go.  My team can already hear some saying, I have been like this for a long time… not like this.  At least, not before the collapse of the August moon and the emergence of this September one.







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And a New Day, A New Way Begins!!!


What a wild ride sliding thru this final super moon has been, at least biologically.  Not slam dunk on the ground like August was, it really affected my brain waves and lower energy system.  But we will get to that later in this sharing, I gotta back up and share the day of the full moon on the field.

My first reading and every reading after her, the moon must have found its new breath.  There it was, expanding and contracting, expanding and contracting, it was kind of mesmerizing.  Instantly I knew it was breathing new life into those who are ready for it and even those who are not!!

My lady was positioned on the ground wire directly beneath this amazing moon, her legs spread wide open and the moon was set up like a buzz saw splitting her from root to crown.  The information coming thru, it was gutting her entire core and refilling her with the fiery passion of this new phase of life.  I could see this filling like a milky thick liquid and yet, in contrast, the two sides of her physical body, on fire!!  Holy heavens batman!!!  This is intense.  She agreed!!  Her body has been going thru the energy mill for the last few days and nights.  Her feeling inside was completely empty… nothingness.  Suddenly, I got a parallel to a similar experience I had long ago in my bathtub when the blessed mother came in and gutted me like a fish.  She had appeared days prior asking me to lay down all my beliefs and after three days of trying to figure out how to do that, I pleaded for her assistance.  Careful what ya ask for!  lol

Often times, our soul really needs the human to do, as well as release certain things from our self, both from the core, from the consciousness and every other place we are affected by past and present programming.  Its freakin hard, if not, at times, seemingly impossible.  When your inner desire is so pure, so in line with the will of the soul, trust me, the assistance of getting it done will be provided if you ask, even if it doesn’t seem like you asked the actual question.  It is the energy that comes from your actually core that reflects the true desires within.  We can say we want change, we want alignment all day long, but often times, at the end of the day, we don’t really mean it.  Nor have our actions shown that we really mean it.  So for those of you who may have entered this afterglow (smile) feeling like nothing has changed, I would dedicate ever moment of these next few weeks being real and honest with yourself within and putting new energy out, new action into play, otherwise, it just may be a very very long 2 year cycle you head into.  Meaning, the elements of your soul desire, its plan for this stage of our rapidly moving evolution (many would call the ascension process) will be set up with many challenges for you to choose again, become clearer and wiser in your choices.  That is the game after all!!

Before I go onto the next thing, I am being reminded of the very sentence the blessed mother gave me, the reflection that is happening to my lady being buzz sawed by the moon, and the very thing being asked of every one of you as well:  “Lay down all your beliefs so you can be filled with the truth of spirit.”

The depths of truth that are released from the pure state of spirit, comes in tiny little fragments.  Like barely seeing the tip of the iceberg.  Many people can see that tip and think they know and understand the depth of the iceberg, but the trust of truths comes in tiny fragments to allow our consciousness to assimilate and change and apply.  Then another fragment is released, if we are not already thinking we know the absolute truth already, it merges, bends, changes, alters what is already there, to become more and often times, different even.

Everything we think we know, everything we think we are and everything we choose to do, all needs to be fluid, free-flowing and unencumbered.

The three people after her were in a position of creating the moves to move into the belly of the moon for full transformation.  But I want to skip on down to my last reading of that day, such an amazing contrast, such an amazing release of people on the field to build to the climax of this massive event!!

My 5th lady was a virgin upon my field, (love those virgins lol, new puzzle pieces to work into our ever evolving tapestry,) and she showed up on the top side of the moon, this side of it.  Her motion was dancing, as she came from the side up to the top.  I knew this dance move, we all have watched Michael Jackson do it with perfection in his feet, the moon walk.  I cracked up when I realized she was doing the moon walk to the center.  How creative!!  How fitting!!  Her team had said that she had gotten to this very moment in time by walking her path with joy, with connective action, with determination.  She will take this strength that is now part of her mastery with her to the other side of the moon.  Just with THAT information I about pee’d my pants with excitement.  Spirit has said for the last few weeks we will take that which we mastered into the next phase, but until this lady, I really haven’t seen the example yet.  Well she wasn’t done showing her examples!!  The next thing I knew, she was standing on the open middle of the moon and as if she had created her own diving board, took a massive leap upwards, started doing acrobatics in the decent and landed on both feet in the belly of the moon.  My eyes were transfixed on all that I was seeing.  Once again, the explanation was vividly clear as I am sure most of you can figure out the full meaning.

Effortlessly taking those massive leaps of faith.  Allowing the very life energy that got you to that choice point to be the spring-board in which you jump into the unknown without a second thought, and the ability to land on your feet.  The acrobats, granted in the vision is more like flips, but in the explanation it is so much more than that.  When we willingly move blinded folded into a new space of our created reality, we need to be flexible, fluid, tuck in, reach out, all with precise movement to land firmly on our feet in our next great adventure.  If we are fully aligned with the flowing energy thru us and around us, it really is that effortless.  If we are not, we land on our ass and get to do it all over again once we realize where we took a wrong tuck or flip.

Of course, this view, this understanding is souly from the souls perspective.  The human may have made the leap into vastly unfamiliar territory and because of the initial challenges, we tend to question if we did the right thing, bob and weave as we find our new footing and still wonder if we did the right thing.  Ahhhh to be human.   As long as we don’t tuck tail and head back to safer grounds, it was perfect from the souls heart!!

I sat at my computer during the series of amazing connections on Sept. 9th, just pondering the fiery-ness and now the actual expansion and contraction I see the moon in and I hear my team whisper in my ear (heart) that the moon takes in the sun’s energy and releases it out to us, changes from its pure energy to one that we could handle.  Ohhh yeah!!  How quickly I can forget when we are in the midst of massive new energy and imagery.

The pure codes from the sun, at least the core of its release, infuses into the moon and transforms its pure state into one that can be assimilated into the like frequency humans on earth.  It is released two times a month, new and full moon phases.  What we feel whenever the sun has a massive burst is the splatter around the core:

water splatter

If you can look at the soccer ball as the moon, all that splash is what we feel when the sun spits.  Pure, rarified energy.  It may be droplets, but man does it pack a powerful punch!!  It equally serves to help us align with the changed release that will happen via the moon phases.

Now all this is making absolute sense to me, every bit of it.  We have gone thru the eye of the needle and it is breathing the new threads of our lives into US!!  Our job as we move deeper into September and most especially into October is to BE the dream weavers on earth, not in concept, but in the tangible universe we call earth.

So let me tell you the massive excitement, the intense Holy Shit Batman that erupted from every pore of my body when I read a text alert from come that very same day:

LONG DURATION FLARE AND EARTH-DIRECTED CME: Earlier today, the magnetic canopy of sunspot AR2158 erupted, producing an explosion that lasted more than 6 hours. The flare peaked on Sept. 9th at 00:30 UT with a classification of M4 on theRichter Scale of Solar Flares. Long-duration flares tend to produce bright CMEs, and this one was no exception. Coronagraphs onboard the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory observed a CME racing out of the blast site at nearly 1,000 km/s (2.2 million mph.)

Talk about a massive validation of the events we are seeing via the field.  The sun has been relatively quite thru August into now, but its timing of release is awe-striking and for me personally, incredibly validating that I am getting this information correctly.  Phew!!  Trust me, I still LOVE the validation process, especially when we are in such a massive and new shift and every image and every interpretation is new.  I am not infallible in any way.

So once again, before heading to what I thought was going to be sleep, I opened facebook on my phone and seen a thread of information that sunk my heart and really surprised me.  There is an amazing force on facebook I know as Dawn Newton who had changed her name to AumBre’El Newton.  Her expressions were priceless and intense.  I knew she had breast cancer, I didn’t realize the severity of it and her blessed daughter updated everyone to let them know our beloved Dawn was in the stage of transitioning to the other side of the veil.  Damn, just damn.  I was so surprised within myself how much this news just crushed my own heart.

It can be kind of funny how we go thru life and not ever really realize how much the presence of another on this earth effects you, gets into your heart and expands, until the moment you realize their presence will not be there like it was before.  I must have taken her to bed with me, because I didn’t sleep a wink all night long.  The moment I would fall asleep, I would wake up feeling her presence in my bedroom, to the point of her floating parallel above me and kissing my cheek over and over and over again.

Not once did I get into any REM sleep, she was busy loving on me.  Then, there she was with my dad, in my room, loving on me.  Hey!!  I really do appreciate the love, but I NEED SLEEP.  It never came.

So I want to take this moment and whether you knew her or not, celebrate her transformation.  Her love, her audacity, her light trail back Home!!

When I finally realized I am not going to get any sort of sleep, I got my ass out of bed and sat at the computer, having so much to share about the sun and moon and stuff (all of the above I just wrote) and I couldn’t harness a full sentence to type.  My brain was exhausted and I could not access the higher mind to save my life.  After staring at the computer for a good two hours, I gave up and decided to catch you tomorrow (today.)

But I still had something i had to find the energy to do, my freakin aerobics!!  I am not missing a day because of no energy.  I drug myself into the bedroom, got my workout clothes on, slinked into the bathroom to put whats left of my hair into a pony tail and begged the universal life force to collect all and any energy to put it in my body so I can do this.

I stood in front of my TV, good ol’ Richard Simmons wiggling that beautiful tight butt of his and my foot started going, my arms started moving… holy shit, I caught a second wind!  Not only did I do the full 45 minutes of aerobics, I did the floor exercises from his other video too.  That was all I did for the rest of the entire day!!  I must have borrowed the entire day’s worth of energy for that hour!!  But I was and am grateful.

As I lay mostly limp on my couch for the rest of the day (sleep never came and trust me, I tried and tried and tried) a major understanding was released to me.  (Thank god it was a day off for me.)   The upper waves of energy, the lower waves of energy.  What we call the higher mind and lower mind fields.  And so much more, all relevant to this amazing freakin time we got ourselves into.  But…  that is tomorrows ongoing story.

Before I close, I do want to talk about the sun’s release.  Yesterday, again from on:

EARTH-DIRECTED X-FLARE AND CME: Sunspot AR2158 erupted on Sept. 10th at 17:46 UT, producing an X1.6-class solar flare. A flash of ultraviolet radiation from the explosion ionized the upper layers of Earth’s atmosphere, disturbing HF radio communications for more than an hour. More importantly, the explosion hurled a CME directly toward Earth.

RADIO-LOUD EXPLOSION: The X-flare of Sept 10th caused a radio blackout on Earth. Ironically, it also caused a blast of radio noise. Radio astronomers and hams in the Americas and across the Pacific Ocean heard static roaring from the loudspeakers of their shortwave receivers. “It was absolutely howling,” reports Thomas Ashcraft, who sends this 3-minute recording from his amateur radio observatory in rural New Mexico.


Ready or not… here we goooooooooooo!!!!

I love you all so much and celebrate that fact that you are Here with us, moving mountains and paving roads!!

((((((HUGZ))))))) of cliff jumping adventures to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  My online booking calendar seems to be in a place of taking your money and running before you can get your appointment booked (when booking packages or specials.)  I am so sorry about that.  I have put on my reading page how to get booked without being charged again.  I am so sorry for the inconvenience and especially if I missed your email of asking how to get on the schedule.  








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The Final Super Moon: The Rise of the Phoenix!!

phenix moon

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY FULL MOON everyone.  I have never been so happy to see a full moon arrive and embark on leaving its triple month cycle in the rear view mirror.  Altho, I gotta say, this one is so much easier than the first two!  Ok, enough of my personal comments, lets move onto the surprise and yumminess of yesterdays view of the moon from the field of readings.

At first I thought the moon changed places with the sun, it was ablaze with fire.  It was also the first time I ever realized there is an absolute energy signature from the sun and from the moon.  Of course, it makes perfect sense, everything has its own personal signature, but you never really need to discern that when you look up in the sky.  One usually can SEE the moon in contrast to the sun.  But not so much in yesterdays readings, except the fire was a red-orange and very different from the sun.  The moment I started with my “what the hell??” spirit came rushing thru with understanding.  The time we are in now is equal to the rise of the phoenix.  It also became clear that the black disk that has constantly been placed over the moon itself represented the ashes.  Hey!!  Why not tell us this before????  I suppose, in their own, elusive way, they did when they told us about the creamy middle moon, the melt down of our old reality and even our old body.

When my first client showed up and we understood why the moon was on fire, the next thing I had to do is figure out where she was in relationship to it.  Thats when I seen the opening, very much like a funnel open at the topside of the moon, and there she was, excited as a lark, descending into the belly of the moon.  As she reached the inside bottom of the inner moon, the flames engulfed her core, her torso or head was no longer visible to me.  She had her arms and legs spread wide open and that is all I could see of her.  However, at the very bottom surface of the moon, in direct alignment with each foot, this black energy started to intertwine itself and then move directly into the arch of each foot.  Rooting her to the new earth, changing the frequency from the inside out.  This precious lady has put a tremendous amount of change into play in her life over this last year, released a lot of what was not making her happy, not always with grace, but hey, we do get to be human too.  And that is when spirit said she is in that stage where the old has disintegrated and she is becoming anew.  Over the next few days, she will emerge with new wings and all that goes with the energy of the rise of the phoenix.

This was sooo freakin exciting.  I was actually kinda bummed I only had two people on my day’s agenda.  But I have a feeling, we will see and understand more of that today, and today I have a full dance card!

My last reading of yesterday presented a bit differently and really gave us all the wonderful contrast that helps everyone one of us become more aligned with the rise of the phoenix, if that is our desire.  He showed up on the energy line on this side of the fiery moon.  In his hand he had a large gavel and he was trying to break into the moon from the side.  It wasn’t working!!  Having fully understood my first lady of the day, I knew his job was to align himself with the top of the moon, not the bottom.  So I had to ask what can he do.  I seen him release the gavel and the fire energy of the moon started to emit itself out of the soles of his feet, like little rockets that gave him lift.  His job, if he desires to position himself into the belly of the moon and emerge reborn-reinvented, is the align his frequency with the fire.  Meditation doncha know!!

But I cannot discount the very first thing that showed up as we started his reading:

big snake

He had already told me he had done the snake meditation from my sharing.  What I have to smile about with so many people putting their energy into connecting with the snakes (new life force) of their own… the meditation I shared was my personal one.  I so love that you sought out your own new life force triggers.  Y’all are so awesome.  Anywayz…  This big boy suddenly slithers into his east field (about 4 feet away from my back door!!) from the north position (future.)  Future energy coming in to impregnate his new beginnings (that east field) and then it disappeared into the brush that would represent the past area.  We have got to look at the significance of the color of this, really LONGGGGG snake, orange and red (the picture does not show its brilliance, maybe the dirty window I took it thru lol.)  The fiery moon.  One way or another, this energy will penetrate his life, willingly or suddenly… either way!!!

So lets me very very clear on how to awaken, apply these black (hidden agenda) snakes.  Be clear in the energy moving thru you with desire and then APPLY it to your life immediately.  I gave you, I pray, a clear series of examples with my sharing the other day about George.  Well, I realized fully too, that two days ago I started activating my second snake when the energy rushed thru me to start exercising again.  I am an obedient servant, I got my workout clothes on, popped in my sweating to the oldies 2 and began the journey.  I had to take a 45 minute breather 10 minutes in, just like every other time I attempted to do this workout, but the big change for me this time, I finished it once I was past the “beginning to hyperventilate” stage lol.  I also started to realize this is just a bit too intense for this sedentary body of mine.  I went onto ebay looking for sweating to the oldies 1, lets start as the newbie I am.  Couldn’t find it in DVD format, dammit.  But I did find: “Denise Austin Shrink Your Fat Zones Pilates.”  It was glowing in my field of vision and since it was only $7 with free shipping, I got it.  I really need to shrink that area!!  I decided to take a hike into the world to get me some veggies and fruit for my new adventure.  I am not going on a diet, but choosing to eat as if I wanted to lose weight (smile.)  I about shit when walmart had sweating to the oldies 1 on its DVD shelf!!  This DVD is 25 years old, but they had it.  I bought it!!  Who cares if I haven’t paid all of last months billls yet, I am investing in me!!!

I did my sweating to the oldies 1 for 25 minutes before I had to catch my breath, went back and finished it and even popped in the 2nd one to do the floor exercises.  Ohhh the muscles I have woken up!!  lol  Today, only 48 hours later, I lost 2.6 pounds AND 1.5 inches off my waist.  My body, my soul, my new life force is overly ready for this make over.

It is only this morning as I sat down to share, especially about that snake slithering thru my mans field.  We either activate the snake with blind motion, or it will be activated for us.  If my body desires weight loss and I didn’t choose to do it willingly, there are plenty of illnesses that could come in and create the same.  By hook or by crook!!

Enjoy the rise and flight of your inner Phoenix!!!

With fiery love wrapped in big ole bear ((((HUGZ))) to ALL, I love you so much!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  LAST DAY to take advantage of super moon/Lisa’s bail out special: BOGO 15 and 30 minute reading.  This special will run thru the Full moon of 9/9.  You can access it thru this link or on my website (and scroll towards the bottom):







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Activating the New Life Forces Energies Thru Choice and Action!!

life force energy

Can ya feel the pounding of the moonlight these days??  Phew baby, you can almost taste the codes coming thru it as you breathe.  Unlike the August super moon which melted every cell in our body, this one, just as spirit has been saying, is solidifying the new light body, the new physical body and creating a realm of clarity, clear desire within, even if in this pre-moon phase, it’s just an inkling.  But hey… after so long of shrugging the shoulders, inklings are feeling gigantic and celebratory!!

Of course we are still being “altered” and solidified, but I am also seeing so clearly within my own life, how huge personal choice and clarity of knowing thyself really is in this moment.  But equally too, how much in “real-time” we are working the energies.  Let me ‘splain (smile.)

I had mentioned about my meditation the other day, these 8 dead looking black snakes fanned out from the center of the moon.  Snakes, life force energy.  Black, unseeable/unknowable from the outer perspective.  When that one snake I touched rolled me up and stuck me in the belly of the moon, trust me, I ponder what the hell this could be about and not a sound from my team.  From inside my own heart of knowing, all I could think about is this has to be about intimate relationships, it really is the only thing I am doing right now that is way out of my comfort zone (blind dating from the garden of men on eharmony.)  Not once did I get that familiar hit back to me of yes or no, hell not even a maybe!!  How the hell can you breathe new life, awaken a life force energy you are not even sure what it is, especially when it is presented in 8 different ways!!

I do readings every single day (just about) and hear the messages of spirit back to each person and one would think I would remember the repetitive messages clearly.  One would think…  So many people’s questions come down to how will I know…(fill in the blank.)  The reply is consistent, you will walk straight into it and be in choice.  Without any real example, the reply can seem so vague, so I was set up to be a clear example of it all.  Who the hell signed me up as a task master too, a puzzle master is hard enough! lol

So, I have shared that I met a person from eharmony whose name happened to be George, the english version of Jorge (pronounced whore-hey.)  He lives in Albuquerque, something I was quite adamant in when directing the energies of this crazy pool of desire.  Not so far away he has to come hang for a week, not so close he would show up every day.  We met here at my house a week ago Saturday and really had a nice time together.  The conversation flowed, never was there “dead space” and that feeling of looking for a way out of this time together.  He even asked about the hundreds of crystals that adorn the inside and outside of my home and it is hard to explain the fullness of even just crystals to someone who does not live in this world.  So with a wild hair springing up from inside of me, I said let me show you.  I got up, got my clear quartz pendulum, put both of his palms on the table and gently explained about the energy flowing out of his hands as I placed the pendulum above his right palm.  The pendulum started to swing in a wilted oval motion, hmmmm… not completely open there.  I did a little hand massage to open the palm chakra and the pendulum then swung fully in a circle.  Good.  I moved to his left palm, completely closed.  Again, I massaged that palm and instructed the pendulum to help loosen the block, as I placed the pendulum over it and I could see four bands of blocked energy in his forearm.  I simply took my hand and stroked his forearm to help the energy flow and said you have some blocks here and then the pendulum started to swing in a wilted oval until I charged his palm with my energy and it swung full circle.  He asked what this means to him, the only simple reply I could muster was, now your energy can flow more freely out of you hands.  I am trying to break him in gently into my world.   On Tuesday we decided to get together again this coming saturday (yesterday.)  On Friday I decided to see about suspending my account with eharmony, on a massive whim that rose up from me, just until I see where this goes with George.  Ohhh, I sooo love how spirit works if we follow the energy prompting.  The first thing I had seen when I got on eharmony is that he UPDATED his profile just moments before.  What the hell??  Now I am confused.  If you have a fish on the hook, why are you chumming the waters for more?  I closed out eharmony and pondered.  It’s funny, I could never get a clear read on him, what his energy seeks in the arena of relationship or even to me.  I assumed I was too close to see or feel it clearly.  And yet… I know better.  Funny the little stories we tell ourselves to make it all better.  By Friday evening I popped him an email.  His reply back should not have surprised me, but it did.  He is currently in a long time “poly” relationship but is seeking a one on one relationship and she knows and supports this and he wants to leave his future options open too and encouraged me to do the same.  Hmmmmmmm…..  I am not looking to engage in a square dance, I like waltzes, hell even polka’s much better.  I told him I need to sleep on it and will get back to him in the morning.

From my phone, I did one last peek onto facebook for absolutely no real reason except my fingers took control over my phone apps.  The first thing I see that fills my entire phones view is this:


I had to laugh, and affirm the truth of it, at least with dating myself!!

I laid there in bed, my poor mental mind on over drive and knowing right down to the core of me, this is not what I desire, at all.  But all those synchronistic energies were present with George…  The one thing I know without a shadow of a doubt, spirit is freakin tricky.  Loki on steroids!!  I also know the journey of my life has been engaging in what I truly do not want to become more clear, more defined on what I do want.  I tossed and turned, sat up had a smoke, laid back down and tossed some more.  And then thru the first (left side) upper windows in my bedroom the moon showed itself.  I love the layout of my bedroom (I just took this picture from the laying down position on my bed lol):


Thru that upper left window the moon shined its amazing light right onto my face, it was peering thru loose clouds which created this most amazing and large rainbow halo around its luminosity.  I breathed it in and asked it for help in my decision-making process with George.  I tossed and turned a bit more.  The moon is now center stage of that window and its brilliance penetrating my eyes.  The stunning beauty of it, of the multi colored circular cloud back framing it…  without even a second thought, I knew I needed to release George back into the flower garden of life.  I was no longer in choice but decision.  In my attempt to roll over and get some sleep, since it was now 2am and I have a day of readings to do, sleep was soooo needed.  But the moon had other plans for this body of mine.  Suddenly my right hand (emotional reach and grasp for life) started to vibrate in a way I have NEVER felt vibration before.  From wrist to finger tips the entire area just under the skin was vibrating like crazy.  So much so I took my left hand and placed it on my right to see if my skin was actually vibrating too, not at all.  Bizarre but really kewl.  I laid on my back, arms out stretched a little just to feel this amazing and very new (in feeling) vibration, as I did, my left foot (physical life support system) started the same vibration.  From heel to toe, my left foot was synchronizing with my right hand… and the feeling just the kewlest thing ever.  Gently my right foot joined the buzz party and I drifted off to a very fractured sleep.  I spent the next two hours in and out of sleep.  One of the last sleep cycles of the night was a dream experience of being in my bed exactly where I was laying and this large (about the size of a half-dollar) bug, that seemed to be a cross between a spider and a centipede was crawling up my right leg.  It was dark brown and instead of being round like a spider it was oval and had tons of legs on it.  I freaked out and jumped up to whack it off my leg.  There was nothing there.  It was so real an experience I would have never thought it was a dream if there was nothing there as my hand crossed my leg.

Instantly (after I completely woke up for the day) I knew one part of the meaning is, you are responsible to remove from your life, the things that bug you.  It was on my right thigh, so connected to the strength of putting my emotional/spiritual desires forward, to leave what bugs you there, invades the reality construct we are creating.  The oval shape shows a morphing of the created field of life, the spider is the dream weaver, the centipede is (from, Ted Andrews) Movement into new psychic connections and relationships. Protection against psychic deceptions.

The first thing I did when I got up 30 minutes before my first reading yesterday was to write George an email, giving him thanx for his amazing presence in my life and for showing me to myself in such clear and concise ways.  I fully realized that neither of us have clear defining edges of what we are seeking in a “relationship” and because of that, we can only bring in fragments of our desires.  We ended it with gratitude for our time together.

The one thing I do and do well is create meals.  Our first time together I created stuffed cabbage and homemade italian bread.  I put it all together the day before so I didn’t have to do it between my day of readings.  I so forgot to take the dough out of the fridge to let it rise before it needed to go into the oven.  When we sat down to eat, I was shocked to see that the inside of the stuffed cabbage was still red.  What the hell?  It had more than plenty of cook time yet, the center was not done.  My bread was nice and crispy on the outside, inside, doughy.  Damn!!  I knew my food was a messenger, but dammit I so didn’t want to look at it in its full meaning.  What appears done on the outside needs some more time for cooking on the inside and is really out of sync with the environment of desired outcome.

So when he choose fajitas (from my menu choice to him) for yesterdays meal, I got a little nervous.  This meat needs perfect timing, one minute too long and it is tough as hell to chew.  Since he was not going to be my guest for dinner, it didn’t matter.  I created my fajitas and sat down for a wonderful meal with myself.  OMG, it was perfection.  The best and most tender fajitas I have created yet.  The taste just bounced around in my mouth like bliss juice, to the degree I could feel the feeling of it as I chewed.  When I finished my fajita and sat back with complete wonder of how wonderful, how intimate this moment felt, suddenly WOW, this energy started to enlarge within my solar flexus, that same bliss, amazing, vibrant love that was in my mouth as I was chewing was now in my solar plexus, expanding.  The bigger it expanded it started to move upwards, rocking my heart chakra with its aliveness, vibrating like the reverberation of a rock concert thru my heart and up into my throat.  It hit the vocal chords of my throat like a massive drum beat and wiggled its way back down to my solar plexus and then back up it went and back down it went.  If I didn’t know better, and I don’t, I would swear I was falling in love big time!!  I suppose when spirit puts a sign in your road to date yourself, it sure as hell ain’t kidding!!!

This energy flowed up and down for a very long time.  There was this moment as it hit my vocal chords that all I could see in my mind was the one section of my eharmony profile that asks what is one thing in life you are passionate about.  What I had put in that space was about metaphysics and energy.  Without even a thought by body got up and sashayed to my computer, opened my eharmony account and changed the energy of that section to:

The one thing I am most passionate about 

Life!! It is amazing and filled with so many adventures and feelings and straight out wonder. Life shared with another, the experience of getting to know someone, the beauty of falling in love, that first kiss… Exploring places no one thought to go yet. Naming one thing is impossible!!

With it, I could feel a brand new fire inside of me.  A clear, concise desire of what it IS I seek in the area of “relationship.”  I sat back down, feeling accomplished and refocused, but my soul fire wasn’t done with the vocal chords.  The energy still dancing like crazy up and down and my ass gets up again, reopens my profile and goes to this next section:

A little more about me

I am self employed, live in the middle of nowhere (my heaven) and live life to its fullest. I am seeking that one person who enjoys the slow dance of a new relationship, the dips of wonder that come with it and can go from a slow dance to a polka without missing a beat. Just one extraordinary man, looking for one extraordinary woman to create one hellofa diverse symphony of music together!!

Well just wowza!!  That was one hellofa fajita!!!  And with crystal clarity I knew I ate the snake lol.  The life force energy of that one snake from my meditation was now alive and activating everything of my souls desire instead of the wishy-washy Lisa desires.  I actually was in a place of warning men about my unique approach to life (metaphysical) instead of inviting them in with desire.  Until this moment, I sure as hell didn’t see it that way.

Because my fajita was created from beef, one must look at the energy of the cow in relationship to the party happening inside my body:  (Cows can teach us about the home and community and the joy, contentment therein. Cows aid us in realizing to be easy-going and live in the moment. They show us about love and connections at work and home.

Now you just tell me that the cow (or any other animal) isn’t madly in love with those who consume its energy with love and gratitude!!

Now that I have taken you the long way home lol, at least in understanding the very different way we MUST approach life, with absolute action and choice with clearly defined edges, that is when, and only when, the life force energy of that “thing” will come alive within you (us.)

Before I close this and completely leave the experience of the night prior dangling…  The vibration within the right hand, powered me up to grasp the very energy that my soul desires in reaching for.  My job as the human incarnate was to apply that energy somewhere.  The left foot vibrating in harmony with the right hand, putting down on the groundwork of your life the action of the deepest soul desire that is reaching out for new experiences.  Because my soul and the fullness of the moon knew my greatest potential of the morning, my right foot started to already vibrate with the completed action.

It is going to be so interesting and so exciting to see what the other 7 snakes have up their energy system!!  With that thought, and my first snake,  I give tremendous gratitude to George for really opening the eyes of my heart with genuine desire that I would have never seen without his Presence!!

2 more days and the honey and bliss bubbles of all your choices become solid!!  Choose wisely, not with the head but only and fully with the heart!!

(((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))))) of brand new, unexplored adventures to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  TWO MORE DAYS to take advantage of The LAST super moon special: BOGO 15 and 30 minute reading.  This special will run thru the Full moon of 9/9.  You can access it thru this link or on my website (and scroll towards the bottom):






















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Where is the Moon Juice Targeting You??

Moon juice

I think I am going to call yesterday Christmas in the land of understanding.  With every connection the understanding and information was just pouring in and expanding with the next person.  I might even say I left the day much more enlightened thanks to the light of the people who showed up on the field yesterday.  But I am actually going to start this sharing with a little bit about the day before (the 3rd.)

The energies on Wednesday were thick, like reading thru a vat of clear molasses.  Even most of the folks who showed up on the field were in a position of stillness, purposely so.  The only clear thing I understood about the energies of Wednesday was what spirit called a day of “Calibration.”  (I want to be very clear here, cuz I even asked, not a recalibration.)

I decided, after months of not doing so, to take a swim in my bathtub meditation and see where I was in relationship to the coming full moon.  I was puzzled instantly.  There was the moon, just the outer edges illuminated, the inside the familiar black but with a weird twist.  There were 8 things dangling down from the center of the moon, spread out like a fan.  The closer I looked at these things, all exactly same shape and size, they were 8 black lifeless snakes.  What the hell???  Of course, to me, snakes represent kundalini, but what the hell ya gonna do with 8 snakes?  My flipping body would blow up trying to get them all rockin in my body.  At least my team gave me a small bit of clarity, they aren’t kundalini like we think of it, but they do represent 8 different life forces.  Huh?  My team told me to just pick one.  I went somewhere in the middle and tugged on what again, seemed like a lifeless snake.  I guess the touching brought it to life, it coiled me up in its body and then the next thing I know, i am going thru a portal in the moon.  And that was it!!  Thats where spirit left me, in the belly of the moon.  What the hell kind of meditation is this!!!????

The only understanding I received with this crazy meditation was that there will be 8 opportunities for new growth in this close to two-year cycle.  My job was to choose a life force and work with it, one at a time, over the course of this cycle.  I did ask what the significance of getting coiled up into the moon meant and their reply its interdimensional.  Since that is where the focus of my work is, that is what I will expand and bring forward thru this cycle.  I have no clue as of yet, what I even chose!!  Ohhh the crazy mystery of life.  My team was tight lipped about anything else.  Dammit.

When I entered the readings yesterday, all I could think of was my crazy meditation, hoping the light of others will give us the understanding of this strangeness.  Boy of boy, I (we) got much more than we bargained for.

It will take me too long to detail each reading and how the information came out and dammit of I didn’t wake up later than desired this morning.  So instead, I am going to put the story together as I understand it, always subject to change with more information.

Thur this entire year of 2014, the sun has been a prominent player in our DNA.  Shooting off the new codes and codecs off from the door way of the purest side of the veil launching its energy into resonant humans.  What I never ever understood before, was the moons placement in it all.  I was shown thru one of the readings yesterday, quite vividly, the pure white codes of the sun goes thru the center of the moon, very much like going thru the eye of the needle and its energy comes out like thread and embeds into the humans who are resonant with each strand of particular energy.  This is done at two times during the moon cycles, new moon and full moon.  Each with a particular energy at that phase.  If we look at it like a garden, the new moon energy plants the codes into our DNA and the full moon germinates, but sometimes, it is reversed.

This is one major reason why so many women cycle with either the full or new moon.  Their hormones open up and adjust for the incoming, expanding energy.  And you thought we were just flushing out a seed!!  lol

Where we are at now with the enormity of this ending cycle, makes this whole last (close to) 2 years make so much sense.  This final of three super moons coming up on the 9th of September is the culmination of all our choices from January 2013.  The calibration the day prior was setting up where and how the moon would release this final blast of moon juice into your body system.   Spirit likens this calibration to a Geiger counter, when you release the old energy, the old thought and old ways of Being in Life, you actually produce a higher level of radiation, very much like the sun.  Pure and atomic!!  Where you are emitting the purest of energies is where the moon is releasing its juice to you.

From the days five readings and including my own from the day prior, there seems to be 5 different sections to this release.  I also want to be very clear, other than what is happening right now and will continue thru the full moon, spirit had no heads up on what this really means to us on the other side.  But they did give us a startling visual to understand it with.  I will share that after I explain the 5 sections.

Starting with mine, there is the interdimensional aspect, being pulled into the center of the moon.

There is the element of being spread across the entire brain area, encompassing the pineal gland as well as the outer consciousness too.

There is the infusion in the sacral and solar plexus, changing or enhancing the the soul direction and your placement in the world around you.

There is the complete absorption from head to toe, thru the pores itself.

There is the blanketing of the entire head (to me it looks like getting oil poured over ya) changing the way you see and experience yourself in this new world.

There is the impregnation of the entire torso, affecting heart, solar plexus and sacral chakra, the “trunk of your life.”

The energy I see coming out of the moon looks like thick oil or molasses.  Thick, black and aware of each person.  Even the way it is released from the moon is unique to each person.  But in this phase, the moon is affecting us, changing us, enhancing us at this time.  It has become pregnant with all the energy of the last 20 months and is expelling a unique elixir based on your radiation.  Light output.

The constant question from all of us is, what are we supposed to do with it?  Spirits constant reply is that depends on you.  It is our job to notice it, acknowledge the changes from within then take it out and play with it.  USE IT!!

They even game me the craziest, might I even add, surprising visual in reply to the consistent question “what do we do with it.”  Suspended right in front of my face was a golden pistol.

gold pistol

Just for the record, the entire gold was gold, but this is as close an image as I could find.  To say I am anti-gun is an understatement, to see one show up right in my face (thank god, not pointing at me lol) shocked me.  But after the second person asked that question they gave a deeper reply of the impact we can and will have on all of earth with this new, pure emotional energy that is now embedded within us.

They said, you can have a fully loaded gun, but if you never pull the trigger, it simply remains a fully loaded gun.  However, if you pull the trigger you release an energy so strong it changes whatever it impacts forever.

Our job, first and foremost, take this amazing energy out and explore it.  Use it in contrast to what we used before.  Feel the vibrational difference and impact.

One client even made mention of the kick back from a gun.  Instantly, I could the energy too, your target may be 3 feet in front of you, but the kickback is next to your face,meaning, what you put out is already in your face.  Choose to never use it, it becomes a potential that never made it to life.  However, when we do use it, it will be a heavenly bullet ripping the veil of illusion and penetrating the truth of Life.  Of course, the use of a golden gun is showing the highest vibration and magnetic expulsion there is in spirit.

My first lady on the field brought a lot of clarity to this understanding, just by her visual.  She was encased in what I thought was a glass box, very much like sleeping beauty, the field made sure I knew it was quartz not glass.  She like many others thru the day, was suspended on this side of the full moon, hovering.  Inside of her quartz encasement was a light blue energy.  The reason she is encased is because she is 2 months pregnant and this must be more gentle on her and the baby than on others who are not pregnant with a new kind of life form (baby.)

I understood the light blue to be Source energy.  Everyone of is a part of Source (god, creator, whatever) and if we do whatever we are being filled to do, creator is the most prominent energy people will feel.  Pure love, unconditional and will serve to allow them to take in whatever you are sharing in the moment.  For this lady in particular, she is also being infused with the new frequencies of the quartz kingdom for use in her practice down the line.

September may seem like a slow-moving month, but it is all gearing up to the golden energy of October.  Ohhhhh…. and there are two more super infusions coming up.  One kinda makes me nervous, lol.  December.  The entire month of december is pitch black and spirit said thru the entire month we will be downloaded with huge doses of energy.  We get another massive blast in March.

Shit, I am barely recovered from August!!

There is so much more to share, but dammit if I didn’t wake up late, so I gave you the short version today.  No doubt, even more to be added/understood tomorrow.

I love you all so much and thank you for showing up in the field so we can all understand what the hell we got ourselves into now!!  I appreciate you more than my words will ever express!!  So do many others around the world!!

((((((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))))))) of gooey moon juice to everyone!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  The LAST super moon special: BOGO 15 and 30 minute reading.  This special will run thru the Full moon of 9/9.  You can access it thru this link or on my website (and scroll towards the bottom):







Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 3, 2014

We Are At The Docking Station, Do You Know Your Next Destination?


The more I think about it, or perhaps better stated, experience the energies of September thru all the readings, the more it feels like a hub or a port of sorts.  I think I can best explain it like an airport.  We just disembarked from the plane we were on and between now and the full moon on September 9th, our job is to find out next airplane, our next destination.  I am finding, there is a lot of people who have no idea where their connecting flights are because they have yet to decide their next destination.  Others have decided to go back to familiar shores to finish up old stories.  So far, only two people I have read for have put enough energy, enough “inner knowing” out that started to illuminate the energy of the full moon.

This particular time we are in is so unusual it is really taking me some time to really understand the significance of it all and how to apply its importance to our day-to-day life.  I can also understand why the post I put out the other day, “looking back as we move forward,” was so important.

We, as a collective, made a choice to bring in the new earth together.  In firmly committing to that choice, we took a major leap of faith off the old earth onto this new but temporary earth, a way station of sorts.  The moment we made that leap, change started.  Old realities started melting down, our damn (blessed) bodies started melting down.  Our old desires went by the way side.  New inspirations started to come in, new dreams and desires, new opportunities and so on.  But nothing ever felt solid.  That no matter what we got ourselves into, there was something else looming around the corner to experience or let go of.

To put this into my own context, I re-met my father after a 36 year estrangement and watched him go back to Heaven 18 months later.  A beautiful blue-eyed man showed up at my doorstep to awaken the relationship desire within me and yet, he wasn’t really free to be in a relationship fully.  He was a beautiful gift that gave me the clarity of what I do want.  The only really solid thing I can say happened during this time in my world, I put down roots here in the Jemez.  I have been floating from here to there for the last 14 years pretty much, experiencing myself, reclaiming bits and pieces of my soul energy, clearing old karma and now, I Am Home.  But even finding “home,” one can slip into a comfortableness, where you stop searching out the new.  I didn’t even realize how much I had done just that this year, at least, until recently.

As we all entered the last of August, every one of us was expelled from that temporary earth and placed here at the way station.  Everyone of us has a ticket in our hands or at least, tucked into the deeper pockets of our pants, but it is there.  The ticket itself emerged from all we let go, took in, grew in desire, hoped with all our hearts for, and yet, it is our responsibility to walk thru the turnstile that will get us to that place of dreams made manifest.

One of my readings yesterday, really got me thinking how we are being shown this time we are in.  To show up on the field with your bubble of creation in tact, that really needs to be celebrated.  You have put choices and desires into action, into an energy field of coming experiences.  The clearer you are about which turnstile you want to walk thru, the energy of the full moon is already guiding your way.

In the last two or three days, of the 10-15 connections so far, only two people showed up in the field with the bottom part of the moon shining down on their new path in life.  I say new path simply because they were in an energy line directly (6″) beneath the moon itself.  There were even zaps of electricity coming out, powering up their train to their bigger destination.  Others were making their way up to this new energy line and one sitting in review of all that got her to there.

However, there is one that really took me by surprise.  When she showed up, there was no bubble of creation, hell there wasn’t even the moon.  There was just her sitting on the sidelines of her created landscape.  Her position was the southeast quadrant.  Not in the past, but not in the new beginnings either.  Altho her entire reading was flooded with light, there was no movement either, no details, no nothing really, except her dressed as a princess sitting in the position of the “great thinker.”  This is what over thinking anything gets you… nothing.  There is no energy bubble to create with, there isn’t even the energy of the full moon.  There is just sitting and thinking.  This is not the zero point you want to get yourself to!! (smile, hug)

Suddenly, a second aspect was presented in her reading, directly over the place I call the core energy.  This image looked like something out of the Macy’s Day Parade.  A really large, over inflated balloon image of her.  Just floating above her core energy.  I realized this aspect was her soul energy, Over inflated with the vital energy that will take her into her new landscape, her new exciting life, if she would just stop thinking.  Her job now is to be open to the energy, the helium if you will, to be released back into her with inspiration, direction, desire and then to ACT on it.  As the beautiful and divine soul would have it, she is going on vacation tomorrow for two weeks.  Sometimes the very best way to get inspired is to completely disembark from the routine of the hamster wheel and stop thinking things thru to the point of voiding the energy!

So what if you don’t make conscious choices of your own accord?  What I didn’t realize until right now, you will be placed in a choice galaxy (so to speak lol.)  A temporary place when you can finally and fully see the importance of putting action into inspiration.  Think of it this way, you will be presented with all the things you don’t want so you can choose again, inspirationally and put blind trust into motion.

Of course, even when we have made concrete choices and the direction/destination is assured, man oh man there is a lot that was sitting at the bottom of the barrel that rises to the top, speaking of myself of course!!  I have spent 14 years fine tuning, perfecting the connection with my soul and the soul of all life, now I gotta make nice nice with the physical aspect of me, more plainly stated, the expanded body that I am encased in.  Things you didn’t even fully realize that made one insecure and to find that new, unrelenting place of full acceptance, no matter the guise.

Which suddenly brings me to another reading this past week.  This lady showed up with her new energized bubble of creation, and suddenly the front of her bubble unzippered itself.  This really took me by surprise because there was no connection, that I was now getting familiar with, from the moon itself, instead, it just unzipped and this long sexy leg seductively stuck itself out from inside her bubble.  All I could think of was a burlesque show!!  Sexy, strutting, alluring.  I think she is going to really be steaming up the men that cross her path and they won’t even know what hit them.  But isn’t that life itself… always cross pollinating itself with itSelf!!

What was very interesting with her sexy, burlesque attire was the fact that it was a shiny maroon color.  November.  Once again, we skipped right over the energy of October.  But this morning, I am really feeling that October is going to be more of an orientation period, given the choices or non-choices of this moment.  November feels like when the egg meets the sperm and new life (or lack there of) is solidified.

Until tomorrow… go impregnate your Life!!  Or at least, get your sexy on!!

Big (((HUGZ))) of inspired action to everyone!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  The LAST super moon special: BOGO 15 and 30 minute reading.  This special will run thru the Full moon of 9/9.  You can access it thru this link or on my website (and scroll towards the bottom):














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