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The Song Of Creation Comes Thru YOU!!

sound of creation

Before I get into the extraordinary information that came thru the connections yesterday, the additional information of how we work now, I want to talk about my own personal experience yesterday, because I know it all ties in together.

I had to go back to the Cancer Center yesterday to release some of the increased amounts of red blood that my body seemed to make as it decreased my white blood.  All I could think of is a teeter-tater effect in my body, one goes down, the other must go up.  Since this is no different from giving blood at the red cross, I had no anxiety around the procedure, I had given blood lots of time thru my life.  Instead of a stab in the ass, my oncologist sent me to the phlebotomy lab to be drained.  By body wanted nothing to do with it and even tho they tapped my veins several times, my blood would not flow into that little bag for a fill up.  I requested a two-day reprieve that was granted and I went back yesterday.

As I took a shower, I asked the water to help my blood run freely this day.  I also asked my blood to run without problems when we get there so we don’t have to go back.  I am getting a little road weary!!  Sure enough, the moment they tapped my vein my blood ran into the little bag like a trooper.  The moment the bag got to almost full, my vein blew and that’s all they were getting.  I looked at my arm and my body started talking instantly.  They didn’t need any more than what it released, they have no idea why my red blood had to compensate for the decrease in my white blood and that’s all they get.  Unlike when you give blood at the red cross, they don’t leave you on empty, they replace the blood with saline.  More than likely because the people surrounding me has cancer and most of the procedures that were happening around me were chemo treatments and trials.  With that thought in mind, my body also said it wants nothing to do with the intake of the saline.  Saline is made up of water, water absorbs energy and emotions and the emotions running thru this place is filled with sadness and pain.  When my lady affirmed that my vein blew, she said she is not going to try to give me saline.  Phew!!  I could even see my body relax with a smile of achievement.

On my drive home, for the first time I think, my own body was yappy.  Maybe it was the upgrade in the garage the other day, I dunno.  But it was talking about its own consciousness, its own participation in this evolution we are all going thru.  It thanked for always honoring its desires, what it needs in any moment instead of honor outside information that assumes it needs anything different.  It explained to me that most people force an agenda on their changing body that is not needed and creates stress on the changing cellular structure.  Some days it needs to focus its intake on proteins, some days, veggies, some days even fats and so on.  It even throws out a signal to desire chocolate… and I loved the reason it said why.  When we eat chocolate it releases the same endorphins in our bodies as hugs do.  It really is our body’s way of literally hugging us, thanking us for honoring its process.

The change our cellular structure is changing into is unprecedented and undocumented with detail, with that, no one knows the next step except the collective group known as our cells.  Trust completely the signals coming from your body.  Equally, take comfort in what appears to be, and often feels like chaos in the body structure.  Help it when it needs the help (with outside stuff like meds or procedures.) Change does happen turbulently more often than not!

Now to tie this all in, everything in our personal worlds have hit a new high.  Everything is accelerating, which means that the visual spectrum and the audio spectrum has increased in its output of frequency.  Please be sure you are practicing every day to increase the intake of vibration within your own personal antenna’s of vision, hearing and feeling.  All three innate attributes are going to be crucial for your part in our evolving play!!

I am going in no particular order with the rest of this sharing, except what my team is bringing up to share at each section here.  One of my lady’s, a virgin on my field, meaning, a puzzle piece we never got to see before, showed up with amazing information.

I am going to bring back my very humble diagram from yesterday, with added detail, because it really does play an important part in todays sharing.


power field


Because I didn’t realize this yesterday, those blue nodes should be in complete alignment with the cross and X on this diagram.  I also want to thank Kathleen for sharing some wisdom about those nodes.  For those of you who are as clueless as I am about how electrical fences work, here is some insight she provided:  The yellow thingies are plastic insulators. Keeping the energy flowing past the posts and not letting the energy flow back down the fence post. Constant flow, uninterrupted.

Even tho we do not have posts that I visually see, there has been incoming information about the 4 points of the + as well as the four points of the X and personally, I still trying to figure out the whole purpose, which we are seeing is added day by day.

So back to my virgin (smile) the very first thing I heard was drum beats, the kind of drum beats that come from native american drumming.  I got really excited, in this whole world of music, pure native american drumming makes my own heart go boom, boom. boom.  As I focused my hearing the drum beats, my visual became clearer, there were drums at every intersection (+ and X points.)  And not just little, personal drums, big ones.  All I could think of was the kind of drum Esther brought to our gathering last year (minus all the artwork):

2013-07-19 19.58.32

Each drum had a wonderful, unique sound to it, but the sound was also triggering an emotion within my body.  The male energy presenting this visual said they had lived long ago, even before the dinosaur age.   They had a pure connection to all things and was in perfect harmony with all of Life.  He went on to explain, when they created their drums, they were very purposeful as to what animal frequency they were going to use, especially for the top part of the drum stick.  Each animal created a resonance of its own with the drumming.  This morning, he is also adding they never put permanent art on any of their instruments nor themselves, art of any form changes the nature frequency of anything.

I had seen her drums all in a circle, again at each node point directly on the “electric fence.”  Her guy, who said (after her session as I was thinking about him) they called themselves the Pa-Jatonka people.  I can even see his face, so deeply red, very unlike the natives today who are more brownish reddish.  His face was sun wrinkled, a lot!!  In his day, this was the desire of all peoples, even the little ones, to become sun wrinkled, an expression of time and wisdom thru the physical vehicle.

So, getting back to the drums, to sound itself.  Every individual emotion within our body has a sound, a song if you will.  This sound/song when plucked from your own beating heart, with purposeful intent, acts like a magnet and pulls from the ethers, the song of desire coming thru your inner drum, your heart.

My lady does not have to go out and invest in 8 drums, but become intimately aware of the sound of her emotions and learning to play them together.  I cannot imagine this is not true for all of us.

Now to take this in a slight contrast, one of my ladies yesterday, her instrument was more like a cylinder from a music box.

music box cylinder

Her cylinder was silver, with the protrusions shown in this picture.  Except that those protrusions at create the sound when moving along the electric fence, changed with her emotions.  With her, I could actually see the musical notes being released, all of them expressing in a yellow gold frequency and moving outward in what we would perceive as our future, bringing her song of desire to her present.

Unlike my drum lady whose sounds were deep, this one was higher in the notes frequency (sorry, I don’t speak music, hopefully you know what I mean.)

OMG, I just got this whole thing.  My music box lady just came back from Italy, where she went to visit something in relationship to St. Francis of Assisi, a soul she has a deep connection with (and as we found out in her reading yesterday, vise versa too.)  I just heard the phrase:  “make me an instrument of Your peace” By none other than St. Francis.

What if the true interpretation of his quote, was Francis asking to be clear on his song in this universe, to be able to play the instrument of his heart as a piece of the song of music that enriches life direct from the Source (god) him/her Self.

I do want to change the subject just for a moment. My music box lady asked me if St. Francis had any additional messages for her.  Even as she was asking this question, I could see this golden form standing on her north node of her electric fence, in his hand he was (at first) tightly holding onto a bird, strangely enough, a bird that manifested itself in my personal home the day prior:


I could feel the energy of release as St. Francis opened his fingers, the ultimate “letting go” and this precious bird flew into my ladys center field.  With it came this profound and clear message.  When we hold onto something so tightly, it has no freedom of movement.  However, when we let anything and everything go, it can come swiftly into our world of creation.

Think about that for a long moment, especially in the arena of desires.  We can trap the very energy that is needed for its arrival by constantly focusing tightly on its presence in our world.

Now I also want to talk about my precious little wren, because of the tie in with my lady and St. Francis message.  I fell asleep the other day and was awoken with a startle because I felt something brush against my feet.  I live alone, nothing should be brushing my feet!!  I quickly sat up, looked around my room and suddenly seen this beautiful little bird sitting on my dishes.  Where the hell did you come from?  There are no windows or doors open, there are no openings in my dwelling to come into.  I wanted to direct him outside and instead, he flew into my bedroom and started singing his heart out.  I figured my bedroom could use a new song, since I have spent many a night bitching because I couldn’t breathe.

I opened the front and back doors so that when he was done, he could just fly out a door to safety from my walls.  Instead, this little guy came hopping/sliding across my floor and walked out my front door and then flew away after crossing the threshold.

It wasn’t until St. Francis explained to my beautiful lady that when we have a desire, feel the music within us of it, release it, it can come back to us in our created world, instantly.  So when I was done with that reading, feeling like I now have super sonic hearing lol, I asked…. whats up with that bird.  Instantly, my father said it was me.  I came to visit you in a way you could see me, and sing songs to you in a way you can hear me.  He too had an affinity to the birds when he was alive.  He brushed my feet to show me he is walking with me.

Sadly, I tend to shut my father’s energy off in his spiritual form.  I have been trying to figure out why I do that… but will cease from here on out!!  I will open my hands and my heart, to receive!!  May every one of you do the same!!  Magic is in the airwaves, strumming towards us from the love beating in our hearts.

Now, going back to the music of our soul, there is equally a musical energy to the earth’s soul, the suns soul and even the space between the two (think, air.)  As we become the creators of the new earths desires and dreams, our job is to not only recognize the music of our hearts, but also, the music of earth and the music of the sun and in between (depending on the group you fall into.)  Even the plant and animal whisperers must pay attention to the sound, the music being emitted by the new life forms singing their new songs.

Most of what I am seeing right now… some will use the + points, others will use the X points and yet some others, both combined.  What I don’t know is what the hell it’s bigger purpose is…. yet.  Or really what to do with these points.  Maybe that’s your job, I am barely keeping up with all the new information, new techniques being presented thru your Soul Light.

But spirit had said many times right now, they are simply dropping information that we need in our present moment, it will all expand and enlarge as we do and more information will be released for our progress.

Well, there is much more, but too much missing pieces and my team wants me to hold back for now.  Who am I to argue!!

Ohhh I am going to leave off with this interesting piece of info that my team just presented.  The higher notes (like music box lady) is in the tones of the earth sounds.  The deeper notes (like drum lady) is in the tones of the sun energy.  There are many sounds in between that represent all the elements, all the life forms present.  Like an orchestra, we MUST learn our instrument so when we come together, we are one hellofa rock opera creating together!!!

I also want to mention, on a very personal note here.  Lately, my inbox has been flooded with personal stories, insights and stuff.  I read everything that comes into my inbox (rarely do I read or respond to anything beyond my wall on facebook, just to be clear here) there is not enough of me to reply.  I have noticed yesterday too, I have over 300 email replies sitting in my “drafts”  box, I must be hitting save instead of send.   Forgive me if I have not responded to an email you sent or even a thank you for a donation that was received.  I really try to keep up, but lately, I just cannot find the time.

I love you all so very very much, you really are the amazing music that rocks my soul!!

((((HUGZ)))) of freedom and creation beyond your wildest dreams!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Well, we have now entered the final dressing room of this year, these last few days left in October.  Lots of unplugging and replugging going on.  Body energy dropping to nothing and yet for others, almost pinging off the walls.  For me, yesterday was a drain, a complete drain of energy.  But also, my hearing antenna was also in the proverbial garage, it was not working at all yesterday.  I did attempt to do three readings, and visually seen clear as day, but without our teams input, I can be rather clueless of what anything means to us now.  Our teams have changed the language of light I have set up for a decade to fit the new Now, so once again, I am relearning on the fly.

Having had 10 hours of sleep last night and an unexpected and sudden pull into an afternoon nap yesterday, I musta spent the time in language class, because I can understand some of what I seen in the readings yesterday, this morning.  This is where I am understanding the final touches being put into place.

My first lady showed up with what looked like an electrical fence surrounding her.  It was completely circular and was about 10 feet in radius.  It even had those little (yellow in the picture below) thingies in it:


However, there were no poles in her fencing at all.  The entire fence was a golden-yellow, including those thingies that stick out (I obviously know little about electric fences.)  If that didn’t puzzle me enough, behind her, was this spout of what looked to me like liquid marshmallow energy coming  straight up from the earth about 4 feet then bending outwards towards the fencing.   Even tho I could see it clear as day, I was clueless as to what it could possibly mean.  This was the way of it for everyone and I rescheduled everyone because of it.  No one pays for a small piece of a puzzle that leaves you more puzzled afterwards!!

This morning I get them all more clearly.  I also understand there are elements of these things happening to all of us, the final touches if you will.

I would put this lady in the class of Master electricians.  The electrical fence is the creation zone of electrical current becoming available and will be fully available as we move onto the platform of Nov 1st.  I find this rather interesting (since I know I am in this group myself) that the fencing is actually 2 feet out from her hexagonal bubble of creation.  Ohhh even as I type that, I am hearing (yay I must out of the garage now lol) my team say all of what I am going to share is relevant to everyone, but depending on which group you are in, is more strong for your section.  Meaning all three visuals are relevant to us.  Geez, I hope I am not confusing you with this lol.

Let me give you a humble visual here that will work with all three visuals/understandings:

power field

Since I cannot create a body with my simple use of paint, the star in the center represents you.  The hexagon surrounding you is your bubble of creation (where everything is created and uncreated in your personal world.)  The circle around the hexagon is the Source field of energy we will pull from.  Just look at the numerology that comes with the breadth of distance from center.  The hexagon is about 3 feet out from your center on all sides, the circle about 5 feet out from center on all sides.  You would be the number 1 in the center of all Life.

1 is the catalyst for new beginnings, with this it would be the creator creating (that would be you.)  3 would be the absolute need for action and communication (clear and concise communication with the field of life itself.)  5 is the element of change.  The force field that allows it all to BeCome.

I just want to note as well, because this entire game is played on the earth field, earth energy must be a player in it all.  So the electrical fence itself is pure spirit energy, the white marshmallow thingie in the back of my first lady, is earths participation and infusion of her materially manifested energy to bring it all to Life here on the earth plane.

Those nobs or knots or whatever the hell they are…. power points but equally, it is where we will connect as we come together on the earth and interlock our selves with each other to enhance the element of creation thru group energy.

My second lady, god bless her.  There was a massive funnel system of intense energy come up from the earth and engulfing her.  I could not see her in the center of this intense circulation, but I knew where she was.  The fact that she is either in her late first trimester of early 2nd of pregnancy, is playing hell on her appearance of wellness.  But I am also really understanding at this moment, this is the full on infusion is pure earth energy engulfing her, strengthening her and her unborn baby.

I would put my lady and even her baby into the group called the earth workers.  Those connected with the dreams and desires of Gaia and will be bringing them to life in their own way.

Last but not least, my third lady had the most amazing water tube of energy coming from above and plummeting upon her.  The tube of energy was just large enough to  surround her biology.  I could see the rain of this water move into her crown and hydrate her insides as well as hydrate her skin and a few inches outside.

This is the fluid movement of spirit and encompasses those that work between the earth and moon.  It is your power source of energy, just like the massive winds are the power source of earth workers and the electrical currents from the sun workers.

How this all works together… is going to be interesting to see.

I really did try to end this sharing here as my day began, but my entire computer went haywire and I had to reboot to get its functionality back.  But with it, comes more clarity.  Yesterday, today and tomorrow we are undergoing our own reboot.  All the electrical wiring is in place, system softwares upgraded and now that big reboot of the individual and collective systems that is us!!

However, it gave me a great opportunity to add in my first reading of the day today… giving us a bigger picture of our new working model.  Altho she had serious electrical energy coming in all around her, we did get to understand her new relationship.  What I would call an earth worker bringing forth the dreams and desires of gaia, with an increasing knowledge that all groups will enlarge and expand in their own ways, but the field of life wants us only to focus on this present moment.

Suddenly, appearing in her arms was this golden energy baby, the new life she birthed herself into.  Her job is to nurture this energy as if it was a baby, grow it, use it… she had asked about a divine counterpart and this visual excited the hell out of me.  The baby (which is new energy) became like a mass of clay and she took and molded it into her desires and then her team said when she is done with the molding, to place it out in the electrical field at those connecting points (blue in the diagram) which serves as a magnetic frequency as well as an electrical enhancement for the desires within us and the desires that move thru us.

My goodness gracious, we are an exciting species aren’t we!!???  lol

On that note, I have got to stay focused on my day unfolding.  I just want to party and wiggle and giggle with tremendous excitement and so I will!!

((((HUGZ)))) of overflowing joy and excitement to everyone!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I am bring this course back out of the closet for anyone who really wants to learn how to READ anything and everything!!  It is a 25-30 hour downloadable MP3 course on LEARNING HOW TO READ.  Everything I personally was taught and learned and know is in this course.  Just click this link to explore more:






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WE Are the Living Christ. (And I thank You for Being That!!)


As all of you know, yesterday was that dreaded day in my world for the marrow extraction to see why my white blood cells have been producing themselves on the high to very high side for the last two years, from the very start of my melanoma cancer journey Nov. 2012.  I want to make very clear here too, the dread was for the procedure itself not whatever the outcome may have been.  I am the biggest baby when it comes to any potential of pain.

For the last week, I have been connecting with my bone marrow itself, looking at it, looking for any defects that would cause adverse health in my physical body.  I could see its amped up production of cells, but nothing that would be deemed mutated and the consciousness that is my body plainly stated, this is how change happens.  Good enough for me.

Sunday night as I went to bed, just as I laid down, that beautiful person I refer to as my architect suddenly showed up in a vision about 3 feet above me.  Granted, he was on my schedule for the next day, but I have never ever had any person on my next day agenda show up as I was going to sleep.  An hour or two before, yes, but the night before, never.

He was above standing in the center of his new world, upon the new earth and this crystal clear water was surrounding him and flowing to him in a 360 circle that stretched about 4-5 feet out from his body.  All points of the water seeped under his feet… and that is the last thing I remember before passing out for the night.

He was number one on my dance card that morning, and I told him what I had seen the night before and then started his reading.  The visual was similar, with a new enhanced twist on the element of water.  Instead of it being sparkling clear, it was now the white-blue essence I know as the energy presence of the Creator, of Source, God and yet, it was still the water.  I watched as the water ran under his feet and showed him the upcoming discovery he is going to make with naturally cleaning the waters of the world and gave him what information I could understand about it all.

He had told me of a vision he has had for NYC, the place where he is living.  Turning all the skyscrapers into living waterfalls that cascaded down the sides, and the tops into eco-environments.  The moment he shared his vision, I could see it sooooo clearly and with an intense element of excitement in my own body.  Also, it was made clear that when this happens, and it WILL happen, the vibration will have been raised so high in NYC as to not be able to sustain the lower frequencies that are in body and very present there.  His team also made clear it will not happen today or tomorrow, but if he remains dedicated to the potential at hand, it WILL happen.

Monday morning, just after my connection with him, my whole body started to collapse in its energy structure.  I had a great nights sleep and really wasn’t tired, but I could feel myself falling apart energetically.  I had a sneaky feeling the sun was involved… sure enough, the sun had just released another flare, an X2 class flare.  I was able to sustain my energy long enough to do the next two readings, but by the third one, I was done.  The energy was now coming directly into my third eye and radiating a headache that was coming from the outside in.  I could even see the silver sparks of energy as it moved into me… and I became increasingly tired with it.

I have got to smile and get excited when put this information on their side the next day:  ANOTHER STRONG FLARE AND RADIO BLACKOUT: Super-sunspot AR2192 produced another strong flare on Oct. 27th. The X2-category blast ionized the top of Earth’s atmosphere and caused a strong HF radio blackout over the Atlantic Ocean basin as well in South America and western Africa. The blackout started at ~10:15 am EDT (1415 UTC) and lasted for about an hour.

8:15 in my world, while I was connecting with the architect.  I held off my radio blackout as long as I could… then I crashed.  But not before suddenly, out of the clear blue (smile) had a conversation with my white blood cells again.

I love this body, we have an amazing relationship together.  We have been thru hell and hit the highs of heaven, together.  I know my body knows what it is doing and how to get things done for the greater good.  I will never ever inflict my ego will upon its adventures, meaning I will never ask it, direct it, demand it to stop what it is doing.  Ever.  I know we, the humans in body, are changing from the inside out.  I have also paid very close attention to the information that comes thru readings, sometimes the body needs a little help to readjust itself from our medical world.  They too, are creator gods incarnate.  So with this looming stab in the ass I was preparing for Tuesday, I simply asked my bone marrow to do me a favor.  If it does not need any assistance from the outside world to do what it is doing, to please recede the content of my white blood cells at least thru tomorrow.  If it does need external assistance, then have at its free reign of increased cells.  I then immediately passed out cold for the next two hours.

I woke up yesterday at 3:03 in the morning.  My lower mind was pacing with every minute that ticked by and I let it.  Sometimes, you just have to let the lower mind do what it needs to do, get all that energy out before the appointment.  Hence, no sharing no yesterday.

I did my weekly weigh in after my shower, I was thrilled to see yet another pound down the drain.  I heard my team say to me, that is a 33 pound weight loss so far this year… emphasis on the 33, to me, that is christed energy… something surprising is going to happen today (yesterday.)  I was thinking a painless procedure since that was the focal point of my worry.  Of course, I also know I have the most amazing earth angels around the world sending me ass numbing love to make sure it happens the way I need it to, painless!!

I arrived to get my labs drawn and then head upstairs to the 3rd floor for my procedure, which was scheduled for 9am.  The lab tech arrived that will transport my marrow back down to the lab, the male nurse was there and very very reassuring.  Everyone said that my Doc is super good at this procedure, one of the best, he makes it quick and painless… I couldn’t stop pacing regardless.  9:30 still no doc.  The nurse went hunting for him, saying he is never late.  9:45, my doc is still MIA.  I had been asking about my lab results, my doc said if they went down then I wouldn’t have this procedure done.  No one knew the results.

I was starting to wear a path from the bed to the door as I paced back and forth when suddenly, again, out of the clear blue… calm overcame me, this amazing peace was just everywhere.  Five minutes later, my oncologist walked into the room.  I never realized just how little this guy is, he is so tiny in frame and yet, everything about him was illuminated, like I was seeing him for the very first time.  I could feel the love he has for people, for me, for what he does.  I suddenly felt so blessed that this is MY oncologist, even if we don’t see eye to eye with what is happening within me.  It didn’t matter, he is book learned and needs to stay focused on what he thinks he knows, but he has definitely taken very good care of me and I was overwhelmed with gratitude.  With this comes the understanding of the Presence in the room, YOU, all of YOU, allowing the fullness that is Me to see, fully see, the fullness that is Him.

He set himself up on the other side of the room and started to say he just had a conversation with the lab and they have no idea why he is doing this procedure.  He then walked over to me and showed me my white blood count history and for the first time since Nov 2012, my white count was at its lowest it’s ever been.  For 2 years my white count has been 14.5 and higher, when I was there on Oct 15th, it went up to 15.2, hence his need to look directly at my white blood formation.  This day, it dropped to 13.3 and therefore, he, and the lab feels there must be something else happening or maybe, I am just one of those people with lotsa white blood cells.

On the other hand, all my red blood cells went thru the roof.  lol  Of course, since he couldn’t harass me about smoking with my white blood cells, he now switched his “you better stop smoking” focus to the increase in my red cells.  I just wanted to hug him and kiss him and love him for his limited vision but true heart desire to create wellness within me.  But he also said that because of the elevation we live at, having high red blood counts is not unusual, he just wants me to take it down a tick. so he insisted I get a phlebotomy (take some blood out of the body.)  Sure, why not.  I am good with giving blood, just not needles that penetrate the bone itself.  The only opening was at 3pm (see all these 3’s… to me, 3 is communication and action, when put together with body and soul, the 33 becomes christed energy.)

Just for the record, I did go back at 3pm, my blood would not flow at all.  I am going back Thursday at 3 to release some blood.  The only decent vain they have to pull from was already pierced in the morning and just couldn’t hold itself up for anything else.

There is another element of three that is super important to recognize here and it all conspired to be the living, undeniable proof that we are collective working the highest good of change in progress.

First, my architect showed up and flooded me, my body with the living waters of life itself, assisting the fluid movement within my own body.  YOU surrounded my whole being, inside and out with the pure, unconditional loving energy to support the change within me.

I gave my body the permission to do what it needed to do, one way or another (as opposed to trying to inflict my human will of stopping what has been underway for years.)

This is how our collective works, going back to the car analogy of the other day.  TOGETHER, each doing their part.  No more individuals, but a group housed in oneness with absolute love and honor.  A collective working together as a Whole.

Together, we ARE the Living Christ.  (no not jesus lol, but the true meaning of the word, Christ:  Christ (/krst/; ancient Greek: Χριστός, Christós, meaning “anointed”) is a translation of the Hebrew מָשִׁיחַ (Māšîaḥ) and the Syriac ܡܫܝܚܐ (M’shiha), the Messiah

Many years ago, I looked up the word messiah, back then (2004) many of the definitions said teacher.  Today I cannot find it like that, but did find something that is close and relevant to the energy of Christ:  The modern English form represents an attempt to make the word look more Hebrew, and dates from the Geneva Bible (1560). Transferred sense of “an expected liberator or savior of a captive people” is attested from 1660s.

One cannot liberate a thing is still stuck in the old mind set of anything.  However, when we convolute (not my word at all, I had to look it up to make sure it fits) together, to assist (not stop) the change underway… we free not only ourselves, but the world that surrounds us too.

Now, let me share the meaning of Convolute via

verb (used with object), verb (used without object),convoluted, convoluting.
1. to coil up; form into a twisted shape.
2. rolled up together or with one part over another.
3. Botany. coiled up longitudinally so that one margin is within the coil and the other without, as the petals of cotton.

Spirals, fractals, strengthening the energy of the whole, bound together as one.

I want to close this sharing with the acknowledgement that there is a lot of new, completely unexpected techniques coming thru the readings.  Things and abilities that have never been presented on this side of the veil before.  Your job, if you are willing, is to bring them into creation, perfect the skill set, practice, get together with others and practice even more and then teach others.

The gather next year will have absolutely focused intent, spirit is making sure of it!!  I will get a webpage up in the next few days… spirit is on a mission with this.  Yap, yap, yap in my ears lol.

I love you all so incredibly much.  Thank you for covering my ass beyond my expectations yesterday.  You are invaluable to this world, to MY world!!

((((HUGZ)))) of miraculous bliss to everyone!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I am bring this course back out of the closet for anyone who really wants to learn how to READ anything and everything!!  It is a 25-30 hour downloadable MP3 course on LEARNING HOW TO READ.  Everything I personally was taught and learned and know is in this course.  Just click this link to explore more:




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The Super Enhanced Molecules of the New World, YOU!!


If what is coming thru these days is a preview of the world to come, holy cow is this world about to change and change radically.  My deepest and greatest hope, is that YOU invest the time and energy it is going to take to master your skills in this incredible world and then start teaching them outwards.  You are exactly how this world is going to change.  Not by tearing down the system already in place, but by building a new one from the center of creation and moving it outwards.  Like waves of an ocean, it pushes out the old with its internal power, constantly moving, spreading, changing.

The one thing I am absolutely sure of, the Master magicians, the Supreme Alchemists, the Scribes for the animal kingdom, plant kingdom and everything else that does not have an audible voice… is HERE, NOW and it is YOU.

With my first reading yesterday, as he was getting his working orders for right now, his team said that two other groups will be presented, sure enough, by the time the day was over, two others were presented.

Our animals and birds, all critters and crawlers I am sure, are holding a brand new energy within them, meaning they have a lot of new qualities and attributes to reveal.  So this group will be bringing forward the new energies of those without an audible voice for us to hear.  Unlike the way we have configured the totem animals to date, by looking at their nature and their qualities and understanding their presence within our world, this is direct communication and going deeper than what is visibly understood.  Dr. Doolittle comes to life!!  lol

Then there is the group that will learn to harness the power, the creative energies that are between the sun and earth, what we would think of as air.  This precious lady showed up holding two snakes, one in each hand.  The snake in her right hand was long and green, the snake in her left hand was long and black.  Her team immediately said these snakes have nothing to do with personal kundalini (the first place my mind was going to, old habits lol) and said the one in her right hand is representing the Life Force that is now available between the sun and earth (where the air is lol.)  Her job and those in this group is to learn how to harness the Life Force of both sun and earth, heaven and earth, above and below (pick a way to describe it) and charge the energy, the snake of unlimited potential (the black one) into manifested reality.

We are all being given our new tasks, our new focus of skills.  Well, that’s not necessarily a true statement.  There are those of us, that are changing the biological field of the human race.  Our task is to not tap completely out lol.  This really became clear thru a connection yesterday that I could not see the field for.  She, like me, has been going thru painstaking biology changes, for her it is in her hip flexors and up her back.  Think about that, root chakra thru core energy.  It has her flat-out and as emotionally raw as I have become too.  This is all that is being asked of you/us at this time.  If they asked any more I would find a way to pop them in their spiritual face!!  Allowing the biological change to take place, because even tho it appears it is only happening to you, it is happening to every person on earth too, most will never know it nor do they need to.  I have a feeling, a lot of the “Master electricians” are going thru this right now.  Changing the current of energy within the body matrix.

It really give credence to the many times spirit had said in a reading, they cannot show you what is coming up because would choose to walk around it instead of thru it.  I can promise you, if my team told me the hell that would take place in my lungs and throat and the longevity of it (a year now) I, the Lisa part of me, would have said screw you, find someone else.  I actually do say that now, but doesn’t matter, it’s already underway.

I suppose we should be very grateful we are doing this biological change in sections thru each other.

I do want to put something out there that I really don’t fully understand but I know it is important.  Twice now in readings spirit had mentioned an increase or influx in hydrogen in our creative world.  They had also put the element Li in front of my face once.  I knew it had something to do with the periodic table, so I looked it up and it is Lithium.  I have no clue why.  But I have been dancing with spirit long enough to know, they release bits of information that seems random and puzzling and eventually the reason is revealed.  So I am putting this out there for those who may need it or get it or both.

One thing spirit has been putting in my face since I started writing this sharing today… and in truth, it is what we are all being prepared for, if we are willing.


Forget all the science, just look at the molecules themselves, the hexagons interlinking with each other.  Right now, we are being given our molecular codes (skills.)  Our job is to know our skill set intimately, passionately and whatever else lol.  AS we perfect ourselves, we will start to come together to link our skills with others, changing the matrix of what we can do, together.

They are using the example of a car.  Tires by themselves are good, but better when put on the frame of the car.  The frame of the car is good, but better when the engine is installed.  The engine is good, but better when the fuel tank is installed… and so on.  We are the bits and pieces of the new car of earth and will be the driving force of CHANGE!!

So, if you are busy saying you don’t like this or don’t like the way that works, find out what your part is and focus there.  Change starts from the center, from inside and spreads outwards.  If we try to collapse what is already in place, we simply leave a gaping hole that serves no greater good.

With that, ohhhh I hear them pushing me for another gathering at the Spring Equinox. Life is a hands on event from here on out!!

I love you all so much, please, please invest in yourSelf, in your emerging abilities and practice, practice, practice!

((((HUGZ)))) of magic and fairy dust to everyone!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I am bring this course back out of the closet for anyone who really wants to learn how to READ anything and everything!!  It is a 25-30 hour downloadable MP3 course on LEARNING HOW TO READ.  Everything I personally was taught and learned and know is in this course.  Just click this link to explore more:







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Igniting The Once Dormant DNA Codes of Bright Light!!


Well just holy flipping wow batman, we have gotten so damn exciting, so flipping clear like never before!!  But also, our focus equally must be like it never was before as well.  But, before I get into all that, lets talk about how the field itself has changed post eclipse.

The new earth, which, up until the eclipse has been consistently set up separate from the reading field, off to the right (slight future) and appearing as its own world, separate from what I call the reading field, my back yard.  With all of yesterdays connections, that has changed, the new earth is now everywhere I read from, but not earthy looking yet.  Still energetic, but thick and solidifying as we move forward.  We, the humans, on the other hand are still slightly to the right.  I cannot believe this just donned on me, directly in the East field, spring, new growth, new beginnings, new adventures.  I knew everyone was just to the right of my back door, but I was so busy being excited at what I see and the incredibly clarity coming thru everyone’s teams, I never once thought about the significance of placement.

Yesterday, I mentioned in my sharing about my experience with the sun, seeing this release of energy that came down to the earth.  I knew there was something significant to it showing me that, I even thought to myself, this is going to show up in the readings.  Sure enough, it did, but of course, not like I was expecting it to.

Every single one of us that made it thru the eclipse energy and onto the living earth at this moment in time is currently housed in a dome of incredible energy.  Kinda like this:



Only, no bottom lip and not see thru.  The dome is not opaque, but I cannot see thru it.  Running from top to bottom are various striations of vibrant, colored energy.  What spirit had said in relationship to this is “the cake is completely baked and is now being icinged.”  lol  Love their metaphors.  You ,of course, being the cake.  But the icing is not an exterior coating, I watched several times as these moving streams of energy moved inward where you are at, and tho I could not see you, I could see your many points of DNA.  To my viewing eye these points looked like little white circles about the size of a penny and these energy streams poked into the center of the circle of light and as spirit said, it is like inserting a key into a keyhole and what you are prepared for is being unlocked and released into you.  There will be several more of these ongoing unlockings as we progress forward.

We were encased in this dome the moment the eclipse hit max in our individual worlds and will remain there for three days, or til we wake up on the 26th.  At least this is a much more pleasant, easier process than what we have been thru and in the grand scheme of this, quick!!  With this process, a lot of new, never before used techniques on this realm of existence will be emerging thru you.  Your job is to expand it and USE IT here in created reality.  To my absolute amazement, spirit is being pretty damn clear on what “it” is these days.  They have been so evasive and non-committal on what grander thing you/we have come here to do, to put into play… I suppose, all things in their perfect time.  Until the earth hit this amazing frequency, all remained dormant within anywayz.  But now baby, we are being turned on like christmas lights!!!

Ohhh and before I forget again, so sorry to leave everyone hanging yesterday, the four groups I am seeing emerge.  We talked about the electricians, sun workers, I would fall into that group.  Then the ones bringing forth the dreams and desires of Gaia.  Then there are those directly working with all plant and flower life to redefine their use on this new earth, but also, to enhance change, in our own very energetic way… modify plants/seeds coming from the old earth to the new.  One example that was so clear and so flipping exciting from the readings yesterday, she will have the ability to go into the DNA of a seed (speaking specifically here to what we know as GMO seeds) and change its DNA matrix and restore it to its original vitality.

The other group I see emerging are the hands on body workers.  This group will serve those ready to leave the old earth and refine their energy fields to vibrate at the full frequency of the new earth.  Equally, there are (or will be, not sure how that works out) many who arrived here on this new earth whose energy fields are pinged out to the max, they will serve to be like a hair brush and even everything out.

To give an example of this gig, one of the precious lady’s I read for yesterday… they showed me what looked like a cut out human form, that looked very much like this:



The cutout that is white, is the turned on light body.  The parts that are black are simply breaks in the stream of light.  Her job is not only going to be to figure out where these breaks or disconnects are, but to illuminate them, the unseen information within them and give it to the person they are working on.  This will remove the breaks and allow the information/energy to flow freely.  Do not confuse this with illness or the need for “healing.”  It is a vibrational tweaking to the light stream within.  Think of it as electrical chords and you are fixing anything that may be shorting out within.  But it is equally crucial for you to be able to tap into the break and understand it and tell it to the person you are working on, otherwise, it is doing half the job and will need mending again.  Illumination is as crucial for you as it is for them.

All of this is going to take a lot of practice, digging deep into the once dormant memories of how to do this all with perfection and expansion.  All of this, is simply the beginning!!

I do want to talk about my first session of the day.  My goodness gracious her team was like Chatty Cathy’s for the full 30 minutes.  I have been reading for this incredible soul for a very long time and yet, her team was so intimate in my own soul.  Ha!! I just now realized/heard because many of us got a brand new team in place to guide us thru this extraordinary time on earth.  No wonder they felt so… different.  Of course, I made mention of something like that and they instantly replied that I know them, on the other side of the veil, my lady is a guide to humans incarnate right now.  Her role is going to expand to be exactly that in person and that on the other side of the veil, we know each other very well, her team, my team, each other.  Of course, many of us feel like that with each other, but now, spirit is saying it out loud!!   I find that all oh so exciting, what was once a distraction and they kept hidden is now a strength they are revealing.

I have also got to share this wonderful, in your face quote from my first lady’s team too.  It came as she was asking questions about moving I think.  “You MUST be absolutely clear and concise in your communication of desires and questions and no longer being half-ass about anything!!”

Let me really take this apart this morning and make it even clearer on how important this is.  This really is all about our communication abilities and how incredibly important they are to every thing.  Desire.  Do not bring worry, doubt, fear of not getting it into anything.  I read for a lady yesterday who already has a new home lined up but her doubt, feeling like she cannot afford what she wants, is keeping her from seeing what is in front of her.  Because the energy of fear/doubt.worry is an earth gig, it is stronger than the desire within and WILL change the frequency you are emoting.  Delaying and most times, eliminating the outcome.  BE CLEAR inside that there is no obstacles in your way.  What anything looks like right now, WILL change to serve you desires.  If for a moment you think “I can’t, I won’t, but, but, butt…” you are enacting that to be your outcome.

So truly the clarity must start in your emotional field.  KNOW.  Period.  Once you set it in motion, leave it alone.  Don’t keep going back and refining it, you refine because doubt entered.  Don’t miss opportunities because you do not think you qualify, have enough to look there… if it is showing up, everything else will show up to support it.  Trust that my beautiful masters incarnate!!

I can give you my own example.  I have been asking the universe for mercy on this body.  The intensity of what my lungs and throat have been going thru has dropped me to my knees.  Just asking for mercy… of course, they are already being merciful with me, I haven’t died yet (not for the lack of wishing for it some days.)  However, when I had my moment with the eclipse sun, only then did I get clear on what kind of mercy I need.  No coughing thru the night, no gasping for breath, no getting up to pee, I need a full nights sleep with vital energy in the morning to do my readings.  Period.  Well, I slept like a baby and was filled with piss and vinegar in the morning to the degree I was able to do 6 full readings without coughing, loosing any sort of energy and again, the clarity, sheez I loved it!!  I asked for another night just like that… and received it.

Now lets take our questions.  We ask questions, but how often are we really tuned into the answers.  Sometimes, we ask questions that are so wishy-washy there is no reply, or the reply comes back in a such a different form that doesn’t really address our core question.  I can give you a small example from my own past experience.

When I first learned to connect to everything, including Source/God, one of the first questions I asked him (yup, he uses a male voice to talk to me, so I am calling him an him even tho I know he is absolutely genderless, I surely don’t want to call him an it, l0l) was to know how the creation started.  Back there, I was still very much picking the catholic out of my debris field and I really was wanting to know how the earth and life formed, to me, that was creation.  4 years later, when my consciousness was ready to understand the reply to my question, I was shown how creation started, the colors, the emotions within the separating colors and the expansion of the universe thru all that.  It was great, but didn’t really answer what I really meant to know.  I have since redefined it and was shown what I wanted to know… but this really takes the message of be clear and concise and puts it into clarity, I hope lol.

Communication is a massive lesson I am currently engaging with, with my oncologist.  I am learning so much thru this experience and I know, is going to too.  I do not even think to tell him some of the things happening in my body and he assumes because I have not mentioned, it is not happening and documents it as so, leaving him to come to an untrue, but understandable conclusion with my health.

We can no longer able to be half-assed in anything we choose to do.  Leave no stone unturned and listen deeply for the incoming communication back to you!!

On that note… I love you all so freakin much.  I feel so blessed because you are in my world, in this amazing Life with me!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of super-duper loving clarity and expression, feel it, its intense!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I am bring this course back out of the closet for anyone who really wants to learn how to READ anything and everything!!  It is a 25-30 hour downloadable MP3 course on LEARNING HOW TO READ.  Everything I personally was taught and learned and know is in this course.  Just click this link to explore more:







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The Solar Eclipse and Life After It!!


I have so much to catch up on with these sharings, sorry I have been flat-out the last several days.  I swear the moment I lay down to go to sleep, my body descends into hell.  While chilling with the eclipsing sun yesterday, I literally begged for mercy, for a full, uninterrupted nights sleep and by george, I got it!!  PHEWWWWW!!  The first thing I did when I opened my eyes today, was smile that refreshing, satisfying smile!!  Enough about me… lol  Ohhh and also, for those who are not on my facebook, my oncologist had a family emergency yesterday and could not do my marrow extraction, he rescheduled to Tuesday morning at 9am.

Again, I have so much to catch up on with incoming info from the readings, I already know I am going to miss a lot.  So I will start with what the eclipsing sun shared yesterday and pull what I can from the readings to create a larger picture.

For those who did not get to witness the eclipse first hand or with eclipse solar shades, let me share my view with you.  (Also, I put the shades over the camera lens to get this shot.)


What my 4X’s zoom lens could not capture on the sun is that mammoth sunspot on the lower left to center sunspot.  It is the sunspot itself I decided to center my focus.  I started to breath in its energy, exhaling my own into it, creating a unified connection.  The first thing it did, was quickly show me the intense energy it is continually releasing to us.  Of course, there is no way my camera could capture that because it is to high in the vibrational field to capture.  But in a tiny way, my camera did.  Let me show you:


If you take the energy showing in the upper left quadrant of the sun, elongate it fully around the sun within the red part of the inner halo and create its movement to earth, it is effecting, most especially, those of us who vibrate to the pure frequency coming out and has been doing this since its birth on the dark side of the sun.  Our evolution is so large, so encompassing this sunspot had to be super large and volatile. posted yesterday:  LOTS OF SOLAR FLARES: Solar activity is high. Since the week began, giant sunspot AR2192 has produced 27 C-class solar flares, 9 M-class flares, and 2 X-flares. (What do these classifications mean? Check out the Richter Scale of Solar Flares.) The most powerful eruption so far was an X1.6-category blast on Oct 22nd.

The had said, even when it is not releasing sun flares, it is still releasing energy.  It breathes like we do, in and out, in and out and every out breath releases more radiation to match our evolving frequency here on earth, and every in breathe takes us into its core.  Talk about unity!!!

Many of us are holding the space here on earth for the massive biological changes that are taking place in this life changing, DNA altering, process.  What came thru one of the readings the other day, this process will continue with energetic intensity thru (at least) every month til Dec 2015.  (Dammit.)

This actually makes some sense into one of the readings I did the other day, my beautiful lady was inside her crystalline, hexagon, bubble of creation (think, holograph for those that are not familiar with my term bubble of creation,) and her team showed us her (our) evolving energy centers.  It was really bizarre to see, their focus was on the three trunk centers, heart, solar plexus and sacral chakra.  They looked like large, round brillo pads:

energy center

Pokey metal and everything!!!  All I could think was… what the hell!!  Ohh and they were all the same color, very much like the color of this picture.   Our entire bodies have changed and are changing, we have enhanced energy systems and our job is to learn how to use them now in a brand new, exciting way.  Think about metal itself, it is a wonderful conductor, carrier of energy.  The pure powers of spirit are coming thru us and we are now wired for that direct approach on earth.  But there is also a massive interplay of energy from these three particular centers too.  Each harnessing a very pure frequency and when mingled together in various ways create very specific, and was we become more proficient, very instant results.

I am also being prompted to remind everyone, even tho we all have the same pattern of layout (energetically speaking) due to our roles in this new emerging world of pure spirit in body, our use, function and focus will be unique unto each of us at least thru the rest of this year and we become intimately familiar with the way we work now.

I am also noticing a pattern evolving too, in the works we are about to practice then bring outward to the evolving worlds around us.  There now four groups I am seeing.  One that works directly with the earth, the pure heart of Gaia, she too has dreams and desires on this new world of hers/ours and the majority can only find fruition thru the human.  The sun workers, we can call them the electricians of this new world.

I had seen a lady (yes, you Lisa F) the other day that put my entire body into an asthmatic spasm from her beautiful intensity.  She showed up with this laser circling the top of her hexagon crystalline bubble of creation, lifting the top of her hexagon and all this intense rods of energy coming into her top, filling the entire inner quadrant with rarified energy (that’s when my lungs started spazzing, tell me we are not biologically connected even thru the ethers now, I am living proof we are!!  lol)  Then I seen something that really puzzled me, at least for a few days.  Then incoming energy created the shape of the symbolic fish, only they were all pointing head downwards as they flowed into and around her:


There are so many interpretations out there for this symbol, I had to wait (get out of my head) until spirit told me their meaning of putting this into her vision.  The feminine christed energy imbued in the masculine electrical system.  I have got to wait until I connect with her again to get the rest of the story, I couldn’t hold a conversation because my entire heart center (chest area) was spazzing.  But let me tell you, I found that exciting.  I have been doing energy readings now for close 12 years and the energy would affect my head but never my body like this.  Showing, without a shadow of doubt (at least to me lol) we have moved from a soul connect to a soul in body, whole connection.  This is going to play important roles as we move forward.

I must talk about my fourth lady that same day too, she was connected at the root chakra to the heart of Gaia, literally in the heart center.  In my own body I could feel the heart beat and the electrical flow between then, once again, putting my own body into spasms.  With her, it was not as instant with my electrical lady, simply because of the buffers of the frequency of earth.  We truly need those electrical buffers or we would inadvertently blow each other up until we learned how to harness and control our new systems.

What is also coming thru, is the unique skill sets you are about to start practicing.  Things that have never been in this realm of reality before, but practiced and perfected in other worlds.  Even this hexagon bubble of creation was perfected on other planets that similarly went thru its own ascension process.  Your job is to put as much time and energy into remembering your skills as you can.  Not another soul on earth can teach you what you are here to do.  Your job is to remember it and perfect it to go with the earth realm.

With that in mind, i also see a lot of new businesses opening up 1st and 2nd quarter next year for those who did the deep inner work and outward practice of their awakening, mastered skill set.  Many of the connections started to share that it is at this time, the spiritual approach will be taken much more seriously than it has thru now, because we will be showing results beyond a shadow of a doubt and our scientist have enough advanced equipment to actually see the changes and results.  WE are at the forefront of merging spirit with science.  Energy work with medical work that WILL be taken very seriously.

I am also being quite loudly advised at this moment by my team, it is also your job to recognize a human in change/evolution within their physical body and those that need what we call healing.  If you do not take the time and the knowing of the difference, you will be held back from fully launching, just to protect those in change.  Not everything is as it seems and NOTHING is as it was!!!

So yesterday as I was having a long moment with the eclipsing sun, I asked about my own body, which feels like it got stuck in hell most of the time.  I was shown the volatile energy coming off the sun and my lungs matching its frequency.  I could not possibly do what do, if that was not the case.  No time for a slow stroll, I have to keep pace with my daily agenda, with the evolution of those showing up.  Which, I have got to smile that loving smile, my spasms really only happen when I use my heart voice (connection) to connect with you.  I talk to my son or grandson, I am fine.  YOU rock my freakin world and I am grateful, whiny sometimes, but grateful more than you realize!!

I also asked about my blood, and again, we are changing at every level of Being-ness.  Thru one of the readings as well, spirit had said it is our very blood that carries the Light thru the body.  So if our capacity of Light is changing, then the blood must change to hold that new frequency.  Our immune system and endocrine system is changing, there are humans on earth assisting that process via their physical body.  As much as the body is equipped to do this change, it often needs assistance from the outer world of medicine to ease the process for the human incarnate.  Technology has kept pace with change and we must honor all of it not just parts of it.

So, if you have been feeling like you are dying, in a grand way, YOU ARE.  Death of the old and birth of the new within the biological system we call human.  Neither very pleasant to experience (from my own point of view lol.)  It is really putting an emphasis on “only the strong survive” as well as those who have not thrown the baby out with the bathwater.

On that note, I am going to end here.  For those of you who have hit my hell week and had to reschedule, again, thank you for enduring me and my process and being so freakin kind and gentle and beyond understanding to me in the process.  I cannot tell you enough how much you are appreciated and loved and honored and everything wonderful!!

Happy Homecoming to Everyone!!  I love you all so much and celebrate every ounce of you and all you do!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of joy and celebration to ALL.  WE freakin made it!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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An Emerging Understanding…


What an incredible sight to behold you are.  What an amazing series of events, of understandings, that came thru the readings yesterday!!  I am also understanding so clearly why the ET’s have started their conscious movement towards you, their incarnate human friend/family.

This new hexagonal bubble of creation was perfected on another planet (which one/ones, was not revealed at all) and those of you who have the task of understanding how this super powered creational field/bubble works to the max have friends that are showing up to help you remember.  There are also, interdimensional Beings assisting too, beyond those incarnate on different planets, there are those that exist between the betweens (smile.)

In one of the connections, I could see the (nameless) planet off to my left and earth in front of me, and the interdimensions that exist between the two worlds.  My lady in the field instructions were to access the interdimensional doorway within her new hexagonal creational field and bring back the wisdom, the working knowledge and application of why this is important.  Many people got a very similar message yesterday with their part in this new evolution.

Also, there are going to be many new ways of working, enhancing the energy field of life by these precious people, genuine wayshowers, as we mature into the fields of next year.

Another one of the lady’s yesterday, in her part with working with her hexagon, was all about really understanding the emoting energy frequenting being produced by mother earth.  Each quadrant that surrounded her feet, had a different “emoting” frequency.  I did try to change the word to emitting a frequency and spirit pulled my lips to put the correct word in, emoting!!

I suddenly remember spirits focus earlier this year as we were heading up towards this grand transition speaking about new, rarified emotions coming in, untainted by the human ego.  No doubt, this has everything to do with that.  Now to fully understand the rest of the story.

I was looking on the internet this morning in regards to Dr. Emoto’s death and suddenly I found these amazing pictures that is really telling the story of our present moment:

dr emoto water crystals

Looking at the bottom three, thank you completes the story, creates the circle of completion, surrounded by the hexagonal power house.  Love and appreciation as well as the selfless, serving woman known as mother theresa, hexagons!!!  Mother Theresa was continually in service to others and look at the enormity of her crystal hexagonal center.   In contrast, yet divine compliment, love and appreciation gathers so many other formations around the hexagon center, really amplifying the thought, what you put out comes back to you 100 fold.

Well, I am going to keep this short but sweet today.  My brain is semi-mushy (up a lot last night) and want to save the power reserves for those amazing Beings that will be standing in the field so we can continue to understand this amazing evolution we are at the forefront of creating.

I love you all so incredible much.  Big big ((((HUGZ))))) of loving gratitude to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas







Thank you Tania Maria for capturing what is being released thru the sun!! <3

Thank you Tania Maria for capturing what is being released thru the sun!! <3

Well holy X flairs batman!!  The X class flair the sun released in the weee hours of October 19th ripped into my lungs and tore a passage way up thru my esophagus, throat and ear on its way out, all on my right side, spiritual rev up for sure.  This body felt so bad yesterday I was a willing participant to pack my bag and head back to the other side.  Freakin-A this can be a tough ride.  This morning however, I actually feel really good.  So very different than yesterday.  Thats one huge way to know what the body is going thru is energetic, even if it feels like death itself!!  Ohhh bless all of our biology and god bless your patience and understanding with me too!!

Beyond the chaos that was my biology yesterday, I was once again being stocked by the number 5, but in triplicate 555.  I have never seen that number so often in a single day, but I also understand the entirety of change that comes with that message.  Didn’t take me out of whiney mode, but did understand it none the less.  This morning as I sat in front of my computer with my coffee, I waited a few moments to see how I really feel as I slipped further into my biology and was astonished to get a pre-view of the field.  That tubey thing I had been seeing is now a huge hexagon of crystalline energy, our new bubble of creation.  I so cannot wait to actually do readings today and get the rest of the story!!!  Kinda like this lighten the colors tho:

crystal bubble of creation

But lets back this up to a reading I did the other day, a beautiful lady (virgin if I am remembering correctly) upon the field.  The focal point was on her heart center and the changes that are taking place there.  For as long as I can remember, the heart center vibrated to the color green and that is how I seen a beautiful heart center.  Her’s, not so much.  Instead of the familiar green it was now filled with liquid crystal energy.  Even the heart center itself took on the hexagon shape, like the pineal.

A few days ago I was googling the hexagon to understand it more in our personal evolution and why our pineal (and now heart) is shaped like that.  One of the sites had a line of text that really stood out to me.  None of the connection points of a hexagon points inward to itself.  One of the reasons this resonated with me, we spent what feels like forever deep within our self, preparing, clearing, enhancing, all inward energy work.  Now, everything points outwards… sharing, giving, expanding.

Lets also talk about the crystalline energy, rarified quartz crystal to be precise.  Like apples were the first fruits of this amazing world we call earth, quartz crystals are the first crystals that formed and held conscious energy deep within the earth.  What I consider as well, the most powerful and yet most gentle crystal within the earth.  It knows the human better than the human knows the human, it really is a divine compliment to us and now, a living part of us!!

It also makes perfect sense too, why so many techniques need to change, why we need to look at our physical bodies with brand new eyes instead of yesterdays programming.  Every part of us is changing.

I still must ponder the hexagon shape, math and science are not a living part of this crazy brain, so I google.  I found a website (here) that i would like to pull a quote from:  Thousands of years ago, an ancient Roman scholar named Marcus Terrentius Varro conjectured that the hexagon is the shape that most efficiently breaks flat space up into little units – making honeycombs that hold the most amount of honey while using the least amount of wax.

How many of us have gained so much weight over the last many years and suddenly feel directly to release it now.  I personally have lost 30 pounds so far this year and continue to downsize, effortlessly.  I know it has to do with our changing energy field, and for now, thats enough for me!!  We are becoming much more efficient lol.

Equally, you think about circles, there is no interconnection with circles.  And thru this massive moment, our energy centers were in the shape of circles, connected by a shaft thru the core.  In its own way, showing separation but also, learning to play and use all the circles (within us and within each other) individually.  Now, like the honeycomb itself, the interconnection is effortless, and absolutely the way we will move forward.

Now, lets take a little closer look at the quartz crystal, I found another website (here) that really goes into details I have not seen before.  A quote from that website:

Composed of silicon and oxygen (silicon dioxide), Quartz, from the European “quarz”, is a key component in a wide array of minerals designated as “silicates.” It occurs as prismatic hexagonal crystals in compact masses and druses, as well as in dense fibrous or grainy formations without visible crystals. It is also an important mineral element in common rock such as granite, quartzite and gneiss, and in sedimentary conglomerates like sandstone. [Simmons, 317][]

For all its variety, when most people speak of “crystals”, they are usually referring to Rock Crystal (Clear Quartz), the six-sided prisms of pure light and energy known as the Perfect Jewel. In its sparkling light is contained the entire color spectrum.

In the metaphysical world, Clear Quartz crystals are the supreme gift of Mother Earth. Even the smallest is imbued with the properties of a master healer teacher. Ancients believed these stones to be alive, taking a breath once every hundred years or so, and many cultures thought them to be incarnations of the Divine.

(Just a note: underlined info by me.)

WE are now the supreme gift of mother earth and the living embodiment of the quartz energy, the master healers and teachers alive in body!!

Even last night, as I was having a massive pity party with myself (I really felt like shit) and I took out my handy dandy pendulum to have a stern talking to with AA Michael (and wanted to hear him, since I was down, the pendulum would do.)  The first thing I asked him, several times (kinda hoping the answer would change lol) was if I had leukemia, he kept saying yes… dammit.   I had to ask him, will it go into remission, he also said yes (phew.)  Several hours later, in a moment of bizarre clarity (bizarre only cuz I still felt like shit) I could see the marrow within the bones, how it produces blood cells, and how this energy is changing us right down to the very blood.  If our physical bodies are changing, and they are, then we must physically be the vessel that allows for this change.  Then things within our physical body is going to appear mutated, because we literally mutating as we breathe.  Changing as we signed up to do.  Each of us has our own thing we came in here to partake in, some are the living vessels of change, some are the living vessels of new information of that change, which is why spirit is now letting you know (most, not all yet) exactly what your part is in this new game of life.  Energy work must change, the way we see and experience our bodies must change, the way we channel, must change.  Every plant, animal, mineral, you name it, has changed and we need the ones with new eyes to bring out that invaluable information.  Each part we are playing is as important as the other.

My personal quadrant of change is the lungs thru the throat.  Others are having a lot of this energy affect their head (headaches, vertigo, etc) and yet other in their sacral plexus, etc.  There is not an element of this body that is not being changed.  But not everyone was insane on the other side of the veil (smirk) as we agreed to do our part, and so this wonderful, intense, crazy energy for some is like a beautiful new elixir of life, but even that, is to give you the added boost to do your part, whatever that is.  Example. one of the lady’s I read for the other day, her tubey thing was infused with this silver and gold energy, earth and spirit combined in what her future work will entail.  As the reading progressed, her team told her in no uncertain terms, she will be a medium, channeling crossed over loved ones, but with a bigger twist than is happening now.  Bringing in from those divine beings the information of how to get off the old earth and onto the new.  So when our task is something like that, the body does not have to be tortured (smile) so that you can focus completely on your gig!!

Ohhhhh and speaking of the body lol, another lady I read for the other day, asked about her current diagnosis of Hep C that the docs said she had in her since childhood which was now being seen.   I was actually able to pull her off the field and into my kitchen to look at her biology (something I have not been able to do for long while now) and OMG I could see her liver glowing with green (heart) energy and in the center, a beautiful blob of red (new earth) energy.  Her team (trying to talk science to this non-science girl) said the enzymes within her are changing, this is actually her gig right now and she will be ok in the long run.

So, if I can stress how much is right with everyone.  Fear not, we are the vessels of change.  There will also be a moment of clarity, a moment of wonderful opportunity for any “adverse” symptom in the body to be “treated” and released.  We tend to throw the baby out with the bathwater especially when it comes to western medicine.  Do you realize how much you are changing the very medicine by Being a part of the experience??  Think about how the crystal itself is a healer, it changes the energy particles in any give thing when used with divine focus, well, we are now THAT and changing it all!!!

This may be a very rough time to be in body, but it also is the most amazing, most exciting time to be in body too.  Ohhhh and before I forget, as I was having my little talk with AA Michael yesterday and told him how freakin scared I am of the marrow extraction coming up on Thursday the 23rd (I googled the procedure and realized, there will be pain,) and asked him if everyone on the other side of the veil could please direct their energy to block any pain, of course he said yes.  Once again, I asked him if he had a message for me, I was so surprised when he swung out “try group prayer.”  So, I hadda ask him for clarity, I said with the leukemia itself or the marrow gig, he clearly stated the marrow gig.  So, I am going to ask you, if you can go into meditation at 3pm MST on the 23rd and turn your energy into a loving novacaine system, put it into my entire pelvic bone area and just help me thru this, I will be more than grateful.  The results don’t bother me at all, the procedure to get the results… worst than the dentist!!  lol  Thank you in advance, you don’t know how much I appreciate this!!

Last but far from least, when I moved into my heaven here at the Jemez, I put a call out for rocks from you.  I received an abundance of rocks and even many crystals.  One crystal in particular is now at the forefront of my mind and is being asked to participate in the readings from here on out.  Let me show you this precious Being:


crystal 2

It is also information me that it has held this hexagonal moment in our evolution and has continually charged every rock, every crystal and seashell (smile) that arrived here with this new energy all along.  Not only back to the sender, but the very earth and sea the gifts came from.  I had no idea!!!

On that note… let the day begin!!!!

I love you all so much, thank you for the love and magic you infused into my body over night.  You are all my heros!!!


Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I would like to take a moment to celebrate and honor Delores Cannon and Dr. Emoto for their invaluable work on this side of the veil as they both transitioned recently back Home where their work will continue!!

dr moto

shambhala dna

After being held back from seeing a damn thing since Friday, the return to the field, to YOU, did not disappoint in any way.  So I will start from yesterday and work in the ones I have not written about, it all connects and presents such a huge and fuller understanding now anywayz and you are getting so damn exciting!!!

My first lady gave us an eyeful!!  There she was, just to the right of the field (representing our near future) on the new earth, standing in the midst of the most beautiful stream of golden energy pouring down into her and around her body.  As spirit let me see thru the golden shower (giggle) and I was able to view her body and what is happening to her thru this, OMG I about had a baby.

This golden energy was pouring into her crown area, the energy that was coming down around her, she was massaging into her skin.  This golden energy represents the highest of spiritual vibration as well as an intensified magnetic field changing the inside and enhancing the outside.  I was amazed, and beyond excited to have spirit let me see how this is affecting her inside.  The first thing they showed me was her pineal gland… changing.

Anytime in the past when spirit showed me this gland, thru you, it was always a white blob of energy within the center of your head.  Yesterday, I had the utmost privilege of watching this golden energy coming into her pineal gland and fully activate the changes.   From my point of view, it was changing shape, from a pine cone shape to a hexagon shape.  BUT, also, changing from white light to crystalline.  The hexagon shape was made out of pure crystal and looked kinda like this:



I did not see the star of david in it, but the hexagon contains that within its body anywayz.  This is changing so much within our entire body structure, especially the endocrine system, which makes perfect sense.  Our entire body functions are due to the chemical release that is constantly underway.  With such a massive change in energy, many people may be finding themselves feeling off, out of balance, down right sick even.  Trust that this is a heavenly process that MUST happen thru the human incarnate.  There is nothing “wrong” with you.

We are of such a deep and pretty solid belief system that if your body starts to work adversely then something is wrong, we need to hurry up and fix it.  Often times, this delays the outcome and it will have to start all over again.  However, and I am hearing this as I type, if you want to opt out from being at the forefront of DNA change, firmly let your team know so.  They will put you on the bench and let a back up plan (someone else) do the heavy lifting thru these changing times.

I started seeing the energy system of the new earth several days ago thru the very few readings I was able to do.  To my viewing eye, it looked like a mish-mash of multi-color fiberoptics energy tubes going every which way, kinda like this:

new earth system


The inside was hollow, and the filament energy didn’t seem to have any rhyme or reason, until yesterday with my golden shower lady.  Now, as I see it more clearly or maybe it is more formed, for whatever reason, it now looks kinda like this (pattern wise):

new earth


I about shit when I realized the pattern I am now seeing as what many would call the new lay lines of earth, are the same shape as the pineal gland.  I so hope you understand the HUGE significance of this.  Our light center within is exactly the same as the light vibration of the new earth.  A true divine reflection and counterpart to each other.

What as also told to her several times by her team and I want to tell you too, because it is soooo important.  As the days, weeks and months pass with her new consciousness, new light center, she is to write down every ah-ha, epiphany, moments of clarity and so on that comes to her thru any given moment.  Nothing is being released in a “linear” fashion, but being emitted by the footsteps that are taken.  It will all come together and when it does, it will be the foundation of the new work you will be doing.

As I was watching this golden energy move thru my amazing lady, I would also see it come thru her root chakra and create what looked like a morse code pattern moving down several of the fiber optic network lines under her feet.  Only this morning am I understanding that there is a true “sound” vibration that is released beneath your feet.  Even if you cannot hear them yet, feel them.  A dash feels different from a dot.  If you can hone into the dots and dashes and understand them, they are telling you which way to go.  The ground beneath you knows!!!  You are encoded into this amazing new earth.  So I grabbed us the morse code translator:



I have got to smile, for whatever reason my eyes just went to the “draft saved” time stamp as I write this and it reads 5:51:11  I never look at that, yet was pulled to it.  Change and light. new beginnings on all levels.  Yup, dats us!!  LOL, I just glanced at the time, again, something I never do until it gets daylight: 5:55  From all the readings yesterday, the one thing I am sure of, spirit is working overtime to get our message to us as clearly and concisely, for which i am sooooo grateful!!

So my next two lady’s, holy cow batman, the things that just simply amaze me and is showing just how much our connections have changed.  They were working in tandem with each other and at this moment, they do not even know each other, at least, not in the physical!!

My second lady showed up in a completely puzzlement to me.  To the right was the new earth, to the left was what spirit is now calling “the shadow earth” meaning, the temporary changing station we just left.  In between the two was…. what spirit called a membrane, but to me looked like a white-tannish dirt.  My lady was completely beneath the dirt shoveling what looked like her way out.  But, again, spirit showed very clearly what she was really doing… dissolving the membrane that has kept the shadow earth and the new earth connected as we move thru this electrical process still underway.  However, they also made very clear to her, this is part of her mastery she will be bringing to the new earth.  There were specific details her team told her about what that is, that I cannot seem to recall this morning.  However, it is exciting to me to finally hear spirit helping you know where to focus your talents and how to start perfecting them.

What I found interesting, as I watched her put shovel after shovel of this membrane dirt up and out of the hole she was in, it disappeared.  No big pile of dirt anywhere.  Her team said it was being transmute and filling the new air space.  Hmmmmmmm….!!!

My third lady showed up to make this all clearer.  Again, showing the divinity in the line up of any given days agenda.  She was standing in the east field, literally right out my back door and I could see these energy balls shooting out of the palm of her hands going over towards that membrane area that just showed up with my previous lady.  Then I about shit when I could still see my second lady shoveling within that membrane and my third lady was hitting the “dirt” with her energy balls and transmuting the dirt into a higher form of oxygen for our new earth.

In all my years of readings, I have never witness such an amazing thing as one reading overlapping another and being relevant to the interactive process underway.

Like my lady before her, she was given instruction on how to perfect the new energy work that is already coming out of her, to help others who are making the transition from old earth to new earth.  And I want to say this because it is going to be true for soooo many people, there is not a soul on earth that can teach her what she is bringing to the party.  Trusting your inner guidance and practicing as often as you can, that is the key to your own perfection and what you really came here to do in this massive time of incredible change.

And then my last lady on the field, holy shit did she ever help me understand me in that incredible divine moment of our connection.  Unlike my golden shower lady, she showed up on the new earth, still jogged to the right in a large orb of light.  Her team said it was a cell surrounding her.  It was stunningly beautiful, a white-blue inside with a deeper steel blueish color surrounding it.  Kinda like this, minute anything in the middle and completely round:


There were also three repetitive silver lighting bolts that kept coming into the left side of her cell, the electrical infusion as her new cellular network comes online.  Spirit was completely talking about the cells that make up the blood, they showed me an image of her circulatory system and even referred to it as “an army of light.”  They also said this is going to be the foundation of her new work as we move forward, but sadly they were bringing that info thru me, which I could not understand (yet) how she will use this.  However, I did take to google after we hung up to look for the circulator system and found this stunning diagram titled “blood flow thru the heart”:


The fact that the silver (representing the highest vibration of earth energy possible) was coming into her left side, the blood carrying the oxygenated blood was being changed as i watched.  But what made me even more excited about this diagram, look at the centers where “gas” is exchanged (I had no clue) very much where our energy centers are.  Equally, look at the throat area, it is different from the other 6 places and should be approached differently as we perfect our new energy works.

So if we look at the entirety of the day, our pineal gland is changing as we speak, our endocrine system is changing, our immune system is changing, the very blood in our system is changing.  Everything that makes us tick is under radical change and can only happen with the human incarnate.  This is a full on biological ascension and MUST happen thru the human.

Most humans do not like being uncomfortable or even get scared when something seems incredibly “wrong.”  Since October of last year, my own personal biology has gone thru the wringer many times over.  The first half of this year, I lost my voice more than I had a voice and now, even tho my lungs are still changing, my voice is not longer affected.  I do have a 1.1 centimeter growth over my hyoid bone, which, as I understand now, houses the light energy that is needed for what I do.

Over this same time period, my white blood cell count has been on the rise, intensified as of this past July to present.  I went for follow up lab work with my oncologist Wednesday and now both my white cells and my LDH levels have gone up higher than they ever were over this last year, higher than even when I had my melanoma in December 2012.  My oncologist decided to stop looking into my chest for what may be causing this and has now ordered new tests to see if I may have cancer of the blood.  I also go next thursday, the 23rd (at 3pm) to get a marrow extraction (now that scares me, the stabbing of my ass with a long needle lol) to rule in or rule out leukemia or lymphoma.  What I find interesting, when I was there for my last labs on August 29th and he talked to me about the white blood cells, the first thing that came to my mind was leukemia since that targets the production of white cells in the marrow.  I was thrilled to hear him say this has nothing to do with melanoma, lets look here.  Yay!!

On my way home from my oncologist, my team said that in order to get to the final results, the biology has to be stripped down and allow for what needs to happen, to happen.  Which, with a surplus of white blood cells kicking about, the body no longer productively fights infection.  Hence my year-long process with…. stuff.  But if this is the way it needs to be done, I am a willing player in the field of life.  Thank God I have the most understanding clients in all the multiverses when it comes to rescheduling.

The first thing I did when i got home was talk to my children.  I was on the fence of stating it publicly, simply because of my melanoma journey… I get more links and more advice than i really will do anything with, not that it is not appreciated, I know the place of love and caring it comes from.  However, I am in this with my body and my body only and take direction from it.  It knows intimately what needs to be done and how and I honor it on every level.  But my beautiful children instantly put prayers out on their facebook wall… forcing me off the fence!!  lol

When I woke up thursday morning and pondered putting out a blog, my team repeated over and over again “if you want to have it all, would you be first willing to give it all up.”  They have said that many times over the years and I think we (I) only think of outer stuff; jobs, relationships, possessions, dwellings… but how could it not include our very biology too.  We all know there are many other bodies, babies being born, to get back into the game.  Instead of a blog, I pondered that deeply and could come no other choice but… of course.

Now with that said, I am doing nothing until any and all of my tests come in.  Once in, if there is something I need to understand with my blood, i will go into meditation, just like I did with my melanoma journey and seek direction and apply it and of course, fire up my “Can-Seer” blog again lol.

As all the readings, the profound understandings came thru yesterday, my team showed me an image, that applies to all of us.  They showed me an intense storm system circulating over water, the winds, the rains, the lightning,  all changing the makeup of that water.  It stirs up the bottom, pulling things up into life that had been dormant for an eternity.  It is volatile, intense, and needed.  Somethings survive and somethings change so much as to appear destroyed.  The very same thing is happening thru us.  It was not even 5 minutes after my team showed me this than I seen a picture on my facebook from Gretchen Rainforest who has some of the most amazing pictures she shares so freely:

gretchen rainforest's pic

With this caption:  Earlier this Evening ~ the Approaching Storm later when it arrived there was one big “Bang” sounded like a canon went off!! and a flash of light at the same time…was Very Near……then the skies opened with a wall of water..Awesome!!

WE are the next big bang history will write about.  Fear not, it is an amazing opportunity to Serve!!

I love you all so flipping much and am beyond grateful for your love returned!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of wonder and bliss!!!

Lisa Gawlas



















Phew, what a flipping weekend this was!!  It really is too bad that no one except us really knows the profundity of what is happening, because let me tell you, we would make a national holiday out of October 10th thru the 12th.  Of course, I had no clue what was really happening until yesterday morning, in the greatest clarity/download/exchange I ever had with my team.  Now, let me back it up and explain the craziness in my world that started Friday.

I didn’t realize anything was wrong until my first reading of the day.  I realized my phone line was dead, when it came back on for a second, I quickly called the lady on my agenda only to hear an ungodly screech coming out of the phone.  I couldn’t even put the phone next to my ear, it was ear drum piercing.  The phone flickered in and out for the next new hours until it completely went dead.  My internet soon followed suit.

We had steady rain for the past two days, which is a rarity here in the desert. When I checked to see if my landlady, who lives next door to me, was having the same problem, she was and we both were sure it had to do with the rains.  We waited….

And waited…

About 7-8pm suddenly my landline rang, I was shocked and excited cuz it was showing “no line” all day long.  When I answered it, no one was there, just this horrific high pitch noise.  I figured maybe it Windstreams way of testing the work they were doing to get everyone up and running again. (The same number called on Saturday night and last night, creating a dead line to a live line but with high pitched squeals.  I will ask the windstream tech when he gets here if it was them.)

As Friday started to turn into night, my lungs started to hurt.  I have resigned to the fact that menopause brought with its hormone influx, asthma, which I also know is triggered by energy influxes in our world.  I took a few hits from my inhalers and went to sleep.  I woke up at 3am gasping for air, hit my inhalers again, back to sleep.  I woke up about an hour or so later and I just couldn’t breathe.  I took a few more shots from my inhalers, it didn’t touch me, so I brought out the big daddy… my nebulizer.  That helped a lot!!  I realized my phone was still off and my internet signal couldn’t hold itself together for very long.  I sent out an email warning everyone on the day’s agenda that I may not be able to actually connect to them, forget the field!!  Sure enough, the entire day was spent doing zero readings.  But in a way, it was ok, my body was about to go into hurting like and stay there.

My landlady’s bother in law and son had come in to chop her firewood for the winter season.  I decided to bake them a cake to help with all those calories they were burning.  A chocolate cake with fluffy peanut butter icing (gotta keep the protein in their muscles happy too.)  I have made this recipe a hundred times, not once did anything ever go wrong.  Well, Saturday was not a good energy day for cooking.  The cakes spilled out of the pans they were in, burning on the bottom of the oven.  Both cakes (two round pans) fell in the center!!  What the hell??  This has never ever happened to me with anything I baked.  Strange.  Once they came out and cooled, they refused to let go of the pan… this just gets stranger and stranger.  I ended up holding the pieces of their cake (which actually tasted good, just looked like crap) with the icing.

These two wonderful men also brought my dryer back from the doctors, the second time in a week it had gone in for repair.  It still wouldn’t work.  What the hell is happening here??

And then my entire chest started to squeeze in on itself.  I had a dull achy pain in the center of my chest, my lungs were burning, it was exhausting walking from couch to kitchen (a good 10 foot stroll) and my chest hurt more with it.  I sat on the couch, and started taking in breathes, I could inhale deeply, so it can’t be an asthma attack and yet, this is very unpleasant and last all day.  I puffed my inhalers anywayz… didn’t help.  I took a zyrtec-D, thinking maybe the rain was kicking up stuff that created an allergy like thing in my chest.  Didn’t help.  Took an antacid, just incase it was heartburn, nope.

I sat back and looked at the entirety of the day… my just fixed dryer won’t spark a flame (propane dryer), my internet is out, my phone is out, my cooking skills is out and my body hurts like hell.  This is an energy event.  I kept remembering the ladies heading into the nucleus of the nebula, I am sure it has everything to do with this.  Even tho I could inhale deeply, I still did a breathing treatment before going to sleep, just incase.  I slept like a baby.

I got up at 3am on the dot.  Since I fell asleep at 8pm, I knew I was up for the day.  Came out, checked my internet signal, looked like it was working, got my coffee, sat down to write emails and wham… there goes my internet signal, completely off.  I waited… and waited…

I decided to do other things, like my weight in sunday.  I started my calorie reduction on September 7th and have been consistently releasing 2-2.5 pounds of fluff from my body since that time.  My one month weight in released 10 pounds in a month.  I was so excited and I can actually feel it and I fit into close that have been sitting in my closet for close to two years now.  Let me tell you, I was super shocked when i got on my scale and my one week weight loss was close to 5 pounds.  How the hell can that be??  This is the first week I only did exercises (DDP Yoga man!!) once and only for 20 minutes.  My lungs have not been happy campers this week.  How could my weekly weight loss double itself??

About 5am, as I decided to resume my “walking dead” marathon, my team broke thru in a clarity I have never experienced before.  The first thing they did was show me a an energy portal/tubey kind of thing.  It looked very much like this, only the tube part was much longer and less electrifying.  The top and bottom were smooth too.

energy tube

My team was standing at the top part looking down to where I was at.  Of course, I was on my holy toilet while I was seeing this… what a view I must be from up there lol.

The first wave of people entered the nucleus of the nebula I have been writing about.  It is a highly charged, electrically volatile place to be, but needed as everything in the new human body is being turned on.  We started the entrance on Friday was fully held in place within the nucleus on Saturday and started to come out on Sunday.

But lets talk about Saturday.  This is when this electrical portal was created.  In the nucleus itself, is our soul body, our true energy field.  that elongated tube connects directly to our biological body.  The energy system that is changing the very soul we are, is also changing the very biology we are too.  The greatest magnetic field we have is at our heart center, which is why mine hurt like hell on saturday (altho, google would have had me believing I was dying lol.)  The burning sensation in my lungs had everything to do with the new higher, more electric energy permeating the blood and adjusting the cells to the new frequency.  Ouchies!!!!

My team explained to me, this tubey thing land directly in my home, my sacred space.  So everything in my environment was affected by this highly intense electrical field, especially my cake!!  Phew, glad it wasn’t me!!

They also said they were and continue to be responsible for my phone and landline going down.  It was (is) done as a safety mechanism for all involved.  Too much energy flows thru the phone and internet connections that would distort what is coming in and play hazard on what is trying to connect (my computer, you, me lol.)

They had also showed me a stream of energy that is running parallel to this new electrical system that is US.  I think the only way I know how to explain it, is this energy stream is taking your core energy, desires and running in double time.  A true quickening of everything we are emitting from our heart.  Prime example, loosing close to 5 pounds in one week.  This energy took my greatest focused desire (one that has constant action by me already in place) and sped up my results.  But with that, this energy seemed to melt my fat still in my body.  I had really noticed this weekend that my body has become… shit, gushy??  Like the fat cells started to liquefy and I can feel it physically when I push on my belly or legs or anywhere I have that extra storage space.

There is also another experience my team is wanting me to share as well.  On Friday, when I realized there were going to be no readings or even internet connection, my whole mind and body became pressed on the fact I need tires.  My car has turned into a vibrator when I hit 72 miles per hour, I had assumed (hoped) I just needed air in my tires.  When I took my car in for an oil change 2 weeks ago, I asked the guys to rotate my tires, they declined and said they are all too bald to touch.  Really?  Well just dammit.  They did put air in all of them, and I was still in a moving vibrator.  Dammit.  I had zero money for tires, so I just put it on my to-do list.

On Friday I had enough money to at least get two tires on my car without interfering with my bills.  So, with the pressure on my mind, I headed out to walmart.  I needed fruits and veggies anywayz and if I could get the tires cheap enough, all would be right in my world.

Walmart had 2 $59 tires in stock to fit my car.  Great!!  That’s what I want.  I will get the other two in a few weeks.  I left my car in automotive and I went grocery shopping.  My cell phone started ringing.  Now my cell started dying several months ago, I can hear you when you call, but you cannot hear me.  This condition worsened this weekend.  Thank goodness the guy calling my cell phone over and over was having a conversation with someone near him and I heard him say 3 of her tires are showing metal.  Shit!!  Just shit.  Since he couldn’t hear me, I went back over to automotive and he showed me the horrific conditions of time tires.  One was completely pulling apart, the other two had 4-5 inches of exposed metal and he said there is no way he feels safe letting me ride on these tires.  Suddenly, I no longer felt safe either!!

I knew they did not have 4 of my cheap tires in stock, the next price up was $65 and of course all the add ons (tire disposal fee, lifetime rotation fee and something else, I stopped listening as the price went higher and higher.  Time to take money inventory… the money I had set aside for rent, the cash I had in pocket and what I had set aside for tires and food, combining this all together will give me $5 to spare after getting 4 new tires.  My safety is everything to me!!  Do it!!

I headed back to the grocery department to start putting the food I had in my cart, back.  I barely made it to the grocery section, a sale came in for $118.  Phew, thank you dear god (and barbara) I can get a few of the items in my cart now.  A put a few things away and another $66 came in.  I am back in the financial safety zone.  Thank you god and Selma!

This story is important for several reasons.  We are interlocking our magnetic fields with each other.  When one has a need, even unspoken, someone in our wheelhouse is going to be activated to get that need covered.  This is actually putting everything simply, this goes way beyond “needs” but is the best way to show how we work now.  This is where it is of the utmost importance to act on your inner prompting instantly, you greatly affect others and vise versa.

Hesitation now has its own currency.

Do not spend wasted time talking yourself out of anything.  This is just the beginning of an amazing way of living interactively, interconnectedly and as a whole.  WE are now the spirits we pray too.  We are alive in body to serve the greater All.

Another thing that is of utmost importance to us, is being very selective of the energy we allow into our space.  Not just our personal, physical space, but our collective energy body as a whole.  For a brief moment the internet flickered back on last evening, from my cell phone I opened up facebook and the first thing I seen was a poster of michelle and barack obama with masks on and they changed their last name to obola or something and the god awful accusations printed on this poster.  The judgement that hit my solar plexus, the hate… it was awful.  Instantly I heard my team say, we are to choose our friends wisely, in person and everywhere else.

Hate, judgement and the like is like throwing a monkey wrench into an amazing emerging machine.  So, with that said, if you are spreading hate and separation via facebook, please understand me using the unfriend button and please DO take it personally.  Sometimes I think we do things because everyone else around us is doing and feeling the same, even if there is no truth to it at all.

Ohhh and I gotta laugh (now not when it was happening lol) the internet started to flicker back on late yesterday afternoon.  I wanted to seize the moment to at least contact the folks that were on my schedule yesterday that had not heard a peep from me as to why I was a no-show.  Don’t ya know every single time I sat at the computer, I lost internet connection.  When I got up and moved away from the computer, it came back on.  I could hear my team giggling at me, pesky spirits.  But equally, in my moment of clarity on Saturday morning they did say they are the ones who turned my phone and internet off.  I assumed it was everywhere around me that lost this, until my landlady said she has had phone and internet all saturday and sunday.  Hey??  What gives with that???

Ohhhhhh and another thing lol, something sparred by a facebook conversation as I was letting folks no I have no connection to call or get on the computer.  Telepathy!  Do you realize we telepathically communicate to our spirit guides, our ET friends, even discarnate spirits and yet, not each other.  So in my crazy clarity my team brought this up and said, I will teach us how to telepathically connect to each other.  ME???  What the hell??  Then they showed me my journey to here, there is nothing I cannot connect to and have a conversation with, right down to what we would consider inanimate objects (my couch, my computer, my coffee cup and so on) everything has the ability to communicate telepathically, especially us to each other since we share the same biological frequency.

I will let you know when I feel brave and confident enough to start that mission!! lol

On that note, I see an internet signal. so I am heading to the publish zone.

I love you all so much and for the 21 of you affected by this weekends readings, spirit is already saying they are making it up to you in the most surprising of ways!!

Party on!!  (((((HUGZ))))) of joy and wonder to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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