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Sharing a Heart FULL Of Thanks.

hand in hand

I do not have anything new to report from the field, so I decided to use this moment to give thanx.  It is Thanksgiving Day in the USA, a day to spend with families, eat really huge yummy meals and now, go shopping too.  I am not doing any of that, well, not in the traditional way.  Instead, it is a day I am already spending it in the pool of reflection, an amazing reflection it is too.

I woke up with a dream fragment that is so real and so true to this moment in our lives.  I could see us, all of us connected by these crazy sharings I put out, by facebook, and we were standing on a globe, hand in hand, heart pouring into open heart, together as one Life.  One true entity living and loving on this amazing world.

I have said this many times before, but must say it again today: Without you, there would be no me.  Your love and your own desires opened doors within me I would have never reached for on my own.  I grew to here because of you.  Especially in my early years of this path, so many have pushed me out of my comfort zone, downright demanding I do readings differently.  I balked and hesitated and eventually gave in.  When you desired to know how to heal from any of the information coming thru the readings, again, you forced me out of my comfort zone of what I was just becoming familiar with, into a whole new expanded place within my self, within you.  You were the greatest catalyst for my own healing, the reflection is never a one way mirror.

The first three years of this path, my spiritual team nurtured me in the petri dish called my bathtub, the last 12 years was all you. Many different variations of you, but you none the less.

You nurture my heart and soul in ways I never could even dream was possible.  I Am me because of YOU!! I cannot even put into words the gratitude that fills me just thinking about you, your trust, your love, your enthusiasm and being an amazing witness to your ever evolving change.

If anything feels like there is no love in this world, that things are bad or getting worse, it is simply because they have not met and fallen in love with you.  I cannot see or even feel any of that, because all I feel is YOU.  The magnificent, amazing Being that is YOU.

So today, in my heart of Thanksgiving, we sup together… and I Am full and deeply blessed.

Thank you for loving me the way you do, may you feel the return of love 100 fold!!

Happy Thanksgiving wrapped in heart expanding ((((HUGZ)))))

Lisa Gawlas

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A Glimpse Thru the Portal of Upper December Energies…

quantum energy

Mandala created by: Keith Allen Kay @

Man, one day I am being schooled before I even get my eyes completely open, today, I slept like there was no tomorrow and woke up after 7am.  But I am determined to put this understanding out, so please bear with me if it sounds rushed, it is.

My last reading of the day on Sunday gave us all so much to chew on, so much more than I realized in that moment.  Sometimes, we can see things and even try to understand those things, until we move into our own similar experience, there is no way to fully understand it’s depth.

On Sunday, once again everyone that was in my “day” or date of 11/23 all were in quantum soup and I could not see their energy in my back yard where the readings unfold.  I was not down at all, spirit just said, I cannot read quantum change while it’s in change, makes sense to me.  So I had wonderful conversations with everyone and much to my surprise so much was presented, I could see in my kitchen, the place that represents the biological field of creation (where outside is all soul light.)  Teams were yapping, information flowing in ways we would have never ever looked thru a “reading.”  Spirit said several times, sometimes, conversation is more important than the reading.  I rescheduled everyone!

My last man of the day was in New Zealand, he was into tomorrow, the 24th, I was excited cuz I got to see what this quantum soup was creating.

Strangeness!!  lol  There he was, in a still shot, what is funny, I never even realized the vision I was seeing of him was still… not until yesterday anywayz.  He was on that beautiful vibrant blue electrical line I call 2015, he was in the position of doing a cart-wheel forward.  His belly was full of this blue, I cannot even describe the depth of this blue, but i knew that the energy of Source (creator, God) is now engulfed in his entire torso, making his very pear-shaped, wide at the hips, thinner at the neck/shoulders area.  He had no head at all.  To his right about 4-5 feet was a place I suddenly realized was the change from November into December, but there was this odd-looking yellow zipper like thing laying open on the energy line of 2015.  What the hell does all this even mean???  I did everything I knew how to do to understand the zipper (I will get to his body in a moment) and our teams kept saying, I cannot see it, the vibration there is higher than my vision can see.  Well dammit.  Why tease us!!??

I could not understand fully the “cart-wheel” position, but I did get the belly, the blue pear-shaped torso, Source is now taking up residence in him (us), as him (us).  Which is why he is headless, only the human themselves need a sense of “identity” in this world, Source does not.  Source knows he (and please, I don’t want to type out he/she, I know God is genderless, or full lol) can be anything and all things in this world as needed.  We too must realize that.  We will be whatever we need to be in any given moment.

It wasn’t until yesterday did I really get the fullness of his snapshot.  After my first two attempts at reading, I realized I am completely down and cannot connect.  What is really odd, for myself, I sent everyone on my agenda an email to let them know that.  For whatever reason, I needed this day to myself and much to my own surprise, I took it.  After I knew everyone on my schedule was aware of my disconnect and rescheduled… spirit took over.

We turned on my Pandora Radio, a very eclectic mix if I do say so myself.  Every song coming on was so filled with love and my body got up and we danced and danced… for 40 straight minutes.  I could hear my team saying they love to be able to dance thru me, in me, with me… no wonder my two left feet turned into right and left!!

I realized the cart-wheel I was seeing of my man was the pure joy of togetherness of spirit within him.  My personal team has changed since my early days, and I have never individuated them since those early days, they show as one energy and speak as one voice and that’s enough for me.  But, if they all get to do their work thru us, how could we possibly have our own head filled with personal identity.  We are all things as needed in each moment.

Suddenly, there was this magnetic pull into a meditation, like a good girl, I ran a bath and went for a deep, deep dive into fuller understanding.

My team, which now includes my father, were all there, celebrating where we, where I have allowed myself to get to.  Echoing the wonder of where we are at now, but not really divulging what it means to us.  So I demanded to see beyond that zipper, the portal for those who made choices applied action in their lives to make the leap to the energy I am calling 2015.  They obliged, warning me I am still upgrading my ability to see the higher frequencies.  I don’t care, lets see what I can see.

I walked straight thru the zipper… and when I did, I felt like the energy system I was in was peeled away, fell away, much like a snake shedding its skin, only I was upright and not slithering on the ground.  As I emerged out of that old energy system, I got much larger than I ever was… energetically speaking.  I had no body, it was truly my soul system.

Spirit had said many times over this year, not only is the human going thru these expansions, so too, is our soul.  Our soul has grown from our initial incarnation, enlarged itself, expanded its ability to play directly in matter.

As I was only about 1 foot on the other side of the zipper, I could barely see what was there.  It was much like looking thru dense clouds.  Suddenly I could see three flames. like candles glowing on pedestals.  I walked over to each one, astounded to see, one was my father, one my maternal grandmother and one my maternal grandfather (both grandparents died when I was 13 and 16 respectively.)  They all had a lot to say and celebrate and stuff.

I took a picture the other day, because I was suddenly called to.  The sun was peaking thru the clouds and even when I pointed my camera up to the sun, I could not see a thing, it was too bright.  So I snapped the picture and hoped for the best.  As soon as I took the picture, the sun went right behind the clouds, so I could only take one.  But what a one it was!!

wind and orb

This was taken on the day everyone was wrapped in the winds of change, Source winds of change.  So when I looked at the photo and seen that blue line of energy, all I could feel was the winds of change being blown thru the image in the sky.  But up near the top of the tree, there is a turquoise orb.  I have taken tons of orb pictures and never seen one that color.  My father loved turquoise jewelry, it really connected him to his native american roots…  My father affirmed in my meditation that it was indeed him as the or in that picture.  But also, he embodied the Coopers Hawk that has been showing up at my windows.  He explained that he is now fully functional in his soul body and knows how to do many things and will continue to present himself to me, but with more to come.  I also realized this is true for everyone that has crossed over loved ones.

Remember, not too long ago spirit said there is no veil as we know it from the old world now, and they can manifest in ways they never have before.  Including, participating within our bodies.  Because we have been engulfed with pure source energy, they can sustain themselves within our biology, participate in life thru us as us, if we desire… if we are open to it.

I did ask my team and my loved ones to do me a huge favor, my son is going thru some challenges right now and asked them to go help him.  Their reply was not what I wanted to hear.  He squanders more gifts than he has left in his storage house.  So I pleaded with them to take some of my good karma coins from my storage and use it to help him, since in the long run, it helps me too.  We argued about this!!  So they asked me, what do I want?  I dunno… to make sure my bills are paid before and after I go to chill with my kids for the holidays??  And their snide reply was… have we ever left you dangling??  No, not once.  So we ask you again, what do you want…. man, hard question really.  I had to really think, hey wait, that Jorge guy who has long left my energy field, can I have one of him please??  Their reply really took me by surprise, “Lisa, you know you really don’t want that right now.”  Dammit, its true.  Dammit.  They did say they can throw me a playmate if I so desired, but the “Divine Counterpart” himself was going thru eliminating layers from his energy field and I could see him standing just below that energy vibration I am calling 2015, choice after choice stripping his energy away and allowing him to become more buoyant and lift upwards thru the energy of 2015.

Then they talked about how amplified this energy system will be when we actually move into 2015 itself, like a full on collision with ourSelfs.  Magical beyond even our current comprehension.

So I had to query, are we in that dense eclipse energy too.  Why cannot I not see a thing here… again, they reminded me of the rapid frequency upgrades that are happening, since a group of us were pulled upwards before schedule and the reason for that is still hidden in the murky ground of December.  But they did open up the very last of this year, this timeline and suddenly from top to bottom it became intensely yellow, a massive dump truck lifted its dumping part and unloaded all these things in my field.  Beautiful thing that I cannot tell you what they were, very much quantum energy, but I know good shit when I see and feel it.

With that, they said even we must move into the fullness of 2015 with empty storage units, and what is in there now, will be released to us before this year closes out.

So with all this, I knew spirit is now playing with us, as us, thru us and our job is to not only recognize it, but to use it, Be the embodiment of spirit in all its forms.  And play, play, play!!

I had the most bizarre and yet exciting dream experience as I woke up today, which is why I woke up late, I didn’t want to get out of the dream. But I am understanding it more each moment I am awake.

It was set right here in my landscape, at the mesa and all the way to probably beyond the main road.  The houses weren’t here, instead it was the setting of a huge festival, lots of people moving about and suddenly I could this man climbing up the side of the mesa, he stopped halfway up and suddenly… OMG, he had these series of wings that came out of his back and it changed his entire Being into soft violet, lavender and blue colors.  I couldn’t stop watching him and it seemed only I could see him.  I noticed this little kid near me and I asked, can you see that??  I don’t even remember if this kid was a boy or girl, actually felt very genderless (or full) and I rummaged for my camera and asked the kid to take pictures too.  We couldn’t get the cameras to work, and by the time we did, this amazing man gone.  My heart broke, I wanted pictures!!  The next thing I knew, I was just walking thru the area where all the people were and I recognized this man from the back… I so wanted to run up and talk to him, but didn’t and then I woke up.

There is no doubt in my heart he was some sort of ET, and now that mesa is fully and completely activated.  Whatever that means to us.

As I attempted to do my first reading today, everything still looked like that dense cloud from my meditation yesterday and I tried everything I knew how to see more… until my damn team took their hand and pushed my antenna back in my head.  HEY!!!  What the hell is that!!!  They have closed my vision, blocked my view, done a lot of things but never ever pushed my antenna back in my head!!  Their way of saying, yes we are now fully interactive and present.  The fields of change are still so high in frequency, so massive in our change, that today is not a day to look or even understand.  The pure quantum energy would fry my brains until it becomes set in matter.  Ohhh and right now, I am hearing, “there are secrets that is going to be revealed to everyone, but not until I have the ability to understand them without error.  I love secrets, especially those spiritual ones, because when secrets are revealed, we take a quantum leap in all that we are doing, with Knowing.

Stay tuned!!!

Well, my day is way past beginning but I didn’t want to leave a detail out, I hope I remembered all the important things.  I love you all so much, thank you for enduring my own upgrades so I can see and understand us more clearly.

Take today and dance, let spirit flow thru you in your dance…

(((((HUGZ))))) of quantum love to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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My Own Morning Wake Up Call…


I just wanted to share a little quickie about my morning experience, it really helped me to see the bigger picture of yesterdays sharing and obviously, was very important to experience and share to our teams, I wasn’t going to put out a sharing today.

As I started to come out of sleep and become aware of myself in bed, in the process of waking up, with crystal clear clarity, I heard my team, once again speaking directly above me, saying to me “you are aware you’re not sleeping any longer.”  The first thing I thought, what a strange way to be greeted in the morning, but man oh man, it was cold outside of my covers and I had no desire to get up yet and I thought to myself, yup, I am aware of not being asleep at this moment, give me 5 more minutes… and I closed my eyes and went straight back to sleep.

When my eyes opened once again, I got schooled on how this relates to most people on this crazy, wild, uncomfortable path of “awakening.”  The illusion of density is like a warm blanket that you are familiar with.  As we start to awaken, we realize the air is quite different than the reality we were told was real, and altho we may get “it” the old familiar covers… the illusion, is safer, warmer, we (think) we know the rules of illusion and it asks little of us.  Beyond the covers, the wind is constantly blowing, brisk and breezy and beyond that, we are asked to stand naked in that wind, fully exposed to who we are and who and what we are remembering we are. (thats a lot of “we are’s” in one sentence, isn’t it lol.)

I fell back to sleep yet again.  I even thought to myself, I really don’t feel like writing a blog today, I am going to sleep in.  When I woke up one more time, my teams voice got quite loud and said “are you awake now??”  What the hell?  I suppose so… “then get up and DO something.”  I reluctantly crawled out of my warm covers into the 58 degree air (I turn my heat way down at night) and headed for the bathroom.  Priorities, ya know!! lol  Service to Self is always first and foremost!! lol

The moral of the story/experience.  We can read a shit ton of books, spend all day in meditation, go to this class or that class, attend activation after activation (that are fleeting, at best) but until we get up and DO something… we remain aware that we are no longer sleeping, in the warmth of the illusion that surrounds us, but have not moved into the awakened state of action!!

Action: Share you journey, turn knowledge into wisdom by living it, touch a stranger, dare to stand naked in front of the world, knowing, no matter how much shit got you to Here, you are radiant and beautiful BECAUSE of it all!!  Dare to be seen and heard for the Soul in body that you are!!  And always know when silence is the best action ever!!

Have an amazing action filled day covered in the (((((((((((HUGZ))))))))) of spirit!!

Lisa Gawlas




Ohhh my goodness gracious how the winds of change are developing, embedding, wrapping around the whole of you.  But even more than that, these winds are full of Source energy.  Creator goodness and movement.

That beautiful, electric white-blue energy line that I had once seen 20 feet above the earth, now holding your feet, your body, your Presence upon it, is pure Source energy.  Before I go on, lets really understand what that means… Source, God, Creator, in spirit it is simply called “The Presence,” is pure love, unconditional, without judgement and filled with desires of love.  For the ground we walk on to be made of Source energy, that means the ground itself MUST be made of the same thing.  The new earth, fresh like a baby.  No trauma embedded within it, no tears from separation and hate.  The very dream Gaia knew one day would be manifest and that day is Here.

Around every person in yesterdays field came a unique wind of sorts I had never seen before.  It took me close to the 4th or 5th reading to really understand what was being shown. Pure Source energy coming in from above and wrapping around each person, creating a circular funnel like engulfment from the ground to above the head.  Pure love, pure creator energy engulfing your biological field, triggering your cells, your heart, your mind of dreams that is your responsibility to help make come true.

The intensity of love I felt in each reading, the support and the unconditional-ness… but also, coming in thru the element of wind… gearing up for action.  Remember, the Source of Love must always nourish itself first and foremost.  Never forsaking itself (yourself) and find a way to know… to KNOW deep in yourself, for this to happen, just like the new earth, YOU must be new too.  No more digging in your past healing stuff, no more thinking you have so much inner work to do before you get to where you are going… you’re there!!  The only job requirement now is to become so intimately familiar with your Source energy, how to enrich yourself and others with this amazing, aliveness of love.

Do not think for a single moment you are going to stop being human too.  Which means, you’re going to have days the energies coming will flatten you, maybe even evoke some tears of sadness, frustration, all those crazy, wonderful things that comes with Being Human.  That does not mean you have to start all over again, just let it all pass thru you.  Keeping in mind, you are now a transmuter, taking old energy and revitalizing it into pureness, into love.

However, going back to yesterdays sharing, there are things both felt in the head as well as things you may be choosing to surround yourself with, that keeps this Source energy  (as experienced in the 2015 frequency, Source will never, can never be separate from you) and cannot sustain its pure power in separation, only in full unconditional love.  Mean people, manipulative people, thoughts and actions of separation and so on.

I had an experience the other day, which now is much more understandable as to why I seemed to randomly, which I don’t think is as random as it seemed… I was watching the CNN news clip of Obama talking about immigration reform and in this clip John Boehner (Speaker of the House) started saying stuff, I have no clue even what he said, I was busy watching the effect happening with the air itself.  You have heard the saying “sucking the life out of the air” well… it’s actually truer than we ever realized.  I could see the air itself, being sucked out of the space around him and moving inside his mouth.  I watched as it formed this…. hardness within him, his heart itself, impenetrable by the very love molecules that exist in the air.  Yesterday, in between these amazing readings, I thought back to that in the moment visual and his heart was so locked away, tons of locks and big metal chains all I wanted to do was hug him, but even with that desire, the chains pulled tighter.  That anger not only keeps him separate from Source energy, but from his very soul too and he cannot see the souls of others, the true needs of others, he can only see the 3D construct of material creation and separation.

How many people do we know like that, maybe even some of you feel like he does… if you want to live in bounty of heaven on earth, then go in and address the heart and why separation is so strong within you.  If you are living with or working with people like that… a change of address or work environment may be in order.  This is where the serenity prayer becomes a major player in our world:


If I cannot change another, then I can only change myself and the environment I place myself in.  Some people are open to change, others not even close.  Knowing the difference is key and putting a choice into action is crucial… depending of course, Who you want to Be in this phase of our evolution.

There were two phrases that was repeated thru yesterdays connections “Use your voice of authority” and “Move into inspired action.”  How many of us had the number 3 and 33 stalk us lately?  3 action and communication, 33 Christed energy which is divine action and communication.  God/Source/Creator is a verb… an action word and trust me, we are being Primed for action!!!!  We must remember to move with the wind, to fly with the currents of change and swoop in to assist those who desire a hand up!!

Do not think for a moment, we are here only to serve others, service in all ways must always be to the Self first and foremost.  Dare to dream, and dream big and employ the Source energy within you and all your helpers from the other side of the veil into the action of dream creation.

Miracles happen and now you are fully surrounded, embedded with the energy of the miraculous… USE IT!!

My first reading gave us all a visual to feel with.  She was standing on the vibrational frequency of 2015, to give me contrast it was about 2 feet above the earth we just left, below her, all these hands reaching up towards her needing her loving guidance, assistance, hugs… See them, connect with them, Be the loving Source in body.  Please also know, loving source does not mean clouds and harps, it means truth, redirection (if needed,) firm boundaries so no one can ever suck the life out of the very air you breathe.

I find some things funny… Obama gets law suits planted on him for trying to help others and Arnold Abbott gets fines and the potential of jail time for helping those in need.

As I was typing yesterdays sharing, a bird I had never seen showed up for me to see him.  First I seen him thru the back door and took this picture of him:

coopers hawk

I had to look him up and found he is a Coopers Hawk, his nature is eating smaller birds, smaller, more helpless pray.  I feed the birds just to the left of where he is perched and yet, he wasn’t swooping down to eat them… Change of appetite is in the air.  Love of ALL Creatures, including our more helpless humans… that’s the key to living… to BEING Heaven on earth, in spite of perceived obstacles and laws.

You are more powerful than you every realized, step into it and USE YourSelf!!

I love you soul freakin much, especially those whose hearts are made of locks and chains!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with tremendous joy and acceleration to ALL!!  I am going to leave you with a great song I heard all day long, most especially that one powerful line that says: “What if God was one of us, just a slob like one of us.”  Would you give God a helping hand or a warm bed or medical care???  See god in all things and allow God to See you in ALL things too!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Aware is NOT Awake!! Stillness vs Action!


It is so interesting and might I add, incredibly informative to see contrast on the field and understand things in ways I personally couldn’t, except thru you.  The majority of my connections yesterday, landed in day 1 of the new fully functional field of life.  There is that precious one who gave us much-needed contrast and understanding too.  That is where I want to focus this sharing at.

She was on the ground, off-center to the left (reverse instead of forward standing) tossing out handful after handful of energy from the south to the southwest that produced nothing except for a very pretty visual for me to look at.  Her field was as if I was looking at if from dusk, not bright, but not completely without light either.  She is an amazing, loving Being… the husband and teenage son that surrounds her casts a shadow so large, the light has nowhere to go.

There is two parts to this crazy game we are in.  Yes, one is learning our energy field, how to work it, how to assist others who desire the assisting… but we cannot change nor help those who really have no desire to change or be helped.  Your energy work ends up going out the window, no doubt, finding those who are open to the assistance, but when you surround yourself with angry, hateful people, there is no wind beneath your wings to lift you up.

As I was watching her trying all she knew how to do to cast light upon the darkness she lives within, I could see her husband and her son, both emitting such an anger, each in their own way, and completely blocking the energy inflow from the west field.

This is where personal choice is more key than any type of energy we can use.  Either get out of an oppressive situation or get them out, spirit will not, cannot do these things for you.  We are the ones in the game and surrounding ourselves with the energy, with the courage to do something radically different, in the greatest interest of all… is key.  Action!!  Physical body action!!!

Now to change the subject just a bit… we tell ourselves the craziest stories, justify why others may appear dark (meaning, judgemental, separate and self-absorbed) maybe so we can oh, not my responsibility to shed light or get tangled up in an angry machine.  Maybe that is why so much on the earth plane seems crazy when you look out the proverbial window.  The thought of well that’s the way its suppose to be is freakin bullshit, but it sure can make us comfortable in doing nothing different except maybe playing with energy and hoping something will change.

If we are the divine change makers, and we are, then we need to be active in our world, not just sitting back tossing light around to closed bodies.  We can wish for change all we want, but unless we take action, do something… then nothing changes.  How many of us were activated during this lifetime to change… usually because our worlds in some way, completely fell apart.  We had to do something different, we sought others to help us become different.  As much as I am a HUGE proponent of meditation, it really comes down to application and living in our biological lives.  We can meditate all day long and change nothing in our world, in our day to day physical lives and nothing changes…  Application and constant action is the key to change, first within yourself, then outwards.  There is not a soul living on this precious earth who did not come into this life to change from  the depths of separation the unified field of Light.  Especially during this time of accelerated frequency that is bleeding out to all the earths.

So, take a real moment of inventory within yourself… if you are justifying those who perpetuate separation and inhumanity, you too are walking with your eyes closed to the Light of change that is needed.

It all comes right down to something my team shook into my awareness several years ago… Aware is NOT awake!!  You can lay in bed aware you are no longer sleeping, but when you know you are awake, you get out of bed… taking action!!

If we are living heaven on earth, Being awake means we do not need the contrast of darkness, of intense duality to help us remember Who and What we Are.  Awareness does.

On that note, my day begins….

Big big action filled ((((HUGZ)))) to go where others fear to tread!!!

Lisa Gawlas





Not to long ago… days if I am remembering correctly… our nerves felt like they were being shredded to pieces, only to be replaced by excitement and bursting joy for no apparent reason.  I gotta say, the latter sure as hell feels better than shredded nerves!!  However, I do understand both, now that it’s all in hindsight of course.

A rapid acceleration occurred for many.  An acceleration that would have taken us another month and a half to complete, instead, we did it in triple time.  One of the most overlooked system in this amazing body of ours is the nervous system, a place that does its best to keep pace with our changes and not completely send us off the deep end.  If we can look at the significance of this past week as if we were on a treadmill… we were walking along with the tread set to one mile per hour and then suddenly and without conscious warning, someone turned the knob up to 25 miles per hour.  The first thing your gonna do is get pissed as your whole body struggles to keep pace with the new intense speed, then you go into what is known as runners high… especially since your whole body is now participating and keeping up.  Go us!!!!

During this time, I watched the readings and the field change.  I stopped seeing the biological form that is you and started to see the true light body that is you.  The energy line I call 2015 that has been constantly 20 feet above the ground started to get closer, first 10 feet, then yesterday, 2 feet above us.  We choose massive, accelerated change by the choices we put into play, by the emotions that stay in the forefront of our hearts… nothing else.

So I had to wonder… why would a group of us be pulled off our onward path to accelerate more quickly than was planned?  Ohhhh the hidden energy of December.  The choice points of the end o this year feels 10 times bigger than they were at the end of 2012.  Of course, we got to here with a tremendous amount of responsibility in our cells.  The responsibility to serve our fellow-man, to help, to love, to move out of judgement and separation and fully recognize each other as the Light of God (Creator, Source…)  A prime example of the courage it takes to serve our fellow-man and woman (smile) is our beautiful, light serving (most of the time lol) president Barrack Obama.  To stand up and stand out and say, screw you, I am gonna find a way to do it anywayz… speaking on immigration reform, serving our fellow-man not prosecuting them for being born in the wrong country and desiring something more…  Kuddo’s to you Mr President!!  He too, has made the leap into the 2015 frequencies.  If you’re hating on him, may you find the light thru December!!!

So the hidden energies of December is threaded with challenges for those still wrought with separation and even self-sabotage to choose again.  For those of us who made the leap, it is not without purpose.  Granted, we will not have those challenges because we do not need them, but we have been put into positions to assist, to shed light upon the darkness of separation and self-sabotage.  Self sabotage… doing things directly in misalignment to your own higher good.  The core of these actions is unworthiness of the good, of the wonder that could come from the opposite choice.

I do not even know what happens to those so stuck in their ways to continue being separate from the light of spirit.  I know in 2012 the choice points came down to long roads of do-overs, but spirit isn’t saying a damn thing this time.  So lets really look at what I do know and was so amazingly revealed in the last connection I had yesterday.

For the 5 people on my timeline, my dateline, I couldn’t see anything.  One person did show the light of expansion and the vibrational frequency of 2015 being two feet above the ground with the understanding that we are now embedding the light frequency of this higher light, expanded frequency into our cells, into the new form of biology that we will awaken within in the morning (for those on my dateline, that would be today.)  However, as I had noticed this pattern in the past, when we are at the last day of a massive shift, someone from either Australia or New Zealand is on my agenda as the last appointment of the day, so it was yesterday too.  I was looking forward to connecting with her with bated breath, knowing we would get a wonderful glimpse of what all this means to us since she was in the morning of the day after (the 21st dateline instead of the 20th.)

Sometimes, I get so damn excited by what I see and understand thru your soul light, I have a hard time keeping it together.  She was up there on the Richter scale of massive excitement in my heart.

At first she was wisps of light standing upon the energy frequency of 2015, I know spirit let me see this to orient myself with what I felt to be true, she made it!!  Then, they started to super impose two images of her on that frequency:



And just for the record, both gowns were pure white, that glowing, alive white of unlimited spiritual dress!!  The fact that they were overlaid on top of each other, we can look at this amazing vibrational increase as Cinderella(goes to the Ball) meets the Wizard of Oz!!

Ohhh and here is an added insight… For Cinderella, the power of transformation was always within her, she simply had to detangle from the matrix in which she was placed.  Have you??

No doubt, our cells are ready for the ball!!  Our souls are so ready to be Glenda!!  For those struggling to free themselves from the duality, inner conflict, separation and judgement, use this wonderful poster I have seen floating around facebook that really goes with this precious, profound, empowering moment:

be gone

YOU HAVE NO POWER HERE!  For those who made the leap and stay planted in the super high frequency I am going to continue to call 2015, no truer words were ever plastered on a poster!!

Now lets take a closer look at that wand… which remained in my face thru her reading.  Lets change it up a bit… the wand part itself was a metallic flaked silver.  Silver being the highest vibration of earth energy there is, I found it interesting that the entire wand itself was as if someone shaved metal and glued it onto the stick…

The star itself, gold, the highest vibration of spirit energy available, but also, intense magnetic frequency too.  So, the metallic energy of the wand meets the magnetic pull of the star, our creator energies to the hilt!!  I am hoping we all have one of these and if we do, it’s up to each person to learn how to use it!

If all this wasn’t bursting my excitement level, spirit gave me a very unique view… we looked under her skirt!!  Both versions of her had that big hoopy skirt at the bottom of her gown and then I was brought back to my massage days, something I had seen in many a massage session, but really had no idea what it all meant to us… until now.

Many people think of the root chakra as a single energy moving in and out of the groin.  Not!!  Thru the readings on my massage table over 7 years, I started to see what the root chakra was really made of.  First, three major systems, one at the groin, but also, one down each leg and coming out of the arch of the foot.  Then to my puzzled and astounded eyes, I started to see these tubule  like thingies that would create a hoop like skirt around your waist.  The only thing I ever really understood about them was the connection or plug-in point to every life ever lived.

While I was looking up the skirt of my lady yesterday, I really got to see the purpose of these energy tubules.  They connect to not only every life we ever lived on this planet (past, future and present) they also connect via the heart of Gaia, to every other planet and system we currently or have ever or will ever live upon.  For those now residing on the full spectrum energy field I am calling 2015, now we can use these tubules at  Will.  Meaning, anything and everything we have ever learned, as we activate the heart frequency, it pulls in the knowing from that tube.  As we master it (whatever it is to you) those tubes will merge together and create larger tubes, less individual as we merge them.  My lady from yesterday had at least a hundred, if not more (I am not spending the time to count lol) and spirit said it will take years to merge them all… but what fun in doing so!!!

And so, here we are, fully dressed for the Ball, magic in our wands… and a new day, a new life begins!!

I love you and celebrate you… thank you for always allowing me to accelerate thru your personal jet stream!!!

((((((HUGZ)))) of loving bliss to ALL!

Lisa Gawlas

Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 18, 2014

The Weight of Steel vs the Light of Expansion and Movement.

look up

Talk about the swing of the pendulum In 24 hours I had gone from annoyed about everything to euphoric, freakin joyful about every little thing.  I’ll take the latter please, and live there forever!!  lol

What an equally strange day in the field!  The first lady, I couldn’t see for at all, I just knew it couldn’t be me, I had so much energy and excitement in me, she had to be taking a dip in the quantum deep, but I wouldn’t know that for sure until another connection happened.  I was able to see for the next two people, then not the fourth, I could see for the fifth and not the last.  But I was really starting to get why and my last lady’s team was wonderful enough to confirm what I had been feeling given the three connections I could see.  The ascent to the energy field I call 2015 is officially underway.  When you are in, especially to that degree, I cannot see you until your vibration has evened out.  For a change, it’s a reason to celebrate not being able to see you!!

The three people I could see for all had a very similar theme or maybe i should say, color spectrum to them.  For all three the entirety of their reading consisted of this beautiful steel-blue color.  I didn’t even think about interpreting the color until my second connection, but then it became clear as day.

Looking at the energy line that is representing 2015, a higher vibration of ourselves it looks something like this:

white blue

Granted, this snippet of an image is light shining on water, now if you reversed it, the light coming out of the water, the blue and it is a constant electrical pulse of white being emitted from the blue, that’s what I see, that is what I know as pure Source (creator, god) energy.

The color spectrum that showed up in every reading yesterday, was a beautiful steel-blue, kinda like this:

blue steel background

It took me thru the entirety of this morning to really understand this color scheme.  Everyone I seen yesterday, had something they needed to put into play, let go of and move forward with.  When we get weighed down with emotions, the perceived limitations and expectations of life, we weigh down our light field too.  Instead of radiating outward into the field of creation, we reflect inward… or maybe, worry inward is a better phrase.

My second lady really showed up something to keep in mind for everyone.  The first thing I had seen were a bunch of steel-blue umbrellas, opened and placed sideways.  They were all opened, the inside part of the umbrellas facing me, all in the north-west field.  Can I mention, every single person yesterday, all the visuals were in this quadrant.  West is your unlimited energy field, north is present going into future.  So the umbrella’s were situated in a way that stopped the incoming energy from doing whatever it needs to do.  The moment I found her on the field… I understood why.

She was over in the south-east quadrant, (south, the garden we grew in full view, think summer when everything is in bloom and visible) and east, new beginnings, spring, new growth, new energy, new stuff all around.)  She was staring blankly at nothing I could see, but what amused me more than anything is she had this huge, poindexter like glasses on:



Looking but not seeing.  The fact that her “glasses” were big and round, two cycles of completion happened and now harvest what you need and plant your new life in the garden.  She moved out of her old life, hell, our of her country and planted herself in a brand new country, new life full of potential.

But like any garden, you must keep working it for it to grow.  Plant some seeds, put yourself out there, get connected to others, find your inner passion and live it out loud.

She didn’t know what to do next, how to earn a living, she knows what she would like, community, connections of like minds and hearts, but it too is going to take work to cultivate, to really expand yourself from here on out.

What I understood about the umbrellas suddenly became very clear.  The energy that blows in to ignite the seeds we have planted is being held back, because there is nothing in the ground to ignite… yet.  So her team put umbrellas up to give her a little more time to plant some seeds, to find where she wants to grow herself now.  Otherwise, this fertilizing energy would come in and nothing to very little would grow.

The color spectrum of yesterday, everyone I had seen has the vibrational potential within them to leap into the energy of 2015, but you cannot do it sitting still or protecting yourself from new beginnings.  Hence, the steel in the blue.

Like our little scientist poindexter, you have some amazing skills within you, ripe, ready for use… it is up to you to experiment, put in motion the energy of YOU.

If you are looking to change jobs, ask yourself what do you want to expand within yourself, the job that will do that in the best way, will just show up.  Do not look at jobs first then think, well, maybe….  I know everyone wants to be in service, but when you are in service to your Self first and foremost, you cannot help but find yourself in service to others.

I will give you a very real example of how this works by my own path.  When I was living in Vermont and I was out on that mountainside learning how to hear the communication of plants, of the ground, of the air of everything I had no idea communicated… as the winter set in, I needed to find an apartment.  We (my 11-year-old daughter and myself) lived pretty much off the grid and Vermont can be rough in the winter.  Going from no rent to a place I needed to rent, I knew I needed a job.  So I demanded, literally, my team find me a job that will continue to expand my ability to connect with things and people beyond the verbal exchange we are accustomed to.   The only job I found was a personal care taker in an assisted living environment, not my ideal job… but they also had an apartment available too.  So I got a job and an apartment and grew my “reading” skills in so many expanded ways.

I say this to make the point, don’t look at the job, look at what you want to enhance within your spiritual skill set, the environment will be provided and it is your job to say YES and get active!!

The winds of change and deep fertilization will only be held back for a moment… Plant your seeds, be fully active in your new exciting life, or seeds of re-membering (your inner power and desires) will be planted for you.

There is an amazing game to be played and only you can decide to participate and where you want to focus your expansion.  Your guides cannot and will not tell you where to focus your expansion.  That’s kind of like asking your parents what you want to be when you grow up.  But put some energy into your desires, they will guide you and celebrate you all the way Home!!!

On that note… what do you want to be when you grow up???

Big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with Happy New Year celebrations!! I love you!!!

Lisa Gawlas











What a freakin day in body yesterday, holy shit batman!!!  At first I just thought so much light came thru with the readings, it always pings my eye with my contact in it.  It was so hard to look at the computer screen yesterday, took me hours to write that little sharing I did.  It got to the point, even sitting down for longer than 5 minutes was getting annoying, I would get up, sit down, get up, sit down… then daylight rose, and everything seemed to intensify.  It almost felt like something was crawling under my skin, and it was annoying me.  Sound was annoying me.  My space heater doing its job and warming me up… the warm air it was throwing annoyed me.  Being in a body was super annoying, super sensitive to every freakin thing.  Up and down my spine, i swear there was a golf ball just rolling upwards then downwards and up again… for hours and hours.  At least that kinda felt kewl, didn’t hurt or cause discomfort at all, at least, until it would stop and spread out.  The spreading out activated the nerve endings and it felt like something was crawling under my skin and became super sensitive to everything again.

I was hoping I would find neutral at least to do my day of readings… not.  My lungs started coughing, which they have not been doing at all.  I get it, something is happening inside of me that just needs the day to do its thing.  I sent out an email to everyone on my day’s agenda, I didn’t dare start the cough machine again.

I retreated to the couch, but couldn’t sit still.  I decided, maybe taking a bath will help, it always helps.  I ran the bath, decided, much to my dismay, to put some rose essential oil in my bath, I almost puked, my sniffer was on super sensitive and it was just pungent, which annoyed me!!

I cannot ever remember when my nerves were so grated by every single thing that happens in the course of a moment.  I got into my bath, first asked for mercy for my eyes, I just put my contact back in a few days ago and was not ready to take it out.  Then I demanded to know what the hell is going on in this body and I was able to hold myself together long enough to understand.

My team explained that it is my nerve endings that are going thru an upgrade and are being adjusted.  Nerve endings??  Why!!  Geez Louise, gimme some Novocaine thru this please.

It took me several times of centering, recentering, sitting up in my bath, laying back down in my bath (every position was annoying) to get the whole story.

My team explained to me that there was a group of us currently being prepared to move up to the timeline I see as 2015.  Now let me explain what I do understand, and even what I don’t.

Getting to this moment in our time, spirit has had the entire month of December completely blacked out.  To me, it looks like the month of December is in a full on eclipse shadow and I cannot see much thru it.  The year 2015 has constantly been an energetic line about 20 feet above the earth.  I get that, another super intense raise in the frequency of both human and earth and all that surrounds it.  The energy line (kinda looks like a nuclear power line you see outside) has consistently been a white blue pulsation of light that stretches from left to right and reflects the energy of the year itself.  The blue-white energy has been showing the energy of Creator, God, Source (pick a name) on earth.

I knew that thru the unseeable energy of december, choices points will be presented to either catapult your energy up to the energy of 2015… or not.  I have not yet seen what happens in the or not section.

Keeping in mind, everything we are experiencing is all about the increase in energy.  I just tell the story month to month, year to year and fortunately, the energy acceleration points do coincide with those points, but it really has little to do with a year or even a month, it’s all about frequency or vibration.

My team gave me a visual of being plucked out of the energies of November, shooting upwards to the vibration of 2015 and then casting a hand down into the fields of December, purposely helping those walking thru their unseeable choice points.

Suddenly, several things made sense.  Some of the information the last few days seemed to pile up on top of each other.  Granted, everything about the readings and even the language in the readings have changed, but this was odd.  When someone asked a question that had anything to do with time, I would even see it if the potential was to happen in December, it would be the only thing I could see in the blackness of December.  Like I said, for a couple of people, suddenly it was as if everything piled on top of itself within the light of November.  Now I get it, for some, we are ending this year, this vibration early.

I also had seen in some of the readings the past week or two, some of the folks I read for, even tho they were moving thru the energy of December, they already put the action out onto their field of life and the passage way (which is an energy line that I see) from the end of this year to the start of the next, was already in play.

If I would have questioned a little more with one of the lady’s the other day, when I seen this ladder taking her upwards to 2015 from the light field of November… I would have understood this even more, but I didn’t ask.  Silly me!!  I thought  understood what it was revealing and to a half a degree, I did, just missed the whole november end of our year thingie… until now.

I find all this timing with our poor, blessed bodies interesting as that massive sunspot that released 6 X class flairs, zips to the earth side of the sun again and machine guns out a series of M class flairs, one even creating a radio blackout yesterday.

This particular sunspot, in its previous version released the energy that was needed for the vibration of earth.  Even tho it spit out 6 X flairs and what 20-30 M flares before it rotated around the back of the sun, didn’t affect our biology like it usually did.  This time around, it is going to the core of the body and the nerve endings themselves.  And it just arrived!!!  It has two weeks to do its thing again.  (Ducking over here.)

So I gotta wonder… why our nerve endings.  I mean, holy shit, it is tough enough when it is major organs, the head, the spine, but the entire nervous system!!  Mercy!!

Our heightened sense of awareness actually comes thru our nerve endings, sends signals to the brain, which is produced as information.  As we spring into a higher vibration faster than ever before, the nerves are skipping the month and a half adjustment time and opening and accelerating all at once.  Yay us!

What I do not know and what spirit is tight-lipped about… what is up with December??  This is so reminiscent of December 2012, the entire collective of earths were at massive choice points, to go back and redo some lessons, or let it all go and jump up to 2013.  This feels as big, but different too.  I have to go to the way I seen myself, I was blacked out (body wise) but standing on the energy line of January 2015, bending down with my arm outstretched to help others making choices.  Of course, it’s what I do anywayz… so, it’s going to be interesting to see the rest of our story.

When I got out of the bath yesterday, I think I was so frazzled, I completely forgot to rinse the conditioner out of my hair.  It’s still in my hair this morning.  I was too annoyed to even think about running another bath or a shower or anything that touched my skin.  However, I do have to give thanks to my body and my team, my eyes were perfectly ok when I got out.  No more leaking, burning, light sensitivity at all.  The rest of me a whole other story tho!!  By the time the sun was setting, the nerves were less exposed by man oh man did my head feel like a cracking egg-shell.

Ohhhh there is something I do want to ask, I am pretty sure I asked already, but what the hell!!  Please do not send me (or anyone else going thru upgrades) “Healing” energy.  Love, comfort, gentleness… yes, but healing denotes something is wrong and the energies sent from that intention are counterproductive to the process at hand.  I have put a shield around me to bounce healing energy to someone who may genuinely need it, but not everyone does that.  Becoming consciously aware of what you send, how you send it and why you send it and to whom and what they are truly going thru… is super crucial.  I know we can use words like old habits, but those old habits need to be released.  This is more important now than it ever has been before.  So on that note…

This morning… I feel perfect again.  Phew!!

May your day be gentle and your body ready to leap upwards in frequency!!

I love you and thank you so much for your ongoing patience and understanding with me.  You make my hards times so much easier!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of acceleration into the new living fields of light to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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Another Influx of Light Energy… The Sealant!!

light energy

What an extraordinary species y’all are turning into.  By the time I completed my fifth connection on Friday, my whole body was vibrating as if I had stepped on a vibrating pad for an hour and once stepping off, the vibration is still happening.  I tried as hard as I could to pin myself down so I could complete my 6th connection, but the moment we connected, zoom baby zoom, I was vibrating all over again and I fell apart.  I stayed in that vibrational space until the sun went down.  Phew baby!!

What I realized yesterday thru the readings and was also happening with my 6th reading the day prior, another system of light was released unto us.  The spectrum of light was the same for everyone, the presentation of it tho, the way it came in, as unique as the person I read for.

A white light spectrum I have never seen before.  No matter how it presented, either in lightning bolts, encompassing circles, chunks of energy en masse, it all had the same spectrum, white with what spirit kept calling living color within its spectrum.  Sometimes I could see that color, hues like I have never seen before.  We can look at this influx as the “sealant” within your new house.  And yes, everyone is still presenting as that house.

It seems this light was coming in and targeting the place that is going to be activated first, again, no place in particular on anyone person.  On my lightning bolt lady it was at her heart center, I had a man where it was coming in in rapid circle to his core as well as around his house, another lady, directly at her sacral plexus in a 380 degree circumference.

I made the mistake of wondering where I am being targeted before my day of readings was over.  My last connection for the day came in and made it absolutely clear, as we were both being targeted in the same area.  She had these rings of light coming in and moving just under the roof of her house, which I know was her consciousness, unlocking key codes and expanding her abilities and understandings.  The light would go into her house then angle itself to meet my forehead.  Holy flipping dizzy batman.  I had to hold onto my chair for the first 5 minutes of our connection and finally I took her rings of light and retracted them from my head so I could do the reading!!  Careful what you ask for and when!! lol  YOU are potent!!!

I want to share a couple of yummy tidbits that came thru the readings yesterday.

One of my ladies was so different from all the rest, instead of having a form of white light with living color targeting her body somewhere, instead, wayyyyyy up in the sky was an arched mass of color.  Think the form of a rainbow, only with entangled blues and violets that were really really deep in color.  This arch was stretched south to north and did I mention… wayyyyyy up in the sky, which confused me (my natural state these days lol.)  There was a time, like a few days ago, i would have said that arching of color was on the other side of the veil, and actually I tried to say that to her yesterday, except her team said, where we are at now, there is no other side of the veil.  Her emerging job is that of a “time walker.”  Moving out into what we perceive as future time lines and bringing back chunks of energy, wisdom and whatever else she will be doing for herself as well as for others (eventually.)  This is why her energy was wayyyyyy up in the sky, showing the ability to maneuver thru the upper vibrations of earth that lay ahead of us.

Now I am going to wrap this into what came thru for my first man on the field yesterday, we can bring with us anything we are focused on.  Meaning, if we are still struggling with anything that we would consider 3D (fear based) free will is never taken away.  Or even 4D (doubt and limitations) but truly, we are in what many consider 5D, the expanded field of light, of love, where heaven and heart are one.  How could their be anything less that love, or even a veil, if that is the case??  Our memories are strong and our job is to diffuse them.

Your job right now is to start playing with your spiritual senses, expand them, hone them into mastery.  Preferably one or two at a time, the rest will follow.  If you try to do 10 at once, you will barely get them to where they can be.  Think of it like having 10 plates of food in front of you, if you nibble from every plate, you will be full and have not eaten an entire serving.  The great thing about our spiritual plates, nothing ever spoils and once one plate is cleared, the next one automatically starts to empty for you.  YOU must be the one to start tho, nothing nor no one can do it for you.

There is so much more, but man oh man, I still am feeling the vibrational wave machine in my body… gotta find neutral before my first reading.

Big big ((((HUGZ))) of great adventures with an unlimited toy box to play with!!

Lisa Gawlas


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Thoughts, Creation, Clarity and Getting Out of Park!!


Wow, what a brighter, more colorful place the field is since the 11:11.  I would have never thought that we could actually bring in more light, but we did, purer light maybe.  The radiation is different than it ever has been before and much more alive… feel-able??  I am really running out of words to share the genuine depth of who you are, how you are, outwards.  The color spectrums that showed up in every reading yesterday, beyond any color spectrum I have ever experienced.  Even the colors are more alive, filled with the indescribable light I just mentioned.

I got a precursor of what spirit is going to present like with my Australian lady on our 11:11, her 11:12 and didn’t even realize it, but it sure helped to understand the opening of every reading yesterday.  A simple yellow house with a white pitched roof.  Kinda like this only more… alive in feeling:

yellow house


The roof completely white and the front door facing north (present to future.)  I understood it immediately, our soul and body in the same house, placed in physical life for full on adventures and expressions.  Nothing about the houses were solid, more like a thick marshmallow feel and they all breathed, in and out, slowly, to show life.

My first lady that showed up brought us all a very important message thru her reading, one we all need to take to heart and be very mindful of.  Out of the top of her root, where the two sides meet, were these arcs of energy, pure amazing energy with threads of color within them, moving outwards to the left, created life.  It took me a minute then I realized, these are the energy of her thoughts.  Everything she was feeling and thinking  was creating energy and finding its place in her created life.  Then came the warning, again, one we all need to heed.

We got to this moment with a lot of buffers on us, especially within our thought energy.  Because of the binding of spirit and body, those buffers are no longer in place, meaning, we better be super mindful of how we feel when we are “thinking” because that is the energy that is fueling your day to day life.

Last evening as I was contemplating the enormity of understanding thru the day, I could see a very real example…

Lets say you are on facebook, and lets say you have tremendous judgement against (I am simply picking a subject I see so often there) a politician and you place a sign on your facebook wall creating hate or separation or anything other than love for someone… you are creating major tears in your energy field like never before.  With those tears, you are leaking your strength, your personal power, out of your space.  If you cannot find the love, or hell, the neutral place within you about anything… just keep it to yourself, you become Self destructive otherwise.  Knowing the true difference between observing and judging is more crucial now than ever.

Another common theme for yesterdays adventures, YOU are the creator creating, YOU.  It is now your responsibility to know your heart, know the desires and know the energy field around you.  Spirit said to several people yesterday, you now have brand new eyes and its up to you to use them.  See the energy in front of you that will take you to your desires, the created outcome of your desires.  Stop asking your guides to do it for you, their role is very different now than it ever has been.  They (our guides) are more like the banks of a river, holding the energy in place for you to recognize, use, swim in… but they can no longer do it for you as they had before.  If you think about it this way, YOU have become the spiritual guides to an evolving humanity, very present on earth.  Maybe look at it like this, you graduated university, received your masters degree, you cannot keep going back to your teachers and asking them to do things for you.

Now, I want to interject something I heard in my audio book that i was listening to yesterday while heading to the docs.  Channeling Erik: My Son and the Afterlife  By Elisa Medhus I read this book while my father was transitioning but man I missed some serious nuggets in there.  I am just going to quote the entire section that is soooo relevant to all we have been experiencing and understanding.  I was shocked to hear this thru him and excited too.  In her book she uses “me” when she is talking, “Erik” when erik is talking.

Me:  What will we be like thousands of years from now…

Erik: They’re evolving emotionally and energetically first and that’s what will cause the physical to change.  What will go first are organ systems like the digestive system.  We will still be lung breathers / air breathers, we will still have hearts, eyes and senses, but we will have extrasensory perceptions and we will have all of our digits, we will have more telepathic skills.

Me: Wow

Erik:  We will eat less because we will consume energy instead of food.  

(Leaving out the convo about chocolate cake and eating food lol)

Erik:  DNA will also be different, it’ll be more light based.  That’s all I know right now.

The first thing I noticed in this little conversation was mama asked about humans in the future, Erik’s reply was much more present.  He didn’t say they will be, he said they’re… they are!!!

This is always what we have been experiencing for a while, the intense energies coming in and changing our bodies.  And we know spirit has been so focused on our emotions, being highly aware of our emotional field and using it to the highest degree we are willing to.

Several chapters before this heart popping conversation in the audio book, his mama asked about dark matter.  Erik said we can look at the humans like living in the opening of a dark hole, and everything before them, the light before them is the “event horizon.”  Potentials unfolding for them.   Hearing this, which was a much longer conversation than I am sharing, simply because I didn’t look at chapter or time and I am not going back to look for it and I don’t want to be totally inaccurate in remembering the conversation.  But, when I read this, this energy wrapped around me and I suddenly knew without a shadow of a doubt, this is what i see in your readings, your “event horizon.”  It’s your greatest potential expressing itself in unmistakable ways (assuming I get the translation correct) what you do with it, or don’t do with it… is up to you.

I also want to talk about clarity.  Concise and clear communication from your heart of desires to the end point… creation.  This is more important today than ever before.

To use a great example, my beautiful australian lady from the other day.  She said she wanted love in her life.  Spirit hijacked my lips and excitedly said “Here I AM!!”  Done, you have love in your life right now.  She got the message and changed it to, I want Soul Love in my life again…. “Here I Am, You have that too.”

I know I am love, I know I am a soul and I know I love you madly… but is it really me you want to manifest in your relationship desires??  I think not!!

I had one lady yesterday showing up in her yellow house and these rings of metallic energy linking together and moving outwards to the left at about a 90 degree angle. I knew this was her creation energy, I knew she was desiring something in her, but damn if I could not tap into the what… what spirit had said to her, in my own frustration of not being able to see or feel what she is trying to create… it is like she has her foot on the gas pedal of her car and she never took the car out of park, so the engine is revving (hence what I could see) but there was no assigned destination to move to.

So I had to ask her, what do you desire, you’re putting energy out, but not readable to me.  Bless her heart, her head, she has been suffering with intense headaches for a very long time and she wants it done and over with already.  I looked at her head, thru the inside of her house… and those rings of metallic energy were orbiting everywhere I could see.  I knew her part in this amazing evolution was targeting the brain waves, the brain patterns themselves, bringing in higher frequencies and adjusting to them.  Hence the headaches.  No unlike my lungs and heart area.  Same thing, only different local.

Her team said, she is done and no longer needs to have those headaches, but she has got to know it, demand it and set it all into freed energy.  They gave her an exercise of giving it to our amazing trees.  Sitting next to a tree and releasing the excess energy into the tree and allowing the tree to transmute the energy for her, for us.  But she has to know in her heart, in the core of her Being, she is done.  Any doubt, any lingering fears that maybe not… keeps the energy potential in park.

On that note, my day is about to begin and I am going to close here.

I love you all so deeply and madly and well, much more than that too, damn words are too limiting!!  Creators, start your engines and make sure you get out of park!!

Ohhhh, before I forget… energy in thru the backdoor, out into creation thru your front door.  (A little note on working your new house lol. So sorry I ran out of time today.)

((((HUGZ)))) of clarity of desire to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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