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Seeing is Creating…

Photo Art Ocean rain - watermarked

Visual Perception.  Energy in, energy out.  The eyes have more creational ability than I ever realized.  I never realized what my “eye surgeon” team was doing when I intentionally asked them in my meditation to give me clearer vision.  I watched them work, one on the right eye, one on the left eye and one at the back of the head at the visual cortex.   I thought the whole thing was a fail since I could not produce the emotion of really caring whether or not my physical vision was 20/20 or not.  I forget tho, we ALL have two sets of visions, our physical vision and what I will just call our spiritual vision.  My spiritual vision, now I have a lot of emotion invested in that, every moment of every day.

Creation happens at the emotional level of desire.

Two days (or so) later, I was in between readings and standing in between my kitchen table and my desk that I am at now, and my team had me look at the seat I read the field in, and then the seat I put out what I read and never realized they were in direct alignment with each other, parallel to each other.  Then they took my vision behind me, to my couch.  If you were to draw a straight line from each chair at a 90 degree angle, they would meet at my couch, my visual processor.

This all came into such amazing clarity for me with the presence of my Yukon lady’s friend in the sky, who said we can call him George.  The radiance in his eyes changed colors, which changed the colors I was seeing on my ladies humpy thingie (smile) which changed the tones being emitted.  He even stated there is so much more energy involved in our eyes than we fully realize.

There are two ways in which we are using our eyes.  First, the majority of us start out seeing the physical world around us and defining it according to what we think we know about it, usually, defined by someone else’s perceptions that become a part of our belief systems.  Whatever you are seeing as the world will become enhanced by the way you are feeling about it.  Remember, the universe has zero bias, so there is no good or bad, there is just energy of creation.

When you start to not only use your spiritual eyes, that light infused place called our third eye, it changes everything.  It changes what you see, how you see it and what it all means to you emotionally.  In this way, you see the truth of the greater reality and the distortion of the illusion falls away.

It is no mistake then, that our ears, our ability to hear beyond the illusion is on the left and right side of the 90 degree angels of our incoming vision.  Giving voice to what we are seeing.  Some use their ego voice to interpret the life around them, others use their spiritual voice to see and understand the greater reality.  No matter which one we use, it’s all creating your very next moment.

I am going to snag some technical info from wikipedia about the visual cortex, because that is the very area creating our ongoing reality:

The visual cortex of the brain is the part of the cerebral cortex responsible for processing visual information.   …Both hemispheres of a brain contain a visual cortex; the left hemisphere visual cortex receives signals from the right visual field, and the right visual cortex from the left visual field.

Lets break this down into my language (smile) the right eye takes in the energy of the full spectrum of spiritual life processes it and in turn, releases it out the left (physical life side) eye as what you see and experience as created reality.  This is my world 24/7.

Then there are those who taking what they see thru their left eye (physical reality) and using the energy of their right eye, that spiritual power, to keep creating more of the illusion that they see.

I was standing at my front door a few mornings ago, just taking in the cloud formation out there, looking at the spectacular formation coming out of the light, which so was in sync with what we were seeing in the field and writing about.  As I was admiring the energy I heard “what, you’re not going to take my picture??”  Actually, no, I wasn’t.  I got my camera and took a few shots and shared one on my facebook:

emergance of light

As I was writing the caption for it, by the spirit of the clouds themselves I heard:  “Emerging from the light as the body of light.”  This is the very process we are in now.   Imagine my surprise when a beautiful soul simply seen “chemtrails” and stated it as such.  My heart sank a little bit, but even tho that cloud formation was long gone from our skies, its presence was still here.  I heard it say, “I am a part of ALL things and will use all things to create bigger messages to you.”

Now I am going to tie this simplistic understanding into some of the readings I had seen yesterday.  There is definitely a divide underway.  The way spirit is showing it thru the readings is kinda funny.  I can see your form of Light and the energy trail taking you into the “full spectrum of 2015 energy” (that is how spirit is now referring to the year of 2015.)  Your forms are so unique and radiating with light to create the imagery I see.  Others however, odd really.  Every one was the same, in one of the conversations we were talking about the contrast of going over the cliff at the end of this year, or having such a clear vibration within your DNA that you vibrate into the full spectrum of 2015.  I seen tons of people in cars, each looking very much like this:

weebles car


Except, there was no color, no real defining contrast, everything was gray, the wheels, the car, the bodies, all the same monotone gray, just puttering along and then falling off the cliff that is December 31st, 2014.

I did everything I knew how to see where they heck they were going, my team stopped my vision as they went over the cliff.  Then I had to wonder, why are they using an image like a toy car and a toy body.  Again, the illusion is not real, even tho many think it is.  For us witnessing it all (that does not mean getting all caught up in it) to remember, its not real and they need their experience to peal the illusion back to experience what is real.

Our job is to keep our visual cortex trained to the living world of spirit made manifest in created reality.  We are the creators creating, first in our own personal worlds of living, then outwards and TOGETHER!!

This is an energy, a reality you cannot fake.  It’s an emotional participation with life, ALL OF LIFE.  “Knowing” something does not always translate into how you feel about something when it arrives in your world to experience.

Knowledge is the seed of wisdom, living it is turning the seed into food for all life thru you.

There is so much more to all of this, yet, words are failing me.  Hopefully this is enough for now to help you SEE beyond the illusion and start fully living from the eye of spirit!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of, well, everything god thing imaginable and unimaginable to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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ET studies us too.

Ya ever feel like you are living a real life scene from the Twilight Zone??  As yesterday progressed, that is sure as hell how I was feeling.  When I woke up my internet was down, not a completely unusual thing, but always frustrating.  Every now and again it would pick itself back up and I could hurry up and open a browser (mainly, wordpress so I can do what I got up to do) and then it would crash again… and again… and again.  I didn’t feel too panicky since I posted this dilemma in my blog yesterday and asked to have those on my dance card, to call me.  It really is amazing how much of our (my) life is dependant on the internet for functionality!!!

The internet was taking on a life of its own, or a death maybe, or both!!  Yes, BOTH!!  I did not have enough internet juice to open or send emails, once my blog finally was able to get published, I could not refresh that page or even use my online calendar (all opened in separate browsers) but facebook… easy peasy.  5 out of 6 appointments were all on my facebook page, so I threw up another warning to call me if I do not call you at our appointment time.

The first appointment called.  I answered on the first ring… I got a dial tone.  She called back, I let it ring two times to really let the call connect to my phone, I answered it, another dial time.  She tried one more time to call, when I answered it the phone was crackling and spitting then sent out a loud sound then disconnected to a dial tone.  What the hell!!??  This is my landline I am using.

At least we could communicate on facebook, she said everytime she called it went straight to voice mail, I told her no, I answered it every time.  Two very different experiences happening at the very same time.  Weird.

My second appointment called, same thing.  As my morning was getting deeper, the internet experience was getting weirder.  I had my usual 4 browsers open, all but my facebook one was looping, trying to get that internet connection, yet facebook was just fine, for which I was grateful for, at least I have some way to communicate with most of the people on my agenda.   Except that one lady and her time loomed nearer, stress was setting in!!  Not to mention, all my antennas were on and functioning, I want to use them dammit!!

My phone rang at her scheduled time, I answered it, truly expecting a dial tone, I about shit when there was a voice on the other line!!  Hurray!!!  We made contact!!!!!  The only one not on my facebook is the only one that made it thru. Bizarre, but ya know, who cares, I can do what I was planning on doing… reading!!

What I do find interesting with her tho, she lives in the Yukon, remote, away from most current technology, population a whopping 300.  They do not even offer the iPhone in her world.  Remote… and maybe it is exactly this reason why she was able to get thru without effort.

Our use of technology uses a tremendous amount of energy, it creates more static in the air than we realize.  Not just our individual use of it, but our neighbors, our businesses and all else that is happening around us.

Her reading gave us a lot of understanding about what is happening electronically in our vast world called life itself.  Instead of seeing her, or what I expected to be some “form” of her, instead I seen these three… things.  I will just show you how it looked to me, cuz I have no way of really describing it:


I used a black background just to show contrast, but I was seeing this in full living color.  Those three columns were made of pure solid white light energy as was the ground that made the three one connected form.  They were aligned across her forward path, from west to east.  As I focused in on what the hell I was seeing, suddenly and quite by surprise, the one on the left suddenly went down into the ground, and then the one on the right did as the one on the left came back up, then the middle and before I knew it, these three things were going in and out up and down all I could think is she turned into a game of whack-a-mole!!!  How the hell do you interpret this???  Is this her form??  Is it something else??  I couldn’t quite get a handle on it.  Then her team added something even stranger… as these white things were going up and down, in and out I heard a very familiar tune.

I thought, can I really be hearing that… and if so… why??  So her team added in the colored lights with the sound of the melody as her white thingies go up and down.  So we took a minute and talked about the movie Close Encounters and affirmed, the music and lights where in relationship to the mother ship making contact, communicating!!!  Hmmmm….

I looked at her white thingies and realized, yes this all representing her, her emerging form of Light.  I moved in closer to understand more.  I realized something… something very exciting and should have been evident in this amazing moment of our evolution, but I was surprised and excited instead.  When I looked and felt directly with the white thingie that was on the right side of her center, or east side, which is the emotional / spiritual side, i could feel the energy of physical reality as its skin.  The opposite was true for the one on the left, west side, which should represent physicality and the energy was of spirit.  The middle one on what I would call center path, made it all work.  The engine if you will.  And of course, we have that whole trinity thing going on with the three… physicality, soul and source as one working whole.

Then that big ahhhhh-haaaaaa moment happened as I was trying to figure out why the left and right sides were feeling so different with her.  Our job was to wrap our soul in matter and our matter in soul and sure enough, that is the ONLY way we will reach the heights of wherever the hell we are going!!

Then if strange didn’t get a bit stranger.  Good thing I LOVE STRANGE!!!  As her melody and lights and whack-a-mole energy is going on and on, suddenly from the very tops of her 3 white thingies, strands of the most beautiful glistening golden threads started to emerge upwards and outwards.  The most amazing, thick network of golden energy.  Suddenly as I am keeping my nosy eye on her process, I was startled.  Up in what I am just going to call the sky, a big green scaly face appeared.  Shame on me, I insulted him right off the bat, calling him freaky looking!!  For a minute, tho, he was!!  I also realized, he is alive and incarnate cuz he had attitude and I could really feel how my use of the word freaky made him feel.  Awwwwww.  Now I know my antennas have seriously been upgraded.  I have done so many ET connections since March but never get the crisp clear clarity of their form like I had with her reading.  And the ease of communication… yay!!

I crack myself up a lot of times when something that should be so evident completely surprises me in the appearance.  Even tho we were getting the melody and light show from the Close Encounters movie, I was shocked to see a big ole ET face up in her reading.

Of course, the first thing I thought… reptilian??  Instantly he said, reptilians have gotten such a bad rap in our realm and he is nothing like what we have written stories about.  And I could feel it, the love, the sensitivity, the beauty.  I mean his face, after I got done with the shock, was becoming so beautiful.  I did not see the body, only the face.  The most amazing deep green scales that actually reflected gold as light hit him.  I am not even sure where the light was coming from since he was at the top looking down at us.  His eyes, OMG his eyes were like gemstones.  At first they appeared like rubies, with his own inner light radiating outwards thru them, stunning.  Then like sapphires.  He said that he can change his eye color at will.  He can change his form at will and he even snuck in the conversation that so can we, once we remember how.I

(ADDED NOTE:  There is a tremendous amount of information that I am understanding about our eyes and the energy of our eyes, sadly, I do not have time to write about it today… Tomorrow, please let me remember, tomorrow!!)

This ladys reading strings right together with my other lady whose core energy was being inlaid with the golden loops of “transmission.”  What is underway right now that is seriously affecting our satellites and our electronics, is the full on connections.  It takes an energy source like no other before and while everything is being completed, we will have ongoing disruption of all things electronic.

Ohhhh the things we are going to remember and bring to life in this amazing realm of earth.  On that note, my day is about to begin and I am so flipping excited to see what we see today!!

I love you and thank you soooo much for giving me the most amazing privilege of being your intermediary of, well, everything!!  Big big big ((((HUGZ))))) of pimped out light fields to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Midwifing Each Other Thru the Great Expanse!

In the middle of the night the moon creates a glow. Forever expanding upon the sea that is its home. In the depths of space and time it stands still. A bath of color explodes around the moon. Sending chills and shock waves through time. A new life, a new era is born. By: emoryu21 (cloci image to go to their art page.)

In the middle of the night the moon creates a glow.
Forever expanding upon the sea that is its home.
In the depths of space and time it stands still.
A bath of color explodes around the moon.
Sending chills and shock waves through time.
A new life, a new era is born.
By: emoryu21 (click the image to go to emoryu21’s art page.)

One thing became ever evident yesterday, my feeling zone, that place called the solar plexus, OMG talk about overdrive!!  The first phone call I had yesterday morning was with my son and the more we talked about christmas and our time together and my grandson, I swear to god, my whole energy system became like fireworks leaping out of every pore of my skin.  I could feel it and see it happening.  We got so giddy like two little school kids who could not just stop giggling together.  Thru it all, it was if my team pointed its finger at the energy and said “this is where creation is formed.”   Granted, you don’t have to break down into a giddy child like mentality, but the freakin joy, the excitement…  Even with that, I hear my team continue on to say, that is where the universe shows up to not only create the energy into solid form, but witness the experience of it all with you and thru you too!!

And even that, its just the tip of our iceberg!!

As I got closer to my first connection of the day, that excitement in my solar plexus started growing again… dancing around in my stomach.  How could I help not be excited??  When we got connected, I could see these three really thick, like tree trunks thick, vines growing from the ground.  They emerged upwards about 4 feet and my entire vision fell off line.  What the hell??  I tried to start it again, I couldn’t hold the vision to save my life.  Talk about a spiritual tease!!  Give us a glimpse enough to know something is happening, but not enough to know what is happening!  Geez Louise!

The one thing I was sure of, these three thick vines (one maybe the size of a basketball, the other two, the size of softballs) were connected by one root system beneath a ground I could not see but knew was there.  I also knew that these three green things were the formation of the living trinity, physicality (the biggest of the vines,) soul and creator.  Three as One.  But like I said, I could only hold the vision for maybe 10 seconds, long enough to watch them sprout up to about 4 feet, then I fell apart.  We rescheduled.

My next lady, weirder still.  I could feel the energy of her reading sprawled out in the place I call the present moment… but all I got were random pixelation of points of her unviewable image.  Some specks of color at the edge of the right side, a little at the left, but mostly it felt like a big old blanket covered what I was not able to see.  What the freakin hell is up with this vision of mine, that only the day prior was so crisp and clear.  Not only was my vision crazy, the audio that was so fluid and consistent the day before, missing!!

We were in the midst of a little snow storm, for the first 10 years of reading, I was never affected by the weather patterns on earth, only the sun.  This last year or two, I have become so sensitive to the barometric changes in our atmosphere that seems to have a tremendous affect on my antennas.  But I was so excited, deeply excited from the inside… how could I be down?  We rescheduled.

I decided to turn on my TV to see if the local channels were talking about how long the snow will last and how much snow we were going to get.  Seems my outer world was reflecting my inner world, the satellite TV was completely down.  ADDED WARNING:  For the last two hours, my internet has been down more than it was up, if I do not call you today at our assigned time, it is simply because my internet is down. Please call me at 505-926-1231.  I call thru google voice, but I answer on my landline.

The only constant with every connection yesterday, was the party happening in my belly as I got prepared to call each person.  By the time I contacted my third person, my vision was completely offline.  And yet, the excitement in my gut grew with each phone call.  It got so big in my belly I swear I was having a baby that was coming thru my solar plexus and this baby was coming out equipped with party hats and streamers.  Yet, the moment we connected, nuttin to see or hear.  Just pure feeling that felt massive, but what the hell is it all about??

After I rescheduled my last connection for the day, I plopped on the processor called my couch.  During the course of the next three hours, I became close to immobile as all that feeling emerged in a story of understanding.

What I seen with my first two connections was the process underway.  (Dates are not as applicable as I am going to make them seen, everything is a wave so some are just now experiencing this, and others already have, and yet others, their day is coming.)  The 15th we went thru the seed huller, stripping us to expose the pure DNA for planting.  The 16th, we were set up at the ground frequency best suited for our growth.  The 17th, we started growing.  Just like in the time lapsed video I shared the other day of the growth of plants, we are in that same accelerated space.  My vision can only see what is held in created reality, even if it didn’t show up yet, the energy of potential is there and that is what I see.  When we are in what we can perceive as the accelerated growth, I cannot see its process.  As the loving universe keeps telling me, I would massacre the interpretation of what is happening, its too quantum and beyond my scope of understanding.

What I was feeling in my solar plexus thru each connection is the emerging larger selves of each other.  Yesterday, we set each other up like each others midwife, pulling more and more of that pure feeling state we call soul, into the larger reality we call physicality.  It was also showing the “upgrades” of my feeling centers.  The day prior, my hearing and seeing became fuller, yesterday, the feeling, the thing that is crucial to understanding what I am seeing and even hearing, came online in its upgrades too.

This is the way we “grow” even tho I now so understand why our teams really dislike the word growth right now.  Because in fact, we are already complete and coming on line… and yet, we need the element of our perception of time to fully fit into our new version with all enhancements in tact.

One of the first conversations yesterday, we were talking about that tubie thing I will just say was the 15th energy and how some people that I had seen was in a tube that connected to, I think, the solstice (not sure since I never really seen its finish point.)  The moment I said the winter solstice, I could see these twinkles, like the sparkles from cinderellas dress (the image i used the other day) float up and around the air.  Well, thats gotta be good!!  lol

Now in contrast to the twinkling of the solstice, one of the last conversations yesterday, about what she is feeling with her husband and their two separate lives marriage… the first thing she mentioned was she was all up in her head about it.  I assured her that is not so… I felt the emotion thru her tears.  Our mind is incapable of such deep emotion, even if the emotion is sadness, (which is NOT to be confused with depression of the mind) thru our conversation, I was shocked to actually get a visual.. well, first came feeling, like the ground rumbling beneath my feet and then the opening of the earth itself.  Lets change the word earthquakes to heartquakes… and opening to see the bigger picture, to immerse into the bigger energy coming thru.

I found a perfect picture to go with her story:


The top side of this image, very much like what her team put directly in front of my face.  Her instruction was to jump into the opening and look deeper… so I have to smile in this science image of an earthquake, the “focus” is deep inside the opening.  Don’t try and see with your eyes, see with your heart!!!

Ohhhh, I forgot something from my own meditation several days ago and it is completely in relationship to this earth quaking scenario too.  When I watched myself grow really really large, the next thing I seen was a super large golden white foot stepping down on the ground.  The body of light must have been to large, like giants large, that the sheer energy of putting the foot on the ground created a rumble and then, an opening in the earth itself as the two plates separated.  With this, this morning I understand the great divide from those living fully from the heart of spirit and those living deep in the world of 3D illusion.  WE are the ones causing this, and its a great thing!!

Now, to kind of completely change the subject a bit.  I want to back up to one of the ladies I read for on the 16th.  She appeared as a solid slab of white light.  (About 3 inches thick, about 3 feet wide and 4 feet tall.)  She was leaning towards the future at about a 90 degree angle.  Coming into her from what we think of as the future… winds of change.  I watched as these winds, very specific in their agenda, sliced her white slab at the top down about 6 inches.  The winds then took on energy much like a surgeon I suppose, and I could see her core energy fully exposed and they (the wind energies) were inlaying her core with this intricate series of tiny golden loops.  It was the most beautiful thing i had seen, the core thingie.  The wind explained that each of these loops that I am perceiving are like transmitters.  The “international” galactic family is going to become more participatory as we move into 2015, and those with alignments are receiving these “transmitters” (that are much more than transmitters.)

They even showed us the way they worked… well… sorta.  When one of the golden loops becomes active, it vibrates and is transmitting energy, messages, communication.  As we answer the call consciously, it activates the other tiny loops connected with it, which creates an even greater expansion in our understandings but equally, with our skill sets we have developed and even perfected within other realms of life.

2015 is going to be a very fast paced evolution of ourSelves, our job is to keep up, apply, expand again, keep up, apply, expand again.

There is a word of caution here, and I get the visual like being in 1st grade and choosing not to do the work assigned, you repeat first grade again.  We had lifetimes upon lifetimes to get here slowly.  No more.  White water rapids here we come!!

On that note, lets just do it in a great big ole group (((((((((HUG)))))))))))))))

Lisa Gawlas

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Tool Sets, Relationships and Finding Your Glass Slippers!!


I am going to start this off by answering a question posed on my facebook yesterday.  I keep referring to our “tool set” and using them.  The first and main tool set, love, kindness, generosity, grace, patience, acceptance, non judgement, Self expression, and so on.  Without this main tool set up and running as a way of life, anything else gets diluted.  To employ these tools as a way of life, means you have cleared the clouds from your Being, learned to see and love beyond the illusion and can see the gift in all things.

The second part of the tool set only gets stronger as the above become clearer/natural.  That would be your ability to see, hear, feel, smell the voice and communication of not only spirit, but of all life, all things.  To harness energy and work with it, change it, enhance it, stay balanced thru it all.  Also, to never settle for what you can do now and always push to do what you cannot even fathom now, which opens up even more tools to use.

So many we can look at what I call “tool sets” as your primary (the first I mentioned) and your secondary.  The secondary becomes stronger and clearer as you live your primary.

This actually can answer the most sought after question I hear over and over in readings since the day I started reading… what is my purpose.  It is that, plain and simple.  Now how and where you choose to use them…. that is the adventure, isn’t it!!

Now, I am going to tie in the above with another subject matter shared on my facebook wall yesterday, especially since I just seen a things in a whole, wider perspective on my holy toilet just now.  lol

Relationships and the broader story of living life!!

September 22nd, 2001 I entered a class to be certified as a Life Between Life regressionist, the first ever class taught by Michael Newton, PhD (Author of the books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls.)  During this 5 day event, one of the days was spent being regressed in that way by a fellow classmate.  For those not familiar with the process, Michael Newton found a wonderful way to take a client from the death scene in a past life regression all the way thru the process of integrating back onto the other side of the Veil to experience who and what we are as a Soul and what are we doing when not embodied.

Thru the process, one of the things we do is go to our “soul group.”  We can look at the use of the term soul group like family, very close family that incarnate and change roles and experience and so much more than that too.  Then there are other groups, other soul groups that agree to participate in our story on earth for whatever we need them for.

When I went to my homecoming celebration on the other side of the veil, I was shocked to see that my mother and my grandmother (her mama) were not a part of my soul group.  Instead, they were what many might consider younger souls, still working out the kinks of incarnating on earth.  For my evolution in body, I needed them to be my catalyst for which they agreed.  Most of the folks in that party area were not from my “soul group” but it didn’t dilute or change the love and appreciation of those amazing Beings who surrounded me in this lifetime.

My personal soul group was that of my guides.  When I realized that, I didn’t feel a greater love for them than I did for all the others, especially my mom and grandma, it was the same.  The love and honor, the same.

This has been their key teaching with me these last 15 years.  To honor the relationships of my life for what they hold in experience, each and every one is as valuable as the other.

They (my spiritual team) have chosen to not use labels in anyway with my “upbringing” so I do not personally see anything as better or less than in all of my earthly experiences.  Again, this is why I was so surprised to hear them cast a label of Divine Counterpart in relationship to the love and potential that two hearts can bring in the realm I call Shambhala.  For this purpose, they needed a way to set the relationship a part.  Kind of like when you to a restaurant.. you don’t ever say, give me a plate of meat please, or for the vegetarians a plate of vegetables.  No, you have a particular desire happening on your taste buds.  A steak, a pork chop, some broccoli… whatever.  This is why my team used a label, divine counterpart.  A very particular experience, coming together, adventure into the realm of spirit while encased in a body.

For my own personal journey here on earth, I have experienced myself in just about every conceivable relationship I can and am grateful for it all.  I await this grand finale of relationships, if takes a whole other lifetime to meet up with.

There was another glimpse I was given while making room for more coffee (amazing how fast you can see a story within yourself!!) and that is a part of the Life Between Life experience I never thought to understand… until this morning.

Another part of the LBL experience is seeing what it is you do while not incarnate in another reality, namely, earth.  What many of us would consider “what kind of work we do on the other side.”  I was teaching a classroom full of souls how to use energy, the color of these energies were blue and green.  I knew whatever I was teaching them was getting them ready for their incarnation on earth.  Back then, in 2001, I was still building my language of light and since I never really worked with “energy” outside of meditation, I have no clue what I was really doing.  I do today.  I share this for a reason… which I will get to in a moment lol.

Very much like the use of soul mate or twin flame, my team never talked about or focused on our “chakras.”  I was taught that everything happens in our core energy, that place that runs from our crown to our root and via the channel of the spine itself.  So, I had no relationship to chakra colors at that time.  I do now!!  lol

The greatest toolset you will ever employ while incarnate is connecting the heart (soul) to your self-expression (soul voice, which is more than just talking.)

I realized this morning having that wonder pee (giggle) what I do when I am not incarnate is exactly what I am doing here, now.  I guide you to the fullness of yourSelf.  Connect you with all you are capable of and desiring of.  This is why I do what I do so easily and passionately.  My soul continues to do that work in the multidimensional space of reality.  That is why so many of you have dreams of me, and often times, my soul brings my crazy aromatic signature of cigarette smoke in the experience/connection.  We are together in all dimensions, expanding each other (trust me, you expand me in ways no one else can and I am so grateful!!)

All that to say, when you are working and loving what you do… you are doing exactly what you are doing in other dimensions too.  If you find yourself not loving what your doing… change jobs!!!!  Change everything until you find the glass slipper that fits!!  Same goes with relationships… with everything!!  You will more than likely find, you out grow even that glass slipper… Change should be a constant, and when the world you connect with is growing with you… holy heaven batman!!

This place of created matter is a place to be enjoyed, explored, expanded within!!  Don’t ever pigeon-hole yourself into an area that doesn’t make your feet want to dance and your eyes savoring the next grand vision of yourSelf in dance shoes!!

This was not exactly what I thought I was going to be writing today… but hey… why not this?  I want to close with a visual from my last connection yesterday… one could say it is an oxymoron even.

I started seeing my lady a good thirty minutes before our connection.  I swear her team had her vision on loop.  I could see that tubie thing I call the 15th, she was standing on this side of it and at the top of her tube money was blowing up and out and down to her where she was standing.  Not coins, not money bags, nothing that would have me thinking “change” as opposed to money, they were greenbacks!!  I thought, hmmmm, I wonder if she just came into money, or is about to come into money.  The more they put this visual in my face, I wondered if I may have gotten it wrong…. maybe she is putting out money instead of getting some.  Her team with the snippiest attitude ever, said “if she was spending money it would be flowing from her and not to her.”  Hey!!!  Attitude adjustment there!!  lol  I also realized, yeah, my audio antenna definitely hit the upgraded version!  That was evident in the entirety of yesterday.

Anywayz, when I got on the phone with her, the first thing she told me, she just got a phone call moments before I called and she was released from her 3D job!!  We both celebrated!!  Now she can expand her in-come in ways that will bring her joy and actually, literally, more money.

Spirit has a way of seeing things that we humans just don’t see, until we do!!

Lets Dance, just cuz we can!!!!

I love you all so flipping much and then some.  You rock my world, my heart my ever-changing reality and give me ways of understanding things I would have never seen without you!!

((((((((((((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))))))))))))) of bliss and glass slippers (yeah, even you guys, why not rock some glass slippers too!! lol)

Lisa Gawlas

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The Ides of December and the Massive Flood of Light!!

Painting by Jeanne Bessette of Davis and Co.

Painting by Jeanne Bessette of Davis and Co.

I find myself to be a rather funny creature, I spend all day long looking at the smaller details of every reading, tossing them and turning them to see how it all fits together, but the big things that are staring me in the face, I miss time and time again!!  In every reading on the 14th, the day of the 15th was blurry, distorted, unviewable.  I knew it was a huge energy day, the first thing I should have said to myself, take contact out at night.  But nope, didn’t even cross my mind.  It was even stated several times, this moment we call the 15th, like the 11th, started at one second after midnight and finished at one second after midnight.  I completely missed, or maybe, subconsciously ignored, the elephant in the readings.  My bad!!

It takes me about 10 minutes after getting out of bed, to be fully connected with my body again.  So about 10 minutes after I woke up, I started to get a pick in my right eye, the only eye with a contact in it.  The more I typed, the bigger that pick got until it was just downright painful, tearing, which of course, triggers the sinuses.  I was hell-bent on getting what I could out yesterday… so I would get up, walk around, shake it off, sit back down, type some more, get back up, shake it off, granted, I missed a lot of details I wanted to share, but at least I got the bigger picture out and felt accomplished.

I even made sure I gave myself about an hour to recover before my first reading started.  By this time, I had a dull headache, but nothing crushing.

I was doing my dishes, eye half closed because the sunlight was hurting my eyes, when I noticed the light bouncing off the Mesa, it was different than it ever was before.  Once again, I heard grab your camera.  Of course I did, I took a picture outside of my back door like I always do, that wasn’t good enough.  I heard, come closer, and I went out the back yard, took another picture, and again, closer… until I was standing directly in front of the mesa.  When I shoot pictures of the mesa, I always aim my camera at the top to capture the light.  I did this all the way down to the mesa, as I took the image in front of it, I heard “now take the picture at eye level.”  Hmmmm…. ok.  I might add, surprisingly my eyeball didn’t hurt at all during this adventure.




Both pictures taken at the same exact spot about a minute apart.  The first one is with the camera aimed at the top of the mesa, the second one aimed straight on.  When I came in and uploaded the images, spirit said, (referring to the last image) this is exactly what is happening today, a flood of light and it is sealing all that we have put forth in our adventures!!

I called my first appointment, the very moment I bent over to align with the field, my stomach started queazing, nauseous, holy shit.  I sat up, better… bent over, I just might puke… sat up, the energy must have went straight to my head, my head was hurting but also, whatever was making me so very nauseous was also spreading my brains apart.  I was having a harder and harder time pulling words together, like there was tremendous space between each word and linking them together was… really difficult.  We rescheduled.

I sat at the computer for a moment, getting ready to write to everyone on my agenda to tell them what’s up and that nausea turned into hurling.  Holy heavens, all my morning coffee… gone.  I pulled myself together, went to come back out and do that email, the moment I opened my bathroom door and stepped out, whammmm, more hurling.  But there was nothing in my stomach, just the dry heaves, which actually hurt and sent waves of ax picks thru my head while my right eye was tearing to beat the band.  I ran a bath.  I need refuge here!!  I had 30 minutes before my next appointment, I will find center and then just call her.

I didn’t even care about meditation, I just wanted the body to stop its massive earthquake inside.  There are no windows in my bathroom, so no light piercing my pain filled eyes.  The moment I laid down in my bath, the body settled.  No more headache, no more stomach quakes, just closing my eyes relieved the pressure in it.

I thought about some of the information I had just put out hours before.  My assistants, hmmmm, I am going to call on my assistants to correct the vision in my physical eyes, it would be great to never have to wear contacts or glasses again.  Three showed up.  One for each eye and one for the visual cortex at the back of the head.  I gave them their assignment, I watched as they started streaming energy into each eye and linking it to the back of my head.  Kewl!!  I opened my eyes to look at my shower head, it was still blurry…. hey!!  Then the revelation I didn’t see coming (pun intended again lol.)  They can do all the work they are capable of, what makes it happen… visible and tangible in our created world is our emotional field of desire.  Try as I might, I couldn’t spark that emotional field of desire.  Wanting 20/20 vision without corrective lenses was what my mind wanted and I couldn’t produce even a fake spark of emotion to fire it up.  Damn, I guess at the heart of me, I don’t care.  Who knew!!  lol  My team obviously did and what a great lesson for this moment in time, for all of us.  If we are trying to bring something into our created world and it just never seems to arrive, take inventory on which part of you really wants that.

So then, I had to ask, what the hell is up with my body today.  First I was reminded that I experience things to the umpth degree to help me fully understand (and share) what is really happening within us.  Then I was shown the earth herself, earthquakes, volcanoes and such.  This is how the earth adjusts her body to the incoming light.  It is a part of her ecstasy as what was happening today was a part of mine.  I might call this a lot of things, ecstasy would never be one of them!!  The cells react, they shake and quiver and downright explode in joy.  Thanx a lot, can I have a spontaneous orgasm instead of puking??  To that answer, my team said my solar plexus thru my crown was affected, not my root chakra.

The next thing I am seeing is an expanded understanding of the images I captured the day before, the one that the sun itself calls the visible “eye of horus.”  This is how it looked when they showed me the capture:

eye of horus cropped


The staff of light ever-present as the all seeing eye (within each of us) has broken free and can see all it desires to see.  But even more than that, going into my explanation of my physical father (the pupil of the eye) and my heavenly father (god if you will) the blue of the eye.  My team, the sun, I am not even sure who was schooling me, I was simply enthralled with the bigger picture (hehe, I am punny today lol.)

Our physical sun, representing matter, or those of us incarnate (the violet energy forming the eye,) the energy of Source, Creator, God always present and connected (the blue of the eye) and the pupil, our innate connection to All There Is (like my father on the other side of the veil.)  WE are the all seeing eye.  WE are the portal of Light on earth.  When we celebrate Christmas this year, celebrate YOURSELF!!  For all that you sought, you Are!!

There were many other details that was coming thru in all that eye stuff, but conversations…. they are the hardest for me to retain.  Plus, I was getting distracted, I knew it had to be near 9am and I had an appointment to get too.  I wanted to put this amazing adventure on hold until after.  I could not open my eyes to save my life, I attempted to sit up in my bath, ain’t happening.  I thought back to one of my ladys the day before, she had a huge cement roller as one of her tool sets, to make concrete her desires in this reality… my team must have one too, cuz I couldn’t move.

However, they did change my imagery as I started getting on their case about my appointment and trying to get out of the tub.  They put me in what looked like a glass tube, infront of me was a ladder that went up.  I decided to walk it, I needed to call my lady… I went up it crossed over what should have been the opening and came back down the other side to what seemed like the same place I started out at.  Suddenly, my body started changing, growing larger, bigger than ever before.  Made of white and gold energy.  My ladder turned into a trellis.  I became a vine on this trellis, my lady became a sprout from my vine, growing outwards, I also knew I had a man on my agenda too, whom I thought was right after my 9am appt, and he appeared as yet another sprout on the vine, he went outwards then his vine came down and entered my heart.  All I understood from that was, we are all connected and they will understand.  I know there is more… but thats enough for now.

My phone started ringing, Oh my dear God, ya might as well have put my head between two symbols and banged… Until that moment, I forgot I had a headache.  I remembered quickly.  And my team just kept schooling me about the light, about the depths of the eye of horus, about us.

Finally, a good hour and a half after I entered my tub, I felt the release and could get out.  I felt perfect.  No headache, no nausea, even my eye was down to a little pick.  And then I opened my bathroom door and stepped out… damn!!  Headache back in full force, dry heaves cramping the hell out of me, and some serious vertigo, I could see the light swirling around my head and my knees buckling from underneath me.  OK… I am going to head to my bed, just lay down and hang on.

I crawled under the covers, everything subsided.  Phew.  And then my phone started ringing again, and again and again.  Every two to three minutes the drum symbols crashing my brains to pieces.  Let me tell you, hearing the phone in my bedroom is usually a dull ring, cuz it is in my living room, separated by walls.  Same with my bathroom.  Today, it may as well have been stuck inside my ear drums.  I kept trying to send a signal to whomever was calling…. stop, please stop.  I don’t dare get up, I will heave if I do… it went on and on and I changed my stop sign to a choking sign, stop please!!  Finally… what was later confirmed by the gal calling me, an hour later she stopped.  Mercy, mercy, mercy.  I felt fast asleep.  I knew I had a fever after my bath and that was a blessing, forcing my body to sleep.

I woke up hours later with the sound of a large truck backing up in front of my bedroom window.  That noise… holy shit batman.  My head may still be crashing, but the rest of me was feeling a bit better.  I took the moment to notify all those I didn’t even email what was happening… to email them and beg forgiveness for being a no-show, no call myself.

After the propane truck filling my landlady’s tank left, I went right back to bed and stayed there all day and night.  Being in my main room was more than I could handle.  When I woke back up the second time, starving and more thirsty than I have ever been… my team started to help me understand more.

Everything I do, spiritually speaking, I do in my main room.  At my computer, I share.  At my reading chair, I connect to the highest light possible.  On my couch (which I never touched yesterday) I process.  All three areas have a very well established vortex of energy that I built and use.  So every part of my main house was accelerating with the flood of light, as was my body.  Sustaining my physical self in the two at once, impossible, it was too much ecstasy for my body to handle.   The fact that I really don’t do meditations like I used to, I think that i have done maybe 5-6 this year alone, released the vortex that I once created from my bathtub, which is why I was comforted there.  Same for my bedroom, I go there to sleep, that’s all.

So, what was happening was my antennas increasing with the frequency of light.  My vision… ohhhh lol, I forgot that one too.  As I asked my team in meditation what the hell is happening with my body, they showed me my right eye as if it was completely blown out.  The white of the eye looked like it was in shreds and curled under as it was pulled out from my face, the opening so big there was no pupil or iris, it was actually gross looking.  My spiritual ability to see, larger than ever.  I didn’t get that until later… same with my ability to hear, increased significantly, which is why I could not handle any sort of noise around me.

For the rest of the night, I just felt… inside.  I didn’t call anyone, didn’t open facebook, didn’t do anything because it felt like I was wrapped up in a glove.  Empty and full at the same time and finally, pain-free.  This morning, I am feeling awesome, good as new even.  I am so excited to see what we are going to see today.  On that note….

Ides of December, yup, I was assassinated yesterday lol, but came out new and fresh as a daisy… I hope lol.

Big big earthquaking, heart expanding ((((((HUGZ))))) to everyone!!

Lisa Gawlas

Lisa Gawlas

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Leaping Into the Expanded…..???

Leap of Faith by Mark Henson.

Leap of Faith by Mark Henson.


I swear our beloved universal life forces want us to take time to laugh, I laughed thru just about every reading yesterday, the images, the song messages… cracked me up all day long!!

The first one I want to share is the song message, how the hell do you stay focused when ever and over again you hear ZZ Top rocking the lyrics “she a wants a pearl necklace!!”  Now, I love ZZ Top, but my crazy mind kept going into the holy gutter with the whole pearl necklace line.  It took me the better part of the day to really understand what was really being shared by this lyric.

My lady showed up formless, a large swath of cloud energy and yet, I could feel her soul signature thru it all, I knew what I was seeing was her.  All I could think of was god incarnate, formless… so void of self-identity she could be all things at any given moment.  Fluid.  Directly in front of her was something that looked like a necklace made of pumpkin seed shaped pearls, gold in vibration, strung together with what looked like a fishing line.  I could only see half of this “necklace” starting at the top that was aligned with this container that represented today (the 15th) and hung down to about 2-3 feet above the earth and stretched over to the east field (new beginnings) and all that was on the west side was invisible to me.  Spirit did say it is because the energy of the west completes this moment we are in on the 15th.  West, harvested energy, mastery in consciousness, good karma coins a plenty and so on.  I could not see anything into this 15th container thingie…

Even after my reading w,as done with her, there is zz top singing that lyric over and over again, so I looked up the lyrics of the entire song, hoping to find what it was I was missing.  I had to chuckle at myself, I have loved this song forever and always assumed it was about…. ummmm…. the sexual kind of pearl necklace not an actual desire for real pearl necklace and the singer (writer) fussing about how much it costs.  lol

Then it hit me (hours later)… something from the book Billy Fingers… the world is your oyster, experience, irritants in life, creates the pearls (if we work thru them.)  Her pearl necklace, strung beautifully by the unseen (fishing line is clear) path of experience.  Of turning adversity however it arrived into her life into gratitude and love for having had that experience and serves to empower others, all others, in her formless persona of just Being.

The gentleman before her, really helped to set the stage of understanding of this moment that we are in.  He was in a cloud formation, moving towards what became very apparent as a cylinder type energy of the 15th (today.)  There were three distinct sections to his form the massive upper part which consisted of the energy centers we know as solar plexus thru crown.  His shape looked like a snowman coming into his next form.  Beneath this large, roundish upper part was a distinct smaller section, his sacral chakra area.  His sense of self in the world around him. Then this whispy part that connected him to the ground itself.

There were three golden electrical bolts coming into his larger part, and then two golden electrical bolts coming into his sacral part., all providing the energy needed for…. whatever is really happening in the container of the 15th.  I did try and look, but it was so blurry inside that wedge of energy, however, once again, spirit said what was started on the 11th at one second after midnight, finishes at one second after midnight the evening of the 15th.  They explained I could not understand the fullness of what is happening, which is why everything was blurry in this container.  But I am a pesky girl and decided to try a different approach other than just looking from my chair.  I put my energy body inside that container of his and suddenly I could see something that looked like the those binoculars in various viewing areas:

viewing area

So, I took my face, pressed it up again the eye pieces and looked out… instantly, my vision is back in my house, looking at me looking out these binoculars and instead of seeing “something” I could see the streams of baby blue energy coming out of the other side of the binocular.  To see from the view-point of God, creator, source…

This really gave understanding the wholeness of solar plexus to crown, all are working in unison as you experience the world as heaven on earth.  It equally expands your sense of self beyond the mundane world and encompasses the rich and vast relationship of living heaven on earth as creator in all you do, see, experience.

That doesn’t mean everything turns into a kumbaya moment, not at all.  How many times have we been allowed to fall down into our self created hell and only when we were ready, did we get a hand up from the universe.  The wisdom within us in knowing when to extend a hand, and when to allow what needs to happen, happen.

Now, to create a bookend to this amazing moment in time, my last reading of the day cracked me up thru her entire reading.  There she was, on a pogo-stick about three feet in spring motion off the ground, leaping into today.  Her form was that of a young boy, maybe 6, 7, 8 years old, the dirtiest little boy I have seen, I swear he had not showered in all his life.  His hair was clumped in greasy strands and yet, his heart so full of adventure, playing and enjoying what he was doing to the fullest.  What the hell kind of visual is this????  The only real color to her whole visual was that greasy hair of the little boy on the pogo-stick.  Brown, earthy brown.  Everything else was in shades of white.

Little boys can be wide open, they don’t give a shit about what they look like, how dirty they get or if they ever take a bath for as long as they are having fun, exploring, living the adventure on earth.  Wide open!!

Who cares how others see you and want to perceive you, as long as your heart is filled with joy and passion…

Then I focused on this pogo-stick, incredible balance is needed to use one of those pesky things.  The bar that created the stick was silver, high intense earth energy that launched her into the air, the foot things goldish-bronze.  High spiritual vibration supporting her feet and also harnessing the elements of earth (bronze is an alloyed metal) to take her higher and further.  What became really interesting was the hand grips part, looking very much like girls bicycle handles, white grips with mutli-colored streamers on either side:



The driver was her divine feminine, the dreamer.  The energy within her hands, the grasp for each part of her dream come true changed the colors of the streamers, which also activated the particles in the air around her as the little boy jumped into the joy of creation!!

On the other side of the container I am just going to call the 15th, were her (formerly known as spirit guides) assistants, 6 of them, shoulder to shoulder all with cupped hands in front of them in the position to catch her as she leaped into their hands from her pogo-sticking adventure.  Everyone of them had the most beautiful golden hands!!  The vibration of spirit catching you as you leap into new adventures.

Lets talk about this change of venue for our guides for a moment.  If you have ever ran a company, been a CEO then you know, your company is only as good as the people you employ.  Knowing their strengths and employing them according to their strengths is key to success.  Same with your guides, now your assistants.  No more mass blanket requests… if you need help in a specific area, call on that specific guide.  Example, when I decided to go to school for hypnotherapy, I went into meditation and requested a guide to help me with hypnosis.  Immediately three golden stars were in my upper left vision and she called herself “Star Za.”  I employed her every time I did a session and let me tell you, she taught me more about hypnosis than school ever did.

Now I am going to completely change the subject and end with an experience I had yesterday.  I was in between appointments when I heard the sun, a now familiar voice, say “come take my picture, you will be amazed at what you see.”  I thought, well, we have snow clouds outside and the sun is behind them… but what the hell, lets see what we will see.

I went outside on my front stoop and found where the sun was behind the clouds in the sky, pointed my camera up there and as if on cue, the sun broke thru the clouds instantly and after the first snap, I was sun blind.  I took two more snaps and contemplated the fourth when I heard the sun say, thats enough and it went right back behind the cloud.  I couldn’t to look at the images!!  In order, here they are (click on them to enlarge them):



eye of horus


The eye of the needle made manifest.  A complete reflection of these days we are in, from the beam of light to the eye of horus itself.  No longer contained as the eye of the needle, but free to see, view, experience All There Is.

Its funny, the very first image I had ever seen in meditation was a simple pencil drawing of an eye floating from my right to my left, over and over again.  I eventually googled eyes and came across the information of the Sun God Ra.  (Never heard of him before that moment.) This vision lasted days and I was so entertained by watching something I knew I was not creating… the next vision, in the same pencil drawing was a female face floating in from the right, the masculine face floating in from the left, both meeting in the middle with puckered lips, kissing as a heart floated upwards.

The open of true sight, like the all seeing sun and having a mad love affair within oneSelf.  Matter and spirit, Body and Soul, the holiest of all matrimonies, constantly consummated by the creation of ones life.

14 years later, if I am not mistaken, to the date, at the very least, to the month (December 2000)… the sun reflects the completion.  Above and below a complete mirror image of itself as one.  As the readings of yesterday reflected as well.

I also contemplated the turquoise orb in the center of the eye, the pupil if you will.  My father said he now shows himself as the turquoise orb i.n my images.  As I pondered this thought with the image of the eye of horus, I heard a crazy thing he told me when I was little, well, 12… speaking in relationship to never having a place to call home as a child, he said “I shot you on a log and you were raised by the sun.”  I have always felt the truth of that crazy statement, even tho it would take me 40 years to really understand the truth of it.

My father and my father (god) are one.  As we all are!!

May the Ides of December be your greatest blessing as we wrap each other in ((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))))))) for this grand finale!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Which Garden of Life Are You Growing/Focused On Within??



Man oh man, ya ever just want to take the field and shake the living daylights out of it while yelling “gimmie something I can I understand.”  Well, that was how it went 4 out of 5 readings yesterday.  Of course, me and my silly expectations.  We are back into quantum soup for a moment.  At least I wasn’t completely down, I could see the field and some sort of energy called you, it oddly resembled the color spectrum of the rising sun I took yesterday:

rising sun

Now get rid of all the trees and things are not the sky… in one form or another, that is what 4 out of 5 readings looked like.  It is hard enough to interpret imagery with form, but now, cloud like formations!!!???  But clouds that had matter to them, more like cotton balls, I could feel the texture, feel the energy but understand it… no flipping way.  At least our teams threw us a bone, a bare bone, but hey at this point, I’ll take anything that helps us understand.

So I will give you the metaphors that were shared thru the cloud like energy system called you and the field yesterday.

The day I wrote (and quoted Ken Carey’s book) about the great separation, the wheat from the chaff, I had to go look that up.  I have heard that saying most of my life, and get it symbolically… but what did it really mean.  I am glad I did that, because thru just about every session yesterday, they used that to help us understand what has happened and is underway.

If we could look at the eye of the needle as a huller and we the seed that went thru it.  As we went thru it, the hard outer shell was stripped from us and what came out the other side was the raw, living DNA of Life.  Ya feeling a little emotional these days to both extremes perhaps??  Headaches, colds, intense body aches… perfect!!

What was completely missing from any of the connections yesterday was that whole needle thing, which was so clear the day prior.  Again, me and my crazy expectations… or maybe, my desire to orient myself in relationship to what I know.  Boy if this all doesn’t get more complicated… from what I am understanding, everyone has come thru the arena of change, based souly on their frequency base over the last 2 years.  Many will find themselves amongst the hulls, lifeless thru the illusion of yesterday, to choose again… others, sprouting in ways that would make miracle grow blush.

To make my day even more frustrating than it already was trying to read cloud like formations… our teams were pulling words out of my mouth left and right, to the point I felt like they placed a clamp on my tongue and all I could do was mumble and throw my hands up in the air and repeat I don’t freakin know over and over all day long.  But at least I got a reason for it.

Every word we speak, we speak based on something we know, a relationship to each word in our history.  Even our often used words are completely inadequate in explaining what is happening right now.  Words like, transformation, acceleration and so on… especially the word change and growth.

So, going back to the hulled seed, pure DNA energy… the cloud like energy I was seeing is the soil of life itself, the formations, tho not in any real form, is your DNA within this cloud energy.  Of course I wanted to use the words growing, planted, going everywhere I knew in relationship to seeds, wasn’t happening.  Instead, they showed us how utterly complete we are already.

The moment a flower seed (or bulb) sprouts from its casing, it is already what it was created to be.  Just because we only see the seedling above the ground does not mean it is not already fully what it is.  I found a wonderful video to share in the way spirit shared with me yesterday:



You and I, we see only the sprouting and the growth stages until it is in full bloom then we can say we know what it is, it is fully what it was created to be.  However, from spirits perspective, the moment it sprouts, it is already fully what it is created to be.  So are you.  My antennas, like our eyes watching the growth of the plants, are purposely placed in “time” for the joy of witnessing the fullness in all its amazing stages and our teams wouldn’t dare take those wonders from us.  (dammit)

Now to change the subject just a little… we will be seeing two very distinct gardens growing, both with purpose and value in placement.  One garden will contain so many (perceived) weeds that many will simply get choked out of the garden.  The weeds in this scenario simply matches frequency, out put, true core energy.  Some DNA still has old programming and this garden is purposeful to bring all the old programming to life, into full view.  With this metaphor, I feel like we will also witness a lot of “illness” thru this time.  Crazy, I can hear a snippet from the Ken Careys thingie I shared the other day “The great purification.”  Not from life but of oneSelf.  We tend to blame anything called illness on outside factors, food, air, chemtrails, whatever, its none of that… its emotions, period.  Frequency of the core energy, period.  The lower the frequency within, then the easier distortion distorts everything, including what we perceive as health and wellness.  Since I am on a Ken Carey kick at this moment, I will also share the rest of that section of his book Vision:

Conflict cannot exist where Truth is in expression; it occurs only in the presence of dishonesty. Where truth is denied, self-destruct mechanisms go into effect. People get sick because they are sick of themselves; they die because they do not forgive.

Disease is not caused by germs, toxins, viruses, excessive radioactivity, microbes, bacteria or any other physical agent. Such things are ever-present; thousands of them pass daily through every healthy human body. Such agents are only destructive when they do not pass through the human body but are retained instead.

There is only one reason why germs or toxins are retained in a human system: because present in the human system is an evil spirit.  To the degree that an evil spirit is entertained and made welcome in an individual’s life, his or her body will disease. This regulatory mechanism, designed to deprive destructive spirits of physical bodies.

Evil Spirits are negative attitudes, destructive emotions rooted in fear. Some of the more common evil spirits are resentment, anger, shame, guilt, anxiety, hatred, greed, revenge, jealousy. All thinly disguised forms of fear, their presence in a human system gives harmful physical agents something to attach themselves to. … 

So, if you are finding yourself with weeds around you that are directly affecting you, look inside yourself to see what is growing that within your life field.  (I would like to change out Kens words of “evil spirits” to “weeds,” since we are in garden mode lol.)

So lets talk about the other garden.. the Garden of Eden!!  Ha… and I hear spirit say “The Great Payoff!!”

I think I am going to use my last reading of the day to really bring this one home, and maybe, that is why she was the only one I had any visuals for thru the entire day… so bring this all home in outcome.

A full thirty minutes before our connection, I started seeing her imagery.  I was surprised simply because of the 4 fields of quantum soup prior to her, but I feel spirit wanted to give her a high-five and give me the contrast of a weed garden and the Eden garden.

The landscape I had seen her upon was breathtaking, the grass greener than I ever seen before, the living energy surrounding her from all life, holy cow batman!!  There she was with her new wonderful boyfriend, waltzing so freely around the landscape, she had on this long flowing gown that just enhanced their waltz.. never taking their eyes off of each other.  To the right of her expansive field was a waterfall that went down into raging rapids.  I watched as they danced and danced and got close to the edge, but never fell over.

It wasn’t until we got into our connection, and even more this morning, do I understand the fullness of the waterfall image.  Water is always representing emotions, the waterfall itself, is a free fall of emotions into yet another form of life (in this case, the rapids.)  Her team kept saying it is ok to dive purposely over the waterfall, but don’t fall in, you will have no control over the outcome.

I had to look first and see where on earth was this water coming from??  She was on the most pristine, manicured earth I had ever seen, dancing a beautiful waltz with her beloved.  Then I could see the water beneath the grass… always flowing… somewhere.  It serves the purpose to heighten our emotional field, allows us to move with grace and fluidity… but not unconsciously.

The waterfall itself is representing the acceleration of emotions within us, coming together to create another place we can choose to dive into… like the rapids, an acceleration on all levels.  I suppose even in Eden, like the old story goes, there is duality too.  To consciously take a leap of faith is very different than falling into the abyss of quickly moving water.

Now I want to share something about this beautiful dancing girl… I have been reading for her mama for years.  She is young, either in her last year of high school or just out, I forget, but young (in contrast to my age anywayz lol) none the less.  Her mama, a beautiful flower growing in a garden of choke weeds.  This beautiful and brave soul made the choice to remove herself from her parents house, to get a much-needed pause for the cause… and recover.  Her health was diminishing as was her ability to stay within the light of her Soul.  Her parents agreed, she moved out and life changed.  Her garden changed, obviously.  Love grew and now dances out loud in the Garden of Eden of her Soul.

Choices produce ongoing outcomes.

Ohhhhhhhh…… something I didn’t realize yesterday with my enthralled energy watching this beautiful couple dance.  That waterfall is also denoting the end of this year energy.  I would have been really confused had the waterfall been upside down and flowing into the 2015 timeline cuz it is above this ground.  But now… I get it.  I know next year is going to be like riding the white water rapids in frequency.  Going in with your eyes wide open, intentionally diving is crucial.  Many will fall off the cliff (so to speak) as we close out this year.

Our job as rescuers is over, for now.  We were never here to “save” anyone and this is more true now than ever.  Just like the lighthouse, it beams its light to help those on a choppy sea navigate better, but it does not leap off the shoreline to do it for them… it cannot.

“Best to serve the many than be destroyed by serving just one.” (Speaking in metaphor of the lighthouse.  Ponder that one!!)

One more flip of the subject matter.  The 15th, the Ides of December, that is when this quantum soup energy will be completed (for lack of a better word) and spirit said yesterday… and god knows I am holding them to this lol… this is the last time in this current incarnation we will go thru the full on change like we just did.  (The whole, eye of the needle, seed hulling thing.)

Ohhh lol, this is the sharing that never ends lol.  My team just said that this cloud energy, quantum soup visuals of yesterday are highly charged electrical particles of creation, forming and reforming at your Will, at the core energy level of Will.

Which frequency are you tuned too… heart and soul, or mind and matter??

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) of skilled diver energy to all of US!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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P.S.S.S. (smile)  Just want to say for myself, there is only one thing my heart is set on that will carry me from the last of this year to the next:

Look at that golden ring around him... LOVE is the only thing thru the eye of the needle!!  <3

Look at that golden ring around him… LOVE is the only thing thru the eye of the needle!! <3










Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 13, 2014

The “Golden Age” Lives Thru You!!


Well here we are, the “other side.” well, at least for some anywayz, which really surprised me to see some still maneuvering their way thru the portal, or eye of the needle of whatever we want to call the 11th!!  But, before I get to all that, I want to share something that I had seen in a few readings that I really didn’t understand enough to write about.

Several days before that 11 thing took place, there were two people, one male, one female, both on different days, but down days for me, where I went to do their readings and something really strange happened.

I have mentioned before, when I do readings, I literally put my chest on my lap so that my physical eyes are aligned with my floor, the moment I assume that position, everything in my physical reality turns off for a moment and instantly, your field of light is visible to my inner eyes in my back yard.  Once I orient myself to your field of light, my physical environment becomes a soft blur and pales in comparison to your reading energy.  On the days I am “down” I see my floor and only my floor, followed by my bitching!!  lol  With two separate people on two separate “down” days, something unique happened that had me pondering ever since.  I could see my floor instantly, and like a crazy person who refuses the belief the light bulb burned out, I often times, sit up, bend over, sit up, bend over… just to try and get that spark of light going.  While doing this, suddenly I seen my floor, but also seen a wide ray of light bouncing off my floor and out in the field (which is literally, my back yard,)  an image appeared, but it was so blurry I could not make out the details at all.  The only thing I could make out, was the color spectrum, white and gold.  This didn’t happen for everyone, just one man, one lady on two separate days.  I was boggled, first of all, my physical eyes were involved along with my inner eye too.  It kinda went like this:


Obviously I snagged that picture from the net, but I sit to the left, the blurry image showed up to the right.   On the 11th, the opposite happened.  The flood of light coming in from your field made my floor wash out in the light.  This happened to the first two attempts at reading I did that day and I simply stopped trying because the increased light gave me a massive headache.

In the hundreds of thousands of readings I have done over the last decade plus, never had I had an experience like this before.  There are several ways I am feeling with this, nothing every happens in a reading, or hell, in our lives, without a bigger reason.  First, what you put out is what comes back to you, that is a no brainer.  Beyond that, a full on blending of human and soul, three eyes working as one.  Taking in and absorbing what you are connecting to.  Fortunately, I keep really good company in my connections!!

This is not only true for those who do readings or energy work or whatever, it is true for every aspect of your life.  I know for me myself, I am so super sensitive to the energy of discordance and it is most apparent when I am scrolling facebook.  The hate and separation posters out there… few, most commonly targeted at Obama, which in this reflective mirror, is really themselves feeling themselves.  But I can feel the chaos, the rumbling energy that must be what the earth feels like just before a full on earthquake.  In my eyes, the energy too, is black and gray… distortion at its best.  Usually, I just send them a little prayer of light and quickly move on, but lately, not so much.  Tearing a whole in the chaos… leaving comments where I usually wouldn’t.

Responsibility of shining Light… illuminating the darkness on purpose, with purpose.

Which brings me to yesterdays readings.  I had been so looking forward to seeing what was on the “other side” of this timeline of ours.  One this apparent, that solid looking column of white light has turned into a beam of golden energy that reminds me of the sun upside down, coming out of the earth instead of shining down to it.  For most people on yesterdays agenda, the needle itself was still in my view.  It kinda looked like this:

golden light


If we look at that image as if was a side view, two people were still on the left side trying to make their way thru the eye of the needle, three were on the other side of it.  The first lady just made me giggle.  We were doing an ET – Connect with your guides session and I couldn’t stand it, I had to take a peek at her field, at what the field looked like the day after..  So I slid my chair from ET connection position (front door) to align with the back yard.  The moment i bent over I could see her standing there, just on this side of the needles timeline and the moment… the very moment she seen me looking at her, she turned around and tried to run back thru the needle.  What the hell????

The first thing her team said, it is a one way portal, it is impossible to go back, there is no re-entry to the old from this side.  It all boils down to the immense responsibility we now have taken on.  To come out and BE SEEN.  BE HEARD.

The days of filling up journals that only you will see, over.  The days of only talking to “safe people” who won’t look at you as if you have 10 eyes, over.  The Golden Age is Here BECAUSE YOU are the golden age.  The light of spirit in body.

She is an amazing channeler, not to mention connected to her ET realm as well.  She read me something that she “channeled” several days before and I asked her to share it on my facebook wall.  I want to share it here with you all too, because it is so vitally important in content for those still opening their spiritual gifts within themselves:

You need to start meditation now. Every day, no more excuses. If you say you are going to ascend this must be your most dominant thought at every moment. You must act as if you were already a 5D being. This is ascension. It is jumping to the next level. We are all moving as a planet. But there infinite realities of what could be. You are the only one creating this reality you are experiencing. So if you wish to change it; you must change yourself and your reality. Nothing more. This is all done through meditations and yoga. You MUST do these exercises everyday. Take one of each of four. Do it well. Everyday, same thing for forty days. Start now. Do a ritual on the 21st. A special ritual. One that begins things. You must not smoke or drink for 40 days from this period. Build up your energy. Do it as a challenge. Create yourself anew. Trust it. Just do it.

Life is accelerating from this point forth. Yes you will be contacted directly from your family on the other side, for you belong to a much greater consciousness than you could ever imagine. Life is to flow through you so fast and so strong that you will command armies at your will. For you are truly destined for great things. You have forgotten how special you are and have always been to the creator of all things. You have been queens in other lives many times and on many dimensions. But you are a gentle queen, strong and firm, patient yet ambitious, balanced in her inner strength. Let the creator begin to flow through you, learn to channel your God within. Communicate with us Openly within, and also without.

Everything Will be ok. You Will become highly conscious very soon. This is destiny. this is what is supposed to happen at this time to you in your present incarnation. Just trust it. Know it. Know that all the beings that surround you are this pure reflection of you. For that is why you are Eztnab. You reflect back to everyone their highest selves and possibility of higher vibration. By you just being you, you elevate those around you.

Make them all remember that they know each other. That they love each other. That love is the highest vibration that exists. Together with gratitude. Then be that. At every now moment that you remember. Meditations start now. 1hr.15mins. Set a timer, then move away. And do this everyday. Do it. Even if you have to do it in the office. ~By Fallon

Meditation.  That gateway that allows you the amazing ability to quite the world around you and connect directly into spirit.  But man oh man, we have grown in excuses of why we can’t, won’t, haven’t…. whatever.

My two ladies still on this side of the needle, same conversations directly dealing with meditation, direct and constant connection to their teams.  If you could look at meditation as the foundation, what everything else is built on, an unshakable, unbreakable new house, why wouldn’t you dedicate every moment of your self to your Self??

One of the ladies on the side of still passing thru the needle was in a vision of santa clause in a sleigh with 8 reindeer, two by two, in front of his slay, pulling it.

2- duality.  22 – master builder.  8 – infinity, above and below.  Moving thru the eye of the needle, the eight becomes a large O.  Above and below together as one.

The reindeer representing her guides… yes there job was to get her (all of us) to Here.  They guided in so many ways.  The sleigh is the support of earth in the guidance.  Santa, well that jolly old fellow bearing gifts.  True christed energy in body.  This is the season the majority of the world is focused on Christ-Mass.  Granted, a single dude most call Jesus.  But really, it is the return of the Christ.  YOU.

She could not move thru the eye until she released her reindeer and sleigh and moved in of her own accord.  Imagine that!!  What was also stated too, when she asked about releasing guides… that sounds insane really.  But we have changed or are changing and so is the position of our guides.  As they said, they will go from being guides to being assistant.

Just like the reversal of the light experience I shared above… their position has changed (at least for those on this side of the 11th.)  You are now the CEO of the company called your life, they are your assistance if you do not give them instruction, they get to stand around drinking coffee…. waiting.  For this to happen, you must not only see yourself as fully empowered, but live it as well.

The other lady still on the other side of the needle, what a funny visual.  The center of her face was lodged in the opening part of the needle, her cheeks on the out side of the sides of the needle.  Her core energy (soul) so ready to move thru to this side, her identity however, stuck in the past of experiences and the fear of past experiences with spirit.  Until she releases all the energy of her past, she is wedged…

So lets talk about the folks on this side, the joy from their energy… OMG I just wanted to giggle like kid. I couldn’t see more than what felt like three days out (taking us to that 15th line) but the radiance of golden light that surrounded them… holy shit batman.  The gifts from the universal spirit of all life, stacking up as if there is no end to them.  We are also adjusting to it all as well.  Taking in the rays of golden light as we accept the new role (even if we aren’t 100% sure on what that is… yet.)  Sometimes (excuse me, most times) we must say yes before we know what we got ourselves into.  Blind faith of your soul now in full experience, in action on the new earth.

From what I am (ever so slightly) understanding, the rest of this month is pretty much fitting into our new clothes, our new expansive roles in life, tuned in to the expansive love that we are…

Spirit had said in the first quarter of next year, there are massive “galactic portals” embedded in each month.  My first question was… can you give dates so I can plan my calendar accordingly?????!!!!!  Their crazy ass smirky smile is all I got back.

However, I do, sorta, understand the significance.  Many of us are star seeded energies from other realms, having direct communication and participation with your family from other worlds, key to that juncture and accelerated application.  That’s all I know for now!!

The game is about to get even more interesting than it ever was.  I would like to leave you with a meditation that is designed specifically to get you in full contact with your soul and with your team.  If you do not have that connection yet, I assure you, you are fully equipped and ready to have it, you just have to put the work in to strength train it all.  I am going to leave you with the CITY OF LIGHT meditation at the end of this sharing.

Also, one last thing, the rest of my December is fully booked, and on December 25th I am taking a two week pause for the cause to go love on my babies.  I will be back January 7th, freash, new and ready for the rest of our evolution.  Please know, all the specials I have is geared for the emergence of the full on 2015 year ahead.  Its going to be wet and wild and interesting to say the least.  If you need help connecting with your galactic family, I have a package for that too!!  Front page of my website.  Until this moment, I did not put that on special, but my team is insisting I do… and a whopping $40 off to boot thru 1/1/15.

Remember, YOU are the Golden Age, LIVE IT OUT LOUD!!

(((((((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))))))) of grand adventures and amazing gifts aplenty to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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A meditation to connect you with your spirit guides – Assistants!!!
The City of Light Meditation
There is no right way or wrong way to “do meditation.” Your body fully knows what is best for
you: Trust that. Just because one way works best for someone, doesn’t mean that it will work
best for you. Trial and error will get you where you want to go—deep into yourself. In spirit,
there are no rules and limitations. This is a great time to stop being so human!
Once you are deeply relaxed, build an inner garden retreat. Surround yourself with your
favorite flowers, trees and shrub. , Perhaps add a little pond or gentle flowing waterfall. Create
anything and everything that will allow yourself to feel relaxed, comforted and at peace.
As you build this inner sanctuary, start to truly connect with all the elements you have brought
in. Breathe in the aromas of the flora, of the trees, of the water itself. Breathe in the air and
notice how incredibly these elements mix together. Feel what your body is feeling with each
breath of your inner garden you take in. Feel what is in your heart as the senses become alive
and knowing.
What you are really doing is raising your vibration to the purity of this inner sanctuary. As you
and this inner space become equal, a bird or animal or perhaps even an insect will come to you,
so you can follow it to the next level of meditation. You can talk to your new critter friend as if
you were talking to a human. Ask it why it is there with you now and what you can learn from it.
Should you ask, but feel like you are not getting a response, don’t worry. That will come. You
are raising your vibration each step of the way, including your ability to hear the higher realms
of existence. The communication will eventually catch up with you.
Follow your new friend. He or she will be taking you to a footbridge. This footbridge is really
the crossing stage from the earth realm into the spirit realm. There is work to do at this
footbridge and you will not be able to cross over until you have completed whatever is required
of you.
Walk onto the bridge until you reach the middle. Look over the side and notice what you see
beneath the bridge. There should be some sort of water element here. Somewhere within the
water will be what looks like a reflection. This reflection may or may not look like you.
The first things you are to do are to jump into the water and to feel it. What does the water feel
like? Is it deep or shallow? Is it clear or cloudy? Is it trickling or flowing like a raging river?
The water element is actually your emotional world. The questions above will help you
understand this aspect of you. Do you need to increase your emotional field (if the water is
shallow) or is the water so deep you feel you could drown (are you owning everyone else’s
emotions too)? I hope you can see where I am going with these questions and understand the
symbolisms of the water.
When you feel you have learned as much about yourself as you can from being in the water, go
to the reflection within the water and merge with it. If you do not see your reflection, clear up
your water. Within yourself is the answer to “how do I do that?” This is a journey you had
planned long before you entered the human body that is reading these words. You already know
within you how to raise your emotional vibrational level by clearing your human emotional
field. Just do what feels right, even if you don’t understand it at first. Don’t get hung up on
immediately comprehending each thing on this path. Understanding is what comes with time,
perseverance and patience (more of those key words).
When you are able to merge with the reflection, what are you feeling from it? What
communication are your receiving? Now is a good time to put aside verbal communication.
Words and language are human necessities and not spiritual ones. The reflection is an aspect of
your higher self, soul essence, or whatever words you may use for the part of you that has
always been Home with all of creation. Your soul will communicate in feelings, in various, and
what may seem like random, ways. Trust me that these are never random. A song may start
playing in your head, perhaps. The list is too long to go through, but I think you get the gist.
Spirit uses many things and finds many avenues to “communicate” to you. Be sure to look and
Once you have done whatever is needed at the footbridge, you will be able to cross over to the
other side; that is, the opposite side of where you entered. Once on the other side of the bridge,
you will find a path. Simply follow it to the City of Light. Even this journey on the path will
reveal considerable knowledge about yourself and the world you are within. Pay attention to
every detail. Understand within your heart as much as you can.
The City of Light is unmistakable. You can feel the light emanating before you even get there.
As you approach this place, you may have to adjust your inner vision at first to see the details
clearly. You will find that among the buildings there will be a special one that seems to call out
to you. Move toward it. When you get to that one building that is all yours, go to the door and
knock on it, or ring the doorbell if there is one.
Whoever opens the door is your spirit guide or guides. Talk to your guide like you are getting to
know a long lost friend. Don’t go in there with big questions like “what is my soul purpose?” or
“what am I supposed to be doing in life?” I assure you; your guide won’t tell you. Ask
questions such as; ”what is your name?”— “How long have you been with me?” —“what is
your role in my life?” Ask simple things that your mind can absorb at this point in your venture.
When you don’t know what else to ask, simply tell your guide you are ready to be taken on a tour
of the house. This is, after all, your inner divinity. You can find all that you seek by exploring
the limitless doorways that are within this house. Make sure you invite your guide every step of
the way; your guide can help you understand what may seem puzzling at the time. Keep in mind,
sometimes, guides just let you be puzzled. There are no rules here except to navigate you to the
places within yourself you need to explore.
Enjoy the journey!











Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 11, 2014

Thru the Eye of the Needle Day (plus) Divine Counterparts Defined.


eye of the needle

Before I start sharing about the significance of today, December 11th, I really want to take a long moment and clear something up.  When a I share, it is always from the perspective of the unseen realm of communication and understanding, most especially, my team.  Their definition of something and the collectives (on earth) definition of something if often times, worlds apart.  Most especially with the term they started using a couple of years ago called “Divine Counterpart.”  It was the first time in my 15 year communion with them, they ever gave anything a “label.”  Not once in all my journeys did they ever use the terms soul mate or twin flame and truly, from my teams perspective, they do not see one relationship more valuable than another.

It really doesn’t matter if two people from the same soul or soul group find each other on earth, they are still assigned two very different bodies, two very different nervous systems and ego’s and the journey here in the land of matter is unique unto the incarnate no matter the origin of the soul itself.

The only reason they gave us a label of divine counterpart, is because in the human story, we need a reference point of ongoing conversation, especially and for this subject matter, ONLY in relationship to the fullness of what I have been calling Shambhala.  A human incarnate so fully aware of their Soul, of their innate abilities and divine powers that duality is simply the ocean that surrounds them and they have learned to become excellent swimmers.  Fluid.  Flowing.  Endless.

As my team uses this label, it is an absolute frequency, well two frequencies really.  It does not matter, again according to the way my team is expressing the energy around this label, if you think you are with or know your “twin flame,” if they are anywhere near caught up in the depths of duality, survival, or have not dealt with their inner issues and the vast things we have worked our asses off to free ourselves from… then the label as I use it, Divine Counterpart, does not nor cannot apply.

However, when two people, empowered within themselves, Know themselves, are complete within themselves and the two are together with their heart centered on the world of spirit here in matter… the vibration between the two is unmistakable.  Like having two violins playing in unison, the harmony, the beats of the heart bring out the extraordinary between the two.  There is so much more to this, but words fail me.

Shambhala.  The Presence of Heaven on Earth.  Not an escape from duality, but empowered thru it.  To live in this state, and it is a state, not a place, is to know you not only have the keys to the kingdom of heaven, but ARE the very key itself.  When my team first started showing me this whole Shambhala and Divine Counterpart gig, they actually showed me a lock and a key coming together, purposely to unlock…. stuff… thru the unison of sex.  Funny, I thought I heard the word “unison” wrong and maybe my team meant union, but no, not at all.  I looked up the word unison just incase and smile at the first thing I see:  In music, unison is two or more musical parts sounding the same pitch or at an octave interval, usually at the same time.  Rhythmic patterns which are homorhythmic are also called unison.

Like my small example yesterday, when i first started reading for her, her husband would never have been counted as a “divine counterpart” again, the way my team uses the label… but man oh man, did he catch up to his Soul vibration over the years.

So to be clear, being in love with someone, does not make a divine counterpart… its all about the music of soul, consciously and harmonically expressing and creating as one in two separate bodies!!

Now how you define and interpret soul mate or twin soul, that’s all you.  My team doesn’t talk like that at all.  Just sayin….

We do not need to have a divine counterpart to be alive and empowered and creators in the heartscape of Shambhala.  We are, by divine right, fully empowered creators harnessing both the divine feminine and the divine masculine within ourselves.

(I just wanted to clear up a lot of questions and confusion that started to be asked these last couple days.)

So now, lets look at what the beautiful field of You showed us yesterday.  The shine back of the energy of the 11th (today) became as solid white as I ever seen.  However, thanks to our teams, we got to see your alignment and dress as we entered this divine gateway.  There was a common theme that I noticed thru just about every connection… the element of deep reverence within each person.  Taking a pause to offer up gifts, inner gifts of gratitude, of deep inner expression of being thankful for all that got them to here.

Something started to show itself in the container of white light that is the 11th.  Something made of gold… that looked very much like this:


The gateway, portal, whatever!!  lol  Well, spirit is really fussy with my choice of words.  They changed my words to going thru the eye of the needle, which also means going thru the eye of horus.  So much of these terms were so focused in readings in 2012.  I thought we did that then lol, but we simply made the choice to get suited up for the real event… or not.

As the (short) readings went on, I realized this eye of the needle looks a lot like the symbol for the female.  After my day of readings I took to google to see if what I was feeling was correct.  I found it really interesting when I looked at wikipedia, which is where i snagged the above symbol from and next to it they said:  Neuter. This is in fact the shape of the original (medieval) “Venus” symbol (depicting a hand mirror), the additional horizontal bar being of modern date. (Probably when we cut off the womans voice.)

Entering and moving thru the womb of creation.  That would mean, everyone of us today would be the energy of the divine masculine (ya feeling like a penis today???  lol) not only entering the womb of creation, but equally, seeding it, ripening it and birthing it at 00:01 (one second past midnight tonight.)

No flipping wonder I cannot see past that moment… if it is all happening now, today… and I have got to smile… doncha know I have someone in tomorrows dateline on the end of my dance card today.  I am truly going to be shocked if anyone else is visible today.

In several of the mini-readings that were done yesterday, spirit said that today, from one second after midnight thru one second after midnight tonight we will all be going thru the eye of the needle, and with that, just now… I realized its an event not a date itself.  Because of the story-teller I am, they had to align with a date that would make sense to me in my understandings.  But no matter where on earth you are… today is the event, a full moon/sun/moon cycle event.

I kept trying to use the word “transformation” in relationship to this moment in our history and they (spirit) kept saying, it is much more than that, much fuller and beyond our (human) ability to understand or even speak in words the totality of this moment.  Another word I tried to stick in a sentence was… activations.  Again, they said it is much more than that and again, our ability to express in words is beyond inadequate.

I am going to borrow an example from my last reading of the day yesterday as a metaphor of what this moment really means to all of us.  We were talking about my weight loss and she was telling me that she weighs herself every day to get a base line of what her “average” weight is thru the year.  We can say, something very similar is underway today.  If we could see the actual baseline of our “frequency” from January 2013, this is the part of us that is going thru the eye of the needle.  Shedding all that we no longer need, or… even… that we have chosen not to use.  Plus, enhancing all that we have held steady within our hearts and applications.

Altho, I see the greatest scenario playing out here (I keep great company really lol) there is an underbelly to it too.  This event is all-encompassing.  Not just for those who raised their vibrations to higher frequencies, but also for those who have not, or reduced theirs too.  Which really means, the light will get lighter and the dark, darker.  It is truly the time of separating the wheat from the chaff.

I must quote/share the wisdom and channeling of Ken Carey from his book “Vision:”

The Great Separation
As the Twentieth Century draws to a close, those who are at peace within themselves will find their lives increasingly aligned with the strengthening field of my Presence. Those who fear will come under increasing pressure to confront their dishonesty and change. The fearful will not have an easy time in these days; for they will be withdrawing from my Spirit, thereby forcing themselves into crisis situations designed to stimulate a change of heart.

My consciousness is available to all, but the time I will wait for it to be received must eventually pass. I have come here to act. Soon my activity will begin. Those who do not accept my invitation to life will be separated in the end from those who do. Weeds and corn may together flourish in the fields, yet at the time of harvest, their destinies diverge. It would not be merciful to forever sustain in consciousness those who give others cause to fear. 

I come as the Spirit of Truth to comfort those who live by love, to challenge those who do not. I come with the Great Sword of Division, to separate those who destroy from those who create. All will meet me, in honesty or in deceit. And as the years go by, these two ways will grow ever more distinct.

The one thing I gotta ask is… why now??  Why today?  We earthlings align with so many dates, so many “portals” and stuff… 12/11/14 was not one of them!!  Not to my knowledge anywayz.  Again, they say, it has nothing to do with a dateline, but it is completely due to a rapid rise in frequency, in the light energy upon earth that must affect everyone on all earths.  Had the collective we will just call the “Shambhala collective” not arrived, emerged, come to Life, LIVE out loud, this gateway would never exist, at least, not today.

A downpouring of light so intense, so alive in physicality, nothing can hide in its wake.

I find it interesting in this…. emergence… that the sun itself has been quite.  As I went to spaceweather to see, I hear my team say the sun has done what it needed to do to get to here… seed us and now… WE ARE THE SEEDS OF LIFE!!  The protective shell stripped and the DNA of spirit incarnate… planted, ripening and birthing all within a 24 hour span of our perception of time.  Miracle grow at its finest lol.

I just now found the image I am using for this sharing, not quite the spiritual thing I was looking for, but this image gave so much clarity to the evolution of that vibrational line I called 2015.  It started to look like rope, or, as this picture clearly shows… thread!!  Granted I have not seen a camel, but various version of you walk towards what I now see as the eye of the needle.

Happy Birth-way everyone!!  I cannot wait to see what the hell it means to us!!!

With so much love and passion to all wrapped in fertile ((((((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))))))))

Lisa Gawlas

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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 10, 2014

The Dream, The Road To Shambhala, Divine Counterparts…


WARNING:  I am so sorry so much of this is bleeding together.  I have tried to fix it, it won’t fix.

I have so much to share today, forgive me if I seem to go in several directions thru this sharing.  I have got to start with my own experience just now, but suddenly was reminded that it actually started yesterday.  After my day of readings I had a dentist appointment in Cuba (an hour’s drive) and half way to my dentist, this super large cloud formation appeared in the sky… an absolute angel.  I so wish I was better (more coordinated) at driving and taking pictures, but I’m not.  This angel was above me in the sky, wings, feet, head, hands… there was no mistaking its appearance.  I thought back to the time AA Michael appeared to me and the blue-eyed man on one of the eclipse events.

My eyes were now between the road and the sky, usually cloud formations diminish, this one didn’t it kept steady for a good stretch of road.  Suddenly I felt the urge to look to my left (physical life side) and of course, I did… Suddenly out in the vast open field I felt connected to my birthday, August 15th and this amazing spout of huge energy, like white/gray water sprung up easily to 20 feet and became a found spreading outwards in all 360 degrees.  What the hell does that mean??  As I arrived at my dentist, the angel in the sky changed form to match that fountain like image.  Other than feeling butterflies in my stomach from the appearance of this angel all the way to my dentist, I have no idea what was being hinted at.

I actually stayed up much later than I wanted to last night and knowing I have so much to share, I really wanted to wake up early.  Spirit woke me up with something I have not heard since 2002, in a meditation I call “the day I met god” meditation.  I have it posted on my website, but will share the entirety of it here (Holy shit, I didn’t even realize what invoked that meditation until I just read it now.  This so ties in with my beautiful Italian dreamer, which I will share after this.):

Late this particular morning in 2002, I was in a chat talking about Catholics, religion and a remembrance of the blessed mother coming to me way back when to help me out grow learned behaviors of self-worth…. as the three of us were talking and sharing… the mini monument that Annie had made for HTN (Healing The Nations) started to glow… the sun part of the monument was all aglow… and I was really taken aback by it.
monument of life
This little maybe 4-5″ monument (that was duplicated from the image on the left here) has sat on the left side of my computer since I moved in here a month ago… and my window curtain has also remained in the same position… I thought for sure the sun was beaming brightly outside… but, when I turned around and looked.. it wasn’t… when my meditation was over, I realized there wasn’t even a glare on my monitor caused by the sun streaming in the window… this glow from the sun’s monument sent such an electrical and purely loving charge thru me…
And so I entered meditation and when I got to the inquiry of the monument here is what I had gotten:
The Blessed Mother appeared a small distance away in front of where I was standing. As she walked (floated really) closer, I could see a flower in her hand. Of course, I assumed this flower was for me. As she got in front of me maybe a couple of feet she bent down and placed a white Lilly on the granite part of the monument (the part that secures it to the ground with the words Monument of Life written on it). Until she bent down to place the flower there.. I had not seen any monument in my view.

Once she stood up from placing the flower on the ground of the monument she said these words to me “My proverbial son, your brother, will be coming soon.” And then she turned and started to walk away. Being stunned by this message, I called out to her and asked if she meant literally, or in my meditation or what and she turned around, placed her index finger to her mouth and whispered: Shhhhhhh, just rest for now. And then she was gone.  (To see what she really meant, click here)

I took a moment to contemplate this message and became very aware that I did not know her soul name.. so I sent out a wave of intention of getting her soul name, so that I can address her ascended energy instead of her once physical energy. As I sent out this request phew I was not prepared for what followed I will attempt with all I know how to share the next thing, but please feel this part with your heart, because my words are too simple and lack so much.

There was not so much a vision as there was a feeling of Presence and a sound ohhh my what a sound it was a vibration of aaaaahhhhhhhhh that lifted so far into the universe and thru my very soul that just hearing it made my whole being cry with joy as the sound escalated (not in sound, but more like motion.. like as the ahhh kept going on, it lifted higher and higher in vibration), it sounded like the entirety of All There Is joined into make this sound. I could feel my heart beating, I became very aware of the rhythm of the air around me, the sounds that I have heard around me, but didn’t hear.. and it was all in unison with my own heart beating. I could feel the heart of my being in my arms, in every cell that makes up my body, and the air around me coursed in the same beautiful motion.

As I allowed my body to become one with this incredible sound I had seen what looked like brilliantly lit stars falling from the sky thousands upon thousands of them. And then something strange started to happen as I watched these stars stream down to what I understood to be the earth plane some of the star lights started to crackle and pop and blow out, never really reaching its intended target (the earth).. or perhaps.. burned out along the way is a better way of re-describing it. (added note: I think I have seen the entire story of our earth in this moment).

As I watched and understood there was such an encompassing love that surrounded it all that I cried and cried I have never felt so much love from anything,…

I must also clarify, that artwork was created by an amazing artist in Israel from an image I got thru a guided meditation while attending the certification for Life Between Life Hypnosis with Michael Newton, PhD.   Then, my friend at the time, the same friend who gave me the amazing, life transforming gift of staying at the mountain side camp in Vermont, who is an amazing jewelry creator, created a little version of that artwork.
My wake up call this morning was that similar Ahhhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhhh song from the heavens.  I have adjusted to the frequency of love, but the heavenly chorus singing this morning did create a color theme with their song… creamsicle orange.  (the light infused sense of self expanded beyond physicality.)
Healing the Nations.
Shortly after the 911 bombing of the twin towers, I was getting download after download as I drank my morning coffee outside in the backyard of my first ever housemate in Virginia beach.  This experience was the first time I ever received massive amounts of information, day after day without being in a bathtub.
The information and visuals that came thru these series of downloads sparked a not for profit business I called Healing the Nations.  What I didn’t understand back in 2001, being so very new to this path (just over a year) and spirit communication, was time.  What I was receiving felt urgent and needed to be done ASAP…
I could see this mass gathering taking place in a very large open space.  There was a large stage like you would see at a rock concert, but instead of bands, all the “Light Worker” people I was familiar with, gathered.  Folks like Neale Donald Walsch, Gregg Braden, Michael Newton… the list long as well as mostly forgotten now by me.
Because 911 had recently happened, I assumed this wide open space was either in time square or Madison square garden in New York City.  I could see the sea of people who came from all over the world to attend this massive day long event.  Each speaker shared whatever their expertise was thru out the day.  What so surprised me was, I was not only the organizer of this event, I was also one of the speakers.  In 2001 I was still very much tethered to my bathtub and had nothing, especially in comparison to those gathered on that stage with me, to offer.  I felt like a peons peon.
Thru this ongoing event and I witnessed speaker after speaker talking/sharing… suddenly the most amazing thing happened.  It just getting to sunset when suddenly in the sky… the most amazing light permeated everywhere.  It was felt, experienced by every single person in attendance.  The Light of God changed us, healed us forever!!
One of the things I had wanted to do, was actually build this monument of life right there in the place we held the gathering.  People from all over the world gave insight on what materials to use, even donations came in to start this project.  I found some people willing to help me, but no matter what I tried to do, I couldn’t get this Healing the Nations project off the ground in any way.  I was stumped.  How could I have days upon days of this visual downloaded in detail and yet, couldn’t give it the wings to take flight??
It all fell in the background of my life until it became just a memory.  That is until the other day…
Facebook.  Man what a gathering place for the most profound, light filled earth angels I have ever had the pure honor to call my friends.  There is this one lady who lives in Italy who shares her amazing dreams on my wall, her name is Giunia.  I love her, I love the way spirit lights up her dream-scape with understandings of the shifts we are going thru…. very reflective of the readings as well.
I personally do not have waking memories of what is happening in my sleep time and gotta appreciate, if not slightly envy those who do.  So in a moment of being funny… I asked her if she would mind having a dream for me.  When she agreed to do it, it no longer felt like a funny I was asking of her, but very purposeful and even… possible.  The intent was set… the next morning, she left this detail of her dream for me on my wall:
From Giunia:  Introducing today’s airing of our tv show: Giunia’s dreams. Special feature today: Lisa.
I woke up in the midst of a dream. A huge concert was being organized in a big park outside of the town; a lot of people were gathering from all their different homes to take part in the event. The concert was in a Woodstock style, with lots of young people sitting calmly on the grass and others walking to reach the stage where the event would take place. There were lots of flowers: women were wearing them as necklaces. I’ve often dreamt of concerts lately, they are my psyche’s way of talking about collective undertakings in the current creation.

I woke up thinking: WTF, where’s Lisa?? Then I fell asleep again. And there comes a very beautiful image. A big, huge, living statue, representing a woman’s body. All I can see is her body, the head is beyond the screen, unreachable / invisible. This headless statue is sitting on the ground, dominating the landscape. Her knees are bent, one upward, towards her face, and the other laying on the ground. Her right arm is on the knee facing up. 

I hear a phrase: The best drug in the world (LOL). To sum it up: you appeared in the shape of the symbol of femininity itself, heralding the awakening and the activation of female energies. But there is (yet) no head to that female figure: the outcome of this activity is maybe still veiled, or doesn’t yet exist altogether.

The moment I read about the outside gathering… I was back in the long forgotten vision I named Healing the Nations.  One of my readings yesterday, will give you a much bigger understanding of the flowers and is right in alignment with what this all means!!
The Monument of Life… that is the feminine isn’t it?  All life comes thru the goddess (with a lot of help from the god too.)  In several of the readings this last week or so, I have seen headless people in the readings… so stripped of their physical need to have an “identity” that they LIVE as all possibilities in every now moment.
To me, the right knee. spiritual flexibility and the right arm resting and facing upwards… reaching for more.  The fact that our teams tied me in with the monument of life… I have no words to express the deep inner feeling of it.
What I thought was a single event in 2001 was a 12 year journey to now.  The living landscape of life we call the internet.  A gathering of amazing souls, amazing “light workers” and the presence of god in it all.
This will all go down in my world of memories as an extraordinary event shared between two people on facebook that has changed me forever.  Thank you and our teams Giunia, you have a precious gift and I am more than grateful to be a recipient of it!!
There are two readings from yesterday that ties into this whole sharing like a bow on top of a present!!
As I had shared the other day, my son is about to change his entire life.  In doing so, he needed a resume so he can start job hunting in Boston (if you know anyone looking for the best indoor/outdoor painter and general contractor in the Boston/Cape Cod area of Mass, please let me know.)  He is going thru the purging fires of financial hell… clearing lol and I told him I will see if I can trade one of my packages for a resume for him.  I finally remembered to put it out there on facebook, I would be willing to trade a 3, thirty minute package for a professional resume, within minutes this gal not only offered to do his resume, but would do it for free.  And then a second girl offered too… combining their skills for my son.
I was… humbled is not even close to what I felt… deeper, bigger…
Not only did this amazing soul start on my sons resume, when I put out my holiday special, she bought a 3 thirty minute package!!  Hayyyyyyy!!  I wanted to give you that for free.
I started seeing this amazing lady even before I connected to her and I knew exactly what I was seeing.  That crazy vibrational thingie I once called 2015, then switched into a floor like energy, then changed into a golden vibration of energy, shifted again to look like a rope.  There my lady was, walking this rope heading into the brilliant light of the 11th, in her hands she had a basket of flowers and she was tossing out the flowers to her left and to her right.  Even tho I knew what i was seeing, her team started playing some 3 Dog Night to assure me what I was seeing:
The flowers of Shambhala.  Lets go right back into Giunia’s dream experience… the element of flowers.  Absolutely connected Here.  To share abundantly thru the heart!!
Healing the Nations was an inside event that bled outwards to anyone we shared our experiences and understandings with.  And now, the monument is built, alive on this precious earth… the Monument of Life itself (no, not me, well no more me than you too.)  And thru the gateway of the 11th (tomorrow) The Presence of God is…..  (to be continued there, I have no idea…. yet lol…)
There was one more person on my agenda yesterday, whose visual I could not understand its presence in his field to save my life.  I mean I did get it, but not really the “why” yet…  I do now.  Holy crescendo batman, I really do now.
I put a link to what the Blessed mother (there’s that goddess energy again) really meant when she said what she said, but let me just say, 2 weeks after that meditation, my amazing mentor was transported in the physical from Australia to my humble world in Virginia.  OHHHHHHH my flipping god.  I was staying in a dump, I mean hotel called The Cherry Motel.  Two days ago, I was just aimlessly walking around in my kitchen (stretching my legs) when I heard spirit say so clearly “Like picking cherry’s from a vine.”  What the hell does that have to do with the price of eggs in china?  It was so random, so… not wrapped around anything and cherry’s grow on trees, not vines!!  What the hell?
My only man on the field yesterday… a partner to a beautiful lady (Melissa D this is your spousal unit Steve lol) I have read for for years but just recently started rescheduling (I mean reading) for her husband…  I have also had the pure honor of meeting them both in person.
There he was and there she was too… on this rope like line connected to the 11th.  They were bizarre in my visual… human forms yes, but looking like they were made of cookie dough than anything human (and the color of each was like a deep tan, very earthy color.)  They were facing each other standing maybe about a foot or two apart, and their cookie dough substance created these mass of strings that were met and sticky and so connected to each other.  Two separate forms living as one connected body (thru those hundreds of strings.)
I recognized this as the living energy of what my team calls a Divine Counterpart.  He didn’t start out like that when I first read for her, but man oh man, he worked his butt off to get to Here in the most perfect time on earth.
The image didn’t move, didn’t change and here I am with this new guy on the field and I felt like I am giving him someone he cannot even use… and then something was added.  Holy shit, I was excited to understand this.
The only color beyond cookie dough color suddenly appeared within each of their chests… two beating hearts (like valentine’s day hearts.)  The hearts would move out of each of their chest at the same time, came within about an inch of merging together, then retreat back into their chest.  Again, I am wondering… what the hell??
I realized their hearts never joined fully together, even tho they were beating in rhythm…. and then the rest of their story (our story) was shared.  When they are in full alignment with each others desire, with unconditional love and unison… I seen their hearts merge together in that beat, and unlock the most amazing substance I could not see in any way… but knew… I KNEW it was pure creator energy.
This is the true workings of the Divine Counterparts.
On my way home from the dentist yesterday, contemplating everything, I heard “wait until you see the sunset.”  Pointing my camera out the passenger side window is easy… I took tons of pictures of the setting, blazing sun.  I will close with two…. the energy of gold as it started, the brilliant pinks and blues as I arrived at the end of highway 550 before I turned off.
sunset end
Ohhh before I close…. whatever the portal of the 11th really is, started to create this massive shine back on every reading yesterday.  This morning as the heavenly hosts sang me awake… I was blinded by the light of it all.  I realized yesterday that the two ones creating arches represented timelines too.  Activated in shine back on the 9th, touching down on the 11th, becoming full on at the 13th.  With that said… I beg the universe to please have mercy on our schedule these next several days….
Can I just wrap my legs and arms around each and every one of you and give you a full body ((((((HUG))))))))) please.  I love you from head to toe, from physicality to source and every iota in between!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. The HOLI-DAYS Special is now Live on my reading page:  Save $5 – $20 on everything I have to offer.


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