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Approaching Press Time for The Rainbows End!!

rainows end

Happy September everyone!!  I have never been so happy to put a month to bed as I have August and it was kind enough to give me one final kick in the lungs before it went away.  I surely wouldn’t have been offended if it just tip-toed out of sight, but nooooo!!   But before I go getting overly excited about September, I wanna know where the energies lay.  We have not even gotten the first glimpse yet.  Right up until the last reading of the day yesterday, September remained a mystery.  Dammit!!

Our spiritual teams, every single one of them, have held fast in keeping details of September in the dark.  Even the full moon itself, an exceptionally bright one, they have consistently kept blacked out.  Every single time I tried to look to the other side of the full moon for details, heads up, anything, I could feel spirit pushing my antenna back to this side of the full moon.  Even the energies of September has consistently remained black and white, more black than white.  Black being very much like area 51, highly guarded and not easily penetrated.  This is the biggest reason I have not put out much information lately, because other than this present moment and the vast points in the circle of life everyone is personally at, there is not much else being shown.  Did I say dammit yet?  lol

Here is what I do know/understand.  For those who have cleared their past, learned all the needed lessons that brought us to Here, each day is going to bring us into a higher frequency, not by what we do, just because we breathe.  It wasn’t until yesterday or the day before did I realize that we are going into a higher octave.  But as I witnessed some of the folks on the field emerge from their very contained bubble of creation, it was up about 20 feet in the air, parallel with the full moon.  I could even watch them strut their new Self to the full moon, but never cross the threshold to the other side for details!

Even as I sit here and ponder September and the big secrets held within it, I am given a visual of a very large and dark dressing room.  There are all kinds of outfits to choose from, and each day you will be putting on new attire and at the same time, deciding if this is the part you want to play when the curtain raises after the equinox and we move into the largest stage ever of October.

Even with October, the month remains a vat of exploding (from the earth) deep golden shards of energy, moving upwards rapidly and concealing the details within the month.

Two of the readings this past week or so actually connected into November, which totally surprised me.  The energy of November is a very deep maroon color.  For us to fully arrive on that frequency, we MUST be totally fused mind, body and soul with the fullness of the new earth at the root chakra and the fluidness, fullness of spirit in body and living out loud as that.  No exceptions.  Otherwise, it’s a redo of choice points where comfort/familiarity was the choice instead of full experience (of the soul.)

What I also find interesting too and I just now got this connection, the day George came over (and we had a very nice time together by the way) that evening when I went to sleep, I spent all night in what looked and felt like my own video game.  These large rays of energy were being emitted from my body (at least I think it was my body, I was the viewer and not seeing myself at all) and blasting these maroon piles of energy.  I would wake up, think, what the hell is that, and go right back to sleep and pick up where i left off.  About the third time I woke up, I finally realized it was the energies of every past life I have lived here on earth, and it was evaporating it all with the repetitive blasts I was engaged in.  When I woke up and for the majority of the day, I so felt hung over in my head, not the body, just the head.  A lot of old energy must have been removed in my personal video game that allowed the new to kick about in the wiring of my brain.

Strangely enough, I had yet another dream last evening.  For me to dream two nights in a row and remember it, a miracle in and of itself.  But it was once dealing with the past and the present.  I think within these two dreams, is the details of September that we are ALL going to be working out within ourselves.

In last nights dream I was back at the very first business I ever created, at that time I was 24 (1986 or 7) years old and me and my (then future) husband put together a gift certificate book.  The book was filled (144 separate merchants involved) free services and buy one get one meals.If memory serves me correctly, we called the book “The Rainbows End” Gift Certificates.  If anyone remembers the book Dyn-a-Mate, it was exactly like that.   In last nights dream we revisited this project.  Only, the man working with me was not my husband and I have no idea who he was, I never seen his face, he was always in the dark.  The only real difference in this dream state, we never got the books to press or to the people who would buy them, instead we shelved the project all together, until last night.

I had all these contracts spread out on a really large table looking at the services that were being given away and realized the expiration date was 2008.  Our intention was just getting them to press and selling them, but when my attention was drawn to the expiration date and four years have gone by (which really would have put me in 2012) we couldn’t just put these books out.  The merchants would not be expecting these certificates to come thru their door.  We had a fight about that.  I demanded we get all new signatures for the free services and rehire the lady who did all the leg work on getting them resigned.  We left off in the dream in a fuss, because he just wanted to go to press without putting in any more work.  Now that is the energy of my ex-husband!!  lol  (ADDED NOTE: I just realized the husband in the dream was actually me too, the lazy part of me who would rather just take it to press than do more work and make sure everyone and everything is on board NOW.  I am getting divorced again!! lol)

Now to bring this to how important it to our present moment, several of the readings of these last two weeks, were talking about bringing forward some of the projects, desires, mastery that seemed to be left on the way side, because NOW is the time for it to take hold.  Obviously, we must have new contracts, and we MUST put in the leg work that will get those contracts signed.  None of it will be with the old familiar, by now, we should have blown all that up, lol.  If we try to take short cuts, it will just be bad juju.

So let me ask you this, as we all march to the full moon (press time) are you trying to stay and work in old contracts or are you investing in the new?  If you are not putting in the leg work, then by non-action you are reinvesting in the old.   I used the picture above for a reason.  The funnel cloud will serve to suck out the old contracts you are having a hard time putting behind you, or as in the picture, serve to catapult you to the higher frequency where the Rainbow’s End truly exists.

Ohhh, shit, it just filling donned on me.  Several of the readings, when spirit would humor me and let me poke my nosy eye to the other side of the full moon, all I could ever see is rainbow energy flooding from the full moon.  Hmmmmmmmm…. I feel a connection!! <3

This is going to be an interesting week and month of readings for sure!!

Choose wisely, your pot of gold depends on it!!  lol

Rainbow ((((HUGZ)))) to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Looking Back as We Move Forward!


Thank goodness, one more day and we close the door to August.  For me personally, it has been the roughest of months this whole year.  However, as I look back on all the months this year, for the majority of them, I was glad to see them go.  What a biologically rough year!!  I suppose tho, thru the snot and the hacking, it has been equally illuminating.  

I know that we don’t usually look at this time of year in relationship to New Years, but it really does have the feel of New Years, maybe, New Life period is a better term.  But, before we look ahead, lets look back and see what all brought us to here.

The last quarter of 2012, we were in the choice of choices of all collective lifetimes.  We could stay back and play in the mundane world as it was or we could take a blind leap of faith and be the creators of Heaven on earth, more plainly stated, continue the acceleration of the ascension process.

This choice was given to every human on the planet, whether they realized how important a choice they were making, or not.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to look out the window into the vast landscape of life to see who made what choice, at least, as far as the public figures go.

2013 presented us with even more choices, as well leapt from one vibrational world to the other, what were we willing to let go of?  Spirit showed us so many of the perks, but they are so pesky, when it comes to the hazards, they can really pull the curtains down on our knowing.  

This letting go process was so huge, we had well over a year and a half to get it done.  Letting go of old concepts, old relationships, old worn out feelings of unworthiness and the like.  Many people experience life changing events, moves to new landscapes, new jobs, new loves, new abilities within themselves.  And even all the new that arrived in 2013, we are being asked to thin out our garden once again.  Make room for the new.

As 2013 picked up steam and we put a lot of new energy into our lives, new thoughts, new ways of being in life, the avalanche of new, never before energy on this earth plane started to be release with the last quarter of 2013.  The acceleration began in earnest.  Our bodies appeared to pay the highest price of these new energies as the cellular structure was forced into change.  With each new release of energy, the stakes got higher.  More thinning of lifes garden, more discarding of the old thought and ideas about life washing out from the brain, and god bless our bodies, even more heightened cellular change.  

For me personally, 2013 thru this present moment felt more like hell inside the body than any version of heaven I might have held.  

Thru it all, there have been the miracles we have created, the opportunities to really live life large, sudden onsets of spiritual abilities, more ways of focusing on the heart center instead of the outside window of chaos.  

This two year period, from the last quarter of 2012 to this very moment, has the been largest, fastest acceleration of Life this plane of existence ever knew.  And we survived it all!!  Do not ever, not for a single moment, think you are weak.  If you are walking and talking at this moment, you are stronger than you have ever given yourself credit for.  Throw yourself a flippin party!!  Cuz YOU MADE IT!!  There is no turning back now.  OK, maybe that is not the best phrase to use.  There are some who are stepping back into a perceivable new life to tidy up old energy.  Don’t dilly dally there, it doesn’t have to be a lifetime event, unless you choose it that way.

Then there are those, so stripped of everything that was/is their life and standing at the edge of the cliff, one foot off and jumping at opportunities that suddenly and even, seemingly out of the blue, are being presented.

Of course, there are those who are desperate for change in their life, but still on the side of terrified to do anything outside of their comfort zone.  For those of you sitting here, hang onto your seats, its going to get more intense.  Think of it like a volcano ready to spew.  You have until the equinox of September 22nd to get out willingly or be spewed out by the forces of nature,

Then there are many like myself, we started stipping down years ago.  Leaving go all that we held close to our hearts and moved into brand new lives and started to work anew.  Twisting, turning, stripping again.  Working out all the details and residual inner karma (which is very different than outer karma) so that when 2012 arrived (not that any of us knew that going in) we would be so pristine that there would be nothing left but to be filled with the new energies.  Someone (many) must break ground first.  For those in this position, you are really going see how grand a genie you kept in the bottle, that is now released (you and the bottle have always been one and the same.)  

I want to make clear as well, there is no ahead or behind in any of these scenarios. If you look at it as a wave of energy, you are in the position of this fast moving wave that you need to be in.  

These three super moons we have lived thru, were truly pressure cookers on every level.  Bringing up every last debris we had to release, some new ones we collected along the way, and prepared us with out new shiny and silky clothes.

We get one last look around thru September, then we solidify the choices (or non choices) and either move onto the next earth, much higher frequency than this current one, or hang out here until May of next year, when one of the cycles within cycles completes itself and new doorways open.  

For me, the first first new action/choice I am making is finding my Jorge.  Today I have my first “real” date since geez, 2007 that was provided by the man-garden of eHarmony.  What is kind of funny, suddenly I became very self aware of my body, my outward appearing body.  Not only has my wisdom expanded since moving to the Jemez, so has my waistline (gulp.)  Here’s hoping he see’s beyond the physical (and even, without my mane intact, yikes, a Leo can sure feel nakkid with short hair!!)

I am so excited to see what we have all produced together as we journey into September, and thank you dear god, on the other side of this last super moon.

I love you all so much, your rock my world on every conceivable level.  Thank you for allowing me to understand and change myself, because of your desire to understand and change yourself!!  We really are ONE!!

 (((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))))))) of new adventures and absolute bliss to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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The Blessed Body and Changes of ALL Life!


Ohh and my lessons just keep pouring in!!  Amazing lessons.  At times, biologically crippling lessons.  But ohhhhh, when the full understanding is presented, it is better than chocolate, well, almost!  And OMG our bodies!!  Our brilliant, intelligent, expressive bodies.  Let me start at the grand finale of my very long endured lesson of understanding.

I went to sleep Tuesday night, the moment my head hit the pillow the wheezing started and the coughing erupted for hours on end.  I would pass out from pure exhaustion only to wake up 15 minutes later gasping for air and coughing so much I kept triggering my gag reflex and vomiting.  By the time morning came, I was emotionally and physically exhausted.  My chest and throat hurt again and I just became really really sad.  I just endured two and a half weeks of this hell and I barely got a week of sleeping again and it started all over.  What the f*ck!!!!  Much to my sheer amazement, I didn’t completely throw out my voice, this alone is a first, but I still had nothing in me to do readings with and I spent another day, rescheduling.  The only thing that gave me any real comfort is that I had a doctor’s appointment with my oncologist and maybe he would enlighten me as to the condition of my lungs and throat since I just had a CT scan to explore whats going on inside that may be causing this.

On my longgggg car ride to see my oncologist, my mind was doing the “what if” dance and already in the process of making and eliminating choices that I may have to face should this all be related to cancer.  I had spent time reviewing my lab reports from the day I was diagnosed with cancer.  Before I had the surgery all my white blood cells were high, not as high as they are now, but high none the less.  The dropped down into the normal range a month or so after surgery and remained that way until last August when they started to slowly rise.  Each time I had my blood drawn, my white cells were a little higher and a little higher and this past June they jumped up two full points. I resigned to the fact that maybe I have a slow-growing cancer somewhere in me.  Funny how the mind works, even a well-trained mind!!

I was about 30 minutes away from the cancer center and suddenly I was engulfed in a wave of love for my oncologist, very reminiscent of my boob doctors experience.  This really surprised me because he has been my oncologist for what, 2 years now and I like him but never had an experience like this and I wasn’t even sure I like him all that much.  For the rest of my car ride to his office, all I could feel was gratitude that he IS my oncologist and I loved him.

The day that wave of love hit me with my boob doctor was the very day I was driving in to get the results of my boob biopsy, which of course, came back all clear minus a little dermatitis going on.  So I had to lean towards an all clear with my CT scan, but then what the hell is up with this insanity of August.  Suddenly, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I really started feeling very good so I decided to stop taking the allergy medicine that miraculously brought my voice back.  Tuesday was the 2nd day not taking this medicine.  Could that possibly be it??

I got to the cancer center, got my labs drawn and headed up to the 3rd floor to see Dr. Lee.  He is a great doctor, not all that personable tho.  Our time together has always been directly about how I’m doing health/cancer wise and his preaching to me to stop smoking cigarettes.  Yesterday was a very different office visit with him.  He came into the room, a broad smile on his face, he reached out and shook my hand, twice and said “I don’t know what to make of you, your CT scan is completely clear and your white blood cells are going down, you are completely disease free.”  Then he leans up against the counter, and just like the experience with my boob doctor, became very human like (instead of doctor like) and simply said that I am puzzling him and I just smiled and said “I am a mystery unto myself!”  For the first time ever, he came over to me and went over every single white blood cell count and explained to me the significance of each type of white blood cell (who knew the body had so many kinds lol.)  There was only one that did not go down 2 points, instead it went up and he explained that this is the one that fights allergies.  So he asked me if I have allergies and instead of my usual reply of no (because it has always been no) I said maybe.  Since I hit menopause my body gone crazy.  He also asked if I have been taking any medicine and I told him Zyrtec-D except the last two days.  He once again shook my hand and said the one thing I know for sure, you are disease free and smiled his way out of the room.  YAY!!

The first thing I have to do is acknowledge the absolute personality difference in my oncologist.  Did he feel that wave of love too, just like my boob doctor?  He was very different than ever before and I liked it.  Not once did he even hassle me about smoking either.

As I made me way out into my car and headed towards home, this feeling came and set up inside of me.  All the depleted energy I was still experiencing from the nights lack of sleep, the pain in my diaphragm, the tightness in my chest, gone, all gone.  I had fully resigned to the fact I have allergies.  Of course, the first visit to the ER back in February suggested that might be the case, visits with my MD suggested the same, even my boob doctor suggested that might be my issue and I was knee-deep in denial.  Of course, from the old body system that must have meant I was out of alignment within some very important things in my life and I knew that just was not the case, so it could not be allergies.  The moment I surrendered to the fact everything I have been going thru since October last year, is allergy related, my body exhaled a sigh of relief.  And then started talking like I have had it gagged for a long time!  I suppose I did in my own way, if we are in denial about anything, the truth of what is must also be held back!  But man, let go of the denial and the floodgates of understanding flow in!!

On my car ride home, the very cells of my body gave us some amazing insight.  Thru many sharings, I have said that in this time of intense energy, EVERYTHING is changing on earth.  Every-living-thing, including our trees and flowers and all plant life.  Then suddenly, I could see the microscopic elements of pollen floating thru the air, becoming engorged with the new energy of earth, changing its molecular structure within, enhanced in the quantum energy of what it once was to what it will become as it embeds in the new earth and grows.  We breathe this in, purposely so, and its magnificent energy changes are enhancing the very energy changes we (the human) are going thru too.  This creates all the receptors in the body to have to adjust, to change, to tune into the new frequencies of the new life.

People are going to feel the changes where they are most focused in use.  My body had explained if I was still doing massage, my lower chakras would be experiencing the brunt of this energy because of the constant use of that energy system.  Because I work out of the upper chakras, that is where I am experiencing the brunt of this change, purposely so.  There are those of you who are experiencing these energies in the mid section, or even in the extremities, all perfect for who you are and what you are doing.  Then there are those who think they are getting a free ride, no such animal. lol  You just have not been triggered to use these new energies yet.  (Be sure to notice that very important word “triggered” as opposed to think you are doing something wrong.  Your day is coming, it may be next month or even next year, but it is coming!! lol)

I was also reminded of something I used to tell my massage clients who spent 2 hours on my massage table getting readings and intense energy work done.  “Even tho we are doing all this work now, and we are, the body cannot handle all the changes at once, so it will continue to release itself over the coming weeks.”  The same is very much true for what is happening with us now.  My body showed me my labs over the last year, this process I am in started a year ago August.  It started slowly and eventually intensified as the energy system could handle it.

My body also showed me how much it really wanted and even needed to take the allergy medicine that miraculously brought my voice back 30 minutes after popping the first pill.  Sometimes, the body needs a little help to stay in stasis.  It also explained to me how much we devalue what is available to us and how it got here.  The miraculous minds and understandings of our scientists, our biologists and even our western minded doctors.  We have placed brilliant gods in our labs to create things to allow the body to function as it goes thru change, and we, especially in the “new age” movement, throw the baby out with the bath water.  I made a commitment to take my zertec-D until my body releases me from the need.  Can I just tell you, I slept like a joyful little baby last night and woke up this morning with more vital energy that I have had in close to a year!!  My body’s way of saying… finally, we are on the same page!!  lol

But there is something else I do want to say that was shared on my incredible drive home.  We must reevaluate the tinctures and essences that have been developed thru the old energy system.  Our plants and flowers have changed energetically, which means everything about them has changed.  What was developed even earlier this year is no longer in the same state of energy frequency that it was created to be.  Our bodies are changing relationship needs with a great many things, because everything has changed and will continue to change!! EVERYTHING!

Ohhh, I almost forgot a very important detail, well important to all us women going thru menopause at this time.  We purposely designed our body’s to go thru the change of life when life itself is at its own apex of change.  We are creating new patterns, new DNA energy releases for all those who will go thru this heavenly (or is that hellish lol) change in our future.  The confluence of chemicals released thru our bodies as the entirety of life itself is going thru its own change of life is extraordinary in its fullness.

Can you imagine the huge significance of that, we purposely chose to trigger our own hormones to assist all of life to go thru its changes too.  To me, it is incredibly humbling to be so purposely (even if unconsciously) working with the change of ALL life, because we were designed to do just that!!

Life is an amazing event itself.  Programmed to change and evolve and on other life to stay in true stasis.  We as a human species really have to let go of all of our old programming and allow the new in.  We equally must redefine what we thought we knew and allow it all to mean something else now.  Allergies are not a detriment, but a very important part of the evolutionary change.  The body must adjust and react to find its new equal, its new inner balance with life.  Much has been provided, developed to keep the event(s) as painless as possible if we just stop thinking something is “bad” for us and trust the direction your very cells are asking for.  We were created to do this, and by God, WE ARE!!

Big big radiant (((HUGZ)))) filled with new energy and vigor to ALL!!  I love and honor you more than my words will ever truly reveal!!

Lisa Gawlas

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The Building of Your New Energy Field – Bubble of Creation.

Snow globe

Not sharing for three days gives me a lot to catch up on and sadly it will be the short version of it all.  I am going to start with one of the most important factors I have been seeing the last couple days.  That pool of thick honey like liquid that represents the overlapping of August and September energies is now starting to form into your new reality.  Now what I mean by that, if you can imagine every single person lives within their own created reality.  Kind of like being in a snow globe where everything is alive and appears and disappears at your command (core energy frequency.)  The texture and frequency of the globe itself resonates to your core energy and brings to life all that is radiating from within you, even to the point of bringing other snow globes to come join you and then releases them when they no longer hold your frequency.  This is what I refer to as you field of life and your bubble of created reality.

Let me explain this one as clearly as I can and I am going to back it up to the first super moon of July.  With the first of the three super moons in July, it started the melting point.  The melting of the snow globe itself.  A complete change in frequency, some went higher, some went lower, all perfect for the individual and collective experience at hand.

As the outer globe was starting to melt, many things came to the forefront.  Unrealized desires started to come back around seeking expression.  Old unexpressed emotions started to bubble back up, new skills and understandings started to just be there and so much more.  What we started to apply even in the smallest of ways, melted down even further.  What we cleared as unwanted or unneeded experience, recycled itself back into the vat of life energy.  As we moved to the middle super moon of August, all that will be a part of your next great adventure was a pool of thick energy to my viewing eyes.  Most people had like these bubbles inside the thick honey (but not everyone) and it is only today that I do understand those bubbles are things that have yet to be tapped into, but when you put your body, your mind in the right place, each bubble suddenly opens and becomes a part of your energy field.  Its funny, I keep seeing the video game Mario brothers and the power up mushrooms.

Now, with the pull of this final super moon in this 40 year cycle, the energy of the honey looking liquid is now forming a new bubble, or a new snow globe shell.  I have been explaining it like this:  As we moved into July the house we were living in was torn down, then liquified so that the new materials could rebuild the new house that you will live in.  All the while, we never moved out, it all is happening while we still are in it.

Keeping all the above in mind, we are also seeing the earth do the very same thing.  The largest of snow globes, that houses every one of our own individual snow globes is equally undergoing this process too.  How could it be any other way.  This is the new earth I am seeing and have been seeing for most of this year, that is October.  As within, so without and vise versa.

September is going to serve much like the straining process.  Funny, I see it like everyone gets into their own colander, where all the excess falls away and what is left is the core energy that we will experience in this next cycle (within a cycle, within a cycle.)

What is important to realize is the new earth emerging in October is even more pristine than the one we moved into January 2013.  It is a more rarefied living environment of true Source energy and we can only jump from this earth to that earth if we meet that frequency.  Which means we must be clearer and more confident than we are even now.  Out loud in full truth of our Self’s.

I had to go for a CT scan yesterday morning and I popped in my “25 Core Messages From God” (by Neale Donald Walsch) audio book.  Many of the things I was hearing felt so relevant for this moment in time we are all in.  Maybe less relevant and more ESSENTIAL to apply and really understand as a living expression of Source.   Sadly, while driving in a car I cannot just take notes, and god bless my memory bank.  The one thing that stands out right now is something he said that reminded me of a reading I did a week ago.

“What flows thru you, sticks to you.”

The sticky outer snow globe substance.  The moment you put something out, its reflection is already stuck onto your snow globe of experienced reality.  Anything that is stuck on the outer side of your snow globe, changes its energy construct with its energy.  This is extraordinarily exciting, as much as it demands caution too.  Before I expand on this understanding, I want to couple it with another semi-quote from this book, because it is floating in eyes balls to share here lol.

‘What you desire, cause someone else to experience.’  (Not sure if that is word for word accurate.)

Let’s start with the intangible meaning of this.  Flowing down thru you is the pure energy of Love, divine, unconditional love.  You feel it in your core and breathe it out as your breath of life.  Your desire to have that kind of relationship(s) in your life becomes stronger.  Suddenly, something is sticking to your snow globe.  Something or someone that equally (but most likely not consciously) desires the same thing.  Lets make it easy and call it a person.  A person suddenly shows up in your life  that is filled with judgement and condemnation for their lot in life.  The first thing you think, this is NOT what I wanted and maybe you might be trying to find a way to avoid this person when in reality, the true reality, your job is to fill this person with unconditional love, divine love and assistance as you help them release their perceptions and change their own world.  Cause someone else to have what you desire.

Now let’s take this to the tangible.  Many people seek financial security, especially in doing what they love to do, instead of doing what they feel they have to do.  So with this, lets say your finances are thin and suddenly, in your desire for more abundance in your world of money, someone suddenly shows up who is more in need than you are.  Do you choose to help them feel more financially supported, or do you hang on to every penny because you just don’t know where your extra pennies are coming from?

The more you ARE the pure abundant living energy of Source, the more that must come back to you as well.  Give a dollar find a hundred. This is true for every single aspect of life itself.

You take someone like me, on this path, I started sharing long before I realized I had something significant to share.  I just shared hoping someone would help me understand what I was experiencing and truthfully, have not stopped sharing since.  Much has been given to me in the true understandings of life and spirit.

Give more than you think you have and be open to receive the abundance of all there IS.

There is a tale of caution here too, one that is becoming my own experience.  Sometimes, we spend more time giving than we do taking in the joy and wonder of life itself and we become depleted.  This is where I am emerging from.  I have been exhausted every day.  I am waking up more tired than I went to sleep consistently.  I realized, yesterday in my car ride and even a bit in the conversation I had with George.  I work all the time.  10-13 hours every single day.  I have not been very good at taking days off either.  By the time I am done, I overly done.  So for now, I am suspending the Soul Gym for the next couple of months.  We will finish August together and then pick up another time down the road.  I am sorry to be so sudden with this choice, but if you seen my visual yesterday, you would understand why.  I Am Changing lol.

Well, this sure didn’t go in the direction I thought it would, but I supposed, it went where it was needed to go.  On that note, there is so much more to share and (maybe) that will be tomorrows sharing.

I love you all and celebrate where you and we brought ourselves in this most amazing time upon earth!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of grand adventures and magnetic fields of wonder to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  “Lisa’s Bailout Plan” lol with the BOGO 15 and 30 minute reading.  This special will run thru the Full moon of 9/9.  You can access it thru this link or on my website (and scroll towards the bottom):







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It is Time to Harvest The Fruits of Your Labor.



Now, to pick up on all the things I didn’t have time to share yesterday.  This confluence of energies are truly wet and wild, potent and passionate and easily missable (is that a word? lol.)  Keeping in mind, every one of us is in a unique phase of our own in this massive, life changing energy system that is still underway, do not ever look to your neighbor and think your missing something.  Ever.  For some, the fruits of the previous years labors are starting to become realized, for others, it looks like everything in your life is at a standstill and there is no real place to turn to, for others it almost feels like the need to escape as the energies mount up and seem to be crushing the emotional field.

Even tho the field seems to constantly preach “action” sometimes the best action we can take is focused energy on the desire without trying to force it into our lives now.  For many of us, waiting for right time, right confluence of energy is not our greatest gift, especially if we are seeing movement in others lives and not our own.  Or worse yet, we want change so badly we are willing to force into our lives, even if everything around us seems to be pushing back and not letting your action flow in harmony with results.

From what I can see and understand from the past two days of readings, there are those who have been focused on desires for the past year or two, for those, results, the fruits of your garden are visible and creating the pathway to that outcome.  Action is knocking on your door in unmistakable ways, it’s your job to leave expectation in the background and open the door and dance.

However, the most important thing I want to share today about all this crazy, exciting energy, is for those who feel like nothing is happening, that they are stuck.  A great example was given thru one of the readings yesterday that I hope will help settle those of you who feel stuck or at a stand still.  Imagine you are waiting for someone to come pick you up and take you somewhere.  You go out and stand in the middle of the road, since they must travel that way to get to you.  As you stand there, there doesn’t seem to be a car in sight, the road suddenly feels lonely and still.  What you do not realize is that car that is supposed to pick you up is 2 miles down the road, your vision (nor mine, smile) can see it coming you yet, but that doesn’t mean it’s not on its way.  It is traveling the perfect speed and will meet you at the exact time (spiritual time, not human time lol) to take you onward to your next great adventure.  This is assuming you have put the seeds of desire in the ground to grow over the last year or two.  Of course, I will give you my own living examples.

About two years ago, thru my meditative world called my bathtub an energy presented itself looking very much like my first true love in this lifetime, George.  As he got closer to me, his form changed a bit and his energy was very spirit as opposed to human, he called himself Jorge.  We met many times over the course of these last two years and the one thing I knew for sure, because he said so all the time, he will present himself in human form when the time was right.  And I waited… and waited… and waited.

About 3 months ago, I became haunted by eHarmony.  I seen it in my email, heard it on the commercials that prior, I never even listened to.  I know when spirit is trying to bang me over the head with a brick, so I signed up to eHarmony for 6 months (a special they were running.)  Over that time, I have had starts and stops with a few guys on that site, nothing that really tripped my trigger at all.  I knew, or should I say, thought I knew (smile) that when I seen this person that would be “Jorge” I would recognize his energy, so far, nuttin.

Two days after I went into the spiritual garage and all my outer connections were down, someone sent me a smile.  At least he was in Albuquerque, so I smiled back and the exchange began.  I made sure in the exchanges to give him a link to my website.  I am not your usual girl and play wildly outside of the box, if he could handle that, god bless him!  Even tho he doesn’t live and breathe the world that I do, he didn’t tuck tail and run lol.  Whats funny, I didn’t even really pay attention to what he name is, I was busy being sick (with the spiritual flu.)  As I started to move back into my… an experience that was so amazing, I am going to change the subject just a bit to share that experience.

After 16 days of being completely down, depleted energetically and sleeping easily 18 hours a day, waking only to cough, attempt to breathe and allow the bodily functions to have their way,  three days ago, at about 4pm, I could feel this energy flow into my body at my back.  I started to see it as well, an effervescent golden like energy that was in the stream of like a garden hose, coming into the place I call the sacral-plexus (the area between the sacral chakra and the solar plexus.)  I could feel it filling me with vital energy again.  Phew… this was a major miracle to me.  I was starting to feel like I would never feel good again.  Thank God I was wrong!!

As I was laying down attempting to find sleep (why couldn’t I have been filled at the start of the day instead of the end lol) suddenly like something out of a cartoon, a waft of energy holding the name George floated from my left side and streamed across my eyes.  What the hell is that??  My soul was not leaving anything to doubt… OMG its my eHarmony guy, his name is George!!  How did I not get that connection before??  I will blame it on being in the garage.  We are now talking about meeting, but we have not even talked on the phone yet.  I threw him my phone number and told him to call me.  He did send an reply asking me what time would be good on Friday, I just never had the chance to write him back and say between 6:30-7pm.

Last night at 6:45 my phone rings and a man says hi, this is George.  I about shit!!  First, I forgot he asked about calling on Friday night and second, since I never emailed him, I figured he wouldn’t call.  The first thing that flew out of my mouth was, OMG you must be psychic too and explained what happened.  We talked for an hour, effortlessly and with no dead space.  That alone is something.  He is coming for dinner a week tomorrow.  This is going to be interesting.

So all of that to say, if you have been focused, planted the seeds where they needed to be planted, THIS is your time to find your field of harvest!!  Enjoy the fruits of your labor!!

For those who could not get clear (energetically speaking) this is your time to get clear within.  If you are feeling overwhelmed by the energies or the mounting emotions of others, both people and environments, step back, take a clearer look within yourself.  What do you really desire within?  Are you putting action where it is needed or where it is familiar?  Acting for the sake of acting is not really action, often times it is just grabbing at straws and hoping you pick a good one.

We have become utterly and absolutely responsible for all we are doing (and not doing) this is how we not only learn what we are doing correctly, but equally give us the validation that sometimes, the growing season is longer than we expected, but does show up at the perfect time.  For others, you may find you created your own version of GMO’s, desire and fear blended together to produce larger outcomes to be aware of.

Keep in mind, the blow back of this final super moon is solidifying the energies as your next reality, be clear in your desire, your focus and your actions.  We will have one more chance to choose again as we head into the equinox of September, then… we enjoy (or endure) our choices thru May 2016.

Let me mention too, we are always within cycles within cycles, within cycles.  We started a cycle back in january 2013 that will be culminating with May 2015 and yet, embarking on another full cycle October 2014 that will run thru 2016.  When we have learned and absorbed all we needed from any given cycle, it releases itself and never has to be experienced in that way again.  What we don’t learn from, merges with the next cycle and gets larger and more unmistakable in lessons.

Choose wisely, your version of heaven on earth depends on it!!

Until tomorrow, big big ((((((HUGZ))))) of pollinated seeds of dreams come true to All!!  I love you!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Later today (promise, I didn’t get to it yesterday)  I will be putting a special together, something I am fondly calling“Lisa’s Bailout Plan” lol with the BOGO 15 and 30 minute reading.  I will have it on my website later today, but you can access it thru this link and scroll towards the bottom:









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The Creamy Middle!

creamy middle

After two and  a half very long weeks, I am FINALLY plugged back into the field of Life.  HURRAY, I can See, I can See!!  lol  Sorry, just still a little excited.  I feel much much better, the only thing lingering is the elephant that shows up to sit on my chest every night, but other than that, I am golden!!  Let me apologize too for being incredibly behind on emails, I am catching up tho.  Sleeping 18 hours a day has me wayyyyy behind!

After years of pleading to spirit “why can’t everyone be the same” I got my wish yesterday.  There was a major element that was the same for everyone, which actually made reading and understanding (once I got past the first one) easy!!  Before I start, let me give you my fantastic artwork of the way the field presented itself yesterday:

the current field

The bottom picture, as humble as it is, is the way everyone showed up yesterday.  The star represents the person themselves, the golden energy to me looked very much like honey, thick honey colored liquid with like air bubbles in it.  Everyone I connected to yesterday was standing in this honey… the creamy middle of the three super moons.

There is an incoming wind from both directions, the mid to end of august and the beginning to middle of september, which is what has created this honey like substance.  Even the energy months of August and September overlapped each other to create the area  I have colored golden (close to honey colored!) inside the two.  What is happening to every person at this time, is this coagulation of energy is seeping up from the soles of their feet and distributing itself thru the entire body construct.  You can almost look at it like getting a blood transfusion, only in the energy system.  It is serving to recode the entire body all in preparation for life after the last of the triple super moon series.

Just to make a mention here, this triple super moon series has not happened in 20 years and will not happen again in another 20 years.  1994 thru 2034, thats a 40 year cycle peaking in its intensity at this very moment in all of our lives, the apex of a massive cycle of growth and/or decay.  You cannot have one without the other really.

Now to make it more clear (I hope) the energy blowing in from august is everything you have put out there (from your core energies), thought, desired, created, ect., The energy blowing in from september is that which crystallizes it all.  In my own strange way of seeing things, I kind of see it like an M&M, chocolate on the inside, candy shell on the outside.

What is really interesting and puts a whole new twist on it all, is one of the lady’s I read for yesterday, I was able to see this honey like energy move up and thru her and emit itself outwards to create a brand new bubble of reality/experience.  This bubble was really sticky, like honey would be lol and spirit kept saying this is like an enhancement from the magnetic grid, all you desire, even the things you don’t realize you desire, stick to you.  However, out job is to pull in all the things that are sticking to our reality bubble and pull them into our personal space.  Thats when I seen the fibrous network inside the bubble and what looked like honey dripping from each fiber.

This is a time of stillness for many people, and a great example I got to see was when a lady asked about her son.  I seen him being peeled like a banana and all the insides being scooped out as what will make up the new gets put inside.  In this place, there is nothing you can do.  It may even feel like a complete disconnect from everything, its now at all, its a pause for the cause as everything that is you changes.

Ohhh and soul gym members, there WILL BE a soul gym tonight!!  Thank you for your patience with me as well.  My day begins!!

I love and cherish each and everyone of you.  Thank you for your extreme patience with me as my banana got peeled and formatted!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Later today I will be putting a special together, something I am fondly calling “Lisa’s Bailout Plan” lol with the BOGO 15 and 30 minute reading.  I will have it on my website later today, but you can access it thru this link and scroll towards the bottom:







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Allowing For Changes.


I have decided, I better really watch what I say and how I say it.  I have been calling this moon, the 2nd super moon in a 3 month period, the creamy middle.  Well, knowing the universe hears us literally (and yet they speak in metaphors and symbolisms, go figure) the turned me from a solid into something that could resemble paste.  Upper chest congestion, sinus congestion, watery eyes, blocked ears and not only did all this affect my vocal chords, for the past 5 days, it completely froze them up.  I had zero audibility, no rasp, no horse, just no sound period and I had to dig deep within my lungs to produce a whisper.  I have spent the last two weeks cough at the moon all night and sleeping the better part of the day.  For the first week and a half, I didn’t complain much since I was still able to vividly see and understand all that was happening inside of me.  But the last 3-4 days I was completely in the unplugged zone, which really let the “i feel sorry for myself” emotions come up to the surface and poke at me.  At least my team didn’t have me wallowing there.  Each time a sad emotion came up, they threw me lines from our past.  For example, I realized I have once again traded off being with my kids and grandson for yet another upgrade.  Its been since January since I last seen them and I had plans on going the beginning of next month, that is until I went into the garage again!  I wasn’t so much complaining as I was just feeling really sad about another month going by and not seeing my grandson.  Every time that sadness came up (it only lasted one day) my team echoed words from the past:

“If you could have it all, would you let it all go first?”  

At first, all I did was stick my tongue out at my team.  But thru the day, they repeated it over and over again, and with its repetition seemed to open something inside of me into a wider understanding, deeper meanings beyond the superficial aspects of want and have.

We as a species do not like to be inconvenienced at all.  Especially when it comes to the perception we have about health.  We want what we think of as ascension, yet have no desire to let our bodies go thru the absolutely needed process to handle the higher vibrations of ascension.  We throw supplements into it, we give up this, take in that, all because we really don’t trust our bodies to work in the way it is designed and in truth, we simply prolong the process, which will start again, unless we have completely given up on the process itself.

Imagine if the caterpillar didn’t trust the process at hand, we would never have a butterfly to behold.  The only real difference between us humans and the caterpillar, we will go into the cocoon stage many times over the decades as every ounce of our bodies change to hold the higher frequencies.

These “symptoms” will be different and/or stronger with each person, depending on where they focus their energies in life.  I see and read for a living.  I must keep up with the accelerated energies in order to do my job, my voluntary job, efficiently.

We talk about the harvested energies coming in, or what many would call new codes coming online inside the human, they must be assimilated within the DNA structure, which causes change in the body.

My team knew if I had any semblance of voice, I would still attempt to read, which would actually put me directly in your field of light and my physical body could not handle that as it changed.  So they shut me up completely.  Gotta love my team!! lol

But they did weave in some amazing magic too.  Helping me see what we have really gotten ourselves into now.  About a week ago, two new critters showed up in my world, both presenting themselves at my bathtub, which is my meditation place.  The first one was a mouse.  I am normally scared of mice (and bugs lol) but when I seen him scamper across my floor, my heart opened up so wide I just felt so much love for this little critter.  I really cough myself by surprise.  Try as I might, he wouldn’t let me take his picture tho.

The very next day, I swear I had an ET bug hanging on my shower curtain:



I must say again, thank God for facebook and people who know critters.  He was instantly identified as a praying mantis.  Off to my favorite animal totem page I went and found these two meanings for a mouse and a praying mantis:


Attention to details and examining closely, fastidious, may be getting too locked into details or may need to see them more closely now, need to focus on where your attention is. Are you too quiet or too loud? Mouse can teach lessons of stealth and invisibility for sometimes great strength lies within quietness. Time to be aware of new discoveries and possibilities. Listen to your introspection and intuition.

Praying Mantis:

Power of calmness, stillness, silence, time of meditation, inner reflection, stillness in healing or in creativity, teaches how to manipulate surroundings with skill, direct the body’s energy to empower the body. Are you taking some quiet time for yourself? Are you being patient with those around you? Are you moving toward your goals? However slow it may take, patience and perseverance is the key. Are you allowing the time to stop and pause in between tasks? Are listening carefully to yourself, others and your surroundings – in other words are you paying attention? Praying Mantis can teach you how to balance these energies.

When I seen the information on the mantis, I thought about those two words, “manipulate surroundings.”  I had 50 pounds of bird food sitting in the trunk of my car and the bag in my house about empty.  I could barely walk 10 feet without completely loosing my breath, yet I needed to get that bird seed into the house.  Funny how literal my own mind can be.  I asked all the things in my house if they could go get the bird seed for me.  In their own way, they did comply, just in a very different way than I expected.  I suddenly was filled with energy in my body and decided to take that opportunity to go fetch the bird seed.  50 pounds of bird seed slung over my shoulder from front yard to back door and I didn’t even get winded.  I was shocked.  Amazed really.  I was looking for the things in my home to transform themselves to go fetch the bird seed and instead, they released their energy into mine to allow me to do it myself.

My team also told me the mantis was a gift to me as well.  My house is littered with crickets and they keep me awake at night, we won’t even talk about the spiders.  Well, I researched the diet of a mantis and doncha know it eats what I wanted out of my home.  But let me back up a minute.  About 2 weeks prior I actually bought bug spray to get rid of the crickets but couldn’t bring myself to kill them.  The mantis came to do the job for me and I am still cricket and spider free to this day (Its been 8 days now.)

The co-operative universe.

The next day, which would be day number 10 of coughing at the midnight moon,  being voiceless and rescheduling everyone on my calendar… a-freakin-gain I sat and pondered why the hell is this time around taking so damn long.  I got two instant replies from my team.  First and foremost, in May, as the cough symptoms presented themselves again, I used my voice of authority and demanded to bleed instead of wheez.  I started bleeding the next day and May, June and July I had zero wheezing/coughing/breathing problems, instead, I bled each month like girls should.  lol  Delaying the monthly upgrades that were needed and now, I am getting them all at once because the energies demand it if I am to continue to do what I do.


I also realized, since I now have my home nebulizer, I didn’t go to the docs to help me breathe, I just smoked the peace pipe at home.  This also eliminated prednisone from this journey.  Prednisone works in harmony with these upgrades, allowing the lungs to function fuller more quickly.  Dammit.  I put a little rant on facebook about needing prednisone and the amazing people who share my life there, sent me sooooo much love, which I turned into prednisone and for the first time in 10 days, slept thru the night, no wheezing, no coughing… but sadly, this is when I had woken up with zero voice, as my teams says “for safety reasons.” lol

Lights started to turn on inside of me tho.  Between this amazing night and the amazing adventure of getting the birdseed from my car to my house… there was something bigger to be understood.

Charging the energy that surrounds us, pulling from others (people and things) that are willing to share their energy field with yours, to create what is needed in the moment.  This is where the energy of frustration can be the best thing we have available to us, as long as we do not get out of the space of love within ourselves.  That frustration gathers and changes the molecular structure of energy to match whatever we need inside.  Of course, as we master this more and more, we will not need to get to frustration to change things, but for now… whatever works!!

I woke up yesterday, day 13 into the silent zone and just wanted to cry as I rescheduled everyone again and I am missing you all so flipping much.  Frustration at an all time high inside of me.  I kept hearing the voice of my boob doctor suggesting I try an allergy medicine to see if it helps bring my voice back.  I needed to go into the world anyway as I wanted a live trap to catch my mouse and set him free, so i said screw it… off to the big wide world I went.

Thank God the people I encountered out there were really good listeners.  As I got to Home Depot, I had to ask where the live traps were, even my whispers were getting quieter… but the man heard me and walked me to mouse section.

My next mission, DRUGS!!  I went to Walgreens and attempted to ask the pharmacist which would better to get my voice back, I decided the drugs behind the counter, the ones you need an ID to get, are the ones I want.  The guy asked me which I prefer and I said I didn’t care, which ever one will get my voice back the fastest.  We came down to price since they are all the same, I got the Walgreens brand (Wal-Zyr-D.)  The moment I got into my car, I opened the package and swallowed a pill.  Since Albertsons was right behind Walgreens, I decided to skip grocery shopping at Walmart and do Albertsons.  There was a little boy in a truck like grocery cart that said “look at me, I’m driving.”  By now, I instantly put my hand up to my throat and completely expected to whisper  you are such a big boy” and instead, I had voice.  Holy freakin shit!!  I heard my voice and it was less than 30 minutes from taking that pill!!  Is that even possible?

All the way home I kept saying something out loud, just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke.  Nope, I had voice.  I even called my son just to hear myself talk… sure enough, 5 minutes of conversation I stayed audible.

When I got home I looked at the package details, good for runny nose, watery eyes, scratchy throat, didn’t say a damn thing about laryngitis tho.  I heard my team for the first time in days say… you charged it up to do what you wanted.  Several hours later a commercial came on the TV that I had never seen before.  It was an ad from Zyrtec proclaiming how better it is than Claritin D.  It specifically stated that this pill works within the first hour where as Claritin D works within the first 3 hours.  No doubt in my heart it was my teams way of saying… it wasn’t the pill I took but the instruction I gave to it by my frustration and deep desire.

It is OUR job to USE the energy available to us.  To give it instruction.  Not in a wishy-washy way… but firm and unyielding in desire.

Equally, everyone who feels aligned with the new energies really, really, really must get out of the thought that anything is broken and needs healing.  The caterpillar going into the cocoon is not broken, nor is the women in labor as she gushes fluids from her body and screams out in pain and her body seems to convulse to push out that baby.  Neither are we.  Honor the process at hand.  Because unlike the elements that got us to here, we all must move forward together.  If you are part of this high collective, and you keep trying to fix yourself, we all must take up the slack and transform the energy for you.

Spirit showed me this process like a wheel:

Unified Consciousness

I would like to conclude this sharing with the words of one of my most favorite and trusted channels, Kryon:

Refresh Your Truth
From Kryon Channel, “Soul Communication 2″
February, 2013 in San Antonio, TX
 There may be challenges along the way, dear ones, and there will be those of you who say,“Civilization is going backwards.” I want you to use common sense. When you recalibrate an entire earth and include the recalibration of Human consciousness, there will be a lot of those who go into frustration. There will be challenge. The old ways don’t work anymore. You’re going to see splits in everything, even the new age. I’ve told you that. This message will not sit well with those who are invested in old teaching and tradition. But it will be seen as a revelation to those who will allow it.

 Refresh your truth!

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

I love you all so very much and miss our connections more than you will ever realize.  I am Jonesing for you!!  More than anything tho, THANK YOU for enduring my quite time!!

(((((HUGZ)))))  of grand adventures and unlimited possibilities to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas









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A Sharing from the Spiritual Parking Garage!

Bird Tribe

I am still very much in “Holy Week” within my biological and spiritual structures.  That is to say, still very much going thru changes and remain voiceless and breathless thru it all.  But the more I allow and receive, the holier this entire process gets.  The one thing I know from the depths of my soul, if it is happening to me, it is happening to you too… if you allow.

There is so much I want to share from these last several days of deep inner silence/awareness, in no particular order (since the days seem to blur into one another at this point lol.)

The second day of being parked in the spiritual garage, I got to witness (that does not mean understand, at least, not at that point) what else was happening to me.  I watched and felt as my team seemed to open a flap of energy just outside the top of my head.  Once the flap was pulled up, I watched as all these spiral energy thingies (that looked very much like this:)



come in from above and land in various parts of the left side of my brain.  I had already seen many spirals in the readings so I did understand that they were serving to opening up new things, what tripped me up a bit, when I seen them in the readings, it usually had everything to do with a persons physical life path.  New things opening up for them to experience and grow with/from.  I was kind of excited to think new things, new understandings perhaps, would be opening inside of me.

I stayed dizzy the better part of that morning, but with such gratitude and anticipation to watch it all unfold.

However, just before this amazing event of my morning, something surprising presented itself.  Before I gave up trying to write a blog and retreated to my couch to concentrate on breathing, I went to that very sacred place I call my holy toilet.  Gotta let some coffee out!!  As I sat there I could suddenly see three Beings standing behind my computer chair.  I recognized their form instantly, what many would call angels.  I was stunned and had to ask, what are you doing here.  Their reply was simple, we are here to help.  Alrighty then!!

I have long ago released my interpretation of angels from the mass belief system of this planet.  The winged ones are actually what we would call ET’s, from another world, another universe beyond our own.

As I made my way to the couch to ponder, I suppose they could hear my unspoken questions… they started to explain a bit more about themselves.  In what we call ancient lore.  We have called these Beings many things over the millennia, “Thunder Beings, Thunder Birds, The Bird Tribes and so on, all one and the same.  They explained how they got those names.  When they emerged thru the portal/gateway it always created a thunderous boom, what we now call the sonic boom.  Tho the friction of their entry also created thunder storms too.  They came at a time when our earth was in great turmoil, to assist.  They appeared in their natural form, most closely related to our raptures (birds) with some humanoid looking qualities.  They left because they started to become worshipped as gods, to this very day really.   And that is all they shared before I got my energy lobotomy that morning.

The day (I think) I had an appointment with my boob doctor to get the stitches out from my double punch biopsy (which was perfectly normal, minus some dermatitis) and I set out to finally get those strings out of my boob.  I depend heavily on my GPS system to get me where I need to go and much to my dismay, my phone had a very strange problem, it was stuck in “airplane mode.”  What the hell?  I turned it off, then on, took the battery out, put it back in, I couldn’t get out of airplane mode to save my life, which of course completely disables the GPS system or my ability to call for directions and considering I had no voice, calling anyone was out of the question anywayz.  I stopped several places to ask for directions, most people couldn’t understand me, I had no voice at all and even my whisper was very raspy and created tremendous coughing.  Thank goodness for one man at Domino’s who actually could lip read and knew exactly how to get me to where I needed to go.  I showed up a half hour late.

When I first got scheduled with this wonderful boob specialist, I felt my body’s reaction to just his name.  I was flushed with this sense of well-being just looking him up on the internet.  In that very moment, every worry I had about my breast, vanished.

When I seen him the other day, something even more amazing happened.  I could whisper to him and not a single cough came out of me.  He, on the other hand, coughed all the way thru our conversation, he even laughed and said he must be empathizing with me.  I replied that it is a miracle that I can talk to you without coughing.  But there was something more happening, and it is so hard to describe… his energy became very relaxed, less doc mode more him mode.   We discussed my bizarreness of my coughing periods.  The months I don’t bleed I get asthma like symptoms and cough my voice out. every single time.  He even asked me that pesky question “do you smoke” I giggled and in a child like reply simply said “of course I do.”  It is in that very moment, something very evident happened energetically.  He just smiled at me and whatever he was going to say about that reply, vanished without a trace.

This is really a profound thing here.  We are so programmed in our bias, in our beliefs, in what so many have told us is true, to think, to expect… that in a moment, a nano-second of true energy exchange, that bias can become non-existent, which for us in body, is a HUGE acceleration of our frequency.  I experienced it just be feeling his name and fully surrendering my worry of breast cancer, and the karmic gift was exchanged within this moment of exchange too.

While getting lost trying to find my way home (still in airplane mode) I felt this amazing pang of intense love for this doctor I will probably never see again, it could have almost been mistaken for that feeling we get when we release we are “in love” with someone, same feeling.

I have not had an issue with my phone being stuck in airplane mode ever since.  But I did take to wikipedia to really understand that mode a bit deeper:

Airplane mode is a setting available on many mobile phones, smartphones and other electronic devices that, when activated, suspends many of the device’s signal transmitting functions, thereby disabling the device’s capacity to place or receive calls or use text messaging – while still permitting use of other functions that do not require signal transmission (e.g., games, built-in camera, MP3 player).  …Signal-transmitting technologies such as Bluetooth and wifi are also disabled in airplane mode, but receive-only technologies like FM radio and GPS still operate if the device is so equipped. Some models disable GPS and other passive features, but this is inconsistent among manufacturers, since these latter functions are permitted on some aircraft and not others. (I guess on my aircraft, it was not permitted lol.)

Instead of being active, you become passive and really open to experience on all levels (except traveling the earth lol.)

With my days still very much in the mode of silence and my nights awake with amazing coughing.  I will not ever complain about the coughing because I can still see and feel the energy changes that are taking place within it.  But even more amazing was the vision I have gotten from the moon in relationship to all this.

Since I started this path in earnest, my monthly cycles have changed its pattern to cycle with either the full moon or the new moon, it remains that way to this day.  As I was pondering why this cough and wheeze is so intense only during the night-time, or really, as the sun sets… I was shown the energy of the moon like an amazing band of translucent energy that moved in from the back of the heart chakra thru the core and out the front of the heart chakra, having emerged from one side of the moon and connect to the other.  The lunar cycles have always been associated with emotion, with the water energy on earth and the effect it has on the tides.  So is true for us.

When we are clear about who we are, emotionally, inside, we are expanded into the next greatest version of our self.  When we are not, we are expanded into the next greatest version to remind us of our true divinity.  Contrast.  We can see it playing out loud in this first half of the three super moon cycle with Israel and Palestine, and with our poor lost (but I still love him) president Obama.  Banging the war drums because at this moment, thats all they know of themselves.  It is what others have told them about themselves and what works and does not work, even tho their (our) history shows how much it does not work at all.  We keep repeating cycles until we finally get it.

This is a landscape of duality and both expressions are honored and loved from the All of the universe.  So as the dark gets darker, the light gets lighter.

I am also finding in this incredible Holy week of change, I am having one day where I can breathe (not talk tho) with ease, and another day not so much.  I took advantage of one of the breathing days to go to the store and get some supplies.  These breathing days are also the days I am seeing and understanding so very much about this precious time we are all in.

On my drive, I started to think about what was happening in my body.  I am in about day 4 or 5 of being down, having rescheduled every day of being down and holding my place in not complaining or feeling bad (well, still working on not feeling bad about rescheduling, but it is not lasting as long as it once did) and something started to overwhelm my whole Being.  True, absolute Reverence.  What my body was going thru, how hard it was working to change, my vocal chords for willingly shutting down so the higher frequencies can impart their energies within them.  I became so reverent in that moment that I took myself by surprise.  I do not think I ever felt exactly like this before.  It was different from love, I could only relate it to something we would see as holy and the feelings we have when we witness and experience something holy.

Suddenly, my mind went back to the very first book I ever read as I started this path:  The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav.  I didn’t understand a word I was reading, yet there was something about his chapter on Reverence that I kept going back to, still didn’t understand it, but felt its importance.  I know totally and completely understand it and more importantly, live within it, or is it thru it since I am one with my body??

I also remembered some of the readings and the sharings from last month.  That this is a time where we will be experiencing at least 5 individuations of love as a living mirror.  There is no doubt in my heart, Reverence is one of mine.

Over the many years upon this path, I have got to be conscious part of many things.  I have merged with the trees to feel their sap moving up and down their wet living wood, I have been the dirt and felt all its experiences as it rains or becomes dry, when a foot steps upon it and leaves an energy imprint from whatever they were feeling in that moment, to the energy of my computer, my kitchen table but this week presented something new.  To be in complete oneness with the day.  Not what is happening in the day, but with the day itself.  The day itself has no agenda, no anything really.  It simply IS.  However, manythings happen in what we call a day.  Elements gather and express themselves (rain, storms, snow, etc) WE gather and express ourselves (love, silence, war, sex) and it is grateful to be a part of it all.  Imagine that… grateful to be a part of it ALL.

Being a part of the day, I was watching the weather channel and the two hurricanes heading for Hawaii.  This is the first time a hurricane will make landfall in Hawaii in 22 years.  Can we see the energy of the TWO’s here.  Duality.  And then the day shared something profound with me.

We, as a “professed” enlightened species constantly think of weather as cleansing, but yet that very thought keeps us from seeing/knowing what is really happening.  Hawaii, the only remnants of Lemuria that is visible above the sea to this day.  Deep within the sea lives the wisdom, the Light body and its fully (and very different function that we have now) of the days, the many many millennia of Lumeria.  What we perceive as a cleansing is actually a bringing up of ancient wisdom, of energy, of ways of Living beyond what we comprehend now.

We, as a historical “thinker” think something is wrong when energies conspire to do something different and we attempt to stop it.  We do this with our weather, with each other, with our own bodies and so much more.  It is only when we stop thinking we know something (based on past experience or bias) do we allow for the new.  To Live fully and unconditionally in the New (which is not new at all, but the TRUE way of Living.)

There is so much more to share, however, I am slipping back into my garage.  Happy (2 of 3) Super Full Moons to everyone.

With oh so much love and awe and Holiness to and from every molecule in creation, (((((HUGZ))))

Lisa Gawlas











Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 5, 2014

Your Breath of Life!


I think for forever we have been so programmed to “breath in the light” to help us along our journey.  How many of us have ever stopped to really ponder that we are equally exhaling the light, or some version of it, all day long.  Until today, I never really gave that much thought.

So long ago, in the innocence of my beloved bathtub journeys, I pleaded with spirit to let me help others to not only understand that there is more to us than ever met the outer eye, but to equally help others to change as I was changing.

What we ask for and how it unfolds rarely is the same as our view of it.  Altho my last 14 years have been dedicated to exactly that, it has taken so many twists and turns along the way that you forget so much of what you asked of the universe.  I wanted (and still do) to understand all I could about everything “energy” as if affects our daily lives.  Altho, I learn so flipping much from each of you, I tend to forget just how much I learn from mySelf too.  To be an active player on the field of life and witnessing what is happening within me is as crucial to my (our) understandings as is the external.  I forget that a lot of the times, today especially!!

Last evening at the stroke of midnight, my lungs started to go thru the change, again.  Wheezy, tight, coughing…  but something was very different about it all, especially with the coughing.  I could feel tones pinging against my vocal chords every time I let out a series of coughs, an inner audible vibration happening with the coughing.  Of course, I was only half thinking this is extraordinary, the other half and more present part of me was thinking holy shit, if this keeps up I will have no voice tomorrow and I would pop in a halls cough drop.  Can I just say, those little things are like magic!!  lol

For hours, off and on, I woke up coughing and wheezing and eventually down right bitching.  All I could think of is my schedule and how I am not going to be able to accommodate it if this keeps up… again!!!  It didn’t matter, my bitching fell on deaf spirit ears!!

When I finally woke up for the day, by brains felt like there were off drifting in a distant sea, my breathing still a bit labored and my body just down right tired.  I just kinda sat here, staring at my computer screen, unable to do much else.

My 8am appointment rolled around and that now too familiar rasp came out of my mouth.  Dammit, I coughed most of my voice out.  We talked for a little minute and I could feel my head getting dizzy with my attempt to talk, but what was so amazing is I could see the light swirling around my head in the dizzy.  That is kinda kewl really!!  I knew my day’s plans were trashed and sent everyone else an email to reschedule.  I sat here just bitching to myself and I could see that swirling light choke up and disappear.  What the hell??

I must have recentered my emotional self, cuz I could feel my bitch mode release and then the entire top of my head became a heat stack.  Poof, a massive release of heat.  That at least provided a little more energy so I decided to use it on bird duty.  The hummer feeders needed refilled, so I took my tired body outside to bring in the feeders, the moment I got in alignment with the feeders I got really dizzy and seen not only swirling white light in my head, there was a little violet in there too.  How kewl is that!!

With bird duty done, I sat back at my computer… and instantly I heard my team say to me:  “You have asked to be able to understand what is happening and yet, when you receive the intimate details, you complain.:  Hmmmmm…. never thought of it that way really.  Ok, I won’t complain.  That must have been the signal my team was waiting for because instantly I could see what is really happening within, the details I just could not get from anywhere else but inside of my Self.

The energy I refer to as the west field, the field of harvest is merging with the energy of the upcoming full moon as a catalyst from this previous full moon and infusing itself into our pineal gland.  The light within all of LIFE is changing.  For a lack of a better way of saying this, it is becoming more of what it is.  Pure Love.  Pure Creation.

As I am getting to witness within myself today, it is coming in in waves, changing the pineal chemical compounds, which of course will trigger changes in all the other glands as all of our chemicals are changed to emit our core energy field.  Equally, it is flowing thru our blood and into our lungs to become the very energy of creation as we exhale.

We are so programmed to take in the light that often times we don’t even think of the energy we release thru the breath, thru our heart and air.  Equally important to understand in these less forgiving times, just because we have made a habit of taking in light doesn’t always mean we have made a habit of LIVING that Light in all we do and say.

Something happened in the soul gym last evening that I had to ponder thru this moment.  We were talking about how we change ourselves and often times the people around us no longer like who we are.  My reply was something like, as long as when I got to sleep at night I am in love with myself and have “DONE NO HARM” …in that energy I could not hold back the tears from my eyes, the welling up in my heart.  I thought what a very strange body reaction to a very innocent sentence.

DO NO HARM in all you think, do and say.  It became incredibly clear when someone, quite innocently, called my cigarettes “cancer sticks” and proceeded to give me her judgement about them.  Not only did I feel the negative energy try to land on me, I also fully realized just how protective this energy that we are in the midst of becoming infused with is as well.  I could see that energy round-up and flood back into her.  All I did was bear witness to this and thought, holy shit!!  Think about the implications on all levels!!

If I am personally choking out my own Light simply by (inwardly) complaining about my day, imagine how it distorts when the energy is anything less than Love outwards.  Including to the very cigarettes themselves, which some body is going to smoke and take in that judgement unknowingly.  (And that is just a small example.)

Even with all of that, I can see what is happening to our plant life.  Think about this, we have an incredible exchange with the plant kingdom, they release oxygen, which we take in and exhale as CO2, which they take in.  There is becoming a super rarefied field between all things.  A network of intense light that will repel anything less than Love.  This network will strengthen as we emerge from the last of the super moons (Sept. 9th) and with one final choice point at the equinox… your/our experience is going to be pretty much heaven or hell (lessons to release the judgement and bias brought forth.)

Enjoy the confluence taking place within each and everyone of you.  Please act/Live responsibly!! (smile)

Now that I have expended every last drop of energy I had within, I am going to take a nap lol.

With webs of Light and pure radiant love, ((((((HUGZ)))))

Lisa Gawlas






Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 4, 2014

Cooking Up A Whole New Energy System Within!!

energy system

There is such an extraordinary process happening at this moment.  I have been seeing the changes happening in the field, but it still doesn’t give me the bird’s eye view from within the body, well, until yesterday.  I thought I was sick, little did I realize I was preparing for the heaven within!  Even tho i was asleep (I think) most of the day yesterday, I was completely aware of what was happening within and around my body.  But first let me back up to where the understanding and this process started.

About a week ago, I spent two days sweating like crazy.  But the crazy thing, I was primarily sweating (on the first day) on my forehead and my neck.  The second day, it was there plus the inside of my elbows as well as the upper part of my chest.

As I was shown yesterday all the interconnected work that I have been experiencing, that was the start of this upgrade.  The heat was produced from the core energy accelerating, new frequencies coming in and expanding.  I use my throat and pineal gland every day for what I do, so that is the most targeted area  for this expansion.  It will allow me to keep serving (read that as… understanding lol) in the way that I do.  The upper chest is in the area of passion, enhanced passion in new ways.  The elbows are the flexibility within the reach for life.  All working together to bring in so much new.  New growth, understanding, opportunities, connections so on.

However, yesterday, in my complete down time, I actually got to see the cells in the body going thru the changes needed to accommodate the higher frequencies.  As the cells change and vibrate higher, they produce heat.  The body releases the “waste” material thru the sweat glands and the pores.  Man oh man, I was kicking out all my old cell waste to beat the band!!  lol

Then, somewhere between that event and yesterday, holy cow did I get a case of the serious head spins.  To the point I thought I would fall over, and I was sitting down thru it all.  This lasted for hours, gratefully, long after my day of reading was done.  With the cells in the position to receive new instruction, the next to go thru the process was the pineal gland.  It was receiving wave upon wave of new light energy, new codes, new wisdom, all that stuff I keep saying is in the west field.  Now I know where it actually goes in the body!! lol

The night before last, as I was having a wonderful dinner with my prior roommate and her new roommate, my nose started running and I started sneezing.  I really thought it must be some pollen or something zooming around.  We spent a lot of time outside and by the river and with the rains we have had, the Mesa is in full bloom!!

Not so much, once they left, my entire body started an accelerated falling apart process lol.  Well, if felt like it was falling apart to me.  My throat became really sore, the congestion was now thick and steady in my head.  I walked into the bathroom (a 15 foot stroll) and was completely winded.  Rut roh, I remember this, just shit.  I scrambled to remember when my last period was, July went by so fast, I don’t think I bled that month.  Man, I so don’t want to spend my period wheezing again, we won’t even talk about the loss of voice.

I dug out my albuterol inhaler, took two puffs from that peace pipe to make nice nice with my lungs and went to bed.  I swear laying down just allows everything to pool up.  My nose was draining like crazy, my lungs wheezing to beat the band.  I drifted in and out of sleep and spent most of the night blowing my very full nose.

I woke up and felt like I was run over by a mac truck.  My head still super congested, my throat raw, I felt like if I made a sudden move my eyes would just be launched quickly out of my head.  But I am a crazy woman, I was not about to feel defeat with my schedule just yet, I was going to do my first reading and hope the inner storm let up just long enough to see.  Ohh hell no, I proceeded to cough like a wild woman, something I really wasn’t experiencing much of.  I went into voice protection mode.  I rescheduled her, wrote to everyone else on my calendar and explained what was happening and that I needed to reschedule.  Normally I wouldn’t leave the computer until I heard back from everyone and sent them a reply and new reading date, not yesterday.  My head was losing the fight with gravity and it became really difficult to keep it erect.

I tip-toed over to my couch, knowing I would hear the ping of an email coming in, then I could get up and tend to it.  Yeah right.   I didn’t leave the couch until late in the afternoon.  I think I fell asleep, but it was a very aware sleep.

I could feel the energy itself wrapping around my body like a girdle, especially at the waist.  In that moment, I was also seeing one of the readings from the day prior, this expanding white-blue ringed energy that formed like a funnel shape from her feet to way above her head, I did understand that was what I would call the “god energy” merging into her.  Well, now I got to see it from the inside out, forget see it, I got to FEEL it, quite a tight fit let me tell you lol.  As this energy encircled me and squished me tighter, it moved into my back at the solar plexus, talk about feeling seriously bloated.  But I could see this all and much to my surprise, understand it in its process too.

As the energy was exterior, it was this blue-white energy, once it moved into the solar plexus it turned into a gel like yellow-gold that started to change the construct within my core, AKA, my spine.  My entire back started to feel quite unpleasant, but I knew, this was a great thing, if only it felt like that!!  lol

I was suddenly seeing my body in what looked like a large egg-shaped bubble and I instantly heard/understood that this is a very protective bubble that will not allow any other form of energy in as I move thru this very delicate process in my own body.

Let me share how important this understanding was to me, and should be for all of us.  When we see or hear about someone going thru something that looks like the opposite of what we deem “health” we want to send energy to get them back to speed, or feeling better.  If that person is going thru an energy change/upgrade/whatever, it actually creates an interference pattern and can actually stop their process.  If you think of it this way, a butterfly does have to struggle to get out of the cocoon, but if we went in and pulled it out or put the cocoon back together thinking it was broken, we actually, in our desire to be of service, did harm to the butterfly.

In these intense times, it is more crucial now than ever before, to be aware of when to and when not to assist others in their changes.

What I find even funnier, well sorta, I thought i put a post on facebook about my “condition” lol.  I typed it out and I know I hit post.  It never posted.  I can understand why now.  Equally, as I moved in and out of consciousness (Like I said, I am not sure I was asleep, everything was so clear and present, yet my regular reality was not present most of the time.  Strange.)  I was asked by my team to leave my computer and phone alone.  No energy sharing at all with others.  I must stay in this protective bubble until I am finished.  …okie dokie pokie.

And I continued to watch as the new incoming energy merged with my core energy, pushing out thru my sinuses what was no longer needed and allowing room for the new.  The body in complete harmony with what is happening.  I watched as the energy moved up into my chest, into my lungs and the shifting that happens at the alveoli level.  The energy changes that restrict and open the air passages, the tightening and releases.  It is all an intricate part of the process.  Coughing, sneezing, is all doing its part to cohese into the brand new energy spectrum it is becoming.

Yet, we as humans stop it before it has a chance to finish up.  Hell, even I was ready to go to the store yesterday and buy some decongestants, simply because I was over this part of assimilating.  So my team strapped me to my couch in a semi-conscious condition and I didn’t go anywhere lol.

About 4-5 pm I started to come “back to” and felt amazing.  My head was clear, my sore throat was gone, I was still a little out of breath, but hey, now I know why, so I celebrated that too.  I remained in my own energy field for the rest of the day and night.

Ohhh and I did understand too, that this “congestion” was also bringing in (or out if you look at it that way lol) the new platelets of cohesive energy to our next greatest adventures.

We really are designed for ascension if we would just stop being so darned scared of it!!  lol  There are very very important times we absolutely must withdraw from all the energies of others, to allow the delicate process happening within ourselves to fulfil itself.  Inconvenient, yes, but absolutely crucial if we desire the next great adventure to express itself thru and from us!!

This morning I woke up very very late (like I didn’t have enough sleep yesterday lol) but feel excited, uplifted and so in love with my team.  Sadly tho, as my day has already started, I am still sightless.  And I gotta love the expression my team just used with the lady I was on the phone with:  Ya gotta let the pie cool once you pull it out of the oven.

Ohhh I cannot wait to see what you have baked up for yourselves!!  The living Buffet of Life!!  Hey, I seen that in readings last year, hmmmmm…. there is something huge happening to and thru all of us!!

I love you all so much and thank you for being so incredible gracious with me all-ways!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with the bounty of love and life!!

Lisa Gawlas




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