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HOME, At Last!! Our New Story Begins Today!!


Welcome to day 1 of the rest of our lives!!  Did you enjoy the wet and wild energy spouts of yesterday??  At first it felt like any other morning, except for the fact my morning began at 2:45 am.  That energy started to billow in shortly after I attempted my first reading and got my floor.  My vision was down, truly, I was so surprised until I heard my team say we are the gap way heading into October.  I never even gave that so much of a thought of how it might affect readings.  I was busy being wayyyy to excited about all the incoming information and energies.

I decided, I can’t read, might as well clean.  I have company coming in this evening, plus I just bug bombed my house, gotta do some deep cleaning.  I turned on my pandora radio loud, grabbed my cleaning rag and started to dance.  Ya swear I was at a night club, my body rocking out to all my favorite tunes streaming thru the speakers, cleaning became secondary to dancing. Thru it all, I could feel my chest tighten and my eyes leak as wave after wave of love and gratitude and just pure joy rose up and thru me.

I would occasionally sit down to have a smoke and just enjoy all that was happening in my body and mind.  I got a new appointment from a new client (October is filled with virgins, what a reflective energy for this month!!) and she mentioned that she had been reading me on a site called mayan majic.  I decided to go check out that site, phew baby, I was so not prepared for what was about to happen!!  I went to their spiritual articles section and looking thru the vast list of people who share their hearts stories and understandings, suddenly, some of the names there (none of which I was familiar with) started to light up in my vision and flood my body with this energy…. holy heaven the energy.  The fourth of July was exploding inside of me, but more than that, rocking my flipping root chakra!!  I couldn’t handle it and had to close out that site.  It didn’t matter, my body was aflame with passion and excitement and remained in that state for hours!!  HOURS!!!!!  All I could think to myself was, if this is our bodys new recognition system of others arriving on this new earth, we are going to be very confused.  Should we hug them or have sex with them??  I really think we are going to be in overtime with discernment of our new, highly excited energy fields!!

In a way tho, it really does make sense.  When we are out of body and fully on the other side of the veil, in our pure energy state, our “hugs” are full mergers with another’s energy system, their light body.  The deeper you go into their energy field, from earth terms, the more highly arousing it is.  Of course, on that side of the veil, there is no sex like there is here.  There is simply pure bliss and the super heightened bliss state when merged.  On this side of the veil however, all we (umm, me) can think about is the sexual desire that comes from a pinged out root chakra!!  Discernment, not everyone is meant to be slept with!!  lol

This morning as I woke up (thankfully at 4am and not 2:45 again) the very first thing I see in my minds eye is feet, well really, toes on the edge of the new earth.  My vision went upwards to look at the legs, and it was kinda weird.  This body, the skin of this body, had the full on color of this previous full moon in all its brilliance, gold, bronze and red.  My first thought was… am I seeing my first client of the day as I wake up?  I smiled and sauntered out to my coffee pot, still holding that radiant vision on my eye when I hear my team say… silly, thats you!!  ME????  I never see me, unless I run a bath that is.  Wow, things have really changed already!!  What a gift to wake up too, because I know that somewhere in the back of my mind, I had hoped I made the leap…

And so our new story begins!!

I want to take this moment to thank each and every one of you that share my sharings upon your facebook, emails, personal blog spaces, youtube computer voice transmissions and other places I have yet to discover.  I cannot tell you how humbling it is, how deeply honored I am and really, it is so much deeper and beyond my words, than that.

I want to also thank the amazing…. AMAZING influx of people who took advantage of my two-day special.  You all have so overwhelmed me by your reaching out.  So many new puzzle pieces to glean understanding from, so many familiar pieces to expand in fuller understandings.  Just, thank you from the depths of my heart and the furthest reaches of my soul.

And here we go, hand in hand, heart in heart, breaking ground in the new.  It’s going to be exciting to see what we got ourselves into now!!

Ohhhh, before I forget to mention this.  As I was cleaning and washing my quartz crystals, I realized several of them popped out with new record keepers on their face.  You may want to check your crystals (the unpolished, uncut ones) to see if any record keepers have arrived for you to glean information from.  If you are unsure what a record keeper is, google it, then journey with your crystal!!  They have been as activated as we are and waited for this moment to reveal even deeper secrets!!

Have an amazing day my beautiful, treasured souls, the best is about to go into overdrive!!

(((((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))))))))) of every good thing you can conjure up and all that things you can’t too!!

Lisa Gawlas


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Source Infusion, Shamba-lini and The Ascended Body!!


The end is here!!  lol, sorry, couldn’t resist saying that!!  But let me tell ya, thru every reading yesterday, you could feel the end thru the bountiful new beginnings at hand.  There are some images/energies that happen in a reading, that really stay and linger… my first reading yesterday is having that effect on me, understandably.  So I want to take this amazing visual, energy infusion and share it with all of you to feel, experience, and bring into you.

There she was, standing on the edge of September, head slightly raised looking upwards, her mouth slightly open, breathing in the downspout of pure blue-white energy that was coming in from the October landscape and bridged its release to where she was, blowing the winds of change with the most gentle/loving force I have ever experienced all around her face.  I could see the strands of her hair flying backwards with this energy system, and yet, she simply stood there, in a state of absolute reverence breathing it in.

A new trinity energy confluence is underway… Physical energy, Soul energy, Source energy.

Which brings me to another reading.  As she was standing at the edge of September, the first thing I noticed was this big ass snake right behind her.  This snake was so beautiful, about 6 feet in length and as thick as a baseball and the greenest green I have ever seen.  It was in a horizontal position behind her, in constant motion, but not movement.  With its body it created a rapidly moving series of S wiggles but never moved out of place.  A sine wave in constant motion and yet, in stillness.  I also knew this was her kundalini energy supporting her (visually so I could understand it) movement forward and kind of like her soul saying “I got your back, now go forward.”  However, just in front of her was another snake, much smaller (about 2 feet long) and brown.  I knew instantly (I am getting better at this game, lol) that it was her “Shambha-lini” snake. I also understood its presentation of size and color from my own beginnings with my own kundalini snake experience.  Brown showing it is just now being awakened/stimulated, same goes with its size.  As she purposely works with this snake, it will enlarge and bring out its true colors/frequencies for use in life.

The only thing I presently understand about this new snake (smile) is the enhanced version of what we know as kundalini.  Kundalini being the energy of the soul presence within, as we work to integrate it, it enlarges and changes color/frequency and becomes a power source of physical and soul energy fused as one.  Shambha-lini adds in Source energy.  A triad so fused together as one system that nothing in its presence will ever be the same.

I am going to skip to the last reading of the day, kind of like the climax of the day of readings.  She too was standing on the edge of September and her entire body was engulfed in the most amazing funnel of multicolored energy.  Kinda like this, except add every conceivable, and even, the inconceivable spectrum of color, that make up the sparks:

funnel energy

What was/is happening is a super infusion of energy that is oozing into her skin and as she moves to the new earth, all this energy will be radiating outward from her very skin.  I was given the amazing privilege of seeing (and feeling) her standing on the new earth as september released itself to October, she looked like she was tie died!!  The focus of my vision was on her face, no longer skin colored but multi colored lol.  With all my heart, I so wish I could draw or paint of something to show you exactly what I see!!!

The reason I was seeing her face was one, the enhanced identity of her expanded Self, but more importantly, it is the first thing we (usually) see and connect with on a person, their face. This magnificent energy field will simply radiate outwards from her skin, affecting everything and everyone around her.

Even just sharing that, I am now being shown/told the bigger story too.  That guy we know as Jesus, in his ascended state (before death not after) he too oozed this frequency from his skin.  ALL the ascended masters in body do.  It has an amazing, empowering, vibrational enhancing effect when others connect with (see) you/him.  But just like every embodied master before us, you (we) must get to know this oozing frequency and how to manage/control it for even higher uses.

Now, with all that, my team is wanting me to remind all of us, this game is about to go live, active, and a participatory earth event!!  Live, in person, on the ground level.  By now, most of you (us) should be well established in both world (spirit and the physical) and can easily navigate both at the same time.  This takes the need to meditate out of the game because you are now ACTIVELY Living meditation.  Meaning, you have trained your physical mind to know the illusion and limitations it once perceived, is not real and works in tandem with the soul to create all you need and desire.  There is no longer a need to hesitate or “think” on things, you move with the energy flowing thru you and trust me (their words not mine) you are going to find yourself in the most amazing places with experiences you never thought possible in this earthly realm.

A note and observation of my own… so many people are starting to get their body in a more flexible limber shape these last few weeks.  There is a deep inner knowing that the time for stillness to reach the higher realms is done (at least for this wave) and you will now be actively living it ALL, out loud and in Life!!  This IS Ascension!!  Live IT!!  <3

Sleep on that tonight!!  Embrace your Awesomeness with gentle confidence.  And thank you for the amazing grace you fill my (our) world with.  I love you beyond words and appreciate you as much!!

((((((((HUGZ)))))))) of super powers to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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The Final Quarter of 2014 Revealed!

new life force

So much to share!!  Let me start off by sharing what I couldn’t remember yesterday.  It’s funny, for the life of me I couldn’t remember what was so clear in my heart and understanding the day prior, not until my very last reading of the day was at the end of his session, then it was like a floodgate opened and it all poured back in.  I also realized too, I needed yesterdays field of readings to really understand the rest of our story.

So, in that beautiful, artistic way I have about me (smirk) I created a diagram to go with the story:

4th quarter 2014

First, let me explain the September and October visual.  There is purposely a gap between the two months, representing the leap from this temporary dressing room that was created January 2013 and ends September 30th, 2014.  I also realized yesterday, with each progressive reading, the landscape I call September was becoming less and less visible to my eye.  Then it dawned on me, it’s evaporating, ceasing to exist, for we used it and it is no longer needed.  Which also created the sudden light bulb moment of why this upcoming Eclipse will create the winds of forced placement.  The fence is gone and you gotta land somewhere!!

Let’s talk about this change too.  I started my sharing yesterday with how odd it is to know in the heart we are making the leap to the new world, yet the mind itself, see’s no difference.  My team showed me how that works out for us.  Imagine (which is the word for “this is real”) there is a vibrational carpet beneath your feet.  The carpet represents the frequency in which you vibrate: old world, new world and even this temporary changing out world that is already leaving us.  This carpet is resonant with higher or lower energies, depending on where you brought your self to.  It will reflect and power all the possibilities of the new world, or if your choice (or forced winds) see obstacles as too challenging to overcome, then back to the older, denser vibration to choose again.  To see it all as the illusion it is and create your power field to move beyond limitations.

October, up until this week and a place I have been seeing since early 2nd quarter this year, has changed too.  It had always looked like a massive upwards flow of magnetic energy, very golden in color.  The closer we got to October, the color deepened and included bronze in its spectrum.  I just realized that since we were released from the belly of the moon, I no longer see that magnetic energy.  This morning spirit said it is because we have absorbed it into our Beings, at least those standing on the edge of September.

Now, if I can insert something that may be confusing, but is equally important to the ALL of evolution… a new temporary earth has been created.  I talk in a linear story, but nothing is linear or solid.  There are timelines upon timelines, energy systems upon energy systems layer together that the physical mind cannot see.  There are many who brought themselves to that massive choice point I call December 2012, and the temporary changing station was created for us to endure the intense releasing of our old physical construct and change out or old biology, our old thought systems and become birthed a new.  Well, there is a new wave now going thru that exact same thing.  I have the beautiful privilege of reading for a young lady who is showing me this information in her readings.  For her, there was never the energy of the moon, just vast choice points that brought her to a higher level of herself and will get to experience what all that means to her, as we did this last 21 months.  However, I am hearing, that temporary earth/cycle will be shorter for those arriving there than it was for us.  We set the trail of light and wisdom on the ground to allow those to accelerate their change, faster.  Yay us??  lol  It was HELL!!  I smile as I hear “ya gotta go thru hell to get to heaven.”  We paved the freakin road!!!  lol   …and lived to not only talk about it, but celebrate it too!!

So October opens up like a large orientation month.  Think, first days at the University after graduating high school.  We will be getting our inspirations, our life plans of education and experience and settle into our new world.  Which brings us to November.  Phew, November!!  An intense violet-maroonish color in vibration.  Masters in body.  Living as a Master.  Living the magic and power of a fully embodied spirit in matter.  (I have not gotten to see what that looks like yet, November is still a thick, living color spectrum.)

Then it becomes very very odd (to me.)  December is as black as coal.  The entire month is filled with the vastness of the deep unknown, unseeable.  And yet, with its conclusion, we hit a life changing choice point…. again.  Nothing exists at (this) ground level past December.  Very reminiscent of December 2012.  Instead, whatever transpires thru our action and application in this last quarter, catapults us into yet another higher frequency as we leap into January 2015.  Or not.  I have no clue where the “or not” lays…

The energy line I started seeing as 2015 a few months ago, is that now familiar white-blue.  Beyond the soul living in matter, is the creator him/her Self living in matter in full partnership, in full consciousness as us.  The unified field so complete, there is no other way to live.

But lets come back to yesterday’s field of readings.  Four out of five people were standing at the edge, the gap way from September to October.  The only person that didn’t show this, is the girl I said is now on that temporary earth, giving me the crystal clear understanding of the wave effect.

I want to start with my fourth reading of the day, I was so puzzled and so not understanding pretty much any of her reading, that I chose to reschedule her instead of count the time as a reading.  I get it now and so I want to share this for her, but also, to many of you as well.

The first thing I had seen as we opened up her reading, was her standing at the edge of September.  Directly in front of her was this huge fanned out spread of feathers.  The feathers were super large, at least 6 feet in length.  They were also a very strange color spectrum, orange, yellow and green.  What made it even stranger for me, was I was wearing a tie dyed t-shirt a former client/friend created for me when we had The Wonder of You open in Virginia.  The more I looked at these really large feathers, I started to think they were tie died too, I could see the white edges of the feathers… what the hell??  I can interpret the colors, soul, heart, sense of self.  But for the life of me, I had no idea why they were in front of her, looming so large and wide that she could not pass them.  I personally could not even connect to the energy of them, that place that releases the feeling of what something means, I could only see them.  I started yelling at her team to bring in audio… HELP!!  Nope.  For the second consecutive reading of hers in a row, the sound of silence was deafening.  What the hell??  I don’t know what to do with this.  Suddenly, I got a feeling to look beyond September and her big as feathers, that felt, if she picked them up and put them on her head, they became very reminiscent of the indian headdress.  But then what??????

My vision was taken to the beginning of October energy, way in the deep west field, sitting up on a wire where the moon once hung in the readings, was her spiritual team.  They were energetic forms, but man I could feel them and see their non-solid presence over there.  But again, not a word.  The strangest thing for me, and actually is now the most revealing thing for me too… in her present moment, I could see her so clear that if I didn’t know better, her and her feather spread were literally in my back yard, but I had no feeling connection with any of it.  On the other earth however, her team was vague energy that I could feel thru my whole body.   And thru it all, not a single word was spoken from them, again.  Dammit.

Puzzled let me tell ya!!

After I finished my (very audible) fifth reading of the day… I took to pondering her feathers.  I was missing something.  Of course, we are shifting every single day, the imagery is like nothing I have ever seen, nor interpreted before.  I am not one to just let things go…

Suddenly and thru the next several hours I kept hearing “Polarity vs Duality” in reference to her colorful feathers in front of her.  Huh?  The one thing that has been incredibly consistent thru all the readings, when your team falls incredibly silent, you are at a massive choice point in your evolution.  Usually tho, they do not give clear as day visuals as I got with her.  So even that confused me.

This morning I got up with her still on my heart.  I looked up why indians wear that headdress and what feathers really mean to them.  That is the strongest connection I got with her feathers.  I found a wonderful website (here) that started to fill in some blanks:

People always associate Indian headdress with feathers, but do you know what the feathers represent? Warriors earned a feather each time he did something the tribe felt was a brave act. Many times, the first feather earned by a warrior was given to him for being seen as an adult member of the tribe. However, the warrior was not just given the feather. The warrior had to prepare himself to receive such an honor and that often require days of fasting and meditation.

Each time the warrior earned a feather, he would either wear it (but he only wore a couple into battle) or put it on a pole used for special occasions. Once he had collected enough feathers, they were then made into a headdress. Because each feather had a special meaning, binding them together in a headdress made that Indian headdress even more special. Only the men, closest friends of the warrior, were involved in making the headdress. The Indian chiefs also “earned” each of their feathers. The most prized of all feathers to receive for an Indian headdress was the Golden Eagle feather. Because the Indians saw the eagle as a messenger of God, this feather could only be earned through hardship, loyalty, and strength.

These feathers were from her team, the tie dyed effect were showing where her strength lays (core energy within, tied together.)  The ongoing silence was her teams way of saying… go within.

So then, I looked up polarity vs duality.  I found a wonderful article on the galactic free press (I am so sorry, I have no idea who the author is) entitled:

Duality and Polarity – There’s a Big Difference  (click the title to read the whole article.)

One of these is essential to the way the physical realm works, the other is nothing more than a two-dimensional belief system. Some people use the terms duality and polarity interchangeably, but I’m going to make a strong distinction between the two for the sake of clarity.

The first thing to understand about duality is that it divides, it’s either one thing or the other. Black or white, right or wrong, good or evil. It does this through judgement, separating things and creating conflict. Duality is how human beings, who have much more in common than not, are convinced to fight with and even kill each other. Duality is used to create an “us versus them” mentality.

Now polarity is something else entirely. Where duality has a positive and negative that conflict with each other, polarity has a positive and negative that attract each other. In the case of what recently happened with our Sun’s poles, they can even switch places. Polarity is complementary forces that work together to create balance, duality is the belief in opposing forces that conflict with each other and create chaos. …

The opening paragraphs hit home in what I was hearing yesterday.  Hmmmmm.  Her feathers, worn as a headdress of understanding and empowerment, leaves duality behind as she goes within and lands on the new earth with polarity as her only conviction.

How many are still picking duality out of their consciousness?  Good, bad, right, wrong.  Stuck on the other side of the moon, the fence of life and limitations that do not embrace freedom.  She got herself to the edge… now to wear it as a Life Force!!

Even tho there is so much more to share, as always, I am going to close here.  This is a big chunk to nibble on!!

Ohhhh I feel magic in the air!!  Thank you so much for allowing ALL of us to understand life as you seek to understand You!!  You are invaluable to our ongoing evolution!!

Lisa Gawlas

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The Kingdom of Heaven IS YOURS!!


I know I left off yesterdays sharing saying I have so much more to share, this morning, I will be damned if I cannot remember what that is!!  So instead, I will share what I am recalling with yesterday since that seems to be my teams focal point this morning.  But before I get into that, I just want to share a little personal thing I became very aware of this past week.  I/We talk about the “new earth” a lot these days, I mention it often in readings, since spiritually this is where we are all heading.  When I write about it, or have inner dialogue with my team about it, it is so real, so true, so unquestionable.  The moment I say “the new earth” out load, in a sentence, it sounds so funny, unreal even.  The logical mind becomes so present and thinks to itself, when we wake up on Oct. 1st, the walls will be the same, the view out our windows will look the same, there is nothing “new” to the minds reasoning of external experience.  Yet, the heart, in its deepest core, knows the truth.  Kinda weird feeling really.  I can more deeply appreciate those who just can’t wrap their minds around what is really happening and chose not to entertain it as their reality.

Anywayz… For the first time in a really long time, I was pulled in to do a meditation yesterday.  I decided to light a very extraordinary candle that made its way to me this week from a precious soul going full force in her new life.  She is now making homemade soaps and started making candles.  I suggested embedding crystals in her candles to enhance and release the energy thru the flame from the crystal within.  She sent me her very first candle of that kind:

my candle

The moment I held that candle in my hand and looked/felt the details she infused into it and around it, my heart just burst open.  She infused it with peacock ore, one of my most favorite rocks of the earth, something embedded in our earth from realms far away.  Then the rope around the candle, I had seen that very thing in so many readings, knots and all.  Even the little silver balls, parts from readings, power balls (thinking, Mario and his mushrooms) and then the key… wow, that key!!  I heard from deep within my heart it is the key to the new world.  Yay!!  But I didn’t know I needed one lol.

So, in my bathtub pull yesterday, I lit the candle with loving intention, set it on the side of my bathtub, sprinkled cedar wood essential oil into my bath… and set sail.  Before I laid down in my bath, I breathed in the candlelight, the energy of the whole candle and suddenly I became aware of the key, it lifted up (in my mind’s eye) and turned and I heard this…. sound, a melody maybe, but like nothing I can describe.  Instantly I remembered what I shared yesterday about the eclipse moon releasing a harmonic tone to awaken our new soul songs.  Thats what I must have heard!!

Thru this harmonic tone I heard “The Kingdom of Heaven is Yours.”  That was repeated several times, maybe to override my mind saying “it’s mine??”  As I laid down in my tub, I could see this steam or vapor coming off of my root chakra, from pelvis all the way down to the feet.  What the heck??  Then, I was shown the frequency of my heart, it was made of energy, like nothing I have seen before and my team simply said “this is the resonance of heaven and is yours.”  The next thing I know, I have this man on my massage table, face down, and I am under the massage table, aligning my energy to his.  What the hell??  This is a man incarnated on earth, that I am aware of, but don’t really know.  I was shocked to see him on my table and said hey!!  I don’t have permission to bring him in here, my team smiled and said of course you do, it’s from the soul level.  Alrighty then!!

After we got done with the crazy energy alignment/connection on the massage table, the next thing I know, we are up on the side of the mesa having amazing sex and I am watching and experiencing at the same time (I am my own voyeur!! lol) when this light started to emit from our coupled bodies and create a large circle of energy as if we were releasing a string of light and binding it around something.  I also became aware of the Guardians at the top of the mesa, they started to assist with this energy creation as our ummmm…. session reached a crescendo, suddenly from the above the top of the mesa, out of this sting of light energy that we bound there, this HUGE  multicolored thingie sprouted up, it looked like a helicopter propellers or a windmill where the blades were horizontal instead of vertical.  Of course, I had to ask…. what the hell is that??  The Guardians simply replied, it is the next phase to the vortex energy we brought to life.  Alrighty then!!

The next thing I know, we are back down on the ground and he is sitting in a chair facing the mesa (right by the river) and I am doing a massage on his head and shoulders with the purpose of bringing his Guardian into his body.  Shouldn’t I have done this first????  Guess not! lol

As I was doing this massage thing, suddenly my own memories started to come forward with the vast information I have been given over the years about the energy I call Shambhala.  Keeping in mind, the Guardians who have been ever present at the top of the Mesa, revealed themselves to me long before I moved here to the Jemez and called themselves “The keepers of Shambhala.”  I told them I don’t like the word “keepers” so they graced me with the word “Guardians.”

Shambhala, the thing we know and think of as “heaven on earth” is not a place but a frequency, a resonance that can only be brought into the physical plane of existence thru the human heart.  There are codes and energy structures to start building this place (energetically, I suppose) thru the alignment of the physical body, thru the heart of absolute love, than can only be released thru physical intercourse, with purpose and intention.

Geez Louise, ya know, I would love to keep some things secret, but noooooooo.  I must come back to the initial strange session on the massage table.  He was laying face down, I am laying on the floor face up (trying to figure out what the hell I am going to do from down there) and suddenly our root chakras elongated and met each others.  From what my team is saying, it was the activation and encoding to start this process.  One by one, the rest of the body system merged too.  It kind of reminds me of sticking a plug into the socket, one without the other is just potential waiting to be experienced.

The one thing I am absolutely sure of, this is going to be a very interesting next phase of our evolution.  Just for the record, I am not saying who this man is, I am still processing/getting over the sudden and unexpected intertwinement myself.

After we got done with the guardian/mesa and stuff… the next thing my team showed me was standing on the new earth and two chords emerging from me, one at the root chakra and one at the crown chakra.  The root chakra was plugged into the “upper atmosphere” of Giaya, the other plugged into the center of the sun.  It was only at this moment did I learn that Giaya also has an upper and lower atmosphere just like us humans.  The lower atmosphere is the tangible reality, where we, and all visible life forms lives.  This is where earthworkers work from.  (not me)  The upper atmosphere is where the truth of her vision for Life and incoming new life exists and that is where I am plugged into.  They called me a “generator” in this next phase of our evolution.  Above and below as one energy Source… the building blocks of (our new) life made manifest.  Now how I do that… is going to be interesting.

As the meditation ended and I sat up, once again and several times thru this meditation, again that phrase was repeated “The kingdom of heaven is yours.”  I was actually puzzled and cannot say I am not completely not puzzled this morning by the repetitive phrase that can sound rather possessive.  I am feeling (and hearing) this morning that if you know you have the frequency of heaven within you, the energy and codes of Shambhala within your DNA, we are responsible to bring it forward, use it.  Release it into the inner atmosphere of the new earth, this is how we start building!!

On that note, my day is about to begin.  Let me leave you with this thought:

It is not enough to know who you are, to know the kingdom of heaven is within you, You must actively LIVE Who You Are and it is YOURS!!!

With so much honor and grace wrapped in bountiful ((((HUGZ)))) of excitement!!

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choice point

The one thing I am absolutely sure of today, there is no more fence-sitting!!  The days of saying “I want to step into the New, but… but… but…” are going to be done as we enter the Total Lunar Eclipse on October 8th.  As I was reading for a lady yesterday, getting all pimped our in her new energy body and new bubble of creation, she asked a question about her husband and where he is in all this (a major theme for yesterday let me tell ya.)  He was up on this side of the September full moon, on that electrical wire that could serve to ignite him into the belly of the moon, but instead, he simply choose stillness… remaining in the shadows of the moon, watching her, but not interacting in her Light field with movement.  Suddenly and I might even add, surprisingly, the energy of the lunar eclipse came into the reading, releasing an energy akin to the sonic boom.  The understanding thru this force field/sound wave was knocking those fence sitters into their best alignment (old earth or new earth) with its passing.

I also realized that this past full moon has its own duality to it as well.  For those ready for action, for acceleration of their entire life and Willing to fire up the new blueprint of their Soul Life Plan, the moon served as a portal, the chamber where the old you died and the new you emerged into this amazing now moment of movement.  For others, those that allow life to be their obstacle, the reasons why they can’t yet, or won’t,  the moon’s presence is a purposeful block.  The proverbial brick wall.

If you take a moment and look at the majesty of it all.  The 3D story, the things we tell ourselves, the things we believe we must or must not do, are all beautiful obstacles of challenge, of absolute choice.  Its one thing to convince yourself you are done with the “old way,” it is a whole other thing to put the energy of being done into action.  A leap of faith, and total ungluing from all that got you to Here.

For those brave enough to see this momentous time thru with action (not intention, not wishful thinking, pure action) and you have a partner or spousal unit clinging to the old, what I seen was like a large rope stretched to its capacity and it finally snaps.  One going back to the old earth to relearn the value and importance of letting go and the other breaking ground on the  new earth.  Two very very different frequencies.  Two realities so different one cannot engage with the other.

This upcoming Full Lunar Eclipse, seals the deal for everyone.

For those who have willingly and completely surrendered to the New, this moon phase will be releasing harmonic codes to enliven your new blueprint of life.  Your soul song, if you will, upon the new earth.  Those upon the old earth will start to feel and sound like static, screeching in the energy field of life.  That is simply giving us a marker of non-resonance of the new earth.

I know we would love to drag those we love and are connected to along with us, but that ain’t happening.  It cannot.

Again, as duality would have it, we are going to see an upswing in divorces and separations as one embarks on the new earth and the other chooses to stay behind (or is forced to by the decision-making blast of energy from the eclipse.)  But equally, we are going to see a lot of new, intensely passionate relationships sprout up as well.  A super surge of love energy coming alive within us and seeding this new earth with healthy, balanced Love.  And those that are already nurturing that unconditionally loving partnership will be amazed and excited as the love you bring forward blooms in ways you didn’t even know it could.

And I am also being asked to put out this caution flag as well, even those prepared and aligned with the new earth, if your choice is to remain in the old, with your familiar(s) your will find that the magnetic flow of creation diminishes.  Not because of any other reason than your magnetic energy is aligned to the new, intense magnetic energy of the new earth and not the old.

The way I am seeing and understanding this incredible moment in time, it is BIGGER than the choice points we brought ourselves to by the end of December 2012.

But lets take a look for a moment, when you simply change your mind.  Change your relationship with who you were last week and who you have allowed yourself to become NOW.  I read for a lady a couple of weeks ago, I shared her story in one of my blogs, she was grayed out from the neck down, holding her hands in front of her private parts, with a great big ol daisy as her head.  New beginnings, new energy embedded in her consciousness, yet her body was (at that moment) blocking the inflow of new life energy.  Well let me tell you, she did serious magic since then.  I read for her yesterday (thank goodness spirit gives me amnesia with every appointment, I forgot her visuals from our last reading) and the CHANGE, OMG the change was so exciting.

She was aligned now fully with the changing room of the “Eye” of the Source energy I see rotating like a hurricane system, only much more gentle and full of pure Source (god, Presence, pick a word) energy embedding its full essence in the new bubble of creation that will come online as we move into October/the new earth.  For so many months she had wanted to move to a new home, but nothing ever presented itself.  In these last two weeks, she changed her story, changed her approach to her potential new life, made a single decision that changed it all and amazingly (to me anywayz) I could see her new home in the landscape of October.

It is really amazing how restricting our own energy field is when we keep telling ourselves and holding ourselves to the old story and not changing out the character relationship of yourself with the new.  One single change of mind, of Self perception, and the action required to declare it to the field of life, opens the floodgate to your greatest desires made manifest!!

Let me now talk about that bubble of creation.  One of the lady’s I read for yesterday, was in the “eye” blowing up her new bubble of creation.  For those that do not know that term in my reading language, it is your own personal field of creation, the bubble or hologram where your entire life unfolds.  In our old story (umm, like last week lol) the bubble of creation was large, it included the entirety of your inner (home, personal relationships, yourself, etc) life field and your outer created life (like when you go to the store or to someones house, you outside of your personal creation, but still part of the larger creation but less responsible for what takes place there.)

I watched as this beautiful, honey colored bubble started to emerge upwards around her.  Instead of being dome like, it now resembled a hot air balloon shape.  Her team allowed us to fast forward to what it will look like on the new earth.  It was no wider than about 3 feet around her at the body level and expanded as it emerged over her head.  It is only this morning I understand that significance.  The upper atmosphere is attracting those in her (our) personal collective consciousness, the energy system/collective consciousness I call Shambhala, while at the same time, keeping out the frequencies at her body level that do not vibrate at that unconditional, supportive, active consciousness, out.  This may sound kinda cruel to say, but I am gonna say it anywayz… like a living bug zapper field.  Nothing but the highest resonance can enter your field, all others will be electrocuted away.  How that plays out, is going to be interesting to see!!

There is so much more to share, but I am going to leave that for tomorrow.

I so look forward to “seeing” you in the Living Earth of Shambhala, and YOU are Her first Flowers!!  <3

(((((HUGZ))))) filled with breathtaking joy and leaps of faith to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas





Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 26, 2014

The Power Surge of Expansion is Underway!!

upgraded consciousness

This new story is already getting so darn exciting, and truly, we are simply in the prelude section!!  Sometimes tho, when I get into the start of readings, I forget which part of the story we are in.  There is so much to remember lol.  I want to focus today with two of the readings I had yesterday, they are telling us so much about chapter 1 of our new book of life.

My first man of the day, a beautiful soul I have had the privilege to watch grow, embrace and use his true divinity over the last few years.  He showed up suspended over the magnetic field I call the equinox (and please know, it is not a single day, but an energy field itself.)  His arms were stretched outwards, his legs slightly spread apart and he was nekkid as a jay bird!!  Yikes!!  Thank goodness spirit blurred out his ummmmm…. well the area’s I do not need to see!  His nakedness was showing his release of all identifiers of the past.  Stripped of his clothing, and in a position to be fully infused with the new.  And holy cow, what a way to get infused.  At his back, solar plexus area, three non-stop lighting bolts of the most intense white silver energy, repeatedly zapping inwards.  At his front, his heart area, two lightning bolts doing the same thing.  Each hand had a lightening bolt and his crown had too many for me to count.  All this while suspended over the magnetic release of the new earth.  This high electrical infusion was serving to burn up any lingering debris, while at the same time, rocking his entire body with pure alignment with the new pathway he is about to set foot on and the energy and wisdom to embark on it.  I did snake my antenna outwards into the fields of October to take a sneak peek, and all his team would show us was this really large foot made of electricity getting ready to step onto the new earth, and the sparks of connection just radiating upwards from within his foot/body.  Much to my surprise, his team said that once he arrives with feet on the ground they will give him many details of where his new path is taking him.  I am excited about that!  We get into the suspended states and get the information of now… which is nice and all, but man I love to see the greater story that we have gotten ourselves into with details!!

My second lady, man oh man make my head spin!!  She too was on that magnetic space of the equinox and spinning so darn fast clockwise I couldn’t barely see her thru the blur!!  What I did see clear tho, was what looked like a long ivy embedding itself in her morphing form.  What the heck is that all about??   I followed the ivy to the entry of October and was so surprised at what came thru.  My vision was beneath the ground itself, and this large bunch of roots no longer than 4-6 inches was the real presentation of what is embedding within her.  Suddenly I seen these blobby like translucent golden Beings around the root system of her ivy-ness.  They made it clear they are not elemental’s (my first thought) like we have seen and experienced elemental’s at the top side of earth.  They are Beings that live and work at the root system area beneath the surface of the earth.  They said they have always been here, but their vibration was/is too high for us to see, but not any longer.  She will be one of the first contacts with these Beings to bring messages and understandings and more to our expanding story.

What I find exciting as well, if we are the soil of the new earth (and we must be or spirit wouldn’t have said so lol) then our job has a lot to do with the rooting system of growth there too.

I am really understanding why getting out of our old stories, our old relationships, even with earth herself, is soooo important.  By thinking we know something from our past experience, we miss the new energy revealing itself.

What I completely missed was the placement of these folks, in the area that looks like the eye of the hurricane.  A virtual changing room from one life to the next!  Let your consciousness expand in ways the old story, no matter how exciting, would never allow!!  Getting to Here was just a pre-view of coming attractions!!

This morning, as I contemplated what we shall share today, I could see a drawbridge lowering itself as we emerge from the eye and near the entrance of the new world (october.)  And we emerge with a new plan/blueprint embedded in our highly charged, electric DNA, eyes brand new, hearts wide open… and the anticipation mounts!!

Ohhhh, before I forget.  I shared a little bit about a lady who was doing magnetic work the other day.  What I didn’t share was that she lives in the Yukon. and the energy is starting from the north pole area of the earth and radiating downwards to thru the south pole and of course outwards as it travels.  As I went to sleep last night I looked at my headline news to see that there was a major (6.2) earthquake in Alaska… Phase One complete!!!

I am just so freakin excited!!!  Together, hand in hand, heart in heart, dancing our way into October’s Birthplace of the New!!

((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))) of wide-eyed excitement and celebration to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 25, 2014

Have You Let It All Go and Untangled From the Past??



Man oh man, when spirit said the blow back of what you do or do not do returns faster than ever before, they weren’t shitting.  The day before the equinox, my team, which I heard loud and clear, suggested I take my contact out before I go to sleep that night.  Now, considering the first reading of that day said we will be plugged into the equinox energy as we go to sleep that night, should have been enough for me to be compliant.  Anytime we have a major energy influx and I have my contact in, my eye (I only wear one at a time for monovision) it becomes irritated as all hell because the energy gets trapped under the contact instead of allowed to flow thru the eye.  I thought about their suggestion for a minute, then declined.  What the hell was I thinking??  Like my team comes thru the veil and suggests anything just to hear themselves talk!

I woke up the morning of the equinox with liquid just bellowing from my eye with the contact in it.  Now, you would think the first thing I did when I woke up was take that pesky thing out… ohhh hell no.  I so dislike wearing my glasses I figured I would endure the pain and it will subside as the morning went on.  (Just a note, my glasses do no have bifocals in them, so I am constantly putting them on and taking them off so I can see up close or far away, annoying!!)  What we don’t learn from, we repeat, bigger and louder!!  (And it is a choice, not a must, unless we must lol!!)

By the time I got to the first reading of the day, I had a constant stream of tears running down the right side of my face and of course, the eyes don’t want to run around alone, so they engaged the right side of my sinuses to run with it, and let me tell you, the energy on the field was high-octane, searing my eye even more.  I swear there still is a stubborn child inside of me who wants what she wants regardless of the price.  Pesky human!!  It didn’t matter that for a full week, the energy that writes thru me kept saying, don’t hesitate, act instantly… no no no, I am determined to be that living example of what not to do!!

By the end of the second reading, I gave in and pulled my contact out… holy freakin hell batman, pain on steroids!!!  My bad, completely and absolutely on me.  I was just grateful I could see the field thru it all.  That alone is a major miracle in and of itself.  But lets talk about that for a moment… the equinox energy!!

When my first lady of the day showed up, thankfully we were no longer up near the moon nor suspended in air, she had this long tether coming out of the moon suspended directly over that magnetic button I have been seeing at the ground level, marking the onset of the equinox energy.  The button at the ground was already ignited with intense silver-gray energy (silver being the highest vibration of earth energy I see and the gray representing the light illumination within the once black/unseeable energy) spitting out from it and radiating about 3-4 feet upwards.  I had to laugh as I watched my beautiful lady, hanging on to that tether, shimmy down to the magnetic upflow of energy then quickly shimmy back up, over and over again.  I could feel the intensity of change that awaited her full arrival and her hesitation within it.

What I found really kewl and exciting with her, I tried to pry her fingers loose from that tether so that she would just drop down to the ground, as soon as I got one finger opened, an energy wave was released from her hand.  Her reach for life, the deepest desires in her heart and soul, released a wave of energy to what we perceive as the future for her greatest outcome.  I never seen or felt that before, I always understood that from shoulder to finger tips represented our reach for life, the hands and fingers themselves are our ability to grasp what is in front of us and pull it into our created reality, but never realized there are waves of energy that is released from the hands to amplify that attraction.  No wonder spirit keeps saying to let go, because when you are hanging on to anything, it traps the energy (kinda like my contact did!!)

My second lady of the day was still up on this side of the moon.  I was surprised to see how dark it now was up there.  Of course, with the way these days are passing so quickly and the full moon still being present in the readings, I didn’t realize how close we were to the actual new moon.  I could see her trying to climb up the side of the moon, trying so hard to get to the top and make her way into the belly of the moon for rebirth, but all her effort she kept sliding back down.  I realized there was a gravitational pull at her feet that kept her from reaching her desired destination.  Now, I have been reading for her off and on for the last two years, her teams consistent guidance to her was to remove herself from her husbands energy field.  Together they are toxic and the laws of karma, when entangled in the home, must flow to the density of lesson.  So I asked her, ya still with your husband?  Of course.

Energetically, she is ready to rebirth within herself, which is why she was aligned to the moon to begin with, but ya gotta get yourself out of the gravitational field of the old, especially when it is so dense.

What I found interesting too, as I looked at her two choices, remain in the old, let go and be in the new, I could not see the old earth at all.  It is like choosing to be in a state of suspended animation where nothing finds lift old or new.

Which brings me to another reading I had on this equinox day.  My beautiful virgin upon the field (I am getting a lot of virgins these days, hurray, new puzzle pieces!) was rotating at the ground level in the middle of the silver-gray energy, head over heals over and over again.  She looked like a human rotisserie!!  She finally stopped and plugged her crown energy into the button of the equinox, immediately I understood that this is going to be a very profound bridgeway for her consciousness.  The expansion, the understandings, the new applications to help serve others as we embark onto the new world, allowing her profession that was currently sitting on the back burner of her life “a life coach” to start to come to the fore again and be a newly enhanced focus of her upcoming future.  Then she asked me a question about her husband.  I looked and looked and could not find him… until I looked so far back in her time and suddenly a cliff opened up and way down below, there he was.  I now know where the old world/earth is!!  Man is it dark and dense there!  Phew!  Once again, very reminiscent to the other lady of the day, if she keeps moving forward in her field of light, the cord between them has to snap/severe.  He is very content in the old world.  She mentioned that they are more like roommates, good friends, but that’s all.  Then she asked about a lover she had in her life, I couldn’t pick him up at all, but it is the reply to another question that really got my attention.  Like so many of us, her heart desires that passionate, twin soul kind of relationship and asked if i could see something like that in her future.

I poked my antenna into the realms of the future and could feel an energy bundle that had every intention of being this passionate relationship, but every time I tried to connect with him, he moved.  Stranger still, it was like spirit put an energy sack over him, so all I could do was know the potential was out there… but in this new world, in this amazing field of love we are moving into, no entanglements allowed.  It breaks the very magnetic flow of energy that would bring the two together.

Clarity of heart and energy matrix is demanded now.

Think about it, we have chosen to die and rebirth ourselves.  If this was a literal death, you cannot bring your home, your relationships, your job, your (fill in the blank) with you.  Only your soul goes back Home.  SAME HERE!!!  What does go with you to the other side of the veil (and this new earth) is the LOVE.  So know, with all your heart, that all that is of pure unconditional love will move forward with you, but even in that, you must be willing to let it all go.  And might I add, act instantly!! (smile)

I had five readings on the day of the equinox, my first lady broke me out in sweats, each subsequent reading raised the temperature I was feeling in my body, higher and higher.  By the time I finished my last reading of the day, I could a little fever running thru my whole body.  I was supposed to work out after my last reading but decided to put my body on the couch to help my eye and the fever run its course.  1:30 pm I closed my eyes, close to 6:30am I woke up.  (Save an hour when my landlady came to give me the mail, I ate and then went straight back to sleep.)

The pain in my eye as intense as the day prior.  Thank goodness it was a day off, and one would have thought with 16 straight hours of sleep under my belt, I would be loaded with energy, not even a little bit.  I could barely move my body and all I wanted to do was go back to sleep.  I fought the sleep, but not much else.

I woke up yesterday with my oozing eye completely sealed shut.  My first thought was, this is not a good omen for the day!!  I sat at my computer doing all I can to get a blog flowing, everything I was typing out was from memory as opposed to the flow of energy that writes and shares thru me.  It was all so fractured and my eye was leaking like niagara falls, I gave up.  Looking at the light coming from my laptop screen just hurt my eyes.  When my first reading came around, I was not too surprised I could not see, given that I woke up with my right eye sealed shut.  I sat in between my first and second reading feeling bad.  All I had to do was listen to my team and take my damn contact out of my eye and no one would need to be rescheduled today (yesterday.)

Someone had sent me an email about the new moon energy.  I soooo didn’t realize it was the new moon already!!  The moment I realized it was the new moon, my team got me out of my pitty party quite quickly and showed me a vision of the new moon spilling seeds of the new earth into the humans who have aligned themselves with the new earth.  This is not a time for “seeing” but a time for gestation.  The reason I cannot see is because of this and then they shared this beautiful understanding:

You are the soil of the new earth, today is not a day to do anything except be open to receive the seeds spilling out of the new moon, embedding into the soil of your heart. No programming needed, you cannot conceive of where you are going… yet!!

Which of course, I immediately put on my facebook.  About an hour later, I decided to look at to see what was happening with our sun, I just had to smile wide when I read: GEOMAGNETIC UNREST: Today, the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) near Earth is tilting south, not much, but enough to open a crack in Earth’s magnetosphere. Solar wind is pouring through the opening…

The rest of the day I pretty much couch surfed.  I tried to do my DDP Yoga twice, but I didn’t have the energy to do it.  One would think with 35 hours of sleep in the last 48, I could rock the energy zone… not even a little bit.  Dammit.  What I did feel, off and on for the day, was this external spinning around my head.  Suddenly I remembered the bridgeway from the equinox to the new earth looked like a hurricane storm system, we must be knee-deep in the “EYE.”

This morning on the other hand, the moment my eyes popped open I felt ALIVE again.  I could feel the energy pouring into my crown, rocking my body and at 4am danced out of bed! And hence… my sharing!!  We are flowing again, hurray!!  My eye is tremendously better.  Phew.  Note to self: never do that again!!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of unlimited potential drenched in expansive love to ALL!!!!

Lisa Gawlas









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The Equinox, the Bridgeway, The Firing of Your New DNA!


Happy Equinox everyone!!  Happy Spring/Fall.  Ohh hell, just be Happy!!  The extraordinary (that’s us) has just been reconfigured to extra-extraordinary!!

Thru the information field of my first reading yesterday, her team had said that when we go to sleep last night, we will be configured to the new magnetic frequency that unleashes itself today, thru the energy field we know as the equinox.  Well, she wasn’t kidding.  Somewhere in the middle of the night, I became semi-awake and could feel and hazily see my team messing around with my crown energy.  I was still to heavily in my sleep to really get involved in asking anything, but awake enough to remember that something was done.  It is only this morning do I realize it was the plug-in and whatever else happens with it, into the new.

Today would be a very good day to start reintroducing yourself to yourself.  Take some moments and feel the new, expanding energy field moving up and thru you.  You don’t have to know what to do with it yet, but the more familiar you get now, the easier it will be for you to trust it as it really unleashes its power thru you, to include new and enhanced directives in your/our lives.

Many of you may have already been getting glimpses of emerging abilities, enhanced abilities during this month.

This coming week is a bridge way onto the new earth, set purposely to release the new codes within your new DNA.  Until this morning, I actually seen this bridge-way as an energy field.  This morning it is a large circular rotation of energy, a cross between a hurricane storm as viewed from space and a large whirlpool of water.  The color is an amazing blue-white, Source energy infusion, opening you to the next version of You.

Many presentations have been shown over these last couple days of your individual contribution to setting this new world on fire, bringing it fully into life in all its capacity.  The white witch’s, getting to know the living earth, the plants and such with its new energy, new frequency and how it relates to us now.  The merlin’s, the expansion of the new energy into the magic of working the systems of energies into manifestations here on earth.  With my incredible man yesterday, I could see his potential as he settled into the new earth, pulling energy from a quasar that was rotating in our atmosphere and using it in his brew of creation.  This quasar was suspended in a vertical position in our atmosphere (as opposed to the sky.)


Another lady was working with a suspended new earth in the upper atmosphere where the moon one was (in the readings.)  Her image was hovering at the top of the earth, at the north pole and in an image that looked very much like a silvery Tinkerbell, was using her wand to ignite the energy system of the new earth.  Her job as she orients herself into this new, expanded role of hers, will also be firing up the massive network of magnetic pathways and help people orient themselves to their pathways forward.  How??  That for her to figure out.


This morning it is becoming very clear to me that my job is to see and understand what awaits for you in potential and interaction, your job is to figure out how you will do that and get it done.  Ahhhh, teamwork!!

In one of the readings prior, I had seen these areas in the air space itself, start to move and form tubules, these are areas of connections to other worlds (and other stuff I cannot remember at this moment.)

I had one lady yesterday, knock me right off my rocker!!  As I started the connection to her field, she completely skipped the field and zoomed right into my kitchen!!  She stood as tall as my doorway and instead of being in a body made of light, there was biology to her.  I was shocked, to the point it took me a while to get myself together and understand her presentation in this intense, up close and personal way.

What it came down to, is whatever she needed to do, she did, put the energy into such massive motion is went from potential to form.  Her clothing was like that of an angel, which told s that she will be an active, on earth, visible guide to those trying to release themselves from the old work and help them cross over to the new.  Her soul said it is time for her to be seen now, really seen and involved with the changes.

As you move forward and work your mastery, there may be sudden moments of large movements, literally;  Leaving one landscape to work in the energy system of another, leaving some relationships to connect with others whose frequency and role is similar to your own.  Sudden job changes that open up more of your already evolving expansion.

Do nothing, and that is what you get in return.  Energy return is always equal to energy output.  And even this new glorious space, there are back up plans to back up plans because at the end of the day, we can still choose to be simply human.

Ohh and in a moment of thought yesterday, I internally wondered which frequency is going to be more prevalent in this stage, the energy of spring or the energy of fall.  My team instantly replied with an infusion of both.  New beginnings infused with instant harvest.

My beautiful, spirit infused super humans…. start your engines!!!

I love you and honor you and celebrate you more than you can even imagine, without each one of you, there would be no Here!!!!

(((((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))))) of gratitude and everything wonder-filled!!

Lisa Gawlas








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Action: Assertive Love. No More Passivity!!

leap of faith

Boy oh boy, what a complex and diverse day of readings yesterday was, but not in the way I was expecting.  Silly me, I will get beyond expectation one day… soon I hope lol.  My first lady showed up still on this side of the moon, her hands clutching that electric wire as tightly as she could.  I actually blinked several times to be sure this is what I was actually seeing, given yesterdays touch down to the earth and stuff.  Nope, I couldn’t change it and finally understood this was exactly the place she was in.  Holding on so tightly to her old story, her old connections and her energy field was just spinning in circles and going nowhere fast.  Even the energy coming out of her mouth was tired, exhausted even, dare I say monotone.  This precious lady was given a gift of complete change several months ago, she acted on it, became uncomfortable and moved back into her old life, with all the old stories just repeating themselves.  Energetically, she is so prepared for this massive shift and yet, the unknown is too…. uncomfortable and she retreated to the old familiar.  Nothing I tried to do while in session with her would loosen the death grip she had on that electrical wire, stopping herself from going into the belly of the moon and emerging anew.

Free will!!  It is our greatest gift and equally, can be our greatest hardship.  I know how hard it is to just let go, turn yourself away from all you know, and move into a brand new life with blind faith.  Even the orientation period can and often is, uncomfortable.  But if you trust, follow the flow of energy from deep within, it will be the greatest gift you ever give to yourself, your Life.  No one will ever force you into joy tho.  I think my team is into Runes these days, because I am hearing the energy of:


Dagaz:  Breakthrough ~ Transformation ~ Day

Dagaz is the last Rune belonging to the Cycle of Initiation.  Drawing Dagaz often signals a major shift or breakthrough in the process of self-change, a complete transformation in attitude, a 180-degree turn.  For some, the transition is so radical that they are no longer able to live the ordinary life in the ordinary way.

Because the timing is right, the outcome is assured although not, from the present vantage point, predictable.  In each life there comes at least one moment which, if recognized and seized, transforms the course of that life forever.  Rely, therefore on radical trust, even though the moment may call for one’s self to leap empty-handed into the void.  With this Rune the Warrior Nature reveals itself.

If Dagaz is followed by the Blank Rune (Lets just say it is,) the magnitude of the transformation might be so great as to portend a death, the successful conclusion of one’s passage.

Radical TRUST.

Which brings me to two others on the field yesterday, similar but different.  The similarity is they both were holding onto this thick, multi-colored metallic rope.  One of them on the right side of the moon, the other, directly beneath it.  It is only this morning I fully understand the rope itself… the umbilical chord of our new lives.  (And yes, I know I am spelling chord musically instead of the other way. ;-)  The chord that will feed and nurture us as we grow into our new, exciting Self’s.  Unlike childbirth, there is no cutting of this chord, instead, it should be embedded directly down into your core energy, not held from the outside.

My beautiful man who was directly under the moon holding on to this chord, all I could feel was the cautionary energy of fully and totally “letting go.”  There was nothing he was holding onto from his past, but imagine you came to a cliff and your job was to jump, filled with trust, without the ability to see the bottom.  When we “hang on or hesitate” we take the inner flow of energy and bring it outside of ourselves.

Often times too, we so love where we brought ourselves, we don’t want to let it go.  But what if great became greater….??

My precious lady was on the right side of the moon, this morning, we are getting the relationship of a C-section.  (Obviously this moon is all about rebirth.)  Because I didn’t see or look at her position as a c-section, I have no idea how she got there, but I did understand her position with holding onto the rope.  Before I get to that, lets talk about a natural birth and a c-section, when a baby is able to move thru the vagina, there is a melding that takes place in the brain itself, we side step this melding when we do a c-section.  This is why her interpretation of her holding onto the rope is different from the mans (most a note to myself here lol.)

Her power source was still outside of her.  In this state, it gives the lower mind first option of experiencing the energy flow, then, with thought, she decides to act or not act according to how the lower mind interprets the energy itself.  In the opposite state, where that rope, or umbilical chord is directly down thru the crown and out thru the root chakra, the energy is sudden, inspired and you move with it, eliminating the “thought” about it.  There is just action, no thought.

Both got homework to do.  (smile),

My fourth lady really brought in the energy of complete baffle-ness to me (yup, I am gonna make up words as I go lol.) There she was standing on the magnetic energy field of the equinox, her head was of a super large daisy, the petals all different colors of pastel energy (new energy to her expanding consciousness.)  The daisy is one of the first flowers of spring, new beginnings, new growth and energy, life springing forth every.

But her body contradicted her head (consciousness.)  From the shoulders down everything was in shades of gray.  Her clothing was very masculine in attire, which is not a bad thing at all.  Her long-sleeved shirt had a grid work type pattern on it, the only place I felt an emitting frequency of white and silver energy.  Her new grid of life is set and ready to be experienced… but she was doing something that really, REALLY surprised me.  She had her hands placed over her private parts, keeping the energy flow of fertility, new life, away.

All of this surprised me to no end, I have been reading and connecting to this precious lady for a long while, I know how much she is ready for change, yet, somewhere down deep inside of her, she is purposely positioning her hands (her reach and grasp for new life) over the very area new life flows into us.  Even her attire had her covered up, not wanting to feel or be exposed.  The gray so seeking the color palate of new life and until she moves her hands… well… the shades of gray this reading shows is not as exciting as the book.  lol  She too got homework to do!!

Sometimes, the very thing we want so very much, wayyyyyy deep down inside of the places we don’t look at, is the opposite energy.  The “prisoners” within… unworthy, undeserving, always having to wait…

Take no prisoners.  If you want something and it is dependant on someone else, become the squeaky wheel.  Make some noise, get ruthless in your approach. FREE it ALL!!

This is no longer the time to be passive, to play by someone elses rules.  This is the time to come out of the shadows and to be heard, be seen, to even be demanding in what you need for your next phase of evolution.

Assertive Love.  That is the energy system we have moved into.  Period.

And then, my last man of the day, a virgin upon my field and a presentation like no other.  There he was, emerging from the dark side of the moon, as if on a suspended wire I watched him as he moved from behind the moon to under it and then in front of it.  His body looked like a toy, stiff, rigid, mechanical even.  And yet, I could see and understand the purpose of this position.  An infusion of energy thru his entire core, at his back from the depths of the other side of the veil bringing into him an energy system never experienced on this side of the veil before.  His team even told him the emergence of this energy will be like a time released capsule, slow but steady.

He had explained to me that he was currently employed as a paralegal and felt very much like I seen him.  In the depths of the darkness, and mechanical in what he has to do.  His team even said that was perfect and he needed to be our of the higher energies as he is meticulously infused with this energy system.  I could see the energy moving from his core (spine area) and starting to move into his veins, slowly, very slowly, but with it, changing the very blood in his body.  His team told him he will start to feel the outflow of this energy sometime in October, and as he brings it out more and more, there is a sudden and a sharp upward swing in his path of life as we close out this year.

Before I close, I want to share something from my first man of the day, the one swinging under the moon on his umbilical chord (smile.)

His team showed him, that when he fully let’s go (and he will, otherwise, I would not have seen this:) it will be like his feet are filled with magnets and the road upon his travels match the frequency of those magnets and all he has to do is trust each step that he is being led to take.

magnetic travel

follow the magnetic currents

Not think about it, not pause and ponder, just go with the magnetic current of life’s twists, turny road ahead of him.  Where he (or any of us) are going is not a straight path, but with many side trips of experience and connections.

The Soul knows what the mind cannot conceive!!  It is time for Radical Trust and assertiveness!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of wide-eyed wonder to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  There is a song that has been coming thru several of the readings this last week or so.  If you listen to it carefully, it is all about choice.  Mundane choices or the loftiness of of spirit, swinging on a star, bringing moonbeams home in a jar (power and joy.)  We are ALL at that massive crossroads of choice… what do you choose:

Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 20, 2014

Atoning to the New Fiery, Passions of the New Earth!!


Ohhhh happy day, we are finally being released from this intense and life changing 3 super moon cycle.  I knew something big had to have had to shift when yesterday morning at 7:15am I was sitting on my holy toilet and three spaceships emerged in my line of vision and started relaying messages and doing energy enhancements on my 8am appt.  Hey!!  Your 45 minutes too early and I am going to forget all the words you are unleashing to me for my client.  Geez.  I think they were a little anxious get to connected to their human(s) again.

I have learned thru many of the ET’s who suddenly show up in my (clients) world to connect with that when we are undergoing intense energetic change, they must hold their energy back until we are finished, so as not to impede the process at hand.  All of August and September thru yesterday, they have been scarce and distant.  So, with their early and excited arrival, I knew we must have slid past home plate, or damn close anywayz.

I do want to share something important to many of us with the connection of my lady to her ET team.  Her main speaker is an Acturian and in reference to the energy infusion he was doing with her, he had said something that really struck me (he was one of the strictest, no punches pulled ET’s I have connected to yet) that she is not “remembering” anything.  He explained that in our DNA many of the codes are in the off position until it is time to turn them on.  So it is not that anyone has forgotten some things (many things) it is simply the codes that allow that stream of energy to come into the consciousness has yet to be turned on and will only be turned on when the energy stream of the human (and surrounding field) matches the incoming energy.  Once the codes are turned on, it is our (the human) responsibility to bring in more of it and expand it in knowing and use.

My second lady of the day, OMG, I couldn’t stop celebrating with every new detail of her reading.  We have FINALLY landed back at ground level, directly over the magnetic button of the equinox.  However, she was a little strange-looking.  She had this beautiful light steel-blue like sheathing around her.  She kind of reminded me a cob of corn that was just being peeled.  I could see the top of her head because the sheathing was open at that area, the rest, about 3 inches out from her body and still very opaque so that I could not see thru it.  This sheathing is our new emerging energy field.  The color spectrum reflects the infusion of Source energy into the energy system at the ground level.  If you go back and look at my very simple diagram (click here) the B diagram has the blue above it, thru this soul infusion much of Source energy is now part of your ground level energy system.

Of course, we think about what we just went thru and what spirit has said about this moon series, it is infusing those who are ready to receive with pure, untainted emotions.  That can only come from the God Source and now, it is part of your earthly package.

To my utter amazement, as I looked into her upcoming future, I could SEE the new earth.  Holy freakin heaven batman, it was not what I was expecting lol.  Of course, nothing ever is lol.  It was an intense orange earth sitting next to the end of this timeline (Sept) pulsating with, well, everything.

From this moment to the end of this month, we will be walking a bridge like energy field to the new earth.  Each step “atones” us to the new earth.  Now I find that word, very purposely stated several times by her team, interesting for spirit to use.  If we look at the current meaning/use of the word atone, it actually sounds kinda creepy (amending for guilt and sins, etc.), however, going back to its origin:

v. 1550s, from adverbial phrase atonen (c.1300) “in accord,” literally “atone,” a contraction of at and one. It retains the older pronunciation of oneThe phrase perhaps is modeled on Latin adunare “unite,” from ad- “to, at”(see ad- ) + unum “one.” Related: Atoned ; atoning.

The fiery orange of this new earth is filled with living passion.  Fertility in all areas of life.  A system birthed in pure love and untainted by the chaos of the world we are leaving behind us.  Our new energy field is already expanding to match the frequency and USE of this interactive, alive and supraconscious world.

As my third lady of the day would reveal and this has actually been said several times now over the last few months, our living system of earth will all have new frequencies.  The energy they emit, their use in our daily lives will be different from this world we are saying goodbye too.  Our job is going to be aligning with and bringing in this new information.  With my third lady, she appeared similarly as my 2nd one except she had this odd-looking plant growing from the top of her head, deep, deep green and nothing I could recognize.  However, the information released to her, was clear as day.  As she steps into the new earth, her job is going to be connecting with the plant kingdom (and more) to bring in the new frequency, the new information of how they align with the new human.  Her team even went on to say, that by the second quarter of next year, she will write a book about the new energy and how it affects/enhances us now.

With all of this exciting understanding, I have got to back to the sharing of my Inspiration post.  It is our job to follow the inspiration, even if we don’t understand why or what we would be doing.. doing that.  There are treasures and nuggets embedded in this living new earth and we must mine them with action and diligence and bring them out for all to use.

I want to come back to the color presentation of the new earth.  Fiery Orange.  The amped up color of our sacral chakra, our sense of Self in the world around us.  Couple that with the Source energy expanding in our personal energy field.  Nothing is impossible.  The pure love of Creator, creating.  A new story being lived, experienced, shared.  The Soul alive in body, the ego (lower mind) a grand partner to this system.  There is nothing in all creation that knows physical matter than the ego/lower mind.  A new and engaged trinity of unlimited power, unlimited love and unlimited possibilities.

Use your power wisely!!

I know there is so much more to share, but for the life of me, I cannot remember it.  I suppose more information is needed and there are 5 puzzle pieces on today’s agenda.  So, until tomorrow… enjoy your new clothes and the “atoning” process at hand!!

I love you all so much and celebrate all the hard work you have invested in yourself to make this collective dream a reality!!

(((((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))))) of unyielding Joy to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas






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