First I want to start this sharing by saying thank you to Judith here on wordpress and Kristen on facebook for introducing me (us) to the crystal known as Azeztulite!  Most especially, I want to thank Robert Simmons  for his sharing of not only the crystal but of the Azez themselves.  I want to include one quote from the link (his name) of his sharing about the Azez:  There are these invisible (to us) benevolent beings, the Azez, who serve the Nameless Light of the Great Central Sun, and who have awakened certain varieties of particularly receptive quartz, in special places around the Earth. These stones, as they said through Naisha, carry currents of Light which can help us to awaken, to heal, and to dissolve all our old habits of fear, illness, destruction and death. They carry the spiritual pattern of regeneration, and they hold the longing of the Divine Light to incarnate in us here upon the Earth.

I made bold that one part of Roberts sentence for a reason, if we want to live in this amazing body in all its glory and abilities, we MUST get to the neutral place within ourselves around everything, which is the dissolving of all fears to include judgments and bias’.  Fearlessness!!

As this beautiful synchronistic universe does… my past few weeks was a living example of this way of Being in Life.  I pray I can explain my living example to the clarity in which I do understand it all.

When I realized I had something funky growing on the surface of my right breast (emotional, spiritual nurturing) and my hydrocortisone cream was not kicking it to the curb, I looked up scaly oozy rashes on google… and everything that was Paget’s Disease, I was presenting with, even a few lumps and bumps that I had never noticed before in the site area.  Of course, I do not do self breast exams, I never even one thought about having breast cancer… until I discovered Paget’s and the changes in my right breast.  When I read the info on Paget’s, I could feel the energy of truth in my situation.  I knew something was not right in Denmark so I called my Oncologist for a check.

The week between my discovery and my oncology appointment, in moments during my day, I could feel myself leaning to the side of worry and my precious lower mind getting a plan in place… just in case.  Each and every single time I would start to go there, this feeling, pure feeling would happen, like massive love hug from inside my body and outside my body all at once and I would dissolve into that energy and the element of worry left the building.  With these love hugs being so consistent, I decided that if I do indeed have Paget’s, this is something I need to experience in order to know deeper parts of mySelf, my soul.  I am ok with it… most of the time.  lol

My oncologist did not have the right equipment to do the (punch) biopsy needed for my boob, so he referred me to dermatology and I set fire to the path of a breast specialist.  And when I learned who my new boob doctor was and googled him (I love google lol) I was in awe of the fact that he was not only a breast man, but also a studied in dermatology and melanoma.  The three specific area’s I need all in one man!!  God I so love this universe!!

After I met with him and feel in love with him and his nurse, something bigger shifted in me.  That residual worry I teetered with, completely left the building.  No matter what, I knew I would come out of it all wonderfully.  There was a little wait time (6 days to be exact) from the double punch biopsy he did to the day I would get the results back.  What was amazing (to me) there was nothing in me that cared.  I had no worries, no concerns, no leaning to one side in hopes it would be there (like finding out it is benign.)  The neutrality within me was… weird.  New for sure!

But now, let me back up.  During these few weeks, with all the love hugs I was getting from my own body and from my soul team, was information.  An understanding, it was very subtle understanding, but now, I get it all, especially given the last few days of incoming information and understandings.

I knew I was in a major choice point, and depending on where I put my focus, would be the experience I would generate to fulfill the process I was in.  Meaning, if I stayed in a state of worry, even mild worry, my body would produce the outcome of cancer so I could release all that goes with that once and for all.  I was in constant choice, but my whole body and my whole spirit hugged to the side of love, of complete neutrality.  Not by having me think it is not cancer, but by knowing, no matter what, I am love and love is expressed in every conceivable way, to include, cancer!!

I will not lie tho, when my doctor’s office called me yesterday morning to say the biopsy results are benign, I was celebrating.  Less about not having cancer, but because I leaned into the fullness of love and neutralized the outcome.

This goes into the point of what the Azez had said to my beautiful lady, our cells can change in less than a nano-second from one form to another.  I completely understand the intense importance of neutrality now.  To change because you can, because it is a part of who and what you are made of, for the joy of it… not because you don’t like something or some part of yourself.

So, with all that said, the readings on the field started to get interesting yesterday.  Well, hell, they are ALL-WAYS interesting, but the shifts… the evolution of where we are heading, became much more clear to me.

Most of the connections were focused on the area I call your created outer world experience and set up thru this next phase.  Fibrous energy strands that strung from the heart center to the outer grid of your personal creation.  Two of the connections had energy, information coming in from the outer most area of the field, as far to the outer edge of your personal creation that there is.  Both dealing with work issues and personal life changes.  One finally put in her notice to leave the job she no longer loved to focus on her own business.  I could see her soul energy gliding in with a big black umbrella (unforeseen potentials and so much more than that too) gliding her energy into the center of her heart field.

My second lady in this similar position, that was a little more chaotic.  It looked like someone threw a whole can of pick up sticks that were in coming in so chaotically to her inner fiber network:

pick up sticks

Now change the color spectrum of the pick up sticks looking energy to vibrant in color and every color included!!  Every strand as long as pick up sticks, the part that confused me for a moment was the chaoticness of the incoming energy at her edge of her field of creation, then I got it, mostly anywayz.  When we are hesitating with the needed changes in our lives, whether it be job, relationships, living environments, you name it, chaos comes in, it ALL-WAYS precedes change.  When we get a bit stuck in a place, the hurricane force winds come in and push us into the change.  Mt last reading of the day had that element to her, HUGE winds coming in from her south field (past) wrapped around, counter clock wise (opening) her heart field.

The difference between my pick up sticks lady and the windy lady… the first one has see-able options in front of her, she just is not employing them.  She is fully prepared for all teh changes she needs (hence the multi colored long strands fo energy) she just needs to let go and activate the fiber network already in place.  My other lady, hanging in strong to the past that got here to Here and continues to feed it (thinking especially on the debt accumulated) and we all have a choice of let things go, or let the winds of change come in and rip it from my hands.

Of course, the human incarnate could see this as not very nice at all… the soul however, see’s it as the most loving, direct way to cause the change needed for further evolution.

The last thing I want to mention about yesterday was one lovely lady that I read for, her entire field was focused on her heart grid.  It was surprising to me, well at first it was.  The grid energy’s I have been seeing have been golden and very magnetic in frequency.  Her’s was bronze.  An alloy material.  Hmmmm…. at first this confused me (yes I spent yesterday high in the levels of confusion at the start of each reading lol, thank goodness I get it together before we are done!!  Usually anywayz!)

An alloyed energy system from the heart of her creation, entangled with another’s energy field to the point where it becomes a blended energy instead of two individuated power centers.  She see’s a person as her twin soul, and even tho he may very well be that, he is in a body system that still has him in a, hmmmm, lets just say frequency levels below hers and the outcome, consistently is chaos (not beneficial to either person.)  So, in these highly charged times to get the message, the action into play… instead of radiating her own magnetic frequency out into creation, it is presenting as the ongoing lesson to entangle, meaning, the chaos will be louder and stronger in this area.

I know it is hard for us sometimes (a lot of times really, thinking of my own journey to Here) to untangle the extraordinary connection of the soul of another to the incarnate human in duality, in the nervous system and ego system they must, if desired, temper.  Not all beings, no matter how “advanced” they may be on the other side of the veil, do that.  Free freakin will!!  dammit!!

Keep this in mind, when entangled, whether it be to a person, a work place, a neighborhood, whatever, you cannot grow beyond the environment or relationships you keep yourself in.  Until you untangle yourself.

I want to share a quote by Robert Simmons, from the linked page of his sharing above, it sooo hit home with all the incoming information:  “Fate one cannot avoid, but destiny must be chosen in order to be fulfilled.”

Fate is moving thru the lessons set before your path by your soul to completely free you from… whatever, or better stated, enhance your sense of Self beyond it all.  Destiny is choosing to do it another way to fulfil your desires.

Now with all that… here is some things to keep in mind as far as major choice points.  We are still deciding whether we will take the path of fate or destiny thru this new moon phase (the 26th.)  Once we emerge on the other side of that moon (energy system) we will be experiencing ourselves one way or the other thru the next two super moon phases (September 9th… hah!!  9/9 talk about your completion energy!! lol)  Once we move out of that last super moon, we are at a massive cross roads of choice thru the equinox (September 23rd)  Exactly 14 days, some serious 5 energies happening there.  As we make our final choices on how we are going to experience life given all we learned and employed thru the three super moons, we then embark into the highly charged energy of October, which will continue with increased frequency/experience thru mid year 2016.

Ohhhh what an exciting world we live within.  Getting yourself completely in the zero point of neutrality, un-entangled by anything, fully allows the energy of Love in all its forms to come rushing to you to fulfil your destiny with you!!

Which path are you taking??

Ohhhhh, before I close, I had a HUGE epiphany in the soul gym last night.  As we were talking about the god particle and the way the Azez-ians showed me the nucleus of the cell and the white blue energy within it (the true god particle if you will) I suddenly realized how much what they showed me in that cell example is the very way I see our created fields of life.  The heart center, inner core, YOU are the nucleus, the living God Particle of your creation.  The outer world is the place that takes all the information (feelings) coming from your heart center and creates that for you.  YOU give the field instruction thru your feelings, well, at least you can.  So then let me ask you one more closing question:  Are you creating life or are you allowing life to dictate what you will experience.

The choice has always been YOURS!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with excitement and awe to All!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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The God Particle, ShapeShifting ET’s and US!! Game On!!


Divine Timing, not to mention Divine order.  There really is a lot that goes into those tiny little phrase.  I am really seeing it in the evolution of readings, of information disseminated, even with ET connections and the specialties they bring in.  The tiny additions of expanded consciousness, expanded understandings of fragments of truth that we have been absorbing thru the years…  Yes, I meant to say that, fragments of truth.  We are given a little piece of truth and then equally given the time to distort it, put rules around it, sell it, we, as a species do funny things with the energy we call truth.  I think tho, we have finally come to a place within our working collective that we know that whatever we understand today, is simply a fragment of a much bigger picture and before we get the next fragment, we must employ the first one without distortion, not only as a person, but most especially as a collective.  This is why we call it all a process!!

Well, we are in one hellof an exciting process!!  lol

My first lady on the field of ET-ville yesterday (smile), her first session in this arena, OMG, somethings unfold and expand in me all day long.  Her session with her ET family was exactly like that.  Let me share!!!

She had three ships appear in the distant horizon.  I now am very familiar with that placement in their parking area’s.  When the energy on earth is in a state of change, of intensity they cannot and will not come any nearer so as not to distort the energy underway.  I wasn’t surprised at all, given this massive energy flux between the full moon and new moon phase we are all in.  I expected it to end there and we would have to reschedule until after the new moon, but no, not all.  I was so excited for her.  There is nothing worse than waiting excitedly for this new moment only to be told, wrong moment, sorry.

As I looked at her three ships parked in the eastern horizon, suddenly they each started to emit a thick yellow energy beam, all directed into the parking space of my front yard.  When the three beams merged it looked like I was talking to a constant explosion of yellow.  Hey, whatever works!!  lol

They explained that this energy phase the entire globe is in, is liken to being in the zygote stage of pregnancy, where the cells of the eventual embryo are dividing and reforming with the DNA information within its cellular codes.  For them to place their energy into that field, brings distortion.  They went on to explain that when they are with their human (whomever my client is at the time) exchanging the energy from their heart to their human friend, it affects much more than just her, (using her on purpose, I have no men so far in these connections,) and they showed me the energy matrix flowing outwards into the vastness of the landscapes I am on and the person connecting is on.  Let me tell ya, the Jemez is rocking some serious ET energy then!!  lol

The three ships that showed up for my wonderful lady were Acturian, Plieadian and one that I am super challenged to hear completely or spit out my mouth, the most I could get was “Azziz….”  And yet, I knew it was this unpronounceable group that were sharing the information with her, thru the combined energy field of the other two.  Doncha love that our ET’s work in harmony with each other.  I look forward to the day when humans can simply do that with each other!!

I am just going to refer to this group I cannot sound out as Deep space 9, cuz that is all I could think of as they shared yesterday lol.  They did say there were way out of our solar systems in what we would call deep space.  They do not have form as we know it, for example, we incarnate in this human body and have it thru the rest of our incarnation.  They arrive on that planet (at least, I think it is a planet, I really don’t know) and are genuine shape shifters.  That can be formless or shift into any form they desire, at will, without effort.  They come to my lady to awaken that latent ability within her.  She has incarnated on that planet many times in her souls evolution and now she is young enough (in her young 20′s) and yet mature enough to start to process of remembering how to truly change biological cells within the body at will.

Her deep space 9 friends also explained to her that this was going to take a lot of years to learn.  Well they didn’t really say years, but instead gave me a visual of their concept of time as it applies to us.  They showed me a pair of hands together holding some sort of gooey substance and then slowly stretching the hands further and further apart, and this goo became thin strands of energy the further apart the hands got.

It is only this morning that I really get the depth of what was shown to us.  Lets say you’re in a moment of receiving.  You receiving incredible information, it actually lays there all coagulated, meaning we think we have a semi-solid knowing of… whatever.  But we don’t, we have the impregnation of that knowing, that understanding, our job is to take it out, use it, try it, stretch it, get rid of the idea’s you have around it.  They had even said to her, she has a lot of unlearning to do.  Now imagine, she is only in her 20′s so she does not have decades of evolving information to toss out, where someone my age most likely would.

They also gave her an incredible example of what the process will point to.  If we look at each cell of the body like an atom, which of course, they are, and move into the cell/atoms nucleus, that is where it all starts and ends.  But, if we think of the intense complexity of the body itself, each cell group has a different set of instructions, so she needs to learn that part of the cell groups too and how to be in a full cooperative relationship with the nucleus of the cells.  Then they gave me a visual that stunned my understanding, I so got it.  I could see the inner nucleus of a large cell (large for my full vision lol) and the nucleus was glowing with that blue-white energy.  Talk about the true God particle.  Then they gave her the tiniest of an example.  One fingernail.  Moving into the nucleus of the group of cells that make up the right index finger fingernail and changing it from a short nail to a long manicured nail, eventually, instantly.

Let me tell you, my cup was spilling over with excitement.  Can you imagine a world where this is not only possible, but employed as a way of Being.  OMG how extraordinary.  Even as I type that thought out and think about what could be done in the opposite direction (manipulation and control) I strongly get a message back that the cells of Light in our body NOW, ONLY RESPOND TO LOVE.  To engage in a state of pure love without a motive except to share this skill with others as a progression in the evolution of the human, as opposed to use it as a way to manipulate life into your desired creation.  Man, that is even coming out wrong.  Let’s just use a simple example of… I cannot change form to rob you or harm you in any way.  Only to Be the expression of Love in all and any of its forms.

Then, this wonderful and amazing group of ladies I had the pure privileged to dine with last evening gave us something to really feel with.  I was sharing this ET session and the cell understanding that came with it and at the same time, we were talking about out food supply and that pesky (to others, not to me) thing known as GMO.  I know I have said this before, but this conversation really expanded it.  We are Here to be creator gods and learn how to do that, BE that in our tangible world and our quantum world.  So those that have discovered how to splice gene’s of our food are truly employing their ability to change form.  But to you and me, that’s bad.  But if we do it to our bodies at will, that’s good.  It is the freakin same thing!!!  But until we lose our judgement, our negative emotional field around the GMO industry, our own cellular change remains in the realm of potential.

Again, a million lifetimes to get there… or just one incredible one!!

On that note, I must conclude today’s sharing, but there is so much more.  I do want to leave you with a relationship that I am feeling connected with this sharing, the Fibonacci spiral…  hopefully that will be tomorrows sharing!!

With all my heart and all my soul, THANK YOU for giving us all the opportunity to grow and learn thru your own desire to grow and learn.  You, each and every one of you are such an invaluable part of this process and you rock my heart in ways you will never know.  Thank you for trusting me the way you do!!

((((HUGZ))))) filled with enlivened god particles to everyone, for all your dreams to come true!!  (With your action of course lol)

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  FULL MOON to NEW MOON SPECIAL:  With so much change happening, I brought back the BOGO not only for the 30 minute readings but also for the 15 minute readings too.  Just click here to go to my site.   (5 days left, special ends with the New Moon.)








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The Fibonocci Spiral and the Music of Your Soul!

music-from the-soul

Wow, I knew we were going thru some sort of shift in the field with all the communication chaos the last several days, but this is even more than I could have hoped for!!  I officially understand the significance of the Fibonacci spiral showing up in readings!!  I also think i understand the series of events that must take place before a new Fibonacci spiral comes to life in the ground work of our lives.  This information came from the first three people on the field, two of them, brand new connections and invaluable to our ongoing understandings!!!  This is going to give a lot more understanding to the ringing in the ears too.

My first lady, a virgin upon my field, started my day off with a wonderful song clip (spirit is great with song messages) and an understanding that just tickled my toes.  The song clip was “It’s like thunder, and Lightning, the way you love me is frightening” (frightening being more in the realm of intense as opposed to anything to do with fear.)  At the moment the song I was hearing sang the word “lightning” a huge lightening bolt came down from the sky and crackled in the center of her field.  That is when I seen her, OMG so new visually!!  So fantastic!!

When I put my attention on her, she was standing in the very center of her field of creation, her body so infused with her light body, but I could also tell the high frequency is setting up in her cells and her cells are starting to appear (to my vision) to become solid again.  Think about these times when you are down, the change in the cellular structure is so intense, your body needs to rest thru the process.  The discomforts we feel along the way, is simply the frequency intensity of the change that is happening.

From the top of her head down to the bottom of her pelvis, it was if her body cracked up and this intense silvery white light was emitting from her core energy.  The visual was stunning to say the least!!  The silvery white light was spreading outwards and to the left and right, from my focal point it was about 3 feet out from her body (but very much radiating from her core.)  I understood that this light would continue to spread outwards and connect as well as fully activate her new outer grid of creation.

This brought a whole new understanding to my world.  There are two ways the outer grid is going to be activated, either by the energy you are putting out into your life or spirit is going to do it for you.  Let me tell you, the first way is always the best way!! lol  When spirit has to do it, it is simply because you have not gotten off your dreamy butt and put action into your life or chilling in a life that has reached its expiration point.

The silvery white is the combined energy of earth and spirit, heaven and earth being emitted from your core to create the world of wonder thru your feelings, which are in that mix.

So I decided to look around to see what else we may be able to pick up when suddenly I saw a strange movement coming from her right hip.  Something was poking out and wiggling from her hip and moving towards her east garden (new beginnings, new growth.)  What the heck??  As I focused my antenna on that movement I realized it was a snake… excuse me, a serpent!!  What the hell??  I know what this image is, its her kundalini energy, her soul energy presenting itself like a serpent for my understanding of what it is.  It was very much connected to her right hip and stretching out towards the east field.  The motion of the snake was very much like sine waves moving outward.  All I could think is what the hell is your kundalini energy doing there and in that way!!???  Ask and you shall receive (eventually lol.)

My beautiful lady is in the midst of closing many doors to her old life (including divorce) and as her body system is busy doing that, her soul energy is out activating her new beginnings based on her heart desires.  Her new life already seeded and growing in her east garden thanx to the unseen energy of her soul.

What I could see in her east garden were 7 strands of energy, almost looked like long stalks of a plant, except they had that whole sine wave energy to them too and each were about 4-5 feet tall.  What was missing from every one of them was the head, the flower or anything, as her team said, that would give me the reason to interpret it.  It is not to be seen, nor known in detail, but know your new garden is already growing towards your life.  They had also said, she is still closing doors and when that last door is closed, this new garden will be ripe and she will step right into it.  Yay!!

So the soul is not as passive a player as we may have thought, but only moves when the human does too!!  A thought to ponder!

If she wasn’t enough to send sky rockets from my heart to the sky, my next two people added to the ongoing excitement and understanding!!

My next reading, a man who has given me the privileged of witnessing his complete merger with his soul energy.  I swear, I am the most blessed gal on the planet, maybe even in the entire multiverse!!!  But… there he was, standing beautifully in his center field, his cells looking very much like the lady before him but his visual was focused on the ground itself.  A large spiral emerging from him and going outwards.  Golden in energy, that frayed look thru the entire spiral (which is magnetic energy.)



To give you an idea to follow along with, I used the above image, his body being the star placement.  I tried to see where the center of the spiral was origination from (left foot, right foot, etc) and his team instantly said :his whole body, HE is the origination point.  Kewl Beans!!  Suddenly, everything I remembered about the Fibonacci spiral drained out of my head, shit I cannot remember what this even means.  I went to the computer hoping to find the sites that would help me remember… but of course not!!  lol  Instead, I land on this one page and I start reading the comments section (the body of the page was too math/science for me!! lol) and the bells and whistles went off like sirens at fire!!

The comment from greg hope was:   …having to do with the way energy nests itself into matter: note the mammalian ear cochlea; and how the lower tones which carry the farthest are sensed in the tightest spirals, and the higher tones, nearest, in the larger. …

Of course!!  TONES!!  Sound, frequency, OMG I never understood this before.  We have had so many elements of sound show up in readings, marching bands, song clips, sounds I didn’t recognize but could hear… hell, in our own ears we have a chorus that seems to play constantly any more!!  Holy shit, I am getting the sound in relationship to the spiral.  The lower tones carry the farthest and are the ones closest to your body.  Of course!!  YOU are the creator, and so the codes and information MUST come from your cellular energy and move outwards.  The higher tones are nearest to you, which the new creation you are experiencing!!  Just holy flipping wow!!

My beautiful and spiritually dedicated/determined man was now creating a brand new spiral that is his LIFE.  I hope I am explaining this in a way that makes it clear to you too!!  If not, I found a video right after his reading that pounded the nail of understanding home!!

Ok, so the narrator of this video isn’t the most exciting voice to listen to, but the content is!!  If you go to the 3:33 mark on the video (doncha love that number lol) we can so understand the first lady in relationship to all this too.  I will quote him here:

“Light will expand out from its center in the shape of a light sphere in all directions.  The light form will be in the form of a wave function (my ladys kundalini snake movement) of standing wave.  When the wave function comes in contact with an object or observer it will collapse.  Creating a new quantum particles (photons) and also a new moment in time and space.”

He goes on to say:

“In this theory all objects (groups of atoms) will form their own future reference frame or spacetime by reacting with the wave-particle duality of light.”  ..if this light does not come in contact with an object it will only have the momentum of its wave function…

My whole heart came alive as I listened especially to this part (above quotes).  YOU must create the new spiral of life by your action, by coming in contact with an object (group of atoms lol) and igniting your experience of Light!!

For a year and a half we have been getting the Fibonacci spiral in various readings and I finally get its significance, wow am I slow on the uptake lol!!  Sorry bout that!!

Well if my man and first lady wasn’t enough to make my mind explode in excitement, my next lady, another virgin upon my field, was going to top it off with cherry’s galore.

Her reading opened up to the familiar sound of a marching band.  As I oriented my vision to where the sound was coming, I was rather surprised at what I had seen.  Coming from a portal in her deep west (harvest energy) there were two elements to this marching band.  The formed like a backwards 7 with the connecting point being that portal.  The top of the reversed figure 7 was drums and surprisingly symbols (think music not geometry lol) marching straight across to her crown area (she was in the center of her field.)  The lower sloping part of the 7 were the things like flutes or saxophones.  Wind instruments.

I knew instantly what I was seeing thanx to the man before her.  The deeper tones (the drums) were moving into her to create her next version of life.  Until this morning, i was really baffled by the symbols, which are not deep tones at all… but I realize with the new, we bring in some of the old, or are already there if we have not learned what we needed to from it.  The lower section were the ground level of her new experiences, the higher tones.  As they come together in her body they too will emit a new spiral of life that will be her next adventure.

She too was in the midst of change.  A major job just finished up and the new not presented yet.  The music of her life, of her energy and needed experiences for further expansion is marching into her world of creation.

To go with the significance of the symbols in the midst of the new, her closing question to me was “why do I smoke when it is not good for me” or something to that affect.  Her concern was really around the energy people think of as “addictions.”  So I did not let her stop and just my cigarette smoking, I am so addicted to coffee and chocolate ohhh and most especially HUGZ!!!  I love them all!!  The joy that is what I do on all levels… and I also instantly thought back to that precious book the soul of Billy Fingers.  He was a drug addict, that was his role in his life.  To experience himself in that way, to journey to the heart of god by being stoned out of his mind.  One would never see the advanced soul he was because we are conditioned to see things differently… until we let it all go!!  In the book, Billy did say something that is so relevent here.  He said that people say they are happy, but most people do not have a sound that comes from their “happy” and when they are truly, living bliss, there is tones that spirit can hear.  He refered to his own life as a rock opera!!  Yeah!!

Ohhh, before I forget.  My man had a question and the reply just rocked my world.  He has been seeing 88 a lot lately and asked what it means!  I really had no idea, except for the singular 8 in my world is infinity, or as above so below.  However, his team took it to the fruitful place, and actually answered him!!  One 8 is the incoming energy of above to assimilate the below (spirit moving into body/creation) the double 8 is signifying the finished work of the first 8 and now the living energy of spirit is now forming the creation itself.  Above being experienced below.  More clearly stated LIVING Heaven on earth!!

Our true journey in this amazing life is getting to the point where there is no right or wrong, good or bad, there is just experience, LIVING LIFE in all forms of expression.

Ohhhh the incredible, amazing, musical journey we are on.

I want to close by suggesting you pay attention to the tones of your life.  Listen deeply.  The sound of creation is coming from you!!

You really are the music of my heart and I love you beyond words.  Have an amazing Sun-day!!  ((((HUGZ)))

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  FULL MOON to NEW MOON SPECIAL:  With so much change happening, I brought back the BOGO not only for the 30 minute readings but also for the 15 minute readings too.  Just click here to go to my site.   (One week left, special ends with the New Moon.)











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How is the Mirror of Life Looking For you?

We can fool ourselves, but not the reflection back!

We can fool ourselves, but not the reflection back!

On Wednesday the 16th at exactly 2pm in my world, my internet and phones went down.  They were down for over 12 hours.  Wednesdays are Soul Gym nights, so I went down to the reservation store where I know I can get a little cell signal, just to post on my facebook about not being able to do the soul gym, only to find out that someone crashed their car into the fiber optic box by the high school and through most of the Jemez offline and out of phone coverage.  Hmmmmm….

The next day, my internet went down for about an hour.  Hey!!  This is not nice.

Then yesterday, I think every communication device just blew up.  My first appointment of the day, her phone never rang when I called, so I left a message, she never got it.  My second man, completely MIA to this moment.  My third lady thought she missed her appointment and left me a frantic message 30 minutes before her appointment time saying all she keeps getting when she tries to call me is “all lines are busy.”  My fourth lady was perfect and I could actually do a reading for.  My last two, My fifth one, I couldn’t “see” for but man did we have an illuminating conversation that brought all this craziness to clarity.  My 6th lady, MIA.  I even had one precious soul calling a whole week early.  Crazy and exciting at the same time!!!

Talk about a loss of timelines and a merger into the center of creation, timeless and a bit disorienting too!!

For the entirety of this year, spirit has been talking about, focused on our communication, our expression of our Self in the world outside of us.  These new outer grids we are creating, houses that energy, communication from the divinity within yourself.  And the field of ALL life is powering that up now.  Many systems seem to be going down, even things like people’s personal computers/laptops, cell phones and now even land-lines!!  A complete reboot on all communication levels.

My one and only actual reading yesterday really gave us a clarity on what that means to us personally. and how exciting this is too!!

The first thing I had seen was like a flowing waterfall of marshmallow liquid coming down from above and entering her crown, covering her entire outer body by about 3 feet out from her.  I could feel the energy coming down thru her and moving from her root to deep in the earth.  This was allowing all the energy to mix, mingle and expand in new ways in all she does.  Then I watched as the new mixture of energy moved back up and thru her, inspiring her heart into action.  The analogy we got with all that, I feel really makes our creative times right now, very very clear to at least understand.

From our center, I could see that outer grid, at least a small section to give her an understanding of the change that has happened.  The outer grid now looked like a very shiny silver mirror.  I watched as the energy moved up and thru her from the earth to her heart and moved outwards to that section of the silver mirror to splash colors onto it.  The colors I realized are her feelings, the energy she is feeling.  Altho I knew the colors were taking form and would be actually experiences in her physical reality, her team kept the emerging pattern blurry.  At this moment, they said, this is enough for her to understand.

To take this into the analogy of a painting artist.  Each feeling is the color palate in which one paints with.  Her action, her movement within these feelings creates the patterns of color on the palate which creates the tapestry of experience we move into.

She even mentioned that in the earlier part of the day, she was so inspired to email a friend and tell him how very glad she is that he is on this earth and her friend.  She didn’t know why she needed to do that, but the feeling was so overwhelming that she did, even at the risk of sounding crazy.  That action moved the paintbrush of her experience to be reflected back to her in very tangible ways on earth.

If you can really see the fullness in the little saying “The more you do for others, the more you do for yourself.”  But again, there can be no alternative motives, no sense of well, this will come back to me, that is expectation and actually falls in the realm of greed.  But ignore the desperate pleas of another (whether out loud with your ears or just from your hearts knowing that you could be in service to another) and watch elements and opportunities be removed from your own life.  I am bearing witness to this very scenario with someone I love very much.  We may see ourselves one way, and yet life is projecting a very different scenario back to you.  It is a call for true and deep honesty within the heart of our creation, especially when our frequency becomes very self centered (small s there.)  Just sayin…!! <3

In this high calibration field of life we brought ourselves too, life will present many opportunities to be in greater service, to reach down deep inside of yourself and give of yourself in ways you may have resisted or down right refused before.

Communication is not just a packet of words we utter off the tongue, it is an action word done from the depths of the heart back out to the heart of life.

The game has gotten very real and all buffers are gone.  What is your reality reflecting back to you??  Take a moment and really look.  Are doors swinging open to fulfill your hearts desires?  Are people going out of their way to give you a hug?  Or is there chaos, service to others but not to you?  It is all a reflection of your true emotional field.

Thru all the crazy chaos that seemed to unfold around my own personal appointments yesterday, there was one thing that gripped me like nothing before.  I am calling it Joy-titude.  A cross between full on joy and gratitude, mixed together and felt all day long like a tight-fitting glove.   THIS IS Heaven!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of incredible reflections of the divnity you shine outwards to everyone!!  I love you and honor you and am so damn thankful for your Presence in my world, in my heart of creation!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  FULL MOON to NEW MOON SPECIAL:  With so much change happening, I brought back the BOGO not only for the 30 minute readings but also for the 15 minute readings too.  Just click here to go to my site.   (One week left, special ends with the New Moon.)




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The Creator Beings (You) Getting it Done!!


creator beings

Do you feel your heart energy working overtime??  Everyone of you are in some sort of (re)construction mode and the heart center is doing all the work, if you are allowing it too. There are several phases to this construction, working in tandem with the full moon to new moon energy phase.

With one lady, I could see 3 of her.  One body standing towards the west, one of her body’s standing towards the north, the other towards the east.  Each of her body’s had her right arm extended and was shaking it, as you would shake your arm if you were shaking out a rug.  I could not see or even understand what was happening between her presence and movement and each direction.  Her team did say that was on purpose, what was happening was so deeply in the quantum field, even our best scientists would be clueless to understand the richness of it all.  Better to leave that part blank that we completely misunderstand it.

However, did I eventually understand the positioning of her three Self’s.  The energy exchange at the West, an exchange using the higher mind.  The energy exchange at the east, an exchange using the lower mind and the one in the north, the (eventual) action to bring it all together.  It could very be reflective of the sharings I have done with my own experiences this last week, playing witness to the vastness of Me.  For this lady, there was zero energy coming from the south, her past.  It is done with nothing left to do or glean from it.

Then there were several that I could see standing in the center of their heart energy and the field looks very much like the image I used in my last sharing:

Your Heart is the inner grid, creating the reality as your outer grid.

Your Heart is the inner grid, creating the reality as your outer grid.

With the exception that no one that I have seen yet, has the outer grid complete, but that is where all the construction is happening at.  I am also seeing the activity very similarly with each person.  The body of whomever I am connecting to, situation inside the inner grid, the heart energy, the strands of golden energy coming out from the heart grid area and an image of the higher Self taking the strands of energy and creating/connecting it to the outer grid area.  Right now, a lot of the concentration seems to be in the north-west area, more west than north.  The west representing the higher, pure energies, the north our (perceived) future.  With each section that is activated and completed, we feel it in our bodies.  This is allowing a higher frequency from earth to join in the energy, and higher frequencies from above to do so as well.  All flowing back into the human to assimilate the new energy mix in the cells.  That equals, headaches, body aches, more flu-like symptoms and so on.  Ohhh the strength this body has built into it!!

I have got to share this very very important reading I did the day before yesterday.  She actually kicked off this new field of visuals and understanding and I find her priceless.  Well, I find all of you priceless, but those who are standing against their flow, that is special to me.  Because we have to see some adversity to understand how to work out our kinks and let Life flow thru us.

There she was, standing as large as the outer grid, facing me, golden bodied beauty, in a full on shoulder shrug:

shoulder shrug

Instead of using this energy as the power source it is, we become a prisoner of our own doubt and external obligations to the world we created for ourselves.  And the creative forces that align with us, go into a full on shoulder shrug too, waiting for the energy to do someone differently.  You are the KEY to everything!!!  Employ the love attribute of COURAGE!!  It will be divinely reflected back to you in your new creation!!

I also want to clarify something that I didn’t understand, but do now.  The individualness of love, in the example group I gave the other day, I included passion in the mix, I was wrong.  Passion is the outcome of employing the attributes together in your heart, as your life.  Passion then is the energy of love in motion!

For those I was able to see constructing their outer grid, I did my very best to lock into some of those individual emotions, and each time, i was given a talking to.  lol  We humans can take something, think we know something about that something and distort it completely, changing not only what we think we know, but the energy that is embedded in it all too.  So, spirit is not harnessing the individualizes of any aspect of love for our lower minds to dissect.  Instead, the higher mind, or the soul is doing all the work in that area and that is enough to know.  When the grid is complete and you feel the surge of passion, or new people or opportunities crossing your path, that is when the lower mind and the physical body MUST leap into its own action to employ the new energy field as your new life.

There are some yet, still closing the door to our past.  I seen one lady who gave us a great visual of this energy and the significance of it all.  She was in the middle of her heart grid standing to the south (past) changing out light bulbs (well, what looked like light bulbs to me.)  She was in the act of screwing in new bulbs and I could see the blown out previous light bulbs, jagged edges, glass completely blown out.  She was not only putting in new light bulbs (higher frequency energy) in her south field, but not putting them in the same place as the old blown out bulbs (the things, places and people that got her (us) to Here) she was constructing new housing for her new light and with each twist of the bulb, the light got brighter and she rotated a hair towards the west field, ready for new energy, new relationships from her field of harvest.

Then she turned on one of my own lightbulbs when she said it reminded her of my exploding Buddha globe.  OMG indeed!!  Even the jagged glass shards look similar.  Completely FREE from our past, the good, the bad, the neutral.  Free from our bias about this spiritual journey too and OMG is there a lot of bias, inaccurate information that comes with this path.  It would be like anything tho, and very much why spirit will not talk about the individuations of love, when we (humans) start to understand things, we change it because we think we know even more than we do and suddenly there are rules and limitations to even this path of absolute love and freedom.

As I continue to listen to the audio book by Neal Donald Walsch “The 25 core messages of Conversations With God”  and was listening on my drive into my doctor’s appointment the other day, he was talking our rules around food.  That there are faiths when you can only eat something at a certain time, or in a certain way or even rules about what you can eat/put into your body.  Of course, this too is the evolution of that person, these groups… but when you hear it out loud thru the way he was expressing it, can you imagine a god that says ok, here you are, in the land of plenty and now I am going to give you rules on what to eat, how to eat it and what you can and cannot put into your mouth ohhh yeah, and you’re gonna forget all these rules and doing it wrong will hinder your spiritual progress and relationship with me.  I would so fire that god in a heartbeat!!  lol  I cracked up laughing.  But that is exactly what we do as a species!!  We put rules around everything and wonder why we are choking ourselves out!!

Even the (perceived) difficult parts of this journey, when some part seems to hard to accomplish, we set new perimeters and call it something new, then say, oh we don’t have to do the other part because I invented this new part.  It really is just avoidance, but hey… a million lifetimes to get it all together.   The Soul is just glad to be here!!

Or just one incredible one… Our personal choice… ALL-WAYS!!

Have an amazing day my beauty golden Beings.  I love you are from the depths of the ALL and back again!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  FULL MOON to NEW MOON SPECIAL:  With so much change happening, I brought back the BOGO not only for the 30 minute readings but also for the 15 minute readings too.  Just click here to go to my site.   (One week left, special ends with the New Moon.)









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Your Magnetic Field Seeking New Connections/Experiences.

Your Heart is the inner grid, creating the reality as your outer grid.

Your Heart is the inner grid, creating the reality as your outer grid.

Three days ago, as I was concluding my fourth connection for the day and preparing for my fifth, I felt it… my entire body crashing and I knew, there was nothing I could do stop it.   What I didn’t realize, until the next morning was why, since I was officially a pool of electricity just sparking on the floor.  After my first attempt to connect the next day and I knew from deep inside I was still down and will be down for the rest of the day, I went into pouty face mode.  I sat at my computer looking at the 6 appointments on my calendar and as usual, bitching to my team for remaining unplugged.  Usually, they just let me rant, but not that day.  Instead, they gave me an image, an understanding of why I was purposely unplugged and what is happening to us now.

What I am going to explain here, is for those who have taken out their polishing rag and consistently (that does not mean flawlessly) keeps polishing their human.  taking the knowledge of spirit and applying it to their life, turning knowledge into wisdom.

Still sitting with my pouty face staring at my appointments I suddenly seen an image floating in front of my face.  A profile view of a golden human, very statuesque looking:

gold statue


Now if you can image this image, profile view, and then these golden strings coming out from every pore of the body, reaching outwards about 2-3 feet (about a meter.) At the end of each and every golden thread was a fray:

frayed rope1

From what I was understanding, this is really what these recent power surges have been all about.  The confluence of pure earth and pure spirit energy (that water world I had been seeing) creating a new current of energy from the heart of every human.  These golden strings I see, think of them as your new magnetic currents reaching outwards seeking its new connection(s.)

The frayed edges of all of the strings, are seeking their counterparts in connectivity:

frayed rope

Translate that to mean, new experiences, new relationships, a new window into the wholeness of your Self.

The more I pondered this image, the more I realized these frayed edges of the golden strings of creation being emitted thru the human reminded me very much of neurons within the body:



I found this wonderful site called:  What is a Neuron that gives us some important relative information about this really means to us:

Neurons are specialized to transmit information throughout the body.  These highly specialized nerve cells are responsible for communicating information in both chemical and electrical forms.

Now if we can think of this in a bigger way.  These highly specialized golden strings of magnetic energy is communicating to the entire universe of creation and building your next version of reality based on the energy flowing thru your heart.  The true emotional energy.  Keep this in mind, not what you want to feel, not what you may say out loud, but your true core emotional energy.

From what I am further understanding about this monumentous time in our lives, this highly charged, magnetic field is seeking out its like vibration in the wholeness of your life based on 5 building blocks within you.  At least, five in phase one which runs from this Full moon of July 12th thru the new moon of July 26th.  We get a pause to stabilize, then more is added in the next super moon phase in August, with the completion in September.

If we look at the wholeness of what we think of as love and strip it down into its singularities, these are the building blocks I am talking about.  Just some of the feelings that individual from the pool of love are:  Grace, gratitude, passion, joy, servitude, peace, humility, kindness, generosity, patience and the list can go on and on.  From what I am understanding, each of us (well, at least those of us who have polished our human and emit that golden energy) are carrying (living) five of the various singularities of the wholeness of love.

What you should be experiencing now is an amplification back to your created world 5 of these strands of love.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are those struggling to embody any or many of these feelings as a way of life.  What would be their new creation is a way to fully release any judgement, expectation and conditions that may still surround the feelings to become more pure, more whole in the next expression that happens in October.

And then there are some who could care less about any of the love qualities, well, lets just say, I wouldn’t want to be them!!

Now lets dig in a little deeper to this landscape we call duality.  In order for these amazing love qualities to express themselves to you, then you may just have to be in a spot that may look like its opposite.  The greatest and most clear way to fully experience the wholeness of yourself, is thru what we call the opposite, well sorta.  Let me get personal here with my own understandings of my present life lol.

First, let me make very very clear, when my team told me I was in the ending of my book of life, that did not mean I was checking out today or tomorrow or even next year.  It’s a big book!!  lol  They also said that what I will be in was EXPERIENCE (and trust me, I have a lot to experience lol.)  Seeing and experiencing myself in the wholeness of creation.

We can take in a lot of understanding, even apply it as much as possible in our day-to-day lives, but when the big things happen… that’s really where the proof is in the pudding.  To completely and absolutely surrender to experience.  How do you really know if you have released fear unless it shows back up for you in a way that would normally cause fear of some sort.  My current journey with my boobie!!  (big grin)  Full on Experience in the most amazing ways.  I am witnessing myself, experiencing the fullness of myself in ways I could not, would not, except thru this “adversity.”

For those of you who feel the need to heal me (I am not broken) what part of you is coming up to be experienced??

I am so madly in love with how this particular journey is unfolding, allowing me to fully experience myself, I cry from the intensity of the gift.  I really get to witness the power, the focus, the absolute love of my lower mind (and in that package, I do include that which we think of as the ego.)  When my lower mind goes to the edge of the unknown, my soul comes in and wraps it, wraps me in these waves of love that just overwhelm my heart and leaks thru my eyes.  And my mind tempers even more.

The day I had seen that golden human, my new breast doctor’s office called to confirm my appointment for (yesterday.)  The moment she said the doctor’s name, which I didn’t know until she called, the warmth that flooded my whole body and the love, OMG the absolute love flowed out of my eyes.  I went to the computer to google him, now that i have a name… the most perfect doctor in all this world is going to be mine.  He is qualified in dermatology, is a breast as well as a melanoma specialist, he is everything I NEED.  I cried so hard you would have thought I won the lottery.  In my own way, I really really did.

We look at the partnership that is involved and in harmony really.  My higher mind, my soul sent me the inner prompting to change doctors for this phase of my journey, and my mind felt its call and focused every once of this human until I got it done.  The wave of relaxed energy was amazing to experience.  The lower mind had no idea about this doctor, so it did what it is designed to do, investigate.

So yesterday, the date I had been waiting for, arrived.  I am going to meet this new doctor, who is a specialist in every field i need him to be and I pray he is going to do a biopsy, maybe even a mammogram, but I want a damn biopsy.  My lower mind became refocused and I couldn’t do a reading at all, thank goodness I only had two scheduled.  We looked up people who have had experience with Paget’s Disease, a thread on the website dedicated to paget’s people helped my lower mind understand more.  It needed to go into this appointment informed.  A punch biopsy is the very best way to discover or illuminate paget’s from the realm of possibilities.  I want that.  Most of the women sharing on that site said their mammograms and MRI’s all came back clear, yet the biopsy revealed paget’s.  OK, armed and loaded.

I didn’t even have to ask, he said he was doing a punch biopsy today and then sending me for a mammogram right after.  I was in love with this man and his nurse.  He warned me about the stinging that happens when he puts the needle into the areola to numb it for the punch out of my boob.  I told him “it’s ok, I wore my big girl panties today,”  the look of perplexed energy on his face was so priceless, I wish I had my camera in my hand.  He simply said “what???”  the nurse was giggling and knew exactly what I meant.  I just replied, don’t worry I am brave today.

Much to both of our surprise, there was no stinging, there was no discomfort at all.  He decided to do two punches instead of just one, my crusty spot is quite big now.  He took two pieces of my boob and even gave me the gift of seeing these two little pieces of me swimming together in a vial filled with liquid.  Awwww.

Off to the mammogram I went.  Much to my surprise, they were going to read it as soon as I was done.  My mammogram lady said my doctor is staying to get the results and order an ultra sound immediately if one is needed.  They know how far I traveled to be there and didn’t want me to have to come back for these tests.  Awwwwwwww.  Holy love fields batman.  My mammogram was clear.  Even the cysts I had 4 years ago, gone.  Yay.  In that moment, when she said my mammogram was all clear… I felt my entire soul reconnect with my body.  The love of this precious moment… OMG.

So on my car ride back home I had some questions for mySelf.  Where were you all day long?  The closer I got to the women’s hospital, I could feel the nerves emerge.  I called on my team and said, I am going to really need to lean into your strength right now, instantly, I had four members of my team on each side of me all holding hands, spread out of my car, in JOY.  I passed an unexpected wooden roller coaster in that moment to my right.  I thought, what the hell is an amusement park doing in the middle of a busy area??  I love a roller coaster, more than anything, I LOVE a wooden roller coaster.  I decided to have some playtime once my appointment was done.

I stopped at the amusement park, sadly, the coaster was not operating.  Dammit.  I am not spending $25 to not ride the coaster over and over again. It really is my favorite ride.  So I went to Olive Garden instead lol.

Now, if I can back one one day, just to tie this bigger understanding into a larger picture of expression.  I was cleaning my house, exploding in so many frequencies of love that kept my cheeks quite wet, when I bumped an end table that had 7 little knick-knacks on it.  One fell off the table.  A little Buddha sitting in a snow globe that was given to each of us when we gathered in Loveland, CO.  He smashed all over my floor.  Shit.  Altho the sparkly confetti he was sitting in was now illuminating my floor, I had to wonder… is this a positive omen or not so much.  lol

Well, lets just say, this morning, I get it all!!

We can keep ourselves in such a protective bubble of energy that we do not allow ourselves to experience the fullness of Life.  When we break free of that bubble, we can experience the genuine FULLNESS of life.  We signed up for duality in its greatest and fullest expression of our WHOLE self.  It doesn’t have to be a roller coaster ride into hell… but the expansive expression of love in the fullest.

By the way, I should have my biopsy results either the end of this week, the beginning of next and no matter how it turns out, I am ready for this incredible ride of LIFE EXPERIENCE!!

Ohhh, shit almost forgot.  On my car ride home, when i asked my Self why my lower mind was given such free reign this day, the reply humbled me to no end.  This is a partnership, and in any given partnership you have got to allow the other freedom to be what it was created to be.  My lower mind does that unceasingly to the higher mind, and it needs its freedom too.  Awwwwww… for those in actual relationships… is this a gift you give to your partner too??

I love you all more than my words will ever tell.

((((HUGZ))))  of beautiful illumination to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  FULL MOON to NEW MOON SPECIAL:  With so much change happening, I brought back the BOGO not only for the 30 minute readings but also for the 15 minute readings too.  Just click here to go to my site. 











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Kundalini, Energy Surges and YOU!!


There is a massive surge happening across our precious planet and moving thru everyone’s body in one way or another.  I am getting a surge in emails about folks experiencing kundalini right now.  Take a moment and celebrate this sacred event within the body… then integrate it!!  It seems to be activated in many different ways, but I do want to address one in particular here.  The touch of a stranger!

There are many ways kundalini can become ignited within the body system and the innocent connection with another is huge.  I say innocent for a reason, I am not a fan of purposeful activation’s, because the body has its own timer and knows best when the whole body and mind is ready for such an experience.  Otherwise it is like trying to bake a cake with the oven forced to the broil temperature.  It may get baked, but its not going to be the cake you wanted.

Kundalini itself is a surge in frequency within the body.  Altho we associate it with our root chakra, the crown chakra is as much involved as the root.  Most especially, the pineal gland.  The pineal gland is the regulator of light, otherwise known as melatonin.

A gentleman recently emailed me about an experience he had when he went to a yard sale.  The lady hosting the yard sale talked to him and his body started to react to her voice.  When she touched him he went into a wonderful, if not uncomfortable kundalini explosion within himself.  Gotta love the humor of it all.

The physical eyes really do see more than the brain processes.  First, he seen her light field, when she talked to him, he heard the frequency codes within her voice, and the innocent touch of the arm activated his entire body!!  A deep and close soul partner in his true home of spirit, stepping into his physical life for the purpose of activation his soul/light body.  And they both thought it was to buy and sell things!!

Because kundalini is most intensely experienced in the root chakra, the groin area especially, often times we discount the entirety of what is happening.  The crown chakra and the root chakra spinning rapidly to the rate of Change.  Change at the cellular level.  Change at the consciousness level.

Most people do not take the time and energy it takes to fully harness that kundalini energy and integrate it from root to crown within themselves.  So over time, the surge happens again, its kinda like saying to your soul.. you do all the work, I will wait.  And that’s fine.  What could have taken a month to integrate may take 10 years, but our soul is patient.  It knows it has a million lifetimes to complete this task.  And the human can get busy…

So I find it interesting the conversation on my facebook wall went to the surges of energy happening right now, to kundalini of the ear.  There is such a thing!!  Think about it, the soul energy must eventually integrate from the root on up and will pick up where it left off last time.  Every ounce of our physical bodies will eventually go thru the full integration, either spontaneously or purposely.  I have a very simple and might I add, quite enjoyable exercise for integrating kundalini on my website.  Just click here.

However, Shambha-lini can only be experienced after the full on integration of kundalini.  It is, after all, a soul expression (kundalini inside, shambha-lini outside.)

From what I am understanding right now about Shambha-lini it is the outward connection to other souls in body, fully embodied souls.  Thats about all I know about that… for now.  Information, when so new and so vast, comes in like a droplet in an IV drip, a tiny bit at a time so as to fully understand the enormity at hand, at heart.

There is also another aspect to this surge of energy, a huge aspect really.

We have been conditioned in our past (getting to here) to ground these new energies into gaia, And yet, it is SHE who is releasing this energy for us.  The grounding (and I use that word lightly) must be into US.  It comes into the solar plexus and enlivens the concept we know as “the new earth” into our lower three chakras.  WE ARE THE NEW EARTH.  It is not something outside of ourselves at all.

There are places on this precious earth, that when we step on that spot, activates our energy field in amazing and often times, very intense ways.  Kundalini activation’s just from stepping on the ground.  A place you set up long ago for your experience.  That is how powerful and how whole mama is.  She is not sick and dying… altho, some of her children are, at least to the old way of their lives.

We really are the bringers of the new world, it comes from inside of us and is created outwardly in full expression of our GodSelf.  Soul. Pick a name!! (smile)N

Here is another huge and important bonus about taking the time to fully integrate your kundalini energy when it arises… once fully integrated, from there on out, you know what any other power surge is about.  We have many inner surges for many various reasons.  Not every power surge is a kundalini experience, at least, as we understand kundalini.  But the soul does bring in higher frequencies of its light body at various stages of our evolution.

Know ThySelf!!

Enjoy the surges of this full moon to new moon package.  Its HUGE!!!

Big big big (((((HUGZ))))) of well, everything!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  FULL MOON SPECIAL:  With so much change happening, I brought back the BOGO not only for the 30 minute readings but also for the 15 minute readings too.Just click here to go to my site. 




Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 13, 2014

Cha-Cha- Changes from the Inside and Outside!!!


There is such a wonderful majesty to life and its creative processes.  To the way it makes itself known to the human incarnate, to the outflow of creation energy from the center of your life (that would be from you) outwards.  Right down to the purposefulness of each of you on the reading field.  Each moment a unique expression of the All.

Now that the water world is changing, the pure liquid emotional field of each heart center, the focus yesterday was on the area I call your outer created life.  Experiences and connections beyond your immediate self (body, home, etc..) The fluid water I had been seeing is now being dispersed thru your entire field of creation, to my view it would be very much like water vapor.  It is now serving to change the outer world bubble of your experiences as well.  From what I am understanding as well, the outer bubble of your field of creation (and by that I mean, the experiences that happen outside of your intimidate environment, such as when you go to the store, or work, or the park, etc.) is forming based on what you have done and experienced to this moment.  This morning I understand that more than I did yesterday.

Just about everyone’s field was focused around the deep west field area.  Not due west (the harvested energy that awaits the return to you) but either just north (near future) of west or south of west (recent past.)

This morning I do understand the significance of (most) of what was shown yesterday thru everyone.  One lady had these light green molecules of energy that seemed to be coming from a machine gun or something, just north of her due west area.  A four-foot stream of rapidly firing energy, from outside her created field of life and impregnating her inner space of creation.  I could not see the source of this infusion and her team was “absolutely” adamant that she not know the source (and let me tell you, they used the word “absolute” three different times in her reading, in three different ways.)  From what I am only understanding and hearing this morning, her “heart of generosity” is being infused with the full on experience/expansiveness of generosity into her creation.  I soooo look forward to seeing how that is experienced thru her!!!

Her team also gave us an example to process.  Using the notes and frequencies of the piano, this impregnation of energy is going to serve to put two extra keys on the keyboard of her life.  Keys and notes (frequencies) that have never ever been available in this phase of humanities evolution.  Now that I think about it with more information, it would have to be in that area I call Shambha-lini!!  Ohhhhh this is getting so darn exciting!!

Another lady showed up with two doors flapping like crazy just south of her (exterior) west field.  One door, the one closest to due west was red, the one next to it was yellow and both were flapping as if the winds of change were strong, intense and chaotic.  Then she told me she was in the midst of bankruptcy… ahhhhh, I get this now.  Releasing the old energy, and the fight (from the old energy) that goes along with that.  But she is holding firm in her heart (her bonus to herself) and already she is bringing in the energy of the new world and her soul/body placement in it as these doors vibrate closer to her due west and can be fully infused with her harvest.

I had yet another lady show up and there was a huge ball of chaos just north of due west, unlike the two above lady’s where their imagery was exterior to their created field of life, this ladies was smack in the inner and outer space of it.  Chaos ALL-WAYS proceeds change.  She knew that to be her work place.  So when I looked for her body in relationship to this chaos, there she was…. wayyyyyyy across the field in the due east aspect of her field.  New beginnings, new energy, new opportunities.  She was sitting… waiting.  A very wise woman.  Waiting for the chaos to subside is the greatest gift you can give yourself.  Don’t get caught up in it, don’t take it personally, change is underfoot.

You can look at this like a tornado or hurricane, while it is on the ground and underway, your best bet is to sit in your house, let it burn itself out and move on, and then go see what it left for you in clearings and new opportunities.

Now lets talk about the interesting effects of all this energy.  Phew baby!!

About four or five days ago, with the first reading of the day, I started to rock an expansive headache.  As the day went on and my head just couldn’t take any more energy, it moved into my solar plexus and filled my abdomen.  I felt like my entire belly would explode from the internal pressure.  After the last reading, I sat down on the couch to let it settle.  I could feel my girlie parts start to cramp.  It is not time for my period at all, but it felt just like period cramps.  This last a few hours then this energy moved to the pelvic area, my cramps now were in my lower intestines.  A few hours later, the intense energy moved to a place I have never ever experienced energy before, just at the top of both thighs.  That was kind of a kewl feeling since there were no organs there to get squeezed by this energy.  It took about about the first 4 inches of the top of both thighs. It lasted for a few hours then my entire bowel system exploded!!  Holy release batman!!

These three area’s are significant.  Sacral chakra, sense of Self in the world around you (me) about to change dramatically.  My connection to earth (root chakra) and the way I am living my life upon it, about to change dramatically.  The thighs… the source of strength to move forward in all we do, amping itself up.  Changes are about to happen big time in my world (and more than likely, yours too!!)

The next day, on my lower calf area of both legs, I swear I moved into spider webs.  Every time I checked, there was nothing on my legs at all.  But there was also this feeling like static.  Ya know when you move into something that has a lot of static electricity around it and your body gets covered in it too, that’s how my calves felt for two days along with the spider webby feeling.

What I do understand is the magnetic field of energy is changing.  We could not have possibly gone thru all that has happened (at least energetically) from the last of June without changes happening in our personal worlds of creation.  So the static is the new frequency of magnetic energy (attraction) being set.  The spider webby feeling is the new connections aligning themselves to you.  The fact that (for me) it was completely on my calves, it would relate to the foundation of life itself (my personal life) getting ready to change, morph and expand in experience and understanding.

Yay??   lol

Obviously my personal body is making room for it all.  Every day now, the moment the readings are done, my bowels do their thing.  Holy flipping cow are they doing their thing.  Phew.

With that thought in mind, I have gotten such an influx of emails these last several days about various experiences that are happening to y’all.  I really really wish I could clone myself to not fall so far behind on replying… and if I may ask this personal favor of anyone who needs to contact me via facebook, please please do it on my wall or email me.  I have so many PM’s on facebook that there is no possible way of keeping up.  I am just one person doing as much as I can all day long and I get really overwhelmed with all the places I need to look and feel obligated to reply… even tho, these days, I cannot do anything more than what I am doing right now.  My body takes over the moment I have down time.   Also, if you have pending sessions left, please go to my “reschedule zone”  to get them scheduled.   I am doing as much as I possibly can every day and keep feeling like I am failing miserably because so much does not get tended to, which gives birth to a new day and new things to tend to.  But again, I read every single email I get (not so much the facebook PMs tho) and do my best to reply… forgive me if I take days to reply and if I forget, send me a reminder.  Its crowded in this mind of mine!!  lol  I so love being in service, if I could clone me to keep up I so would, but right now, I don’t know how to do that… yet!!  lol

Ohhhhh….. sheez, before I forget… we are in a massive energy cycle between these two moon phases (full moon and new moon) which will continue to expand thru the next two super moons (august and September) all of it leading up to another massive shift in frequency we will experience after the September equinox and builds our October.

On that note, the next phase of my day begins.  I LOVE YOU ALL so so so very much and appreciate your presence in my world, in my heart, in my LIFE.

((((HUGZ))))) of wild and wonderful new adventures to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  FULL MOON SPECIAL:  With so much change happening, I brought back the BOGO not only for the 30 minute readings but also for the 15 minute readings too. Just click here to go to my site. 












Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 12, 2014

Are You Living and Acting Like the Creator of (Your) Life???

god spark

Wow, just…. holy flipping wow!!  One day looking in the rear view mirror of the last couple days, I can so see a much larger, much more exciting series of events that happened, giving us a preview of where we are at now.

This entire year of 2014, we have experienced the most intense rewiring within our entire life structure.  Our body’s have gone thru hell, our days and elements within our days and our lives,  paid the price for it all.  Change.  Remember, change is ALL-WAYS for the better.

And here we are.  Changed (for some, still changing.)

The day of readings yesterday unfolded like never before.  Usually, I am either down and cannot see at all, you are down and I cannot see at all, or we can see clear as a bell.  But it has been one or the other.  Not yesterday.  Very much like the thunderstorm we had the night prior, where the rain was raging to the ground and the moon was shining so brightly in the sky as if there were no clouds in sight, so was my vision, my ability to connect yesterday.

My first lady on the field, all I could see was my floor.  I was really bummed as I had already had the day before off to take care of my personal stuff.  Fortunately she miraculously found a spiritual development course I stopped offering years ago, but somehow became available to her recently, so we had much to talk about beyond the reading itself.  She mentioned recently getting a lapis necklace and instantly I could see the energy of this stone affecting her meridian and releasing its energy from the meridian point outwards (left and right) within her body from just below the high heart to the throat area.  Thru the rest of our time together, I realized I could see and hear and was not down at all.  Phew.

Except when I was trying to read the field like usual.

When my second lady showed up for her session, once again, I cranked my antenna out to the field, knowing I am not down at all, and once again, nuttin.  Geez, I was having my hissy fit with the field (yeah, I am so human lol) and from way above my lady’s center field I seen a voice say “It is all in change.”  I say “seen” a voice because with the words I could see the energy with it all and the down draft of energy that went with it.  It brought me back to the last connection I had on Thursday and really gives more understanding to it all.

My lady and her soon to be husband were each on their own blades of energy.  To me it reminded me of helicopter blades only triangle-shaped.  The blades were spinning so fast and created a down draft of air that would serve to change the energy of “water” that I have been seeing into its next form.  Think of it like when water evaporates it changes into clouds, but when each water droplet is fully dispersed (as opposed to clustered in one place) we do not see clouds, but yet the moisture is still present.

So, long story short, even tho the field itself had been undergoing a complete reboot yesterday, the mundane was actually being addressed.  Questions being answered, at least the questions you have put some energy into being revealed in potential in created matter.

This is all a huge shift in energy, the spiritual and the mundane, fully charged as one flowing unit.  Wholeness in our ongoing story of life.  And to understand it thru my own odd personal experience the day prior.

If we can look at the two aspects of our “minds,” and I do not separate the thing we know as ego from the lower mind, it is all parts of the same energy system very much like our guides are as much a part of our higher mind is as our soul is.  Our higher mind is the dreamer, the feminine, our lower mind is the creator, the masculine.  (To be clear, the lower mind MUST be the tempered mind, not the crazy fear based reckless aspect it once was…. smile.)  They are a ream and must play together.  Work together.  Be honored together.

We can dream all day long but if we never put any energy into creating those dreams, which is the lower minds job, they are potentials that just never come together.  On the opposite spectrum, if we toil and task all day long at the same old thing, we get tired and bored and nothing new can happen.  Life becomes a factory job. Different day same shit.

Now, the incredible lower mind will do what it can for the human who really is in charge of it all, to knock on your door over and over again until you open it, very much like my journey this past week I shared yesterday.  My mind wouldn’t shut up but I kept ignoring it… until I didn’t and then my whole living world of energy wrapped around me to hug me for finally listening.

I do want to be clear about the energy of my own lower mind, it was not a fear thing at all.  It was more like unrelenting focus in one area.  Once the human gave in to do the deed the mind was pestering about, the focus turned into pure determination, a power in and of itself.

So then, this gives rise to a whole other question… what then, is the human?  If the higher mind is the feminine and the lower mind is the masculine and yet neither can live out loud without the action of the human… what part is the human?  It would have to be the personality itself.  Within the personality IS the God Spark.   The true creator energy MUST and WILL move thru the human body.  It is the action part of it all.  The true trinity of Life has always been YOU!!!!

OMG, this also makes so much sense now too.  If you are truly the energy of God incarnate (and you are) then, you help to answer prayers too.  Not so much the obvious ones (with people asking out loud for this or that) but just like god him/her self, the less obvious ones too. Which also means, placing yourself in environments or situations you never otherwise would have placed yourself.  Hmmmmmmm…. I think we just hit another tip of the iceberg!!

Imagine that and the our personal responsibility within each other.

And now that the majority has been rebooted (some are still in the water worlds making their way to reboot, which is caused by action of the human) we are now able to see the broad spectrum of life again.  The spiritual and the mundane.

This makes so much sense now.  The rear view mirror is such an amazing place.  I did a reading I think last week and thru her energy field was a huge surprise coming up for her in August.  I was shocked really.  We have not had much vision around our future course for the last two months really and then her team blurts out about August???  For her personally, it was a hope, a dream she had had a while ago that is coming to fruition in August.

So, here is what I am understanding, we are now fully functional creator Beings.  The true alchemist incarnate.  The fusion up upper and lower minds have happened, the wand of creation has been handed to you.  What energy are you putting into your heart desires??  What action have you taken to make your dreams reality??

This is getting soooo flipping exciting!!  YOU are getting so flipping exciting!!!

Today is the FULL MOON.  A super moon at that!!  Not only is today a super moon, for the next THREE months, each full moon will be a super moon.  Three, expressive action.  Moon, the dark being illuminated and shines outwards.  This full moon energy takes us to the equinox and let me tell you there is another massive shift that happens there… bigger and brighter than even the one we are in.  If you allow it in your life.

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) of ecstasy and joy to everyone!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  FULL MOON SPECIAL:  With so much change happening, I brought back the BOGO not only for the 30 minute readings but also for the 15 minute readings too. Just click here to go to my site. 








Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 11, 2014

The Higher Mind and Lower Mind = Whole Mind!

calm center

What an amazing time in life!!  I can liken it to Being the eye of the hurricane and watching everything whip up and circulate around you, yet, there is this inner calm.  This sunshiny place of amazement and awe… of absolute Love!!

There are so many places I can take this sharing today, so many things to talk about, but I think I am going to skip all that, since we are, at this very moment, undergoing yet another absolute change in the field of life… again!!

Lets talk today about the preciousness of duality, our experience within it, and how valuable it all is to our ongoing moment of soul expression.

I had always waited, quite impatiently I might add, to the day, the long term field of chaos would just not exist in my world again.  When duality would cease to be the experience here on earth, as an outward experience.  But I am so fully realizing that the game is not to do away with duality, but to master the true energy of it as a full experience.

With duality comes challenges (growth) and surprises (unwanted experiences from the human level lol) and chaos.  All the things that simply do not and cannot exist in our True home, that place I call heaven or spirit.  Our job thru this earthly experience is to bring Heaven into our core energy, center, heart (pick a word.)

But what does that even really mean to us?

Well, July has been a prime example for me personally.

First let me bring back that new feeling, energy thingie I wrote about a few days ago that I am calling Shambha-lini.   In its pure form that it is in now, has not existed on earth in so long a time we have no collective memory of it.  It was released in that thingie I call the water world.

In the past I have had the most amazing, generous souls gift me so many things that expanded my heart in amazing and humbling ways, yet what I felt this moment with that fridge, was beyond any previous experience.  But I am understanding more, in the only way I can truly understand it without being completely wrong, thru my own experiences.

So, as I understand this “water world” energy, it is the pure energy of the whole earth and the wholeness of our soul, prime creator, god, whatever word works for you, flooding our heart-scape with pure feeling.  It only becomes felt when in the experience of…. something.

I thought it had to do with more than one person together in an act of unconditional love, but I was wrong!!  Boy oh boy was I wrong.  Let me share…. (smile)

About a month and a half or so ago, I developed this scaly, oozy, thingie on my right areola.  At first I paid it no mind because I have had bouts of psoriasis since I was 17 years old.  I assumed the spot on my breast was that.  Until it grew and was nothing like psoriasis at all.   The week after I came back from my adventures in Colorado, that spot doubled in size.   I started to look up what it could be online, since I knew it wasn’t psoriasis and the creams I had for that didn’t even touch it.   My google search flooded me with websites on Paget’s Disease of the Breast.  I quickly called my Oncologist and scheduled an appointment.  The one thing I thought I didn’t have that often goes with Paget’s disease, is a palpable mass near the scab site.

I seen my oncologist, someone I really don’t have a full on trust with and not the oncologist I started out with when I had active melanoma either.  He sent in his PA (physicians assistant) to start the process of checking on my boobs and she was in the same place as me… that does not look good.  My oncologist agreed it was no psoriasis, and claimed he did not have the equipment to do the biopsy that was needed for that kind of lesion.  They also did the lightest breast exam I ever experienced, thru my clothes, to feel for lumps.  Nuttin.  He said I needed to see a dermatologist, he had no idea what it could be.  But took out his prescription pad and prescribed me antibiotics and an anti-fungal medication just incase .

I have been here before.  The two doctors I had seen for that thing that was growing on my back did nothing and suggested I see a dermatologist for it.  No worries.

I went home not feeling thrilled.  Like that nagging feeling you get way down deep.  Several days later, I get a call from the dermatology department and the soonest they can fit me in was August 11th and as I voiced my dismay they said they are actually booked thru December, but my oncologist my need sound urgent.

Every day my lower mind was kicking me in the butt.  I should not wait until the 11th.  I got flashes of my original journey, had someone noticed it might be cancer, I would have never gotten to a level 3 melanoma.  I was remembering my father’s journey, had his lung specialist at anytime in the three years he had that benign mass in his lungs kept checking…

I figured that was just my mind doing the fear dance.  I did kept doing a nightly breast exam on myself, the way I was taught, laying flat down with a pillow under my shoulder.  I felt nothing.  Until 2 nights ago I accidentally did my breast exam with two pillows under me (I was watching TV and was propped up.)  Holy shit, there are several lumps right at the site of that scab.  When I laid flat, they went away, when I put the pillows under me, they were unmistakable.  Shit.  I had no idea different positions could reveal different things.

I woke up yesterday morning focused souly on my boobs.  I couldn’t tap into the field of readings for nothing.  I called my oncologist, he wasn’t in.  My lower mind for this past week kept reminding me how important a mammogram would be.  My oncologist didn’t even think about it.  The last time I had one was 4 years ago where they did find deep fluid filled cysts in the same breast (right side.)  He never really asked key questions either…  My lower mind was adamant about finding a woman’s center.  Sure enough there is one in Albuquerque.  I called, they heard the urgency in my symptoms and we scheduled for this coming Tuesday (the 15th.)  I asked the lady if it would be helpful to bring all the notes from my cancer journey to date, so said absolutely.  I spent hour copying and organizing my notes from UNM Cancer Center and all the imaging they gave me.  Took me hours but at the end… OMG, the feeling was indescribable.  Euphoric even.

I sat here for a long moment feeling madly in love with my lower mind.  Its presence here.  Its purpose in our lives.  It is the body’s care taker.  The parent if you will.  It is driven, task oriented, detail oriented and soooo protective of the body system, which IS its divine design!!  I ignored it for over a week.  Yesterday, I gave it full reign over my day and it got things done and felt accomplished.

I fell in love with my lower mind in a way I never ever have before.  As I was sitting here just being in gratitude of the whole day, not a reading got done, but the determination within my lower mind… flourished with ease and grace.  I was enveloped with that feeling that came with my fridge love people.  Shambha-lini.  The love was so intense, so expansive my eyes leaked like rain.  It was raining outside too (literally.)  Suddenly, I was prompted to look outside, and there outside of my front door, across the horizon was a rainbow.  I wiped the love drenched tears from my eyes, grabbed my camera and went outside to take pictures.  Not only did I capture the rainbow, but these massive storm clouds, dark outside and the intense illumination of light at the top… I cried even harder.  The love, the knowing, the beauty of life itself expressing itself in unmistakable ways.

We think we are supposed to avoid the storms of life, hell no!!  The storms are as valuable as the sunshine itself.  How else shall we have the rainbows.



Our ongoing gift unto ourSelf and all of life is when we harness the amazing power of our lower mind with the expansiveness of our higher mind, even the things that one could view scary becomes a moment of bliss and anticipation.

If all of yesterday wasn’t huge enough to celebrate, this morning when I woke up…. very late, my laptop was completely dead.  It took 20 minutes to get enough charge in it to power up.  My phone battery was completely dead.  My mind was filled with super grog energy.

So far the day of readings have been very much like the storm yesterday.  I can see clearly, but the rain has intensified in the field and there is nothing we are able to see… yet.  A full on reboot of Life energy is underway!!

Celebrate it all!!  I love you soul much!!!

(((((HUGZ)))))) of stormy rainbows and bliss!!!

Lisa Gawlas









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